yeeeeah !

“Huh, we’re that couple.”

I drew a small part from @apvrrish‘s fic time out of mind because it just made me… so happy, among lots of other emotions and you should definitely check it out and all of their other fics because they’re all so good… :’)


Whoa… Hey, uhh–Doc?” There was a gentle touch on your elbow as you breezed past the nurses station, rushing to get to the nearest coffee pot before your pager went off again.

You were shocked to see familiar green eyes. It was impossible not to recognize them–they were a hue that reminded you of the shade garden you helped your mom tend back home. “Oh.” You stopped your motion with some effort, going against your urgent need for caffeine simply because you needed to know why he was standing there.

“You didn’t tell me you’re a–a doctor,” he let out a nervous laugh and rubbed a hand across the back of his neck nervously. 

You smiled at him. It was amazing how easily that he drew that from you–it felt rare that you smiled nowadays. “Well I don’t often go around announcing it to strangers who knock into me in coffee shops. 

Another nervous laugh from him. “Yeeeeah. Sorry about that… Uhh, I still owe you for that…” He couldn’t stop looking you up and down. He tried his best to be subtle but he was fairly certain he was failing. “Wow. I gotta say, it’s a little intimidating that you’re–well, you were a little intimidating before but–you’re a–what kind of doctor are you?” He was rambling. He knew he was. Dammit. What the hell was happening? He was usually so smooth! He could easily pull off the calm and collected vibe… what was this?!

“Surgeon,” you replied. 

He let out an impressed whistle. “Shit. That’s–that’s awesome. And also, pretty hot. Err, uhh, I mean, wow… And, you look, I mean, the scrubs… You look–”

You raised your eyebrows at him and he cut himself off. Dean was waiting to see if you were going to tell him to go to hell but you simply looked at him for a long moment. “Look, I’ve got a break now and it’s a ticking time bomb until the next code goes off and I’m called to scrub in. You want to replace that coffee for me now? Cafeteria is this way.”

He looked stunned and his mouth fell open for a second before he caught up. “Yes. Yeah! Absolutely.”

“I’ll let you tell me more about how much you like the scrubs,” you said with a goading smile. He laughed nervously and you thought you caught a blush rising in his cheeks.

“Wait until you see my blue ones…” you said with a wink.