It is worth its rating on Rotten Tomatoes and MORE. It was PERFECT in every way. And I spent the entire movie letting out audible “YEEEAAA GIRL!!!” and sheer excitement and enjoyment the entire film!!!

Please note at precisely 1 hour and 27 minutes, you’re going to get surprisingly Gayer.

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"With how shiny your scales are, how on earth can you go out in public without Blinding everyone if you stand in direct sunlight?!"

YEEEAAA– *is slapped*

I can’t really be shining that bright though, I’ll be blinded myself if that was the case hahaha

But yes, jesting aside, proper skin maintenance can possibly give you that fully lustrous glow under the sun!

Hollanda’da bayram

-İlkokuldayız, öğretmen halka da soruşturuyor ne yaptınız kurban bayramında diye. Sınıftaki diğer Türkler hocam yurtdışına yolladık falan dediler yalandan ( kurban kesmek yasak mezbaha da kestiriyorsun kendin kesemezsin ama Türkler kaçak kesiyor tabi ) sıra bana geldi annemin yalan söylemek çok büyük günah sözünü rehber edinmişim daha o yaştan. Hocam kestik dedim. Türklerin gözleri büyüdü. Nasıl yani nerede kestiniz? dedi ben daha fazla gerginliğe dayanamayıp yurtdışında işte yeeeaaa gibi bişey dedim benden günah gitti denedim en azından 

 -annemler köyde yetişmişler ve kelle paçaya bayılırlar bir gün eve geldim garajın önünde bir sürü çocuk. Annem kurbanın kafasını garaja koymuş soğuk diye. Meğer 4-5 yaşlarında olan erkek kardeşim bütün sokağa gelin bizim garajda koyun kafası var diye Hollanda halkına müjdelemiş birde gururdan göğsünü gere gere çok güzel bişey yapmış kurbanı da kendi kesmiş gibi dikiliyordu orda sdfkljsdf

Yeeeaaa Mother 3 AU!
And it’s transparent :D

Basically Lucas is a part of a group known as the Pigmask Reform Group, and they go around helping people and fixing all the destruction the original Pigmask Army caused four years prior. He’s assigned to Tazmily since it was hit the hardest, and there he meets Claus (they aren’t related in this AU), who absolutely despises Pigmasks and everything they’ve done, so he lashes out because he’s a brat who can’t let go of the past. Lucas’ mission is to repair the damage done to Tazmily (and his personal mission is to get Claus to finally open up). Unfortunately Claus isn’t the only one standing in the way of that; Marshmallow is his childhood friend and she’s super overprotective of him (and also in love with him) so that makes things difficult. But at least Fuel is nice and supportive ;D

And rumors start up again about the legendary hero who saved the Nowhere Islands 4 years prior; apparently they broke into the Pigmask Army HQ and swept through the ranks, defeating the entire Army and their leader (Porky) in one night. Lucas draws his inspiration to be a reform soldier from the amazing hero-senpai. But who are they, exactly…?

Bonus doodles:

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Can you do a HC where MC is always listening to music?? Like headphones blaring so loud she cant hear anything, even if seven blasts an airhorn shes just like "u say somethin?"

ok i like the airhorn concept but it would be REALLY hard not to hear an airhorn so i did smthin a lil different



  • he’s playing LOLOL on his desktop, facing away from the bed
  • MC is sitting on the bed doing some work on her laptop, headphones in
  • she knew Yoosung was probably talking to his guild members but the only thing she can hear are her sweet tunes
  •  that’s when her favorite song comes on
  • you cant just sit and fuck around on your laptop when your favorite song comes on
  • you gotta dance
  • MC, assuming Yoosung is too busy with his game, stands up on the bed and starts dancing around
  • Yoosung was talking to his guild buddies, yea, but he’s not DEAF
  • he hears her standing up and then more squeaky bed sounds
  • “guys can we wait a few minutes before going in? i have to so something real quick”
  • “what the hell man? we’re all ready now”
  • “its probably a girlfriend thing”
  • Yoosung smirks
  • “just shut the hell up and wait a second”
  • he swivels his chair around to face MC, who was too busy jumping around on the bed to answer him
  • “babe?”
  • she continues to ignore him, not realizing he was trying to get her attention
  • Yoosung hops on the bed
  • he stands up and grabs MC’s hands, dancing with her
  • he cant hear her music, but thats fine
  • cause MC starts singing out loud to help him out
  • Yoosung knows the song, so even though he cant hear the music he sings too
  • when the song is over he pulls MC down so they’re laying down together and cuddles her up, pulling her headphones out
  • “you should really use a speaker more, dork”


  • he wakes up and smells breakfast!!
  • Zen walks out into the kitchen and spots MC making pancakes with her headphones in
  • he yawns and stretches
  • “good morning, princes!”
  • she continues to cook, bopping around a little to the beat of the music
  • “princess?”
  • ….
  • nothin
  • Zen starts to get a little jealous of those headphones
  • she’s paying more attention to her music than she is to him :(
  • he thinks of the best way to get MC’s attention
  • Zen walks up behind MC and wraps his arms around her, leaning in to kiss her neck
  • MC, being fully immersed in her music, was rather surprised by Zen’s gesture
  • she whips around and hits Zen with the spatula she was flipping pancakes with
  • he staggers backward, surprised 
  • MC rips her headphones out and covers her mouth, seeing that she just assaulted her boyfriend with a spatula
  • Zen he holds his stomach dramatically as if she had really hurt him
  • “good morning….princess…”
  • she runs to him and hugs him
  • “oh my gosh i’m so sorry! good morning Zen…”
  • “if i dont get all of more attention from you i think i might…die…”
  • MC rolls her eyes, though she’s still smiling
  • classic dramatic Zen
  • “oh Zenny, dont you know that you’re the most handsome man on earth? you’re the only one for me! thats why i made pancakes for us to eat together, lovely Zen!”
  • he straightens up and gives MC a good morning kiss
  • Zen is seriously considering hiding MC’s headphones


  • she mostly just calls MC out because listening to music really loud with headphones can damage your hearing
  • she’ll walk into a room and sees MC typing on her laptop, headphones in
  • “MC? are you listening to music again?”
  • she doesnt look up
  • “MC?”
  • Jaehee just raises her voice, crossing her arms
  • “MC?”
  • Jaehee goes to where MC is and closes her laptop
  • “oh, Jaehee! when did you come in?”
  • “i few minutes ago. what did i tell you about listening to music like that? you’ll ruin your hearing!!”
  • MC takes her headphones out and smiles smugly at Jaehee
  • why are you looking at me like that
  • “y’know what i think, Jaehee?”
  • “”
  • “i think you just get all upset when i dont notice you. isnt that right?”
  • Jaehee feels a warmth rush to her cheeks
  • “i-i’m just concerned for your health! is that a crime??”
  • she looks at the ground, trying to hide her bright red face
  • “mhm. whatever you say, Jaehee!”
  • MC is really so full of herself sometimes
  • but also she does kind of bothered when MC doesnt hear her


  • he doesnt understand that MC cant hear him
  • he thinks she’s ignoring him on purpose
  • “MC please, answer me. i love you so much”
  • she doesnt look up from her phone
  • Jumin is like, about to cry
  • he takes MC’s hands in his own, desperately pleading with her
  • “my love, please forgive me if i wronged you. i promise i’ll never-”
  • she takes our her right earbud and interrupts Jumin
  • “hmm? sup?”
  • “my love, please forgive me”
  • “wh…what did you do? should i be mad? why do you look so scared?”
  • “are you not…upset with me?”
  • Jumin is really so confused
  • MC is also really confused
  • they both just stare at each other with their eyebrows scrunched up
  • “i’m not upset with you at all, Jumin”
  • “then…why did you ignore me?”
  • MC stares at him for another second and then bursts out laughing
  • his confusion is really through the roof
  • “i’m so sorry, i didnt even know you were trying to get my attention! i was just listening to my music is all”
  • “you…you didnt? i’ve been trying to talk to you for several minutes”
  • MC continues to laugh but Jumin is really not seeing the humor in this
  • he usually doesnt, but right now especially
  • MC gives him a kiss on the cheek
  • “i’m so sorry, Jumin! i promise i’ll be more attentive next time”
  • Jumin is still confused, but the kiss makes him smile and wrap his arms around MC
  • at least she’s not mad at me~


  • “hey MC come check out this sweet video i found of a rat riding a skateboard”
  • but MC doesnt come
  • what the hell? MC loves videos of animals doing human things
  • is she dead?
  • Seven gets up and walks into the bedroom where MC was listening to music with her headphones
  • oh god, not this again…
  • Seven knows well that once MC is listening to her music, you might as well just give up on any communication
  • but he’s not the giving up type
  • “hey!!! hey babe!!!”
  • nothing
  • still, she doesnt notice him
  • alright, this calls for the big guns
  • the drastic measures
  • the airhorn
  • his happens to be hidden under the bathroom sink (dont ask)
  • he stands again in the doorway of the bedroom and
  • 3…
  • 2…
  • 1…
  • MC literally screams and like, physically spazzes out
  • Seven starts laughing
  • MC stands up on the bed and you can practically see the fire around her
  • “Seven, you idiot…i’ll kill you”
  • then MC chases Seven through the house
  • until she tackles him to the ground and pins him there
  • “MC, you’ve caught me. what are you going to do with me now?”
  • she instantly jumps away from him
  • “god, Seven, why do you have to be so damn weird all the time?”
  • “cause you love it”
  • “no i dont”
  • “yea ya do”
  • “no, i dont”
  • “yeeeaaa ya doooo”
  • yea she totally does


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Facesitting for the fetish thing

I’ve never actually done face sitting .. but like I got some huge ass thighs and such and it was suck to suffocate my partner but like being ate out YEEEAAAS

Tagged by a good buddy of mine @richard-of-windoor~ =D

in general:
real name: Karlee
nicknames: Carl/ Karl / Butt (yeeeaaa… sis calls me that hmm…) 
sexuality: asexual but panromantic I guess?? idk the whole sex thing seems odd to me, maybe because I’m trans..? <=/
preferred pronouns: Too much to ask, but he/him? Though srsly she/her is fine cause I’m shy as hell

are you a morning person?: Uhhhh nooooo but I work at 5am nearly everyday of the week so like I’m forced to be up early as hell anyway huh

when swimming, do you prefer doing it in the ocean, or in a lake?: Never been in the ocean but I’m sure it’s grand~ Lake Michigan is hecka fun though (Other note: I do love chlorine over sand ahaha)

on tumblr:
anyone you’d like to meet in real life?: uh. @feri-marife. Super sweet personality, big inspiration and super lovely artist~!
anyone you have met in real life?: @mightymeller- awesome artist I had bought a commission from at a con a couple years back and currently a comic (which came in the mail today~!) and @richard-of-windoor- sweet friend who I met by sharing pix on tumblr of their cosplay! <3 also the one responsible for making my try my hardest at all these questions…! I didn’t study, darn u!
when did you first join? how old is your current account?: Holy crap I’m surprised… Searching for my 1st post, apparently August 2011
any peeves?: I hate when people say they’re bored.. I would kill for some extra time
unpopular opinion: …pro capitalism. Survival of the fittest. Work hard towards ur goals, don’t be lazy >_6

do you get jealous easily?: …Yeeeaaaa… 6-6
do you get easily angry?: ..If somebody is mean enough but other than that naw
are you easy to cheer up?: fuck yea ur happy? I’m happy 
are you good at hiding your emotions?: …no. cause in a way its lying/ hiding and I’m terrible at both soooo 
what’s the very best way to cheer you up?: Idk, I feel I’m easy to please. but going out for an ice cream is always hardcore the best?? Ffhucking Pizza Hut too, though <3

are you currently in a relationship?: naw
do you currently have a crush on someone?: So it seems. But frick, I’m a libra- when don’t I have the slightest attraction (mostly aesthetic attraction) to somebody at one point. Gross I hate it noooo

if so, might that person be reading this?: uuuhhhhhhh well

do you kiss on the first date?: Dated one person, I don’t remember going on a date but we did kiss ermm…

do you prefer going out or staying home when it comes to dates?: Ahhhh they both can definitely have their own perks but going out seems a little more special…? Shoot I’m all about the going out to eat give me that Pizza Hut I don’t even care, hell, let’s go to McDonalds!

favorite drink: Hot chocolate
favorite food: Hamburgers
most calming place?: Sisters condo. I love it there. No chores and she’s nice
most prized possession: may sound generic but I guess my cars. And yes, they have names haha Hiro (Lavender ‘89 Toyota Camry) has just been replaced (still love you baby…!) by Carmatsu (Silver ‘02 Jeep Liberty Renegade) He’s so good aahhhhh

Unfortunately I’m not gonna tag anybody.. I don’t have the official post of these questions but feel free to take on these questions if u want~!

“You made a big mess again, didn’t you? Tch, what a troublesome kid. Nevertheless, I’ll clean it for you.” 

More story~ Tenki, the guardian of Undergraffiti’s weather. Others believed he’s the god of the AU but he denied it. He’s the guardian of Dokoushi too. Whenever Dokou kills a monster, he cleans up the mess and erases the data of the event. 

Annnnd yeeeaaa Tenki is furry in his early ages or his youth. But then turned into a skeleton after centuries has passed. 

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((I can't believe I'm sAYING THIs I'll send you my face tomorrow when I have makeup on hskjsksksks -an extremely self conscious bb))