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@marshmallowdonutsprinkles Ohoho, yes you’re correct! XD But a little bit of opm fandom history here! ‘Toaster’ is actually a term of endearment for him (just like how Saitama is affectionately referred to as an ‘egg’), that originated in the western fandom shortly after ep5 – the sparring scene, aired. Because when Genos activates battle mode, he starts to glow red-hot and emit steam from his vents like a toaster in use.

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In particular, his chest vents closely resemble the open slots on a household toaster. :D (There have actually been many fanarts interpreting this literally, hah.) So the nickname stuck since way back. You may see people often refer to Genos and Saitama together (shippy or not) as ‘egg & toaster,’ or similarly in reference to those terms, as ‘breakfast duo’ too. It has also been brought to my attention from my friend rom, that only recently – like within the last several months or so, has the eastern fandom caught on to these terms, and has happily started adapting them too (yup, they think they’re cute!) :3  


i was tagged for the bias selfie tag by the beautiful @vixxeroni~ (if me face burns your eyes, go look at that selfie to get your soul cleansed)

i hope the soft hakyeon will make up for me weak ass face lol

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y know devimega would be awesome ngl ;; w ;; i-if you drew it I mean

aww rin you’re so adorable ;//v//; I wanted to make it osochoro for you and your boyfriend but I wanted to use this as an excuse to draw karachoro ;;////;; 

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Thanks to tumblr user hicstreme0 for keeping it real and reminded me today is Tieria’s birthday!! Happy birthday my precious child! (ノ)・ω・(ヾ)

Even though your birthday has to be the day before I have my finals sobs.


Tom is a child and gets lost in crowds
This is how he finds Tucker

Based off that one thing [X]

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Nessie - the five times they had gentle sex and the one time they didn't ;) please? also your selfie yesterday was so cute


See, it’s not that Niall hasn’t had sex. He totally has, with various partners and several different levels of satisfaction but always satisfied. It’s just that, well, to be frank, Niall’s never been with someone quite so big. And it’s cool and awesome and totally fine but, the first time Bressie lays Niall out beneath him, three fingers snubbed up tight in Niall’s ass, it’s–

Well, it’s fucking mind blowing to say the least but it’s also toomuchtoomuchtoomuch in the worst way, even though Bressie’s been stretching him for the better part of half an hour. So, like, obviously, it sucks when Niall has to shove Bressie off and curl his knees into his chest because Bressie’s murmuring about working a fourth finger inside for good measure and Niall is already feeling pushed to his limits, a deep embedded ache in his chest. So, no, a fourth finger is just, no.

And, no matter how bad he feels, it’s just that, he can’t, he really can’t. Niall’s dick has been half hard for as long as they’ve been at this, caught between the stabs of punishment he feels down his thighs and the tongues of pleasure that lick up his spine. He needs a minute (or two days, as it turns out because that’s as long as it takes for the twinge that makes him favor his right leg to fade). 

Obviously, Niall’s embarrassed and he spends a few days dodging Bressie until he literally cannot anymore, when Bressie shows up at Niall’s apartment with a pizza and Thai food, shaking his head a little at the fact that he wasn’t sure which Niall would prefer. It’s, jesus, Niall just wants Bressie because he’s so so so wonderful and considerate and caring and he can’t. Bressie just kisses his head and tells him, with a smile just as soft, that it’s okay. That they’ll work on it. Niall has wanted and he wants but, right now, he wants nothing more than that.

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