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Tom is a child and gets lost in crowds
This is how he finds Tucker

Based off that one thing [X]

       Sooo, in case ya’ll haven’t already noticed, I haven’t been queuing replies to threads since my return from vacation. But! For good reasons! I’ve been working on some major changes to this blog ( it’s a big ol’ mess rn ), so threads in my drafts will be on hold for a bit. Sorry for the wait !!

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Thanks to tumblr user hicstreme0 for keeping it real and reminded me today is Tieria’s birthday!! Happy birthday my precious child! (ノ)・ω・(ヾ)

Even though your birthday has to be the day before I have my finals sobs.

|| thinkin about moving this blog to a new one some time soon :0 its just gotten rlly messy and kinda unorginised and i think its just about time for a fresh new blog! With that said tho, i also want a new url and am totally up with suggestions if ya’ll have any!!! ||

only the most innocent and true hearts, only those can carry a great power. A power that would never bloom to the existence, until they need it the most. A power they’ve never dreamt of and never thought they would have. A power of LOVE and WILL

If Pyrrha was going to come back, please let her be something like this.

【腐】マクスズつめ  |  コト

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-Dimmi, che cos’è per te la felicità.
-Non so quale sia la risposta giusta.
-Non c’è una risposta giusta o sbagliata. C’è soltanto una risposta.
-E se ti dicessi che per me la felicità è la tristezza?
-Sarebbe sbagliato.
-Hai appena detto che non c’è una risposta sbagliata.
-Ma questa tua risposta non è razionale.
-Nemmeno l’amore lo è, voglio dire, guarda quei due là, si amano ma litigano quasi ogni giorno e dicono addirittura di odiarsi, strano no?
-Cosa centra?
-È la mia risposta.
-In che senso?
-Non capisco, avevi detto che era la tristezza.
-Appunto. La mia risposta è “tristezza”, irrazionale e priva di senso, giusta e sbagliata, come l’amore. Perché l’amore è giusto, ma certe volte è sbagliato anche lui. Dio se è sbagliato.



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Name: Shannon

Nicknames: Shanny, General, Subdive

Birthday: June 10

Zodiac sign: Gemini

Height: 5′11″

Orientation: Demiboy

Nationality: Shrug

Favorite fruit: BURGER

Season: Winter

Favorite flower: Chrysanthemum

Favorite scent: Fresh laundry

Favorite book: Ender’s Game

Coffee / tea / hot cocoa: Tea

Average sleep hours: 2 or 17, no in between

Cat or dog person: Yes

Favorite fictional character: Conker the Squirrel

Number of blankets you sleep with: One

Blog created: Nine months ago

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