Recently started watching jacksepticeye, and I have to say, he is amazing! But of course, because of him, when I see the color green he is all I can think of.

Introducing @therealjacksepticeye as Danny Phantom. I immediately thought of Jack, because again, in my brain green equals jacksepticeye now. I hope you’re proud of yourself Jack! xD

Also click it, it looks rad when you do.


I dunno, smthn I thought of a few days ago where Palette and Goth are yanderes for each other (I don’t post my art because I think it looks like shit, but I’m kinda proud of this X3 plz don’t judge too hard it’s my first time drawing freestyle digitally ;w;) (the music I was listening to was too perfect tho)
Palette: @angexci
Goth: @nekophy

“Since they were all caught up with their asks, Frisk and Monster Kid have decided to spend the rest of the day playing in the rain. Though please do feel free to send them more asks! They mustn’t stay in the rain without a jacket for too long! ] : ) “

so it’s like a ftm prince zelda and link’s helping him out w it all and its just like
link cuts his hair and zelda’s like
“thanks for that link!”
“do you like it i bet i fucked up oh no”
“no no i love it!!”
“are you sure your bindings are safe?”
“yes impa told me how to do them properly”
“are you sure your father will be okay with this?”
“he’d better be, i want to be the next king of Hyrule!”

ftm prince zelda how abt yes