ok ignore the banner bc it lost like……most of it’s quality when i saved it buT YE !!! i just really wanted to do a promo and needed a good excuse also i’m close to 5555 followers so ye! anyways

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categories!! (these might change idk yet):

  • best urls + domains
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  • fav mutuals/best overall !!

anyway yeeAAA i’ll end this on the 20th october and i’ll have the results up after a couple of days hopefully so good luck enter this !!

so yea Iv’e kinda run low on spending money here at school. At this point I’m going to try and open up some smaller commissions, just so i can stay self-reliant while away from home :T

i would have come up with a more formal and creative way to advertise commissions, but I’m still backed up with projects here and projects for school :v

but anyways here are the things i can do for now between schoolwork!

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