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Cantonese Vocabulary

I don’t think anyone on Tumblr is learning Cantonese, but I’d thought I’d just share a bunch of basic vocabulary for the heck of it :’D. Some of the transcriptions I put down aren’t official Jyutping pronunciations; I kind of adjusted it to the way I would read it as an English speaker~

Note: ME = Mandarin equivalent


[ngo] - I 

[nei/lei] - you

[koei] - he/she/it (ME: 他/她/它)

我地 [ngo day] - we (ME: 我們)

你地 [nei/lei day] - you (pl) (ME: 你們)

佢地 [koei day] - they (ME: 他/她們)


[sik] - to eat  (ME: 吃)

[juu/jew] - to live (somewhere)

[fun] - to sleep (ME: 睡覺)

[joe/jo] - to do

[yum] - to drink (ME: 喝) 

{Side note: 飲茶 [yum cha] (lit. to drink tea) - to eat dim sum } 

[yau] - to have/to exist (equivalent to 있다 or ある)

[moe/moh] - to not have/to not exist (sort of like 없다) (ME: 沒有)

[sik] - to know (ME: 認識 or 會) - similar to connaître/conocer

[jee/zee] - to know (ME: 知道) - similar to savoir/saber

 [haang] - to walk (ME: 行 / 走)

[hui] - to go

[lei] - to come (ME: 來)

[wa] - to say, to tell (ME: 說)

[gong] - to speak (ME: 說/講)

[hai] - to be (ME: 是)

開始 [hoi chee] - to start

[tai] - to watch (ME: 看)

鍾意 [jung yee] - to like (ME: 喜歡)


[ho] - so (adv.); as in “so loud” or “so dirty” (ME: this word can function the same way in Mandarin, but can also be expressed as 很)

[gum] - so (adv); exact same usage as 好, except 咁 is usually used in questions. (ME: 那麼)

ex: Why is it so difficult? 點解難嘅? 
It is so difficult. 難呀。                                                                                   
點解 - why, 難 - difficult, 嘅 - question particle, 呀 - statement particle

[leng] - pretty, beautiful (ME: 漂亮)

[dai] - big 

[sai] - small (ME: 小)

[laan] - difficult, hard 

(容)易 [yung yee] - easy, simple (ME: 容易)

[daw] - many, much

[siu] - few, little

[faai] - fast

[maan] - slow

一齊 [yut chai] - together (ME: 一起)

adjective + 少少 or adjective + 啲 [siu siu or dee] - a little bit + adjective (in comparative form) (ME: 一點)

ex: 你可唔可以行快少少呢? [lei haw m haw yee haang faai siu siu leh?]       
or 你可唔可以行快呢? [lei haw m haw yee haang faai dee leh?]  
Can you walk a little bit faster??? (said with extreme frustration)
可唔可以 (lit. can cannot) = question form of can, 行 = to walk, 快 = fast


[tung] - and, with (ME: 跟, 和)

但係 [daan hai] - but (ME: 但是)

所以 [saw yee] - so, that’s why

雖然 [seoi yeen] - although, even though

不過 [but gaw] - but, however

[gum] - so…, well…, then…

Tense Markers

[jor/jaw] - expresses past tense/perfect tense (goes after a verb) (ME: 了)

[wui] - will + verb; goes before a verb (future tense) 

[gun] - V + ing; goes after a verb (present progressive) (ME: 在+verb)

[m] - not (negates a verb) (ME: 不)


點解 [deem gai] - why (ME: 為什麼)

邊度 [been doe] - where (ME: (在) 哪裡)

點樣 [deem yeung] - how (ME: 怎麼/怎樣)

邊個 [been gaw] - who (ME: 誰)

邊 + quantifier [been] - which (ME: 哪)

幾時 [gay see] - when (ME: 什麼時候)

幾多 [gay dor/daw] - how many/how much (ME: 多少)

[mut] - what (ME: 什麼)

Time Words

今日 [gum yut] - today (ME: 今天)

聽日 [ting yut] - tomorrow (ME: 明天)

尋日 [chum/kum yut] - yesterday (ME: 昨天)

成日 [sing yut] - always (ME: 總是)

而家 [yee gah] - now (ME: 現在)

啱啱 [ngaam ngaam] - just now (ME: 剛剛)

[noi/loi] - a long time, a while (ME: 久)

好耐冇見 [ho noi/loi mo geen] - lit. long time no see (ME: 好久不見)                         

Phew, this turned out to be quite a long post… I’ll probably record myself saying all these vocabulary words so that you guys have something to refer to with regards to tones, since I didn’t mark down any tones in this list. 

assorted tdt notes, part 1

trb notes | tdt pt 2

i’m back with random notes of things that appealed specifically to me in the dream thieves! i’m writing these notes as i read (hooray for structure!) so..enjoy!

  • i still don’t understand the secrets at the beginning. it all sounds like nonsense to me. i do love that the second secret is framed as like a song, that’s cute
  • “probably not pleasant at all,” the gray man describes declan waiting to have his door kicked in, while at the same time describing declan’s whole entire life
  • old people make ronan anxious
  • “at night, [gansey] looked particularly small” gansey is tiny #confirmed by ronan

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