just take me down to the places we could hear them play

brother//gerard way

Hi everyone! Sorry for the long absence ;v; I spent most of this summer traveling and stocking up. 

After drawing so many chibis, I’m glad I was able to get this done <3 I love Aqua, she’s my #1 favorite female character of all time. Please don’t repost without permission!

Preorder a print at my store! 
Prism Bookmarks also available


theme 08: king and lionheart

preview 1 / preview 2 / code

a header / sidebar theme that i used for a while on this blog!! there are 3 main ways you can customize the theme layout - 1) a header + sidebar appearing upon scroll, 2) a sidebar only, and 3) a header only. the theme also has optional pop-up navigation boxes, 4-6 custom links, and show captions/tags options.


- 400px/500px posts

- 1920x1080px header / 60x60px about icon / 100x100px sidebar icon

- 4 custom links (with popup navigation) / 6 custom links (without popup navigation)

- optional pop-up ask, about, and updates boxes

- options to display the header + sidebar / just the header / just the sidebar

- optional: show captions, show tags, like/reblog buttons + post type icons, header description box

- custom colours, selection, tooltips and scrollbar

notes: i would keep the title relatively short. the header image is 1920x1080px in size, the about icon with the pop-up navigation is 60x60px in size, and the sidebar icon is 100x100px in size. the about and sidebar icons will resize your uploaded images accordingly but they must be square in shape. the header must be the correct size otherwise it will not display correctly.

if using the pop-up navigation - you will need to enter the html to customise the about and updates boxes, i left instructions in the code so it should be easy to do so. please make sure to have asks enabled and enter your tumblr username (i.e. the49thname) into the “tumblr username” type field on the customize menu so that the ask box will work.

credits: header + sidebar icons were made by me, star background for preview 2 was made by @100daysofpattern, please do not save for your own use. this theme uses font awesome icons.

if you have any problems let me know, read the rules, and please like/reblog if using, thank you!!

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