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[day 5] inspired by @kleptoromania​‘s implication of ro as the subject of this post - an immortal who doesn’t shy away from photos or paintings and makes up immortality conspiracy theories about themselves and is known as that guy by the rest of the immortal community

Tbh Sig just flirts like that because he’s trash lol.  

But for reals Leon’s injury DID affect their intimacy, at least initially.  Who’s bad at communication?? BOTH OF THEM!

(LOTS of art under the cut omg)

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anonymous asked:

After watching your livestream I began to watch westworld I know that this may be a stupid question but, which character reminded you of Hyde? <3

It’s this silly boy!

Black Hat Guy! I love Black Hat Guy! He is the best of the Westworld!

“But wait,” you say, “aren’t you talking about that rich bratty asshole that nobody likes because he’s a rich bratty asshole?”

Yes! That’s my Guy! I … could probably write an essay about all the weird and convoluted reasons I like this guy, but the most basic reason is that he’s the only character who actually acts as if he’s playing a video game (or interacting with Disneyland-style animatronics). Which makes sense, because that’s what he (and the other guests) are SUPPOSED to think–unlike a certain White Hat Guy* I could mention who’s all, “Bluh! I’m boring! I have a sad face and I don’t wanna do any silly western stuff!”

Also just like … the last episode …  the way this dude exits the season is just so absurd and wonderful. It makes no sense and it’s stupid and unnecessary and it’s my favorite moment in the entire show. 

I don’t really write fanfiction anymore but if I did this is what I would write:

This guy is obviously the Mr. Hyde of Westworld. Isn’t it easy to imagine Hyde bursting into some western robot house yelling, “YEE-HAW! I’m gonna kill all you motherfuckers!” I mean, I can’t remember if that’s exactly what Black Hat Guy said, but it was something equally as silly. 

*for the record, White Hat Guy does NOT remind me of Jekyll. White Hat Guy is the WORST and he frowns SO MUCH


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