Okay so maybe for the reboot verse Vendra and Neftin never met Mr. Eye?

They still became criminals but for different reasons.

Vendra lived through constant bullying all the way up into adulthood and eventually she snapped, destroying her home world (i haven’t decided what that would be yet), which put her on the Galactic Rangers list. 

Now she invades worlds and puts entire species through misery and torment because if she has to suffer so will they. Whatcha think?

FACE/OFF: Warcraft Challenge

Idk if any of yall watch Face Off but next week is the Warcraft Challenge!

Contestants must create realistic makeups from World of Warcraft, likely inspired by the aesthetic of the new Warcraft movie.  So far we’ve seen brief shots of trolls, draenei, and tauren in the previews.  

This is the first time Blizzard has come together with SyFy for something like this so probs gonna be neat!

If you’ve never seen the show here’s some top looks from the last few seasons.