Another thing that blatantly foreshadows possible canon bi Lance and Klance that goes along with Joaquim saying “Lance is going to end up in a completely opposite place from where he started” is the symbolism of the lion switches.

So Lance starts off in Blue who is obviously a girl. And in this scene we see him flirting with her or tryna woo her so that she doesn’t reject him

This is literally how he started out the show with Allura and just girls in general

But the Blue Lion still doesn’t open up for him, so after a little push of encouragement and knowledge from Allura, we see him running confidently in the opposite direction towards Red who just so happens to be male and also Keith’s lion. He’s looking back at Blue but is still running forward because he knows he has to, almost like he’s taking the next step in his life and stepping out of his comfort zone

And what more opposite than him ending up with Keith or even just a boy at the end of all this? Not to mention Lance also emphasises

We all know he wanted Allura in the beginning, which is like a direct contrast towards the Blue Lion. And coincidentally it also ends up choosing her as it’s paladin

In his vlog he also mentions that even though he flirts around a lot he still isn’t ready to settle down just yet because there are a lot of fish in the sea

So what he wanted in the beginning was to flirt and have some fun, but not get into anything serious with anyone. But he’s soon going to find out what he needs, and it’s the opposite of where he started from. That means what he needs is going to be a lot different than what he wants. 

If he does have a sexuality arc, this is most likely what it will be about. Discovering what he needs, who he really is, and making the tough decision to separate from what he thought he knew or believed to go after it/understand it/embrace it

And who knows where he might land in the end…

He did run towards Keith’s lion after all