京都の春(祇園甲部歌舞練場) by Nobuhiro Suhara
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20160331-P1040066  京都市東山区祇園甲部歌舞練場

2/8/15 - SCP143, “The Bladewood Grove”

SCP-143 is a plantation of 300 specimens of a unique type of tree. The trees are similar in appearance to Prunus x yedoensis (Japanese Sakura), or cherry blossoms. They bear no fruit, and the only known way of reproduction is by careful “own root” propagation using cut saplings from an older sample.

The petals are a light pinkish color, slightly translucent, and with a texture of smooth glass. Care must be taken when handling the petals, as their edges are razor sharp, and can easily slice through flesh if mishandled.
The wood and bark are a light grayish color, with a texture expected of wood, although the grain is very smooth to the touch.

Document 143-A: We lost three staff to 143 today. They were collecting petals dropped by the trees the previous day, when a sudden gust picked up, shaking a good deal of the petals from the trees and blowing them around. Stayed that windy for the whole day. I’d send a cleanup crew, but it’s still pretty windy and the odd petal is still falling. We’ll have to pick up the remains when the wind dies down in a couple days.


Sakura さくら by Eiki Yasuda
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C. × yedoensis ‘Somei-yoshino’