yeats country

When a country produces a man of genius he is never what it wants or believes it wants; he is always unlike its idea of itself. In the eighteenth century Scotland believed itself religious, moral and gloomy, and its national poet Burns came not to speak of these things but to speak of lust and drink and drunken gaiety.
—  Yeats, Autobiography, Death of Synge

‘Under Ben Bulben’
Benbulben (also called Ben Bulben) is a large rock formation in County Sligo, Ireland.
It is a table mountain, part of the Dartry Mountains, in a beautiful area sometimes called 'Yeats Country’.
W.B Yeats, Ireland’s most famous poet is buried in a small graveyard at the foot of the mountain.
'Cast a cold eye
On life, on death
Horseman, pass by!’