Breaking Bad Terrarium Part II - The One Who Knocks  

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This terrarium comes from the shows inspiration, Being raised by a Chemist, and a penchant for spreading a little science related fun for anyone to enjoy.

With Breaking Bad’s amazing final episode come and gone, fans of the show are sad to bid farewell. We no longer have what has been argued as one of the best television shows to look forward to each week, but with a little sand and some tiny handmade sculptures of Walt and Jesse, I hope to help others to relive the thrill and enjoyment with a bit of whimsy inspired by those 5 incredible seasons of Breaking Bad.  Inside this tiny 10" tall glass, I decided to try my hand at showing the emotional development throughout the seasons instead of just a replicated scene, Starting with my first terrarium with “innocent” Walt from the Pilot -

…then transitioning to the manipulative and ruthless Heisenberg.

(view on AMC’s blog post )

 if you’re a fan looking to have a tiny sculpture of quite weathered and emotionally scarred Heisenberg and Pinkman for your office or home, look no further.

On the 1.5" wide couch, Walt and Jesse staring vacantly at the fuzzy screen of a ¾" Television. (note the nerdiest yet appropriate point of reference photographed above) Surrounding them are blue pieces of Sea glass, lichen, a pine cone, and Moss to create a scenic desert… where it all began and where it all ends.VERY little maintenance is needed for this Easy DIY terrarium, it’s very easy to take care of and comes with an Informational fold. Because it cannot be shipped completely set up, it is a great little DIY project. You will receive instructions on how to assemble this terrarium. The dirt is a succulent and cactus friendly soil, so if you want to add succulents then go crazy! A great little DIY with many possibilities and tons of drama.

∞•∞• The Figures are made personally & COMPLETELY BY HAND, each sold a unique one of a kind. ∞•∞• ∞•∞• I do not use pre-ordered plastic figures. Sculpted using various mediums and ∞•∞• ∞•∞• hand painted painted for a genuinely one of a kind terrarium for you to enjoy! ∞•∞•    • - • - • 

Face of the Earth - by Rachel Bishop