What Frida wore: the artist’s wardrobe locked up for 50 years

After Frida Kahlo died in 1954, her husband Diego Rivera shut her belongings in a bathroom at their Mexico City home, the Blue House – then demanded it be locked until 15 years after his death. It was not opened until 2004. 

Her possessions are now on display at the Frida Kahlo museum in Mexico City in an exhibition curated by Circe Henestrosa. 

Photos: Ishiuchi Miyako


12x01 “Keep Calm & Carry On”
The First Real Hug after 33 Years

After finally being able to watch the episode in decent quality, I have to say this was probably the strongest and best moment of the episode for me. Both Samatha Smith and Jensen knocked it out of the park here. The way both of them conveyed so much with just their eyes deserves so much more recognition and praise than they get in the industry. Because just look at them here. Both Mary and Dean shellshocked, both incapbale of believing this is truly happening, both afraid to touch in fear that the other one may vanish into thin air. And what gets me is the minimal dialogue here, because these three words spoken convey so much and are so thick and heavy with meaning and emotion. The way Dean seems to morph back into a little 4 year old boy and how he stands there when he is experiencing being hugged by his mother - and truly his mother, not by a memory of her or a dream of her, but truly her - for the first time in 33 years, it’s just heartbreaking. Because if you compare this to 2x20 “What Is And What Should Never Be” and how Dean rushed into her arms and held on so tight and how fragile and tender their hug is here. Of course they are practically “strangers”, but I personally can’t shake the feeling that they touch so lightly, because maybe they are afraid that if they’d truly held on tight the other one would slip through their fingers and disappear - you know the more you hold on to something, the more it slips away. I’m not going to lie, but this scene and this hug may be one of the most expressive ones of the entire show with Dean and his eyes wide open - afraid to shut them and open them again to find himself alone and waking from a dream - unable to process this any more than his mother. And I know it’s ridiculous, but what really kind of gets me most is the last motion we see before the title cards: Mary lifting her hand from Dean’s shoulder and holding his head, because this protective gesture is just beautiful to me - especially as we know Dean does the same thing too (just one more aspect to capture how alike Dean and Mary are). And now finally, it’s not Dean showing this protective gesture, but experiencing it himself and not just from anyone, but his mom. For the first time in 33 years.

Just for kicks - A list of my favorite XFiles fanfic, Old School Style

In no particular order, here’s a list of my favorite XF fic from back in the day, pre-IWTB and revival, all circa 2002 and before. Welllllllll before. 

12 Degrees 

12 Rites



Across the Rubicon 

Acts (OMFG)


After All These Years

After Hours - Dance 

After Midnight 1-3

Against the Wall


Alarming Behavior 

All Mulder’s Women 

All of Me

All or Nothing 

All the Children Are Insane 

All We Know of Heaven (awwwww Jenna Tooms, *sniff* miss her!)

Alternatives 1-5

An Alluring Indiscretion 

Anethetic and Old Lace (Plausible Deniability! loved her!)

Aphrodisia 1-7 (OMFG Kristel St. Johns!)



Birthday Blues

Beds are Burning 

Between Then and Now 

B is for Bondage

Bittersweet Release

Blind Faith 


Brass Bed 


Butterfly in China (SO FUCKING GOOD)

By Touch 

Captive Fox 

Cat Fight 

Covenants, Contracts and Restrictions

Change of Venue 

Cheapened Things

Cinammon, #2 Mandrake, and #3 Spooky Says 

C is for Courage 

Click Here (ADRIENNE I LOVE YOU FOR THIS @icedteainthebag)


Closet Doors





Damaged Goods



Doing What Comes Naturally 


Dust Mites

Eat It Too


Eggs in One Basket

Enough of Me

Entitlements 1-4 (GOD I FUCKING WISH THERE WAS A V!) 

Erlona’s Heart 1- 4

Eternal Flame 

False Assumption

Burn by Alanna

Scenes by Beduini

Blinded by White Light


The Eleventh Hour

Out of Our Minds




Fridays Fantasies Revealed



Germ Warfare

Gift 1 & 2 

Girl 77 

Going Once 

Good Vibrations

Gradual Preciptation

Greek Silk 

Happy B-day Love

Healing Ophelia (HO)



Hey You 


HO2: Fetish 

Hollywood Nights




Indebted (gasp! loveeeeeeee)

Informed Choice 

In the Ruins

Jitters 1-3

Just Friends

Just Pretending

Just Words

Keyhole 1&2


Like a Red Red Rose 1-5

Live Action

Loving You

Making Waves

Manic Tuesday

Maters of the Heart 1 & 2

Maybe I’m Amazed


Mirror Image 1-3

Misled and Misled: Suggestion

Movie Classics

Mulder Please


My Pleasure 


New Year

New Years Buzz 

Nightclub Girls 

Nightclub Jitters



No Regrets

Not Everything 



Online 1&2

One Hour

One Night of Passion


Ordinary Life



Pandora’s Box




Perpetual Bliss

Pick Any Number

Platonic 1 & 2

Playing Goddess

Primal’s Sympathy






Red Letter


Remember Me





Right in Front

Risky Business



Rush in Roulette

Sal in 4C

Sated But Not Abated

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Saturday’s Sex Fest


Second Skin Satin


Secret Fantasies 1-3



Senses 1-2

She Wears It Well 

Slippery Slope



Spring Cleaning 

A Stiff One 


Sweet Torture




The Other Side of Eden 

There for You

The Wager 

The Wish

Things Can Only Get Better

This is Heaven

This Never Happened

Three Months 1-2

Thursdays Peeping Tom 


Tootsie Pop (YAS!)

Torn Short 

Touched But Never Held 

Toys 101 

Train Up a Man

Truelies (sequel to Ordinary Life)

Truth or Dare by Compeau and Soleil 

Truth or Dare 1-2 by Adrienne 

Truth or Dare McClure

Tuesday’s Torn Shirt

Two of a Kind




Unquiet Grave




Voices in the Mind 

Volition Unbound

Waiting Period

Wednesday’s Wild Theory

Where’s There’s a Will

Why Can’t I Resist You



With a Vengeance



Worth Breaking 

You Can’t Go Home Again 1-2 

Yule Vibrations

I lied. They’re alphabetical. And the common theme happens to be smut. MSR smut. Slooooooooowly going through Gossamer before (PERISH THE THOUGHT) it disappears. This is what I’ve accumulated over the years, so far. Feel free to add others! 

Nutrition Labels to Get First Makeover in 20 Years

After 20 years, the nutrition facts label on the back of food packages is getting a makeover. Knowledge about nutrition has evolved since the early 1990s, and the Food and Drug Administration says the labels need to reflect that.

Nutritionists and other health experts have their own wish list for label changes. The number of calories should be more prominent, they say, and the amount of added sugar and percentage of whole wheat in the food should be included. They also want more clarity on serving sizes.

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GameTrailers Closes Down After 13 Years

After 13 years, GameTrailers is closing down today.
When GameTrailers was founded in 2002, internet video was a revolutionary concept. YouTube wouldn’t be founded for another three years; consumer live streaming was nine years away. Back then, online game journalism was still dominated by text articles and static imagery. The most prestigious coverage still happened in print. If you wanted to watch a show about video games, you had to watch it on a special TV station that had 10 shows.
GameTrailers helped change all that. Today, game journalism is dominated by video: trailers, live gameplay, Let’s Plays, and news shows. Now there are millions of hours of content available at any time on your PC, your game console, your TV, and your phone.
We’re proud we helped bring this world into being. That is the legacy of GameTrailers. We’re grateful to all of our fans who helped make us successful. Thank you for your continued support over the years. It has been an adventure.

Robson, B.C., lifts boil water advisory after 18 years

After 18 years of living with a boil water advisory, people living in the rural community of Robson, B.C., in the West Kootenay have been told they can drink the tap water.

“It’s very wonderful. It feels wonderful to be able to turn on the tap,” said resident Anne White.

The community, which is unincorporated, installed a $3.2 million water filtration system last year, and finally got the go-ahead to drink water this week.

“We have surface water, so we had to move forward with treatment or we could as a community be fined … so it moved us to do something,” said White.

She said taxes for residents nearly doubled to pay for the system, something that divided the community at first.

“At first, of course, we were angry,” she said. “I’m a taxpayer too. Anyway, we have moved past that.”

White said the community also took out a 20-year, low-interest loan to fund the water treatment system.

While White and her neighbours can drink from the tap, many other rural areas still have to boil their water. There are more than 100 boil water advisories in the Kootenays alone, with the oldest dating back 23 years to January of 1992.
Classical Music Round-Up: January through March 2016
I’ve been on blogging hiatus for almost two months. Here’s the low-down.

In this issue: