honestly now, I don’t really think Chariot would’ve saved Croix in ep 24 if they hadn’t been IN LOVE for all these years

after all Croix has done, I mean she even freaking tried to kill Chariot

I lost count of how many episodes they’ve spent brutally fighting each other, and in the end, Chariot still decided to risk her life for Croix

if that’s not love then I don’t know what else it is

Ask and Embla
The First Mortals

When they awoke it was into a world
where everything was nameless.  Their minds,
still wooden and dull from a sleep that came
from before sleep was known, moved slowly
across the beach where their trunks had lain.
The gods, watching, saw their gifts take fire:
Odin saw spirit blazing in their eyes; and Hönir
delighted as their five senses came to life,
as Embla touched skin to skin, and wondering
stuck out her tongue to taste sea air, as she spoke
the first mortal word the world would hear –
“look!” – and Ask looked, seeing the long beach
and the vastness of the sea, and those inert
logs that lay there still, whole except the shape
of a man in the white ash, and of a woman in the elm.
And last of all Lothur smiled to see his gift,
the blood in her cheek and his, bloom, rising on
their glowing skin like that first-seen sunrise
crowning that open, that wrinkled sea.

Líf and Lífthrasir
Life and her Lover, after Ragnarök  

It was all over.  The world had been swallowed –
by fire, by despair, by the wolf.
They had hidden, quaking, in the forest,
full of the bones and the bodies
of their first forefathers, a forest
of ash and elm.  When they emerged
they found a world new-washed
by dew, remade; all it lacked
was gods.  The absence of divinity
was with them like a missing tooth:
they knew that if they called
upon Odin for wisdom or Thor for strength
no answer would come; and they returned
to this emptiness like the tongue returning
to that hole in the gums.  But empty though it was
of gods, the world was full
of life: the birds sang in trees Líf and her lover
saw as though for the first time;
and the world was green, as it is in the years
after fire has passed.  They walked in silence
and did not need to speak – and Líf
felt the future rise beneath her breast.

just think about this

Fast and Furious AU

  • So there’s this gang of street racers, their leader: Percy Jackson, legendary street racer, son of Sally Jackson one of the few women to actually make a name for herself as a professional racer. I’m talking ‘bout NASCAR and Formula 1 here
  • He’s best friends with Piper McLean since they were 3 years old when Piper moved in with her dad from Oklahoma. Her dad was rarely home, he was always traveling to Hollywood to shoot movies, so Piper stayed over at the Jackson’s for weeks, even months sometimes. By the time they were five, Percy and Piper were like brother and sister
  • Annabeth Chase moved into Percy’s neighborhood when they were thirteen and honestly they hated each other since the day Percy accidentally ran her over with his skateboard and both of them spent an hour arguing about how “sidewalks are for walking, you idiot, not for skateboards” and “you don’t own the street, smarty-pants”
  • Annabeth only replied with “wanna bet?”
  • Let’s just say that argument ended with two thirteen year olds racing each other in the middle of the night, both with the cars they stole from their parents for the night. And, yes, Annabeth won but that only made Percy want the rematch over and over again

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What Frida wore: the artist’s wardrobe locked up for 50 years

After Frida Kahlo died in 1954, her husband Diego Rivera shut her belongings in a bathroom at their Mexico City home, the Blue House – then demanded it be locked until 15 years after his death. It was not opened until 2004. 

Her possessions are now on display at the Frida Kahlo museum in Mexico City in an exhibition curated by Circe Henestrosa. 

Photos: Ishiuchi Miyako

Just for kicks - A list of my favorite XFiles fanfic, Old School Style

In no particular order, here’s a list of my favorite XF fic from back in the day, pre-IWTB and revival, all circa 2002 and before. Welllllllll before. 

12 Degrees 

12 Rites



Across the Rubicon 

Acts (OMFG)


After All These Years

After Hours - Dance 

After Midnight 1-3

Against the Wall


Alarming Behavior 

All Mulder’s Women 

All of Me

All or Nothing 

All the Children Are Insane 

All We Know of Heaven (awwwww Jenna Tooms, *sniff* miss her!)

Alternatives 1-5

An Alluring Indiscretion 

Anethetic and Old Lace (Plausible Deniability! loved her!)

Aphrodisia 1-7 (OMFG Kristel St. Johns!)



Birthday Blues

Beds are Burning 

Between Then and Now 

B is for Bondage

Bittersweet Release

Blind Faith 


Brass Bed 


Butterfly in China (SO FUCKING GOOD)

By Touch 

Captive Fox 

Cat Fight 

Covenants, Contracts and Restrictions

Change of Venue 

Cheapened Things

Cinammon, #2 Mandrake, and #3 Spooky Says 

C is for Courage 

Click Here (ADRIENNE I LOVE YOU FOR THIS @icedteainthebag)


Closet Doors





Damaged Goods



Doing What Comes Naturally 


Dust Mites

Eat It Too


Eggs in One Basket

Enough of Me

Entitlements 1-4 (GOD I FUCKING WISH THERE WAS A V!) 

Erlona’s Heart 1- 4

Eternal Flame 

False Assumption

Burn by Alanna

Scenes by Beduini

Blinded by White Light


The Eleventh Hour

Out of Our Minds




Fridays Fantasies Revealed



Germ Warfare

Gift 1 & 2 

Girl 77 

Going Once 

Good Vibrations

Gradual Preciptation

Greek Silk 

Happy B-day Love

Healing Ophelia (HO)



Hey You 


HO2: Fetish 

Hollywood Nights




Indebted (gasp! loveeeeeeee)

Informed Choice 

In the Ruins

Jitters 1-3

Just Friends

Just Pretending

Just Words

Keyhole 1&2


Like a Red Red Rose 1-5

Live Action

Loving You

Making Waves

Manic Tuesday

Maters of the Heart 1 & 2

Maybe I’m Amazed


Mirror Image 1-3

Misled and Misled: Suggestion

Movie Classics

Mulder Please


My Pleasure 


New Year

New Years Buzz 

Nightclub Girls 

Nightclub Jitters



No Regrets

Not Everything 



Online 1&2

One Hour

One Night of Passion


Ordinary Life



Pandora’s Box




Perpetual Bliss

Pick Any Number

Platonic 1 & 2

Playing Goddess

Primal’s Sympathy






Red Letter


Remember Me





Right in Front

Risky Business



Rush in Roulette

Sal in 4C

Sated But Not Abated

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Saturday’s Sex Fest


Second Skin Satin


Secret Fantasies 1-3



Senses 1-2

She Wears It Well 

Slippery Slope



Spring Cleaning 

A Stiff One 


Sweet Torture




The Other Side of Eden 

There for You

The Wager 

The Wish

Things Can Only Get Better

This is Heaven

This Never Happened

Three Months 1-2

Thursdays Peeping Tom 


Tootsie Pop (YAS!)

Torn Short 

Touched But Never Held 

Toys 101 

Train Up a Man

Truelies (sequel to Ordinary Life)

Truth or Dare by Compeau and Soleil 

Truth or Dare 1-2 by Adrienne 

Truth or Dare McClure

Tuesday’s Torn Shirt

Two of a Kind




Unquiet Grave




Voices in the Mind 

Volition Unbound

Waiting Period

Wednesday’s Wild Theory

Where’s There’s a Will

Why Can’t I Resist You



With a Vengeance



Worth Breaking 

You Can’t Go Home Again 1-2 

Yule Vibrations

I lied. They’re alphabetical. And the common theme happens to be smut. MSR smut. Slooooooooowly going through Gossamer before (PERISH THE THOUGHT) it disappears. This is what I’ve accumulated over the years, so far. Feel free to add others! 

Damn, you know
after all these years
after all this time, 
this mass of happenings
clinging to my chest, 
my shoulders, my God, 
you know, I still think of you.

It kills me inside. I never even
got a chance with you. I never 
got the opportunity to be finished
with your stupid laughter or your 
horrible jokes, your irritating smile
and your interest in everybody else,
dammit you weren`t even interested 
in them that way, you just weren`t ready,
you know? And now, so many years later,
I still think of you. You got ready only 
years after me. Then you grew, you woke
up, understood that you wanted to live your
life with someone. And then you found her.

Not that I have anything to say. I am actually 
really happy. I wouldn`t change my life now
for anything - I can`t. But if I would, I still couldn`t 
do it. I praise the skies for my happiness. I am happy. 
Every day he reminds me of why I am happy, 
and I am really, really lucky.

But you were the first I put my eyes on. The first my 
arrogance fighted against. The first one I really wanted,
for real. To be a part of. To be called his. I wanted to do 
everything for you. I looked at you every day in class. 
I listened to your music. I loved you. I really loved you.

And now, I cannot love you anymore. 
Now you`re married, too. 

For the first time, I sincerely listened inside,
and wished you and her a great life together.

I hope you make each other happy.
I really hope you don`t do the same stupid mistakes as I`ve done,
I hope you help each other to be happy, to stay positive, to live your
lifes together, and I really hope, even though this is a hard one,
that you love each other so much that you`ll stay together.

My sorrow to carry



12x01 “Keep Calm & Carry On”
The First Real Hug after 33 Years

After finally being able to watch the episode in decent quality, I have to say this was probably the strongest and best moment of the episode for me. Both Samatha Smith and Jensen knocked it out of the park here. The way both of them conveyed so much with just their eyes deserves so much more recognition and praise than they get in the industry. Because just look at them here. Both Mary and Dean shellshocked, both incapbale of believing this is truly happening, both afraid to touch in fear that the other one may vanish into thin air. And what gets me is the minimal dialogue here, because these three words spoken convey so much and are so thick and heavy with meaning and emotion. The way Dean seems to morph back into a little 4 year old boy and how he stands there when he is experiencing being hugged by his mother - and truly his mother, not by a memory of her or a dream of her, but truly her - for the first time in 33 years, it’s just heartbreaking. Because if you compare this to 2x20 “What Is And What Should Never Be” and how Dean rushed into her arms and held on so tight and how fragile and tender their hug is here. Of course they are practically “strangers”, but I personally can’t shake the feeling that they touch so lightly, because maybe they are afraid that if they’d truly held on tight the other one would slip through their fingers and disappear - you know the more you hold on to something, the more it slips away. I’m not going to lie, but this scene and this hug may be one of the most expressive ones of the entire show with Dean and his eyes wide open - afraid to shut them and open them again to find himself alone and waking from a dream - unable to process this any more than his mother. And I know it’s ridiculous, but what really kind of gets me most is the last motion we see before the title cards: Mary lifting her hand from Dean’s shoulder and holding his head, because this protective gesture is just beautiful to me - especially as we know Dean does the same thing too (just one more aspect to capture how alike Dean and Mary are). And now finally, it’s not Dean showing this protective gesture, but experiencing it himself and not just from anyone, but his mom. For the first time in 33 years.

anonymous asked:

this idea might be a bit weird but can you pls write an patrochilles au where patroclus is reincarnated and achilles curse wasn't to die but to live unhappily but immortal without his lover like all the other heroes and then he meets patroclus again but patroclus doesn't remember him? I love your headcanons by the way!

oh my god i went so overboard on this and i am weeping.
  • it was the easiest decision in the world for achilles to go to war. it was either stay home and let his powers waste away, or go to troy and live forever in glory. bit of a no-brainer. and once he was a god he would stop at nothing to elevate patroclus along with him
  • the seers warned that immortality would be a curse, but achilles didn’t believe them. not yet.
  • then patroclus dies, and every part of achilles dies with him, every part except his physical body. he slaughters hector. he goes out to the battlefield day after day, fighting the champions the trojans send against him and cutting them down one by one. paris shoots him full of arrows and he hardly notices
  • troy falls and afterward achilles sails back to greece. he doesn’t go home to phthia; he can’t stand the thought of returning alone to the place where he and patroclus spent so many happy years together. instead, he wanders from city to city. at first the people cheer him as the great hero, but his palpable and dark misery is enough to forestall celebrations. soon he can enter a town and be greeted only by whispers
  • patroclus isn’t reincarnated immediately. it takes upwards of 50 years for his soul to find a new body, and when he finally comes back, he’s the son of a poor shepherd in ithaca
  • achilles is passing through one day. the boy-who-was-patroclus is about 16, fair-haired and lanky, but when achilles sees him at the agora there’s something unshakably familiar about the way he carries himself, the way he walks. achilles reaches out to touch his shoulder before he even realizes he’s doing it
  • as soon as he looks into the boy’s eyes he knows it’s patroclus, and the entire world stops. he chokes out, “patroclus?” but the boy is completely disinterested. he pushes achilles’s hand off his shoulder, tells him his name is agapetos (beloved, his name is beloved), and walks away. for years achilles doesn’t try to speak to him again, but he does settle himself in a cottage on a hill where the sheep like to graze. it’s enough to see him. it’s enough to know patroclus exists in the world.
  • patroclus agapetos is on achilles’s hill with his sheep when a huge storm strikes. achilles looks outside to see the sheep huddle together and their shepherd looking soaked and miserable, and, well, achilles isn’t going to not invite him inside
  • agapetos looking at achilles and saying, “you seem familiar,” and achilles daring to hope that patroclus’s memory might have survived, before agapetos crushes him once again by identifying him as “that man from the agora”
  • “you called me some strange name. why did you do that?”
  • “you remind me of someone i once knew very well”
  • they talk as the storm rages on. there isn’t much else to do. achilles tries to pretend he’s not absolutely desperate to know what this apparent stranger’s life has been like, but nonetheless he’s a spectacular listener. agapetos surprises himself with how much he feels like he can tell achilles, it feels almost like they’d already been confidants for years
  • after that day, whenever agapetos is nearby he stops by achilles’s cottage. in time, something grows between them, something different but strong and good
  • patroclus’s memories never return, and achilles never tells him. he keeps troy and their past to himself to spare patroclus’s new self the pain and the burden. but agapetos doesn’t need the memories. it’s patroclus’s soul in that body and patroclus’s soul will always, always yearn for achilles’s
  • years pass. centuries pass. patroclus is reborn again and again
  • every time, achilles finds patroclus. and every time, patroclus chooses achilles
The Orphanage: Women’s Organizations and Eliza’s Legacy

As we know from the Hamilton finale, the historical Eliza was very involved in what we’d now call charity work, which was in the early 1800s a field largely carried out by women. While there were mutual aid societies run by working-class women, a lot of these organizations were run by upper class, white, Protestant women, largely because those were the women who had the time to devote to these types of organizations. (There were also a large contingent of Black and Catholic organizations of this kind, along with some Jewish organizations as well, since the consequence of having charities run by white Protestants is that they would only provide aid to, you guessed it, white Protestants.)

Eliza herself became an officer in the descriptively-named Society for the Relief of Poor Widows with Small Children in 1805, the year after Hamilton died. Founded by Isabella Graham and her daughter Joanna Bethune in 1797, the Society grew out of at least some recognition of the fact that aid societies up to that point were very clearly marked by ethnicity–Graham was Scottish, and both she and Bethune were involved in the Scots-Irish St. Andrew’s Society, but they wanted to form a similar kind of aid society that would have a broader focus (though still, of course, within narrow confines of race and religion). [100-101]

I Help Raise Hundreds of Children

The year after Eliza joined the Society for the Relief of Poor Widows, she along with several of the other women involved in the Society, including Joanna Bethune (remember that name, she’ll come up later), split off to form the Orphan Asylum Society, to help the children of the women they had be aiding in the previous society. (This wasn’t a dramatic split: it was common for women to found and participate in multiple organizations.) Eliza was named second directress, below only first directress Sarah Hoffman: she was, essentially, vice-president. [111]

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Honor in the air

The December 20, 1943, taking off from the airfield RAF Kimbolton (England) B-17 bomber called Ye Olde Pub, the United States Air Force (USAF) with the mission to bomb an aircraft factory in Bremen (Germany ). The aircraft crew was composed of Bertrand O.Coulombe, Alex Yelesanko, Richard A. Pechout, Lloyd H. Jennings, Hugh S. Eckenrode, Samuel W. Blackford, Spencer G. Lucas, Albert Sadok, and Robert M. Andrews front of all the young lieutenant Charles L. Brown.

Ye Olde Pub crew

They managed to accomplish the mission but at a high price … the tail gunner was dead and 6 crew more were wounded, the nose was damaged, two engines were achieved and the remaining two only one had enough power, the fuselage was badly damaged by impacts of the antiaircraft battery and German fighters, including the pilot Charlie Brown came to lose consciousness momentarily. When Charlie woke up he managed to stabilize the plane and ordered attending to the wounded.

When I thought I would have enough to keep the aircraft in the air, came the worst … a German hunting in line. Everyone thought the time had arrived, but instead of shooting game became parallel bomber. Charlie turned his head and saw the German driver made him hand gestures. It remained for a moment, until the lieutenant ordered one of his men climb the turret machine gun … but before he could carry out the order, the German looked into the eyes of Charlie motioned with his hand and He marched. Hardly, and after traveling 250 miles, Ye Olde Pub managed to land in Norfolk (England). Charlie told his superiors what happened but they decided to hide this act of humanity. But the lieutenant did not forget … Why had not shot down?

In 1987, 44 years after that event, Charie began to seek the man who had spared their lives despite not knowing anything about it and, much less, if he was still alive. He puts an ad in a publication of fighter pilots:

I’m looking for the man who saved my life on December 20, 1943.
From Vancouver (Canada), someone got in touch with him … it was Franz Stigler. After crossing several letters and phone calls in 1990 they were reunited.

It was like meeting a brother who did not see 40 years
After many hugs and some tears, Chrarlie Franz asked: Why not have overthrown us?

Franz explained that when he got on his tail and was in the spotlight to shoot, just saw a plane that barely remained in the air, defenseless and the badly injured crew … there was no honor in taking down that aircraft, it was like a parachutist abate. Franz had served in Africa under the command of Lieutenant Gustav Roedel, a knight of the air, which instilled the idea that to survive morally war should be fought with honor and humanity; otherwise, they would not be able to live with themselves the rest of their days. Unwritten code that saved their lives. He tried to guide them out of there, but I had to stop when approaching a German Control Tower; if they had discovered Franz would have meant the death penalty.

For several years they shared their lives and in 2008, six months apart, were killed in two separate heart attacks. Franz Stigler was 92 years old and Charlie Brown 87.

Does Spider-Man love Gwen Stacy or Mary Jane more?


Okay, I could do something even more    extensive about this but I’m going to try and keep it compact(ish)

Basically many people claim that Peter either loved Gwen more than he loved MJ or that he loved them equally.

With all due respect to these people…that is factually    inaccurate and you are mistaken.

Very long post under the cut but it’s necessary to spell this out as clearly as possible

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Early April FitzSimmons Fic Recs from everyl1ttleth1ng

Not a comprehensive list but these are some stories I have recently fallen in love with or am rejoicing to see them resumed or drawing to amazing completion!!! (For my other recent fic recs - head down the rabbit hole here)

Wounds and Scars by @agent85  In which Jemma has a canon-compatible conversation with Yoyo that puts some important things into perspective. So beautiful.

Fitzing People Up by @lalallicat  based on one of Pi’s March Madness Fic Tournament Prompts
An AU which the team are on the faculty of a university somewhere and Fitz designs an algorithm for match-making purposes! I am deeply deeply in love with this fic - one chapter to go!!!

@superirishbreakfasttea’s All The Bright And Precious Things
This amazing thing, which I think is very soon to draw to a close, charts the rocky relationship of Hollywood darlings Jemma Simmons and Leo Fitz. And, as we all know, SIBT is amazeballs!

@amandajoyce118 ’s Honor Amongst Thieves
A brilliant con artists/thieves AU in which Jemma, Hunter, Bobbi, Trip, Daisy, Mack and Fitz are all living on the other side of the law but not nearly as badly as Grant Ward who must get his comeuppance after betraying his former partners!!

@grapehyasynth ’s Three Years
After being forced to part three years earlier, Fitz moves into a new apartment and finds Jemma living across the hall. Only one chapter up so far but I am so in love with the premise - I know it’s gonna be amazing!!

@roamingbadger’s A Happy Loving Pair
This amazing AU in which Jemma is staying in a cottage in rural Scotland for her brother’s wedding and due to the wintery conditions keeps being thrown together with Leo Fitz, the landlady’s compellingly attractive son. I re-read the whole thing when the latest chapter appeared and remembered how much I have loved every second of it!

@chinese-bakery‘’s Method Spying
Some gorgeous hilarity speculating on the FitzSimmons undercover images that have been released for a future AOS ep and the fskiss prompt “cheek kisses that leave red lipstick stains”

@bookishandbossy’s Nobody Puts Baby In A Corner
Jemma Simmons, daughter of yawn-inducingly dull country-club member parents finally has her first interesting conversation in the place when she breaks something and encounters handsome maintenance man, Leo Fitz. This Dirty Dancing inspired AU is complete and totally amazing!!!

@jessiecrimefighter’s I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside
A brand new fic, one chapter in, but so much promise for a delightful domestic FitzSimmons on holiday by the English sea in gloomy weather story that I think my soul needs!

@madalayna’s Wanderlust
Madalyana’s back (!!!) with a new instalment to her sequel to “Countermeasures” (not required, though recommended reading!) set on Asgard, and the angst queen is in top form, having Fitz believe that the only reason Jemma is declaring her love for him is because she’s been put under some sort of an elvish enchantment. Oh, the suffering! It’s so great…

@bookishandbossy’s i don’t mean to put on any pressure (but I know when a thing is right)
A lovely new instalment in the “the next four years (college AU)” series in which FitzSimmons make some future plans.

and surely I’ve raved about this all gorgeous thing over the place, but just in case you somehow missed it:

@recoveringrabbit’s The Adventure of the Blue Sapphire
This is the third magical instalment in THE MOST MAGICAL FITZSIMMONS AU OF THEM ALL: A Love Story With Detective Interruptions!!!!

Probably missed a whole heap coz my e-mail account reached it’s limit so I missed notifications for about three days before I realised and they ain’t coming back! And I was going to save this up for an April post at the end of the month but it was getting out of hand…