The Things You Find at Every Grandmother’s House

1. A decapitated Santa pillow

2. A novelty teacup, inexplicably containing a suction cup, a fourth of a seashell, and a Mr. Potato Head hand

3. All the Santa figurines in the world

4. A novelty mug inexplicably containing two plastic rings from the 70s, and a newspaper cutout from the time a distant relative got divorced in 1990

5. A mail-order pamphlet for various extremely-adult products that’s been sitting on a dresser, at eye level, for more than 4 years

6. A Pyrex chicken, inexplicably containing a marble and half a broken magnet

7. No less than 3 lone cans of clam chowder, each of a different brand

8. A coffee mug from the ‘70s, inexplicably containing a random piece of plastic, a small white stone, a novelty bullet pendant, and two small dog magnets

9. A cookie jar that beheads Santa and his baby polar bear whenever you open it

10. A shelf proudly displaying two Sucrets tins from the ‘80s

11. The creepiest doll ever

12. A family photo featuring a great-grandmother who looked a lot like Abraham Lincoln




1. Alphabet Boy - Melanie Martinez
2. Honey Whiskey - Nothing But Thieves
3. Coming Down - Halsey
4. Girls Your Age - Transviolet
5. Worship - Years & Years
6. Affection - Crystal Castles
7. Tyrants - Catfish and the Battlement
8. Training wheels - Melanie Martinez
9. Fill Your Brains - Harrison Brome
10. Trip Switch - Nothing But Thieves
11. 1977 [Bonus Track] - Years & Years
12. Ghost Tonight - Chairlift