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My main problem with LoK is the Avatar state, to be honest. In Last Airbender, the Avatar state was a last resort, almost undefeatable power, while in Korra it's just a small power boost. That said, the characters and the antagonists are amazing, and I love LoK to bits.

I guess I hadn’t thought about it before, 
personally i think it has more to do with the differences between Aang and Korra. 

Aang is a pacifist, he is shown a lot as not wanting to really use extra force when he doesn’t have to. So while I could be wrong here I think it comes down to that Aang just never really uses his bending for fighting when he doesn’t have too. On top of that, his early experiences in the Avatar state weren’t really good ones?
1. He froze himself for a 100 years
2. He went into it after finding out about the destruction of his people
3. That general tried manipulating him into it by messing with Katara
4. After going through unlocking all his chakras, when he finally does get them all he almost gets killed
I think the reason it feels like the Avatar state was used as a last resort a lot more in airbender is because for Aang that was his literal, last resort. 
Even in Lok, his fight with Yakone, he doesn’t use the Avatar state to attack him, doesn’t use it until he takes away his bending. 

Now Korra, I’m pretty sure came out the womb ready to fight, by the time she arrives in republic city she has had years and years of training and was already this power house of a bender and hadn’t even learned to airbend or being able to tap into the avatar state. 
In Korra’s first scene of book 2, she uses the Avatar state to boost her speed so she can beat the the kids in a race and Tenzin gets upset about it. 
So I think it makes sense that Korra would figure out a way to integrate the Avatar state into her bending to give her a boost when she needs it. 

I guess for me I think it comes down to that Korra is a lot more liberal with her use of the Avatar state where Aang was more reserved and only used it when necessary 

300 Reasons why you should subscribe to AmazingPhil

1.       He’s been on youtube for over 10 years

2.       The Adventures of Lion was better than a soap opera

3.       PINOF

4.       He started making videos because he won a camera in a cereal box

5.       He is a self-confessed cereal thief

6.       People drew him naked; he used it as an opportunity to showcase their art

7.       He is a ball of sunshine that can brighten the bleakest of days

8.       He doesn’t complain about much

9.       His eyes are gorgeous

10.   He likes to put stickers on expensive things

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Stereotypical coming-of-age movie fancast

1) Millie Bobby Brown as the awkward main character who struggles trying to navigate her teenage years

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2) Peyton Elizabeth Lee as the best friend of the main character who is also really awkward and just as unpopular as the main character

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3) Clark Gregg as the main character’s single dad, who is trying his best to guide his daughter through her teenage years 

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4) Alison Brie, Daniel Dae Kim, and Gabriel Luna as the teachers who act as guidance counselors for the main character. 

Alison is the funny, quirky teacher

Daniel is the wise, older teacher

Gabriel is the “hot” teacher who all the students swoon over 

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5) Brighton Sharbino as the popular girl who mocks the main character. She is the main antagonist. 

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6) Finn Wolfhard as the popular boy who the main character is crushing on. He is the false love interest / secondary antagonist when it is revealed that he’s incredibly shallow.

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7) Neel Sethi as the actual love interest. He is another social outcast who the main character initially doesn’t think much of until it’s revealed he’s really awesome and down-to-earth. 

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8) Dafne Keen as the class genius who occasionally hangs out with the main character and the best friend 

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9) Chosen Jacobs as the male friend, who also acts as the best friend’s love interest 

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BONUS) Tom Holland as himself in a cameo role. He is the main character’s celebrity crush.

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about episode 6 of starlight wonderland

can you all stop hating on Maria?? Yeah she was a bit nasty back in Pheonix Drop High but

1) Aphmau and Aaron have been together for years

2) Aaron is going to propose to Aphmau

3) Maria has only been around for a very short while, not long enough for any feelings to get in the way

She was informaing Aphmau on werewolf culture and saying that her calling Aaron “alpha” made the group uncomfortable. That kind of grouping is typically a werewolf only thing and a part of their history. Yeah, I think it’s stupid too, it’s like the “cultural appropriation” of this series but it happened, it’s clearly something all three of them feel passionate about and she wasn’t overly aggressive about it. Just informing. Her tone may not have been overly polite but again that’s just the kind of person Maria is, she got her point across and if anything Aphmau was a little too sensitive getting teary-eyed over it, she probably just felt extremely guilty.

Please stop worrying about her, she’s a side character whom we rarely see, this was the first time I’ve seen her have her own screentime in the series and I highly doubt that’s changing. Lets all not get our panties in a twist over some subtle lore

- Mod Jupiter

Sleazy Modvark is here because
1. I haven’t drawn one in 3 years
2. it’s a convenient way to tell you that I closed Anon asks for a bit because I’ve been getting a lot of them. While I appreciate your engagement, I’ve been having trouble keeping up with asks lately and my Inbox is already due for a huge spring cleaning.

Have a yyYYEEEAAAH Sunday!

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the headcanon thing- andrew or neil or both you choose


1: sexuality headcanon - i just thought of this what if andrew agrees with nicky that matt is pretty but he would rather die than ever admit to it

2: otp - knives. also neil

3: brotp - also knives. also renee

4: notp - everyone

5: first headcanon that pops into my head - andrew doesn’t think kevin is attractive at all and when people thought he was getting with kevin there was a very, very small part of andrew that was like “i have better taste than that” and then after he got with neil that part of him was like “shit. do i tho”

6: one way in which I relate to this character - lol. i think we’re both analytical and self-aware to a point that can be limiting and keep us from trying things or hoping for things

7: thing that gives me second hand embarrassment about this character - the way he talks sometimes while still medicated is. dramatique

8: cinnamon roll or problematic fave? neil josten’s problematic fave


1: sexuality headcanon - i feel like eventually after he’s worked through a bunch of trauma and understands his sexuality better he can understand when he finds people aesthetically attractive and is like “oh shit, is matt hot?” and andrew Does Not Answer and neil is like oh my god matt IS hot. this is like in 10 years

2: otp - andrew. also to a degree matt and dan 

3: brotp - matt! dan! allison!

4: notp - like… anyone who’s not andrew, matt, dan, or kevin?

5: first headcanon that pops into my head - neil and andrew would never in one million years send out holiday cards but neil really enjoys receiving them from all his friends’ families and he puts them on the fridge and andrew knocks them down and blames it on the cats

6: one way in which I relate to this character - dat demisexuality/trauma overlap confusion

7: thing that gives me second hand embarrassment about this character - i can’t even think about his fucking bandana every time i remember it i wish i never read tfc i’m not joking

8: cinnamon roll or problematic fave? david wymack’s problematic fave

Chris Smith

1. How long have you been polyamorous or been practicing polyamory?

Going on 6 Years

2. What does your relationship dynamic look like?

Currently I have three partners, one of which whom has her own partner and the other two date habitually. I do not operate hierarchically and I hope to one day have a communal household with my partners.

3. What aspect of polyamory do you excel at?

Time management, Google calendar champion since 2013 and Keeper of all things time related

4. What aspect of polyamory do you struggle with?

I really don’t struggle with an aspect of poly, I more so struggle with the general relationship building factors that transcend relationship structure. My biggest struggles are remaining patient for my partners’ growth processes and knowing when to intervene in inter-partner dispute.

5. How do you address and/or overcome those struggles?

Concerning the patience I actively try not to rush conversations and actively listen so that they can come to conclusions on their own and provide as much support as I can while maintaining my self-health.

When it comes to the disputes, sigh… I HATE INTERVENING; however I often forget that some people really just do not know how to look at things from multiple perspectives nor have been taught to do so before reacting. So I remind myself that all people need, including myself, need other perspectives sometimes and to try to mediate where I am welcome and invited.

6. In terms of risk-aware/safer sex, what do you and your partners do to protect one another?

To mitigate risks there is lots of communication concerning who we have been sexually intimate with, condom wearing for sexual interactions outside of our circle and testing… a lot of testing.

7. What is the worst mistake you’ve ever made in your polyamorous history and how did you rebound from that?

I attempted to maintain a relationship with a person that was dishonest and relationally immature. She had been my girlfriend in my transition to Poly and we went through so much together. Unfortunately, she did not treat my other partners well nor did she really like me having other partners. The instability of my relationship with her trickled down into my other relationships causing me to be neglectful to my other partner and even go into a slight depression. The rebound and trust rebuilding with my other partner has been difficult and slow. However, the keys have been acknowledgement of wrong, self-healing, affirming actions & words and patience in the healing process all around.

8. What self-identities are important to you? How do you feel like being polyamorous intersects with or affects these identities?

The self-identities that are important to me are Human and Omni. When I think of myself I see less separation and more unity with everything else around me. Though I recognize the impact socially created constructs such as race, gender and class have on the society and the individual; I believe that the way we refer to them often aids to their hegemony more that it refutes it. I really despise gender dynamics & roles, racial dynamics & roles and class dynamics & roles. Though I speak often on the identity of Black and how polyamorous structures can be a help and hindrance, I rarely identify as that.

However, polyamory for many “minorities’ can be a source of freedom

(Bonus: Do you have any groups, projects, websites, blogs, etc. that you are involved with that you would like to promote?)

I am presenting at PolyDallas 3rd Annual Symposium this coming July.

Look out for the upcoming YouTube series with Poly Role Model creator Kevin Patterson, it will be fire.

The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom is ramping up an Poly advocacy committee, if anyone is interested contributing their time and/or expertise contact Susan Wright,

My Supergirl Speculation…

1. It’s been 10 years

2. Saturn Girl was Mon-el’s wife. Please note I said was. And we see her in flashbacks

3. Mon-el took what was he thought a one way trip trying avenge his wife. Bets are Rein is the one that killed her.

4. We’ll see some of the major differences between Daxam and Kryptonians. Since the show has touched upon this already with the honor duel. We’ll get a ‘your forget I’m a Daxamite not Kryptonian ‘ moment between Mon-el and Kara.

5. Mon-el’s mission is going to put him in direct conflict with Kara and the Super team.

6. Kara is going to get to see the darkside of her people and their teachings.

7. Kara is going to find out Clark lied to her. He recognized Mon-el and knows who the Legions are.

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Hey Joey and Thomas! So you always post really creative and poetic things, but to be quite honest after following you blog I (and perhaps we) don't really know much about you! Do you mind maybe giving like 10 facts about yourselves? Sorry if this is creepy

This isn’t creepy at all!  This’ll actually be kinda interesting considering that we don’t really talk about ourselves

Joey’s Facts:

1. I’m in varsity track and field.  I live it and breathe it despite dying everyday

2. I think eyes are the most beautiful physical feature because it shows all emotion

3. I once tried writing a fantasy novel 8x but I never completed it

4. I love musicals.  My favorite one is “rent”

5. My favorite city is NYC.  I want to live there at least for awhile when I’m older and I’ve even got an apartment dream w/ Thomas

6. I’m a Cancer, I’ve got tons of emotions but I’m not good at expressing them

7. My aesthetic would be described as - warm coffee shops // jazz music // heavy rain // city lights- 

8. Yellow and white are my favorite colors.  Yellow symbolizes happiness, white symbolizes purity 

9. If I could have any super power it’d be wish making (haha super Cancer right) so that anything I wished would come true 

10. I’m striving to be more confident as a person and to have a better work ethic

Thomas’ Facts:

1. I get anxious so easily that this year when my orchestra teacher decided to do auditions for who could stay, I bargained with him and told him I’d switch to a completely different instrument (viola) if that meant I was able to avoid the audition process despite playing the violin for 11 years

2. When I was 7 I accidentally stole a mike-ike (candy) from a 711 and I pray to God every day for forgiveness 

3. My placement which I resonate the most with is my Capricorn Moon.  I have an earth imbalance, specifically with Taurus but my moon placement has told me so much about why I’ve become the overly-pragmatic victim of existential dread that I am today

4. If my aesthetic could be described via tv shows, it would be a fusion of season one of Scream Queens and season 3 (Coven) of American Horror Story (Ryan Murphy is second to God)

5. The first thing I ever came out to was my dog (as gay in 7th grade) and then the first human was actually only last year 

6. My original name was supposed to be Tiffany but it was switched to Thomas when my mother found out I was gonna be a boy (she really, I mean REALLY wanted a daughter)

7. The reason for this blog being made was actually because I had an astrology account earlier, but then my friend Audrey asked if I could babysit her blog @sagittariusastrology and tbh that was one of the highlights of my summer, answering astrology questions, reblogging nice content, and it inspired me to make my own with Joey 

8. My dream date would be super simple: getting milk tea with another guy and going to a kid’s playground and sitting on the swings to try and get to know more about each other 

9. I am a hoe for Harry Potter.  I am a Gryffindor and I have the scarf.  I literally love Harry Potter so much.  I spent about 250$ already on wands (Lord Voldemort’s, Sirius Black’s, Viktor Krum’s, Professor Dumbledore’s, and Luna Lovegood’s)

10.  I know some of y’all (tbh idek if its y’all or ya’ll) are gonna hate/judge me hella for this but I LOVE kpop, like, you have no idea I live and breathe it like I would literally skip a day of finals and drop by a letter grade in all my classes if it meant flying to korea and watching a Sistar or Wonder Girls or VIXX concert


“Chapter 1 Korea’s Everyday Culture 

Mihyun Kim

Ⅰ.Culinary Culture: Bibimbap, Kimchi, and Sujeo Culture
1. Bibimbap and the ”“Combination”“ culture
2. Kimchi and fermentation culture
3. Guk, gukmul, sujeo culture

Ⅱ. Housing Culture: Hanok and Ondol, the Republic of Apartments
1. The structure and elements of a hanok
2. Characteristics of hanok: maru and ondol
3. The aesthetics of hanok
4. Today’s hanok
5. The Republic of Apartments

Ⅲ. Clothing Culture: The Tradition and Modern Characteristics
of Hanbok, the Name Brand and Jjaktung
1. Tradition of hanbok
2. Korea, the fashion power: Dongdaemun Fashion Valley

Ⅳ. The Internet Culture: Cyworld, Lineage and ‘We’
1. The internet powerhouse
2. Dynamic Korea
3. Cyworld, a friendly world
4. Korea in the online game, Lineage
5. We-ism in Korea’s internet culture

Chapter 2 The Characteristics of Modern Korean Family and the Status of Women Inhee Hahm

Ⅰ. Where We Stand

Ⅱ. The Current Situation of the Korean Family
1. The process of getting married
2. Typical gender roles in a marriage
3. Sexual relations before and after marriage
4. Divorce and remarriage
5. The status of kinship
6. Preparation for aging
7. Korean family values

Ⅲ. The Change of Family Life Cycle: From Institutional Family to Companionate Family

Ⅳ. The Status of Women: A ”“Subtle Revolution”“
1. The age of subtle gender discrimination
2. Social institutions and the status of women

Ⅴ. Future of Women: The 21st Century Calls for Women!

Chapter 3 Understanding Korean Religion Joonsik Choi

Ⅰ. Opening Words

Ⅱ. Everlasting Religion for Koreans: Shamanism
1. History and traditions of Shamanism
2. Characteristics of Korean Shamanism
3. A modern implication of Korea’s Shamanism
4. Closing words

Ⅲ. The Real Power in the Arena of Korea’s Religions Christianity
1. Christianity in Korea and its numerous world-records: Catholicism
2. Christianity in Korea and its numerous world-records: Protestantism
3. Why are Koreans passionate about Christianity?
4. Closing words: The future of Christianity in Korea
Ⅳ. The Birth Place of Korea’s Religious Culture: Buddhism
1. Buddhist tradition over 1,600 years
2. Korea’s world-class Buddhist artifacts
3. Closing words
V. Teachings That Fixed the Characteristics of Koreans: Confucianism
1. A brief history of Korea’s Confucianism
2. Two pillars of Confucianism: Xiao (filial piety) and Ti (seniority between the senior and the junior)
3. Korea benefited from Confucianism
4. Traditional Confucian elements that remain today: Ancestor worship
5. Relics of Confucianism
6. Closing words

Ⅵ. Religions Created by Koreans: Of Newly Emerged Religions
1. The shared qualities in the teachings of newly emerged religions
2. Three axes of Korea’s newly emerged religions: Cheondogyo, Jeungsangyo and Won Buddhism

Ⅶ. Closing Words

Chapter 4 Understanding Korea’s 20th Century Popular Culture Younghoon Kim

Ⅰ. Korea’s Popular Culture during Japanese Colonial Period
1. The beginning of Korea’s modernization and popular culture
2. Establishment of the mass media
3. Popular music during the Japanese colonial period
4. Sinpa and popular culture during Japanese colonial period
5. Era of Japanese colonial period seen through major movies

Ⅱ. Popular Culture Before and After the Liberation of Korean War (1950s)
1. Freedom and Chaos
2. Popular music of the liberation, the War and the division
3. Popular culture that fed on ”“America”“
4. Rules of anti-communism and popular culture
5. The 1950s seen through major movies

Ⅲ. Economic Development and Popular Culture (1960s-1970s)
1. The Park Jung Hee regime and popular culture
2. Popular culture in State-led industrialization and censorship
3. Popular music of the 1960s and 70s
4. Renaissance of Korean Cinema
5. The 1960s and 70s seen through major movies

Ⅳ. The 5th and 6th Republic and Popular Culture (1980s-1990s)
1. Seoul Spring 1980 and Gwangju Democratization Movement
2. The 5th Republic policy on control over culture
3. Popular culture in the era of the Olympics and professional sports games
4. Teenagers as consumers
5. Campaign culture for the masses in the 1980s
6. The significance of the June Rebellion of 1987 in the history of popular culture
7. Korea in the 1980s revisited through major movies

Ⅴ. Popular Culture in the 1990s, The Democratization Era
1. The Civilian Government and opening of culture market
2. The emergence of the video generation and the new generation culture
3. Growth of Korean Cinema in the 1990s
4. The 1990s seen through major movies

Ⅵ. Korea’s Popular Culture in The New Millennium
1. Globalization and popular culture
2. Sintoburi and popular culture
3. Popular culture in the era of globalization and a new group of consumers
4. How Hallyu began
5. Popular culture of the 2000s seen through major movies

Chapter 5 The Cultural History of Division: Over the Boundary toward Liberation…Kisung Lee

Ⅰ. Severance and Borders: The Background and Formation of Division
1. From liberation to division
2. War and the cultural history of division

Ⅱ. Tension and Search for Reconciliation: Cultural Policy of Division
1. Division and effort toward reunification
2. Culture of division

Ⅲ. Separation and Reunion: Social Aspects of Separation by War
1. Separation by war and reunion
2. Culture in separation

Ⅳ. Overcome Division, Overcome Boundary: Vision of Reunification
1. The outlook for finding reunification solutions
2. Culture of reunification

ISBN-13   9788962970227

Released: Jan. 2011 Condition: Brand New 302 Pages / 574g  

Author: Choi Joon Sik, Hahm In Hee, Kim Mi Hyun, Kim Young Hoon, Lee Ki Sung

 HIV’s Patient Zero exonerated

n 1982, sociologist William Darrow and his colleagues at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) travelled from Georgia to California to investigate an explosion in cases of Kaposi’s sarcoma, a type of skin cancer, among gay men. Darrow suspected that the cancer-causing agent — later shown to be a complication of HIV infection — was sexually transmitted, but lacked proof. His breakthrough came one day in April when three men from three different counties told Darrow that they had had sex with the same person: a French Canadian airline steward named Gaétan Dugas.

CDC researchers tracked down Dugas in New York City, where he was being treated for Kaposi’s sarcoma. With his cooperation, the scientists definitively linked HIV and sexual activity1. They referred to Dugas as ‘Patient Zero’ in their study, and because of a misunderstanding by journalists and the public, the flight attendant became known as the person who brought HIV to the United States. Dugas and his family were vilified for years2.

But an analysis of HIV using decades-old blood serum samples exonerates the French Canadian, who died in 1984. The paper3, published on 26 October in Nature, shows that the virus had been circulating in North America since at least 1970, and that the disease arrived on the continent through the Caribbean from Africa.

Participants in a 1983 Gay Pride parade in New York City protest against panic over AIDS. Barbara Alper/Getty Images

Free! Eternal Summer Dub Drinking Game

Because how could you possibly do this without copious amounts of alcohol?

(the variation rules are here)

  • 1 drink for “dude”, “man”, “champ”, etc. 
    • 2 drinks for “bro” and it’s not about an actual sibling
  • 1 drink for that character would never ever say that in a million years
    • 2 drinks if it’s an insult/light swear word 
    • 2 drinks if the line actually makes you cringe
  • 1 drink for is that meant to be hip teen slang?
  • 1 drink if the OP/ED makes you miss the Japanese VAs
  • 1 drink for that’s not how that is pronounced dammit
  • 1 drink for every time you think that you’d rather be watching 50% Off
  • 1 drink for that nickname is fucking dumb, they should have just kept the honorifics
  • 1 drink every time you want to find Vic Mignyanyanya and punch him in the face
  • 1 drink for this character’s voice is hurting my very soul
  • Finish your drink if it all gets too much and you actually have to stop watching/hit mute/go back to the original Japanese
Peter Pan Imagine/ Meeting Peter At Disneyland

”Would you please write me a story where I met Peter at Disneyland and he takes me on an adventure and when I go back 2 years later he remembers me? That would mean a lot to me”

Okay so i’m not sure if you mean the Disney version of Peter Pan or the Peter Pan that’s based on this blog so i kinda morphed them into one hope you don’t mind(:

You wake up early, tired but excited! You’re going to Disneyland today, hopefully expecting to have a great day you start by brushing your teeth, after you started to curl your hair, singing and humming Disney songs because that’s totally acceptable on this day. After this you start to do your makeup, it surprisingly comes out perfect and exactly how you want it.

“Well that never happens.” you say happily

“Y/n! Hurry up we’re almost ready!” Your mom yells

“Okay I’ll be there in a bit.”

You change into your jeans, a tank top, some black converse, and of course your minnie mouse ears for the extra “Disney outfit day”.

“PERFECT!” you scream as you grab your phone and start to run down your stairs, this is gonna be a great day!

You get in the car with your family and put on your headphones, listening to all your favorite songs and jamming out , sometimes accidentally hitting the window because you’re a crazy dancer when it comes to your favorite songs.

You get there and your heart starts to pump faster, you see Disneyland is your favorite place, it’s your escape, it’s the one place you can forget about everything and anything, it’s your happy place, and you were stoked.

You get the gate, you and your family wait in line, it was okay, not to long, and not to short, it was such a pretty day, it was sunny but the sun would be covered with clouds, it was a perfect day.

The first thing your family does when they get there you always take a picture at the castle, so as soon as you walk into the gate you walk directly to the castle, you ask your mom if you could get some Starbucks, she says after the picture, you were a little annoyed but you pushed it off, you had the whole day to get it anyway.

Soon you were at the castle, it was beautiful as always, you ask the camera people if they could take a picture with your phone, they say yes, so you all do a smile and pose, then you do a silly pose, then a serious pose just for laughs, you kindly thank the man who took your picture, he says my pleasure and on to fantasyland you go.

After Fantasyland, Your family decide to go on space mountain, you decided not to go on, you just ate so that was a bad idea.

You start to walk around just getting on rides, eating churros and having a great time with yourself, then it’s like your heart stops, you see him, the green eyed, messy hair, tall, slim, and unspeakable sharp jawline, laughing and joking around.

You cover your mouth in shock and almost brought to tears, he notices,he walks up to and smiles.

“Hello love, how are you?”

“I-I’m good.”

“What’s your name?”


“Beautiful name!”

“Oh uh uh uh” 

You stutter a bit, , embarrassed because all eyes are on you.

“How has your day been?”

“Good! Well actually i just got here.”

He looks behind you and realizes nobody is there.

“Are you alone?”

“Well I mean yes and no.”

“He looks at you with a smirk, confused but wouldn’t tell you.

“My family went on a ride and I didn’t want to go on.”

“Well come on”! he grabs your hand and takes you trough FantasyLand

“Wa-wait where are we going?!”

“On an adventure of course, don’t worry though, we won’t be by pirates, i promise.” he winks and you and you giggle.

He holds your hand walking through Around Disney and you get stares.

“We should get hats!” he said to you.


“Yes lets go!”

He almost runs with your hand in his, was this really happening right now?

He goes down main street and some girls ask to take a picture, he gets so excited “Well of course, hold on don’t leave okay?”

He takes a picture, then holds your hand and walks into a store.

“Two hats please! Well Micky mouse and Minnie Mouse hats to be exact!”

“You got it Peter!” the cashier said.

After you got your hats the two of you are off for another adventure, the two of you are acting such like kids.

“Are you having a good time?” he asked

“Yes of course I am, are you?”

“Well of course, I like hanging with you. Hey what time is it?”

“Uh it’s 5:00pm”

“I have to go now, but hey, I hope I see you around.”

Okay bye Peter!”

“Bye love!”

2 years

2 years has passed and you still couldn’t believe that happen, you wanted to go back, you missed him, he didn’t have to do what he did, he was amazing, and handsome, and everything that you imagined.

Every day you would ask your parents if you could go to Disneyland, now Disneyland is a alot of money, and your parents couldn’t just drop a 100$ on you like that, they had bills to pay and what not, so it took two years for them to send you back to Disneyland, you went with your family hoping to see your Peter again.

You take a picture at the castle once again, and you ask if you all could go find Peter, they didn’t understand why you wanted to see him so bad, you didn’t tell them your adventure with him, because honestly you think they wouldn’t have believed you.

Like last time they go on a ride you didn’t care for so there was your chance to go see him! You walk around Fantasyland to see if he was there but he wasn’t, you start to loose hope, you sit down near a bush and start to get on Tumblr, just scrolling down, reposting, and liking things, when all of a sudden someone grabs your phone.

“What the-”

You see Peter holding it.”

“PETER!” you yell

“Hello darling.” he gives you a hug and people start to stare once again but you could care less.

“Let’s go Y/n, we have much to catch up on.”

He holds your hand and you start to walk down main street.

The list of movies and tv-shows (Multifandom Mashup 2015)


1. 6 Years
2. A Bigger Splash
3. A brilliant young mind
4. A Christmas Horror Story
5. A Perfect Day
6. A Tale of Love and Darkness
7. A Walk in the Woods
8. Absolutely Anything
9. Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip
10. American Ultra
11. Amnesiac
12. Ant Man
13. Ashby
14. Barely Lethal
15. Beasts of No Nation
16. Big Short
17. Black Mass
18. Black Mass
19. Blackhat
20. Blunt Force Trauma
21. Bone Tomahawk
22. Bridge of Spies
23. Brooklyn
24. Burnt
25. By the Sea
26. Captive
27. Carol
28. Chappie
29. Cinderella
30. Colonia
31. Concussion
32. Cop Car
33. Creed
34. Crimson Peak
35. Danish Girl
36. Danny Collins
37. Dark Places
38. Demolition
39. Do You Believe
40. Dope
41. Entourage
42. Everest
43. Every Thing Will Be Fine
44. Ex Machina
45. Extinction
46. Fantastic Four
47. Fifty shades of Grey
48. Final Girl
49. Focus
50. Freeheld
51. Furious 7
52. Get Hard
53. Grandma
54. Hateful Eight  The
55. Hitman: Agent 47
56. Home
57. Hot Pursuit
58. Hot Tub Time Machine 2
59. Hotel Transylvania
60. Hyena Road
61. I Saw the Light
62. I’ll See You in My Dreams
63. In the Heart of the Sea
64. Inside out
65. Insurgent
66. Intern
67. Into the Grizzly Maze
68. Irrational Man
69. Jem and the Holograms
70. Joy
71. Jupiter Ascending
72. Jurassic World
73. Kingsman: The Secret Service
74. Knight of Cups
75. Knock Knock
76. Krampus
77. Ladrones
78. Last Knights
79. Last Witch Hunter
80. Legend
81. Life
82. Little Boy
83. London Has Fallen
84. Love the Coopers
85. Macbeth
86. Mad Max: Fury Road
87. Maggie
88. Magic Mike XXL
89. Man from U N C L E
90. Manhattan Romance
91. Max
92. Maze Runner  The Scorch Trials
93. McFarland, USA
94. Me and Earl and the Dying Girl
95. Meadowland
96. Minions
97. Miss You Already
98. Mission  Impossible   Rogue Nation
99. Mississippi Grind
100. Mistress America
101. Momentum
102. Mortdecai
103. Mr. Holmes
104. Narcopolis
105. Navy Seals Vs Zombies
106. No Escape
107. Operator
108. Our Brand Is Crisis
109. Pan
110. Paper Towns
111. Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2
112. Pawn Sacrifice
113. Pay the Ghost
114. Pitch Perfect 2
115. Pixels
116. Point Break
117. Poltergeist
118. Queen of the Desert
119. Regression
120. Results
121. Return to Sender
122. Ricki and the Flash
123. Rock the Kasbah
124. Room
125. Run All Night
126. San Andreas
127. Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse
128. Secret in Their Eyes
129. Self less
130. Seventh Son
131. Shingeki no kyojin  Attack on Titan
132. Sicario
133. Sisters
134. Sleeping with Other People
135. Slow West
136. Southpaw
137. Spectre
138. Spooks  The Greater Good
139. Spotlight
140. Spy
141. Star Wars  Episode VII   The Force Awakens
142. Steve Jobs
143. Stonewall
144. Straight Outta Compton
145. Strange Magic
146. Strangerland
147. Suffragette
148. Survivor
149. Talvar
150. Ted 2
151. Ten Thousand Saints
152. Terminator Genisys
153. Testament of youth
154. The 33
155. The Age of Adaline  
156. The Avengers
157. The Boy Next Door
158. The D Train
159. The Diary of a Teenage Girl
160. The Dressmaker
161. The DUFF
162. The Exorcism of Molly Hartley
163. The Good Dinosaur
164. The Gunman
165. The Hunger Games  Mockingjay 2
166. The Lazarus Effect
167. The Little Prince
168. The Lobster
169. The Longest Ride  
170. The Martian
171. The Messenger
172. The Peanuts Movie
173. The Program
174. The Revenant
175. The Runner
176. The Sea of Trees
177. The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
178. The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water
179. The Transporter Refueled
180. The Walk
181. Tomorrowland
182. Tracers
183. Trainwreck
184. Truth
185. Man Up
186. Turbo Kid
187. Unfinished Business
188. Vacation
189. Vice
190. Victor Frankenstein
191. Victoria
192. Walking with the Dead
193. We Are Your Friends
194. Woman in Gold
195. Woodlawn
196. X Mas
197. Youth
198. Z for Zachariah
199. Zipper


1. 100
2. 2 Broke Girls
3. Agent Carter
4. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
5. American Horror Story
6. Arrow
7. Bones
8. Castle
9. Criminal Minds
10. Daredevil
11. Doctor Who
12. Downton Abbey
13. Elementary
14. Eye Candy
15. Faking It
16. Glee
17. Gotham
18. Grey’s Anatomy
19. Grimm
20. Hannibal
21. Haven
22. Homeland
23. Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell
24. Kiralık Aşk
25. Mr. Robot
26. My Mad Fat Diary
27. Once Upon a Time
28. Orphan Black
29. Outlander
30. Person of Interest
31. Pretty Little Liars
32. Quantico
33. Reign
34. Revenge
35. Sense8
36. Sherlock
37. Sleepy Hollow
38. Suits
39. Supernatural
40. Teen Wolf
41. The Big Bang Theory
42. The Blacklist
43. The Flash
44. The Magicians
45. The Mentalist
46. The Originals
47. The Vampire Diaries
48. The Walking Dead
49. True Detective
50. Under the Dome


1. K-Project
2. Death Parade

Daiya no Ace Act 2 chapter 11 spoilers

ok so basically Haruichi cut his hair and people were saying like now he can see the ball better

page 6

Haruichi(Imitating Ryosuke lol): can you please shut up

*Everyone got shocked of this*

page 7

Sawamura: O…O ONI SAN!!

haruichi:  Stop talking already

Sawamura: The kominato family’s strongest gene!?

Higashio: Did you see that?

Nakajima: Yeah! I saw it!

Kuramochi: AH~~ I was so shocked

Sawamura?: Polite language? Informal Language? which should I use~~~

Toujou: That was really good!

kanemaru: Just leave that idiot alone 

sawamura probably: The haruichi from yest is gone!


the current third years (miyuki kuramochi etc) made a club speed for new first years

2-C toujou and haruichi

2-B furuya, sawamura, kanemaru and haruno

Page 11

Haruno: we’re in the same class again

Kanemaru: y..yeah

Haruno: looks like furuya got in difficult getting surrounded like that

Sawamura: OSHI everyone please get away

Look! the winter boy is sleeping

Kanemaru: ah.. Sawamura’s there so it should be fine

Haruno: I should quickly get used to this too

speaking of which.. my seat is surrounded by people…

Kanemaru(blushing??): well whatever, let’s do this…

3-A Zono and asou

3-B kuramochi and miyuki


next game is komadai versus seishou (?)


page 14

Seto: As expected it’s huge and clean

the ground

Page 15

Yui: Looks like you came here pretty quickly

Did you come here to put your luggages?

Seto: Huh? Y.. You!

(lol at Tetsu’s brother)

Page 16

Seto: OI! Yuuki!!

Don’t just pass through!

You also came here earlier?

Masashi: My house is close from here

Seto: EH? UNFAIR!! Not staying in the dorms?

Yui: You are okumura from daikyou senior right?

Idk who said this, maybe Yui: Today I came here to play!

Yui: Don’t graduates from daikyou senior mostly go to kurehayashi or tsuruta in kanagawa?

Why did you come here?

(Koshuu is a just a statue here. Not talking)

Page 17

Seto; That goes for you too!

The other got scouted by seidou too right?

Masashi: Not really…

Seto: LIAR!

Masashi: No, im serious

(Their convo is so cute)  

Seto: He wants to be recognised as the captain of the japanese representative in the little league international (IM SHOCKED) 7

Seto: The one who became the unmoving catcher from mamiya senior Shindou Yui Kaoru

There aren’t many people in our year who doesn’t know about you

Page 18

Yui: We’re teammates from now on

We’re comrades who are going to crave for the same pot

looking forward to,,

Page 19

Seto: OI YUUKI Why are you leaving now!? Think about the timing!!

Masashi: I’m not living in the dorms thats why

Yui: AHAHAHAH!! Do whatever you want!

Seto: Why are you laughing!?

then kuramochi and sawamura are preparing to scare the new first year who is gonna stay in their room (the tradition thing)
and at the end miyuki says i wonder what kind of arrogant first years are gonna enter the club this year

The translations might not accurate

credits to: @hazyafter-glow​ translation and raws

EXO3rdAnniversary #3yearswithEXO

Where it all started… 

3 Years
36 Months
156 Weeks
1098 Days
26280 Hours
1576800 Minutes
94608000 Seconds

I still remember the time when i became a fan of them. Its their showcase date & It’s because of that one person. that person who became my reason to be a fan a of them. now he’s gone, he left. but i still support him no matter what. 12 ,11 or 10 i will still be a fan of them. They’re the first group i have watched ever since their pre-debut era. & during the teasers. But when they had showcase debut i got interested with them. & i started listening to their songs. i got addicted in what is love. & when the mama mv was released i was with my sis that time & we watched it together then made some comments like after the dance break we got scared bcos of kai’s face lol.that looks scary & also kris & xiumin’s.   take my back to where it all started.

time surely flies so fast and it feels like yesterday they just debuted.

                        I still remember that time when they are still 12

SUKIRA ‘Kiss The Radio’ 040715 They’re just 8 cos Tao & Lay isn’t there.


In this dark world u were the only one who became my light. You are the only one who can make me smile.

He’s the reason why i became a fan of EXO. Thank you for being my reason. I will never regret being in this fandom.

                EXO’s showtime will always be remembered

EXO Showtime made the most beautiful moment of OT12. This showed how they care for each other and how it is when they are all together.

It’s funny how a single photo could carry millions of memories and emotions.

A lot has happened for the past 3 years some left and others stay but still let’s support them.


I just want them to be stronger, and work hard as always. That even in ups and downs they will not lose their hope and courage.i want them to continue what they had already started. That after all those hardwork they went through all those will be paid off once they’re already finished. I hope they still celebrate birthdays together like they used to.

SUHO AS A LEADER: Pic taken 040715 Sukira KTR guesting

I had always teased suho that time for being small or not being a good leader cos i know kris is better than him.we call him suhogramps at that time. and that his members don’t follows him well (cos they have members that acts childly haha *coughs baek chan do*) unlike in M they follows Kris well. now i realized suho was actually the one who’s having a hard time ever since 1 member left or whenever they have a problem. i felt that he has a big responsibility as a leader to his members. how he comforts & take care of them. he stand as a brother,leader,family to them. And i’m really proud of him. i felt somehow sad & sorry to him that i just realized his existence as a leader. [even tho he became my bias on may 2012.and i think i didn’t take him seriously as my bias.] Well, to make this short, i just want to say He’s the best leader.

Sehun and Tao after Kris and Luhan left

I know both of them is in the same situation. These two are the closest to Kris & Luhan. Kris & Tao . Luhan & Sehun .I really miss them both. I hope they’re fine and still in contact with their ‘close’ friends. Ever since Kris and Luhan left. These two had always been together. As i just saw the video of Tao and Luhan.even tho they are always fighting. they like to tease/hit each other. but i think thats their way to show their love for each other? Same goes for Sehun and Kris. Sehun likes to tease Kris saying he’s ugly (remb Exo’s showtime?) and they have the father and son like vibe.I think they had a hard time missing those two since they left.

EXO’s precious group hug every time when they won after those hardship they been through

9 eras and still counting…

12 members
10 remaining
9 eras
8 koreans
4 chinese
3 years
2 sub units
1 group

Thanks for being EXO
Thanks for working hard
Thanks for not giving up
Thanks for always made our day

Thank you for existing, for the roller coaster ride and for simply being part of our daily lives.

And to the patient leader who always take good care of the boys, you are truly an inspiration kim junmyeon.

Time flies so fast. And we faced a lot of things together. Thanks exo for the 3 years with us through the laugh , the tears , the jokes. When you’re happy i’m happy and When you’re sad i’m sad too.


Goodbye may seem forever, farewell’s like the end; my heart is the memory & there you’ll always be


OT12 Or OT10,I will support them forever. 10 in our eyes but 12 in our hearts. 

Once an EXO-L,forever an EXO-L.

The song i once dedicated to them is entitled ‘’I’ll be by Edwin Mccain‘’ 

i can’t promise you guys 'forever’, but let’s hold hand and keep on moving forward for a long time

I’ll be your crying shoulder,
I’ll be love’s suicide
I’ll be better when I’m older,
I’ll be the greatest fan of your life.
-Your Fangirl [April 08,2015 8:20PM] 

The 90′s windbreaker kinda just happened but I needed to draw a Kinoshita because:
1) I really love the second years
2) They haven’t said Kinoshita’s name in the entire fucking anime (so far), and my sister and I haven’t read the manga, so when we wanted to talk about him I just shouted “His name is Cinnamon Toast Crunch now!!” and it stuck. We know his name now but we still say CT Crunch half the time and I needed to announce this.