years of waiting for just one tiny kiss

i think my problem is that i always wait for a forever. with big moments in life, small and also the tiny insignificant ones. i’m there looking into the void when the moment is over, waiting for something more. a trace of the moment, something i missed or something more. i’m not just stuck in the moment… i inhale it, linger around it and breathe it several days after, months and sometimes even years. it is both a blessing and a curse. i live and i love but i also live and long too painfully with sea kissed eyes. i wait for forever in temporary people and forever in the city i just passed through. it is sensitivity for the surroundings, knowing that they are worth something. there’s beauty everywhere worth to preserve. i think my problem is that i wait for a forever and what i need to learn is that there will never be one. everything ends in nothingness and that’s okay, i just got to accept it. i can just make things last as long as i can.
—  t.j. // daily november prose #23

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Hey 😥😥😥😥😥 m literally just got off from crying cuz i have opened imbd and DOB is not in any of the episodes of 6b. Also Jeff Davis interviews are just too much for he says that 6x10 was the last of the STILES we have seen. I mean seriously after 6 years of waiting all we got just one kiss and seriously i expected a little more from DYLAN O'BRIEN but i guess everyone disappoint me

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I’m sorry, Anon… But you need to chill. Okay? Take a deep breath. Slow and steady. We’ve all gone over this… many many many times. Dylan is in 6B. He was on set. From what we know, he filmed a tiny bit for 6x19 and 6x20. There is actual video proof of him being there. IMDB isn’t always up to date or reliable. Jeff isn’t always reliable, because he can’t give away spoilers. But I don’t recall him ever saying “this is the last we’ve seen of Stiles”. He usually says “Maybe this isn’t the last we’ve seen of him… who knows?” or something along those lines. But he would never confirm Dylan to be 100% done or else he’d have to deal with the mess that is this fandom. Stydia isn’t done yet. We’re still getting more and that includes another kiss. I might be the biggest dreamer, but i’m also a realist, who also does her research and tries to take things the way they are. And all signs are pointed to 1) Stiles returning. 2) Stydia making out. Again. 3) Stydia endgame.