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I wanted to make simplified redesign of the eldarya cast (like I did just a bit in 2015) except this time I won’t stop at 3 characters but do EVERYONE. Wish me luck cause i’m a lazy person.

I feel like this skin color suit him way better and also I’m tired of the “rule” that say vampires have to be pale so you almost never see a non-white vampires. He still wear his long ass scarf but I wanted to draw him without it this time! Also, LEG WARMERS. And he paint his nails black.

What bother me with Eza original design is that he’s supposed to have long hair but you just can’t tell from the front, it look like he have the same haircut as Nevra. So I changed that to give him a mom ponytail. Also gave him gloves cause I feel like he’s the type that does not like direct skin contact with others. And he even got some freckles.

I hate when characters wear partial armor at random places like do you wish to protect yourself OR NOT? So I put it all away. What you gonna do about this? I’m really really not happy with his skin tone, or just, the whole color work on this drawing, but mostly his skin. Maybe I should have made him darker. Still wear make up on his eyes (zoom to see)

The old ones [x][x][x]

Me, scrolling through the Voltron tag: Do you guys… do you guys even like this show???
Like are you sure??? You say you like it but don’t seem to be having much fun???

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I want to know about dakota's favorite fics!

oooh good idea! here’s some of my favorites and i absolutely recommend them all <3 i put a keep reading after my top three because the list is a little long -dakota

Follow My Lead by klancekorner (12/? | 105,398 | Mature)

Becoming “hook-up buddies” with Lance Sanchez was just supposed to be a small, insignificant fraction of Keith’s life. But of course, things don’t work out that way at all.

aka a Friends w/ Benefits AU that nobody asked for where Lance wears sleeveless hoodies, plays basketball in abandoned parking lots, and follows his dreams, and Keith comes from a high class, reputable family who never let him have any dreams of his own. They go home with each other and don’t expect it to matter until it totally does.

You And I Collide by idratherhaveyou (13/13 | 72,256 | Mature)

Lance likes to sing in the shower.
Keith lives in the apartment next door and the walls are not very thick. And you can bet when Lance wakes him up at 7:30 in the morning, Keith has something to say about it.

He Who Hesitates… by VulpesVulpes713 (2/2 | 26,712 | Teen and Up Audiences)

“I should let you get back to them,” he sighed, “you guys are missing the festival.” Keith turned back to him quickly, a look of disappointment briefly flashing across his face. He nodded though, staring at the coffee still sitting between them.

“I guess,” his voice was low, and Lance detected a hint of hesitation in it. Too cute.

“But you know,” he went on, and Keith glanced up hopefully. “I’m here all day. And tomorrow. And, in case you forgot,” he dropped his voice so Keith had to lean forward to hear the rest, “the food trucks all close down at around eight, so…” he trailed off, hoping the boy would get the hint.

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Petition for Jamie and Claire to catch a break in Book 9

Dear Diana Gabaldon,

There are few things in this world I love more than Jamie and Claire Fraser, and their love for each other.

But now that they’re getting up in years - let me recap some of the things they’ve endured together - or for the sake of each other:

-Attempted rape
-Murder (committed on behalf of each other)
-20 years separated from each other
-Unhappy marriages to other people
-Not being around to raise children
-Death/murder of close friends and family members
-Serious bodily injury (being shot, having a finger hacked off, getting attacked by animals)
-Treason (x2)
-Witchcraft accusations (multiple)
-Adultery allegations
-Thinking each other had been killed
-Alienation from friends and family

In light of the above - can we please see Jamie and Claire catch a break in the next book? Maybe multiple chapters of them just happy and hanging out and enjoying their hard-won domestic bliss?



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Co-worker Kim Bryant shared these photos of her recent trip to Hay-on-Wye, Wales, aka “The Town of Books”. According to Kim, there are so many bookstores in Hay-on-Wye that “you can literally stand in the doorway of one and see nothing but more everywhere you look. … And yet, we were told by the Tourist Info Centre that there are fewer bookstores than there used to be.”

According to The Guardian, Hay-on-Wye’s book boom began when entrepreneur Richard Booth opened Hay-on-Wye’s first used bookstore in 1961. Next came an annual literary festival (the 2017 Hay Festival opened on Thursday) and dozens of other booksellers. In the ‘70s, Booth even declared himself King of Hay-on-Wye

But by 2009 his relationship with the town’s booksellers had soured  to the point of symbolic regicide. That’s the year Booth’s unhappy subjects beheaded an effigy of their king and declared that the (self-proclaimed) independent kingdom of Hay was now an independent commonwealth.

Sounds like the makings of a good book. Anyone here down to write it? 

– Nicole

i think i’m gonna stop making edits for tumblr and just .. enjoy my blog for myself from now on.

We All Fall Down - Twenty Two

You wanted to know, you really did. But whatever it was, would it really excuse Spencer’s behaviour that night? You couldn’t see how it would, but regardless, you still wanted to know. You’d heard him out so far so you decided to let him talk.

“Alright, what was in that box.”

Spencer hesitated, wondering how he could explain this to you in a way that wouldn’t make you think less of his father. But JJ, the one person he thought had always had his back, her confronting him had shook him. His own sister, his own twin, had said that she would give his wife the money for a divorce unless his fixed things one way or another. Telling Y/N what was in that box, maybe it would make her realise why he had reacted the way he had.

“It was letters. Letters to my father from the love of his life.”

“Your mom?”

“No. His old publisher’s daughter. My father had an affair Y/N. An affair that lasted three years. My mom doesn’t know, JJ doesn’t know, but I found the letters when I was 12 and confronted my father about them.”

William Reid had had an affair? You’d always thought he and Diana had had the perfect marriage, Spencer had always said how much he admired his parents relationship?

William Reid had had an affair and Spencer had known about it?

“What… What did your father say?”

“That he was sorry. He never meant for anyone to find out. That it was over already and he just kept the letters as a reminder. Then I asked him why? Why he’d done it? Why he’d cheated on my mom, the woman who had bore him two children?”

“And?” You were on the edge of your seat now, like this was a soap opera story, a scene where all the secrets would be revealed.

“He told me that I was too young to understand really, because I had never felt true love. He told me how much he did love my mother which was why he hadn’t left her for this woman, that he wanted to keep the family together. He told me how mom had always supported his writing but that she never really understood it, because she wasn’t a writer. That although she healed people, it was with medicine and that she didn’t understand how powerful words could be. This woman, her name was Olivia, he told me that she understood him, because she was an aspiring writer too. And that her words were so beautiful that they could…. ”

You interrupted him, “… set your soul on fire?”

He nodded, not looking at you. “The way she spoke about him in her letters, she adored him, worshipped him almost. She loved my father and he told me he how distraught he was when he ended it with her. He loved her too, more than anything, but he’d made a commitment to my mother, one he wouldn’t walk away from no matter what. I listened to him talk about her, and I reread those letters over and over, and I kept them with me, swearing that my mother and sister would never find them because it would kill them to know. I was angry with him but…. ”

“He was your father. You couldn’t stay angry for too long.”

“Yes. He was everything to me. I looked up to him and admired him and after replaying everything he’d said to me over and over again, I decided that when I fell in love, it would be with a writer. With someone who could understand the true power of words and how they could turn someone’s world around if used correctly.”

Pieces were falling into place in your mind, explanations weaving them self together. There was just a missing piece to the puzzle.

“Spencer, how old was this woman, and how old was your dad when it began?”

He scrunched up his nose a little, thinking. “My dad was… 31, he said? And she… she was in college, working at the her father’s firm on an internship. She must have been around 19 when they met? Why do you ask?”

“No reason. It’s not important.” It was, it really was. But if Spencer didn’t realise how much he was unconsciously trying to emulate and live out the life his father apparently wanted to live, then you weren’t going to be the one to tell him. At least not now.

“I know me telling you doesn’t make up for what I did to you. And it certainly doesn’t fix everything that happened before then. But I hope it at least makes you see why I was angry that those letters were destroyed. They were a huge part of my father’s life, from someone who he shouldn’t love but did.”

You were silent, taking everything in and processing everything he had told you. It didn’t make anything better, not really. Did it make it worse though? Knowing that Spencer was the way he ultimately because of his father? Did it excuse his behaviour, knowing that there was a reason behind why he had coveted Elle Greenaway, why he had coveted you?


But it did give you some answers.

“Y/N, please think about coming home. I really think that we could work this out and I promise I won’t ever hurt you again.”

Could you promise to never hurt him though? Could you go back to living with a man you thought loved you but really just loved the idea of what you were when you were nineteen years old? You knew that the answer to the first question was no, because even if you did go back to living with him, it would be for a year at most. He had said to give him a year and that he would give you the divorce if things weren’t better.

But if you wanted the divorce, did you really have any other choice? You couldn’t live with Emily and Tara forever, and even if you got the job at the diner, it would take months to be able to afford your own place and years before you could afford to petition for a divorce. Eventually you knew that Spencer would have to tell his mother if you didn’t return to the house and you really did like Diana. And she had been through alot with losing her husband, did you really want to pain her further for the sake of a year?

“I’m not agreeing to anything right now Spencer. I’ve got a lot to think about.”

“But you are thinking about it, right?”

Reluctantly you nodded and his face lit up at the notion that you hadn’t written him off completely.

“Thank you. Thank you so much. And Y/N, I know that you’ve spoken about our relationship to Emily and Tara, and I know that you’ve told my sister some things. I understand why, as suprised as I was when JJ confronted me yesterday. But please don’t say anything about those letters. I can’t risk my mom or sister finding out.”

“I won’t.”

There was an uncomfortable silence between you both as you each tried to decide how best to end your impromptu meeting. Spencer seemed reluctant to leave so in the end, it was you that moved things on.

“I should be getting inside. I’ve had a long day with Henry and I’d quite like a hot bath and a glass of wine.”

“Oh, yes. Of course. Well… You know where I am when you’ve made a decision.”

“Yes. I do.”

“I’ll…be going then. Goodbye Y/N.”

“Goodbye Spencer.”

Almost as soon as you had entered the house an Emily and Tara ascended on you, both with concerned looks on their faces.

“Are you okay? As soon as he turned up I wanted to call Will and get him to kick his….”

Tara interrupted her partner, “… and then I reminded you that it’s Y/N’s choice whether she talks to him or not and that we are going to support our new friend no matter what. Remember… ”

Emily nodded glumly. “Yes, I remember. Y/N, are you okay?”

They ushered you into the kitchen, a glass of wine already poured for you.

“I’m okay. How long was he there for before I turned up?”

Tara tried to bite back a smirk. “Well he turned up just before you texted and told us with you were having dinner with his sister.”

“And he waited the whole time?”

Tara nodded. “Kinda wanted to see how long he’d hang around…. I was in two minds about us messaging you to tell you he was here but I convinced Emily that it was better to let you see him and for your gut reaction to take over? I hope I didn’t force you into doing anything you didn’t want to.”

“No you were right. If I’d have known he was here I probably wouldn’t have come back until he was gone and just continued to avoid him. I guess I did need to speak to him at some point and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was.”

“So?” Emily questioned. “What did he say?”

You sighed, wondering how to answer their question. You wanted to be honest with them, they had taken you into their home afterall. But a lot of what Spencer had talked about wasn’t his secret to share. It would affect his mother and his sister too and you didn’t want to risk hurting people unnecessarily, no matter how much you yourself had been hurt.

“He said…. he said lots of things. Mainly how he wants me to come home so we can try and figure things out.”

“And?” Emily prompted. “You told him where to shove that idea right?”

“Em….” her partner warned.

“Not exactly.” You watched Emily clench her jaw. “He said that if after a year I’m still unhappy, he’ll give me the divorce.”

Tara took her lovers hand, her thumb stroking the skin soothingly. “And how do you feel about that prospect Y/N?” she asked you.

“Right now, I don’t know. He doesn’t want to cause his mother any more upset right now and I understand that. And ultimately, what’s one more year? And…. I can’t tell you what was in that box because it affects his entire family but…. I have a little more insight into why he is the way he is…. why he pursued Elle and myself I mean. I am bothered by how convinced he is that he still loves me and that we can work through this though.”

Emily wanted to probe, you knew she did but she held herself back, taking a breath before asking her question.

“Do you want things to work out with him?”

The question should have been so simple to answer because you knew that you should have never been with Spencer Reid in the first place. And you weren’t the girl you were four years ago, or even the girl you were two months ago. You’d had no one then and now…. now you had at least two friends that cared about you. Now you had a sister in law that had apparently confronted her twin, a brother in law who had had your back since day one and who had known that something wasn’t right. You had now what you didn’t have two months or four years ago.

But wasn’t part of that due to Spencer forcing you to come here? If you had never have come you wouldn’t have got to know these people. If William Reid hadn’t have died then you would be in your New York apartment, even further on your way to becoming your father. If you and Spencer divorced, could you stay in this town? The town where everyone knew each other?

Things weren’t going to change though. No amount of counselling could make you love Spencer Reid, although it could very well help him realise that he didn’t love you either, that you were just a crutch to help him live out a life he thought he should lead based on conversations with his father and his father’s sordid little affair.

Just when you thought you knew exactly what you wanted, you were suddenly no longer sure. Being married to him was all you known for four years and it had lead you here, to these people.

“I don’t…. I don’t want things to go back to how they were. And I don’t want to hurt Diana anymore that what she’s hurting right now. It’s a year.”

“So you’re going back.”

“I don’t know okay. I just… I don’t know. I don’t see how I can’t not go back

7/50 - “I’ve never killed anyone before.”

Fandom: All for the Game/The Foxhole Court
Characters/pairings: the Foxes (mostly Neil and Kevin), Jack/andreil mentioned
Summary: Jack won’t leave Neil alone.
A/N: Because I saw this post and all I could think of was tfc/aftg. Tbh it’s all I think about these days.

From the beginning Jack had a problem with Neil. Neil didn’t know much about Jack except that he must have talent if Kevin wanted to recruit him. Most days he thought the talent wasn’t worth the headache he brought into Neil’s life.

Every week Jack focused on a different aspect of Neil’s life - past or present, his personality, his inexperience, his relationships, the way he passed the ball, whatever. He made stupid comments and was unnecessarily rough but Neil could handle it. He gave as good as he took and he was confident in his place on the team.

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the HIGHLY requested part two of my klance fic list is here, if you missed part one here is a link: 

A LITTLE DISCLAIMER: i read fics purely bc i am a sucker for some cute ass shit and i love the story telling and some fic writers are actually AMAZING writers so my recommendations are usually story based or AU’s and are suuuuuuuper long with not voltron based plots, that being said i sprinkled some voltron ones in there bc i love my gay space sons ALSO I DO NOT READ WIP FICS SO ALL THESE ARE COMPLETED 


Now are you ready for some gooooood ass shIT

okay so first on the list is a personal favorite of mine, it is SO GOOOOOOOOD PLS READ THIS IF NOTHING ELSE

Title: something just like this By: KlanceKorner 

Description: Keith reluctantly becomes the counselor for the Red Cabin at Camp Voltron, a summer camp in the middle of buttfuck nowhere that his older brother Shiro has worked at for years. Already unhappy with the current position that he is in, Keith prepares himself for a boring, sweaty, miserable summer; and his frustration only grows when he meets the counselor for the Blue Cabin- an insufferable asshole with a horrible sense of humor, a devilish smirk, an inexplicable animosity towards the Red Cabin, and a smile that literally looks like the sun.Needless to say Keith is really, really unprepared for the next three months.


Number two is a youtube three parter so if ur not into that just ignore this link…BUT if your into some good as FLUFF than read this!!! it is so so so cute

there are TWELVE WHOLE INDULGING fics in this series each one is different, ranging from angst, pinning, breakup, holiday, smut, jealous, and LIKE EVERYTHING. it’s just some good ass shit 

the title of the series is: What Happens on Youtube


Number three is a college au and it is so so good, your girl lives for college au’s so if u know any good ones drop them in the notes, but anyways…

this fic is like really reallly long and gOOOOD, it is just some good ass pinning and some smut and bad boy motorcycle Keith and like yeah it is v good

Title: Not That Bad    Author: varelsen

Description: “Am I really going to have to explain this to you?”
“No, I’m totally fine with you shutting up right about now.”
Hunk cups his hands around his mouth. “You. Are crushing. On Keith.”Or, a college AU featuring coffee shops, silly rivalries, motorcycles, arcade games, friendships, and lots of warm, fluffy feelings that are both confusing and delightful all at the same time.


Number four on the list, a classic plot but done very well and it is really cute and you will enjoy it bc it is long and angsty w a happy ending and some fun voltron 6/6 character bonding. I WILL SAY I HATE FIRST PERSON FICS AND USUALLY CANNOT READ THEM BUT IF U GET PASSED THE CRINGE ITS A GOOD PLOT

Title: Operation: Time Out        Author: wittyy_name

Description: Just when things between Keith and Lance seemed to be getting better, they took a turn for the worse. With the right side of Voltron constantly butting heads worse than ever before, the team comes up with a plan to get those two to work it out: lock them in the training deck until they learn to play nice.Coran’s suggestion? Add the invisible maze to the mix.


Number Fiiive is a cute short fluff fic, its very good and cute and nice and short and yes yes yes cUTE ASS SHIT IN THIS ONE

Title: In English, Please        

Description: Lance thinks he can get away with flirting with Keith if it’s in Spanish. Lance thinks if he says the words angrily enough no one will catch on to the ruse. Lance thinks his secret crush is safe. Lance, my friends, is very…very wrong.


Number six is another long fic bc i usually only like to read long fics, this one is very indulging and sucks you the fuck in, it is a little smutty,,,,,,,,,,sorry i warned you, if u get past it the story is heartwarming 

Title: Make Me Your Home      this is a series BTW

Description: “Oh my god, Keeeith,” Lance wheezed. “Keith you’re the best drunk space cadet I’ve ever seen.”“Space cadet,” Keith mumbled. He repeated the words again although his eyes had zeroed in on Lance’s hands and Lance offered no resistance when Keith picked one of them up and pulled it possessively towards his lap. He began to gently trace over Lance’s fingers, sending shivers up Lance’s arm and down his spine. “You have looong fingers,” Keith murmured after a few moments.Keith’s face perked up then, as if he’d just had a brilliant idea, and Lance could almost not wait to hear what new obscure thought had entered Keith’s pretty head. He was prepared to laugh, and instead found himself shivering again as Keith leaned far into his personal bubble, lips practically touching Lance’s ear when he spoke next.“I bet you could reach all kinds of things, Lance.”


Number seven is only bc some of yall asked for it….. here is some smut,, i’m not evening explaining this one but like,,,, they just have fun in the red lion oKAY

Title: what are you willing to do


no description needed bc there is no plot

Number eight is a Garrison set little fic bc i usually don’t find many of these,,,,IF U KNOW ANY GOOD ONES LINK THOSE ASWELL PLS

Title: never been kissed

description: “You give off the obnoxious popular vibe. The mullet, and the rap sheet, and—the fingerless gloves,” Lance replies, and barrels on before Keith can take it the wrong way. “I’m so handsome, my name’s Keith and I’m a pilot.”“That sounds more like a compliment than an insult,” Keith says slowly, a disdainful quirk to his eyebrows that only spurs Lance on. He tilts his head a bit, his bangs shadowing his face, like he’s assessing a particularly impossible physics problem. “And I don’t like that voice you’re using.”



Title: 26 Kisses

Description: Lance lets slip a habit from his past and home or-
A silly fluff drabble that turned into a space opera about boys falling in love; space plague, alien planets, and being stranded, Keith and Lance try to make it home


and now i am just going to post some good drabble links, enjoy clicking      so why don’t we fall       we’ll make it, you and i        bench press me      An Equitable Compromise



and that is alllll folks,,,,happy reading



okay now i am done