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Me, scrolling through the Voltron tag: Do you guys… do you guys even like this show???
Like are you sure??? You say you like it but don’t seem to be having much fun???

I wanted to make simplified redesign of the eldarya cast (like I did just a bit in 2015) except this time I won’t stop at 3 characters but do EVERYONE. Wish me luck cause i’m a lazy person.

I feel like this skin color suit him way better and also I’m tired of the “rule” that say vampires have to be pale so you almost never see a non-white vampires. He still wear his long ass scarf but I wanted to draw him without it this time! Also, LEG WARMERS. And he paint his nails black.

What bother me with Eza original design is that he’s supposed to have long hair but you just can’t tell from the front, it look like he have the same haircut as Nevra. So I changed that to give him a mom ponytail. Also gave him gloves cause I feel like he’s the type that does not like direct skin contact with others. And he even got some freckles.

I hate when characters wear partial armor at random places like do you wish to protect yourself OR NOT? So I put it all away. What you gonna do about this? I’m really really not happy with his skin tone, or just, the whole color work on this drawing, but mostly his skin. Maybe I should have made him darker. Still wear make up on his eyes (zoom to see)

The old ones [x][x][x]

It’s OK to wear makeup to the gym.

Who would have thought that so many girls would be looked at negatively for wearing makeup to the gym. People always seem to have snarky remarks about the girls who walk into the gym with a full face of makeup on. 

I was one of these girls for years. I would wake up every morning and put on a full face of makeup, go to school, and then go right to the gym. It wasn’t that I was getting all dolled up just to go sweat it off, but some people believed that that’s exactly what I was doing.

And so what if I had? Did I become incapable of building muscle because I had glitter on my eyelids? Was I now incapable of burning calories because I had blush on my cheeks? Was I now there to simply get the attention of guys instead of work on my self esteem because I had eyeliner winged across my eyes? 


I was treated so poorly by a group of guys that came at the same time as me that year. Because of these boys I actually stopped going to the gym altogether because they made me feel so uncomfortable. Do I think they treated me poorly fully because I was wearing makeup? No, of course not. But I noticed a difference on the days that I didn’t wear any makeup. 

On days that I wore makeup to the gym I was constantly talked to. They would come stand at my treadmill and not leave me be despite my one word answers. They would watch me from across the room. If I went upstairs into a small room with spin bikes, some would follow and just stand there. One time I was trying to leave and the group of them blocked my way saying I did not get to leave unless I gave a certain one a kiss. It was a nightmare.

On the days that I didn’t wear makeup things were a bit better. Only a couple of them would talk to me, they wouldn’t look over at me as much and I’d be left alone when I went upstairs. It was almost as if they realized on those days that I was there to work on myself and not to flirt with them. It was almost as if I became a person those days, instead of just an object they wanted to fuck

So please, from my experience of borderline harassment, just remember that the girls wearing makeup at the gym are the exact same as the girls there with naked faces. All they want is to be left alone.



Co-worker Kim Bryant shared these photos of her recent trip to Hay-on-Wye, Wales, aka “The Town of Books”. According to Kim, there are so many bookstores in Hay-on-Wye that “you can literally stand in the doorway of one and see nothing but more everywhere you look. … And yet, we were told by the Tourist Info Centre that there are fewer bookstores than there used to be.”

According to The Guardian, Hay-on-Wye’s book boom began when entrepreneur Richard Booth opened Hay-on-Wye’s first used bookstore in 1961. Next came an annual literary festival (the 2017 Hay Festival opened on Thursday) and dozens of other booksellers. In the ‘70s, Booth even declared himself King of Hay-on-Wye

But by 2009 his relationship with the town’s booksellers had soured  to the point of symbolic regicide. That’s the year Booth’s unhappy subjects beheaded an effigy of their king and declared that the (self-proclaimed) independent kingdom of Hay was now an independent commonwealth.

Sounds like the makings of a good book. Anyone here down to write it? 

– Nicole


“Cosplay can’t show progress“ yeah alright lol.
First one is somewhere around january/february 2016 and the other one was taken today, June 18th 2017.
I didn’t change anything about my face except for eyeliner.
My Cosplay just grew with me. All I did was gain the confidence to cut the wig so that it wouldn’t cover all of my face, I learned how to get in character on photos too, and overall just adjusted into my costume + roll by telling myself that I don’t look terrible (which is easyer said than done lol, I know). I can 100% tell you that the more you wear a cosplay, the better you’ll feel and the more likely you’ll be to change things to improve that you don’t want to change right now bc you feel uncomfortable with it.
So don’t give up!! I know you already look fantastic, even though you can’t see it.

7/50 - “I’ve never killed anyone before.”

Fandom: All for the Game/The Foxhole Court
Characters/pairings: the Foxes (mostly Neil and Kevin), Jack/andreil mentioned
Summary: Jack won’t leave Neil alone.
A/N: Because I saw this post and all I could think of was tfc/aftg. Tbh it’s all I think about these days.

From the beginning Jack had a problem with Neil. Neil didn’t know much about Jack except that he must have talent if Kevin wanted to recruit him. Most days he thought the talent wasn’t worth the headache he brought into Neil’s life.

Every week Jack focused on a different aspect of Neil’s life - past or present, his personality, his inexperience, his relationships, the way he passed the ball, whatever. He made stupid comments and was unnecessarily rough but Neil could handle it. He gave as good as he took and he was confident in his place on the team.

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“Self-Hating Asshole”

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Tony Stark x Fem!Reader, Tony Stark x Daughter!OC

Length: 3237 words

Warnings: maybe some swears?, mentions of cheating, female reader, female oc


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RA Challenge

♡ #10 Saddest moment you’ve seen RA in.

Most of the chaRActers I’ve become attached to over the years have met with an unhappy ending - Lucas North, John Porter, Thorin Oakenshield, Guy of Gisborne, John Proctor…..I have my own AU endings for all of them. ;-)

So for this challenge - no deaths. Richard doesn’t have to play a chaRActer death for him to tear out my heart and stomp all over it. He doesn’t even have to say a word, it’s all in his eyes.

John Thornton - watching Margaret leave and desperately wanting her to look back at him.

Lucas North - on finding out that his ex wife Elizaveta is now his “handler.”

“You destroyed me!” Lucas to his former jailer, Alex Darshavin.

John Porter - down on his luck after years of living with the belief that he is responsible for the deaths of soldier mates.

That whole last scene between John and Elizabeth Proctor. Heart rending.

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All gifs mine except for the last one.

Author: @tidalg Characters: Montgomery De La Cruz Word Count: 778 Warnings: None

It was two AM on a Friday night after one Liberty High’s infamous basketball games you and the rest of the cheer team were at Jess’s house for a sleepover. You laughed at Jess as she did some stupid dare from one of the other cheerleaders you hadn’t had this much fun in a long time and it felt good to do something without having someone by your side the whole time. As you remembered that you had just gotten out of a two-year relationship with your now ex-boyfriend Montgomery De La Cruz. It wasn’t easy being his girlfriend since he was so hot headed and was constantly snapping, but you had found a way to work with it for a while and then your relationship started to fall apart. When you started dating Montgomery you were so happy in the cupcake stage of your relationship, but after a little over a year you started to become unhappy every time you would go to a party or anywhere Montgomery would always get jealous and try to fight some random guy which would end up in you two fighting. Then, it became a daily occurrence of you two constantly fighting. I loved Monty, but the relationship wasn’t healthy and we both deserved better than to stay together unhappy. We slowly stopped going to school together, walking with each other in the hallways, sitting next to each other in class or at lunch, stopped answering each other’s texts, and then we just stopped talking completely. We didn’t break up officially, but we both knew we were drained from the relationship and it was becoming more of a burden than a good thing. Neither of us would break up with the other though we’d been together for so long we were too scared to break up with the other. I knew we both couldn’t keep going on like this so I asked Monty to meet me at my house after his baseball and explained how I felt and that I wasn’t happy anymore and we both deserved better than to keep dragging out the relationship and of course he tried to fight me on that we could work it out, but we’d silently been working it out for the past 9 months and he finally understood that I had nothing left to give. It’s only been three weeks since we broke up and it’s been hard, but I was slowly starting to focus on myself. I was snapped out of my thoughts by my phone vibrating in my back pocket I pulled it out and saw his name lighting up my screen I quietly excused myself and went to the back yard.
“Hello” I answered
“Hi” he croaked
“Mon, it’s two o'clock in the morning are you okay?” I asked there was a long pause before Monty finally answered back
“I’m trying to be okay”
“What’s wrong” I quickly became concerned even though I had broken up with him I still cared for him
“ Uhh I just I just miss you a lot right now and I just wanted to hear your voice” he stuttered as my eyes started to tear up
“Please don’t do this to me Monty..please” I begged
“It’s been three weeks”
“I know”
“It’s cold out and I wish we could cuddle”
“I can’t”
“I know” he whispered “I just thought- I don’t know what I thought. You know I would always sneak into your room on nights like this when you got cold and we would cuddle and talk for hours”
“I think you should get some sleep”
“ Yeah you’re probably right I’m sorry for calling I know you didn’t want to talk”
“It’s not that I don’t want to talk to you D, but I’m happy now and I want you to be happy too”
“I’m happy when I’m with you Y/N”
“That’s not fair and you know that. I haven’t felt this happy or content with life in a while”
“I know I’m sorry I just miss you so much”
“I miss you too, but I think you should get some sleep”
“Yeah, you should get back to the sleepover. Goodnight Y/N”
“Night Mon,” I said as I hung up.
I quickly wiped some tears that had managed to escape and went inside
“Hey, you good girl?” Sheri asked
“Yeah, thanks” I smiled back walking back to the living room where the rest of the girls were.

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Long reaction for Changkyun, Shownu, Wonho, and Minhyuk? How would they react if you suffered from a restrictive eating disorder and were at a low weight for a long time, but now you are in recovery and gaining a lot of weight? How would they react to you being chubby and healthy, but unhappy and struggling? Thank you so much ♡

Warning!! This is a sensitive topic so please be aware of the text below. Also, the ask box is open! However, only for a little bit if I get a lot of asks. Especially with the long reactions because they take up a lot of time.

Shownu - It was your biannual physical examination. You tend to dread it due to the amount of time it took up, but otherwise managed to get through. This time, Shownu decided to tag along because… he’s Shownu. Plus, he didn’t have anywhere else to go and wanted to ask your doctor for health programs. As you sat on the examination bed, swinging your legs back and forth, blowing out air as you looked around the room. He sat on a lower chair against the wall with the window behind him, staring off into space as you both waited for the doctor. “Are you okay?” He suddenly looked up at you with questioning eyes. “Of course, why wouldn’t I be?” You felt suspicious, wondering if your boyfriend knew about your condition. With an eating disorder that built up over the span of a few years, you felt unhappy with yourself– even after overcoming it. With self-motivation, you began eating again, but the satisfaction and gaining of a normal weight still didn’t seem to make you feel better. “Ah, hello there. We ran the normal procedures for you and it seemed you had an eating disorder in the past, if that is okay to say?” The doctor came in with a clipboard, which made Shownu freeze up and stare at you. “You…had an eating disorder? Why didn’t you tell me?” You shook your head at the doctor, not wanting to stir up any conflicts. “I’m getting better, but, yes I will admit that I didn’t tell you. Simply because I didn’t want you to worry, and it happened before we were dating.” You tried to calm him down as best as possible, but at that point, he couldn’t embarrass you in public. “I see. As long as you’re eating healthier and exercising well, I can’t see any problems with your recovery. However, from your records, I can only infer that your slow and steady recoveries doesn’t seem to make you happy as of right now. I will let you talk it out with your boyfriend over here before I come back and run some more tests.” You nodded as he left, leaving the two of you alone. “I know. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about this. You must be angry at me.” You fiddled with your fingers, wondering what he could be feeling right now. “If you’re unhappy, tell me. If you’re struggling with something, let me help you. I’m not angry, but if this kind of thing happens again, please, please tell me. I worry for you.” “I will.”

Wonho - Wonho picked you up from your house, waiting for you to come downstairs as he waited at your doorstep. He didn’t think nothing of it as you stood in front of the mirror for a few minutes. He thought you were just fixing yourself up. After a few minutes, you were still in front of the mirror when he asked, “Are you alright? You look very beautiful, my dear.” Wonho, your boyfriend, came over and wrapped his arms around your waist and kissed your cheek for reassurance. “I’m okay.” You stated. However, he didn’t brush it off as nothing. “You don’t seem happy. Are you sure?” “Yeah! I’m okay. Really.” You were about to leave and grab your phone when he held onto your hand and brought you back in front of the mirror. He looked at the both of you in the reflection, staring, looking at every curve you had, your cheeks, eyes, lips, everything he could see in front of him. “What do you see?” He asked, voice changing from serious to a soft, gentle sound. You gazed at your body, slowly getting the message that he wasn’t joking around. “Someone who is struggling to recover and isn’t satisfied with them self. Flaws. Differences. Someone you wouldn’t date.” You didn’t realize you were creating a pity party for yourself, but you couldn’t stop. “And what do I see?” Wonho wrapped his arms around your waist once again, resting his chin on your shoulder. He was wearing a white button up with sleeves that threatened to fall past his elbows as they were rolled up. Long, dark blue jeans that fit his physique well with the bottoms tucked into black boots that might have costed him a fortune. You admired his style. You only wore a sweatshirt, snapback, and jeans which you thought took you ten minutes to push your legs into. How different the two of you looked at that moment. “What I see in the mirror is someone I cherish, someone I hold close to in my heart. Despite the flaws and differences, they’re perfect in my eyes. I don’t discriminate or judge but I appreciate those traits. They’re everything to me. I can always help you with your problems, I’m not just someone who hangs out with you everyday.” “I understand, and I love you.” You wanted him to stop with all the compliments and the romance because at that point, you were about to miss your reservations. “I love you too.”

Minhyuk - Minhyuk sat across from you on the grass, one leg stretched out in front of him while the other was propped up, supporting the weight of his elbow. You were just sitting cross-legged, grabbing the picnic basket near you. Rather a sunny, beautiful, and peaceful day, the two of you managed to find a spot in a flat, grassy field with trees circling all around, giving you two privacy. He admired you from all angles, grinning as you set the boxed food onto the blanket beneath you. Kimbap, pocky, brownies, strawberries, gyeran-mari (rolled omelet), and jumeok-bap (rice balls) were brought out. Quite a lot of food, you thought while unconsciously making a questioning look. “Gwenchana?” Minhyuk’s face turned into concern as you hesitantly grabbed a pair of chopsticks and went for the kimbap. You nodded in response, hoping to take his mind off of your issues. After trying to recover from an eating disorder, you had been on a strict diet regarding what you could and could not eat, especially processed sugary foods. You tried hard not to look at the confections Minhyuk made before your picnic, which led you to slowly eat the other foods you made earlier. What you didn’t notice was how Minhyuk made the occasional glance to see your pained expression. He placed down his chopsticks and sighed, causing you to look up, shocked to see him do so. “If there’s anything that I would beg you not to do, is to lie to me.” Minhyuk’s face hardened, clouded with concern but also the fear of not knowing what he was thinking behind that mask. “What do you mean?” As if you were trying to act oblivious. He paused for a moment, rethinking his thoughts before saying, “Don’t think I don’t notice how unhappy you’ve been. I may not know what it’s like to recover from your condition, but it doesn’t mean I can’t help, okay? It’s not healthy to keep something that’s been hurting you in. Why can’t you tell me about this?” The silence hung tight in the few minutes that came. You asked yourself the same thing in your head, over and over again. Why didn’t you tell him? Who else would he tell? “I don’t know. I’m struggling. With everything.” “I know you’ve been eating more, and I’m proud of you. But you’re being too harsh with yourself. Take the small achievements you make and make them worth while. And I like it when you’re chubby. You look cute when you eat.” Minhyuk leaned over and touched your cheek before resuming with his meal. “Why don’t we play the Pocky game afterwards? It’s fun, I promise.”

I.M - You watched I.M hold his hands together and closing his eyes, praying before eating the take out he bought for the two of you. It was the usual: fried chicken, pickled radishes, kimbap, and some beer, but he already knew you didn’t like to drink it so he decided to keep it for himself. After a couple of minutes, it was eating time. You two watched Running Man on the television, engrossed into the variety show for the next half an hour. “It’s really good this time!” You continuously dug into the dishes, barely stopping for a break. That brought to I.M’s attention when the program switched to commercial, turning his head to grab a piece of radish. “I’m not one to say, but I worry that you’re going to get a stomachache if you keep eating that quickly.” You paused, your mouth still stuffed with chicken. Gradually you placed down your chopsticks and wiped your mouth with a napkin, hoping to wipe away the guilty feelings as well. I.M stared at you, unsure as to what you were doing. You couldn’t talk, or even feel like you were breathing at that moment. “I’m really sorry, did I say something I shouldn’t have?” He couldn’t look at you anymore, only diverging his gaze somewhere where he didn’t meet your eyes. Changkyun went silent before you spoke up. “No. In fact, I should’ve known all along. I know recovery should be a process but why don’t I feel happy. I’m eating, aren’t I?” Now you couldn’t bear to give him eye-contact. You began wrapping up the food, no wanting to say another word. “I can make you happier. You don’t have to force yourself to eat just because of your eating disorder. I know it might have come out weird, but like you said, it’s a process. Take it slow and easy. No one is pushing you and I’m certainly not going to let you push yourself with this. We’ll just let it go for this night, but I’ll help you this time, okay? Trust me. Now open wide, ah…” I.M patted your head and mimicked an ‘o’ with his mouth, trying to get you to eat the kimbap. “There you go. You look like a squirrel when you eat; it’s cute.”

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Though talented, Margaret Keane was extremely withdrawn and shy – far from the kind of salesperson you need to be for a career as a successful artist. She was also in the habit of signing her paintings with just her last name. Her husband, an art dealer and championship-level dickbag, immediately realized the opportunity this presented. He started taking his wife’s paintings and selling them as his own, earning millions in the process. Oh, and if you dispute his professional bag o’ wangs status, there’s also the minor fact that he would lock Margaret in a room for up to 16 hours a day in order to mass produce his masterpieces. Meanwhile, Walter cavorted about in their huge house with his assorted hangers-on and generally enjoyed the whole “popular artist in the swinging 1960s” bit to the maximum.

In 1965, after 10 years of unhappy marriage and rampant career abuse, Margaret finally got a divorce. Although Walter initially managed to convince her to continue their painting arrangement, she soon had enough, and cut off Walter’s supply of malnourished children drawings. In 1970, she finally told the world that she had been behind the paintings all along, and challenged Walter to a public paint-off to prove her claims. Walter never took up the challenge, and the dispute over the paintings raged on. Margaret finally took the case to the court, where it came out that Walter had, among other things, threatened to kill her and her child. Maybe those Keane Kids looked like that because they were god damn terrified.

5 Great Women Ignored By History For Absurdly Sexist Reasons

George Quits
The Beatles
George Quits

Friday January 10 1969: A rather historic piece of audio where George announces to John he is leaving the Beatles. The audio is muffled, but you can clearly hear 

George: I think I’ll be leaving the band now.

John: When?

George: Now. 

Trust George to make quitting the Beatles sound like he’s popping out for a pint of milk. 

For some background: George’s decision came after 2-3 years of feeling increasingly unhappy and frustrated with the Beatles dynamic. Unlike the documentary suggests, however, George did not quit after a terse debate with Paul about his involvement on Paul’s songs two days before (although it didn’t help), but rather, an unrecorded argument with John earlier that morning. 

Two days later, the band met at Ringo’s house as per George’s request to sit down and talk everything out between the four of them alone. Unfortunately, John also took Yoko, who proceeded to sit at the table and speak for a silent John throughout the meeting. George, disgusted, called John out on his bullshit (using those words), and walked out of the meeting - a move which wasn’t unsupported by Ringo and Paul, judging by their reaction the next day.

[As always, back up link to audio if no worko] 


Dean x Reader

(Y/N): Your name

Warnings: Sexual assault ,violence, swearing (?)

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You laughed at the joke, your laugh was totally false, but the guy that has been flirting with you didn’t notice, or didn’t care. He just wanted to get laid, and you wanted too, at least just for that night.

Because today was your birthday and you wanted to celebrate with the Winchesters and Castiel, but unfortunately, Dean invited his girlfriend too. An strong huntress named Elisa that he met one year ago.

For what you were seeing, he really loves her. Dean always talked about her when she wasn’t around; he worried about her even if she was just a little hungry or cold. It was something awful for you to watch.

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I’ve been thinking about the online ED recovery community a lot lately, specifically the whole Recovery Win part of things. Like I’m actually beginning to think that that…isn’t…good? I mean just hear me out for a sec, I’m not super set in this opinion, I’m just thinking about it, but. Why does eating a piece of banana bread or a scoop of ice cream or a bowl of pasta need to be considered a recovery win? Why can’t it just be what it is? Simply eating. I’m just thinking that if you continue going through life only eating ice cream with the mindset of “fuck ED” it’s still not with an actual…normal mindset. Most people eat ice cream. They think “yum” and move on. Like I guess I’m just thinking that it shouldn’t be focused on that much even if it’s in a more positive light ya know? It’s almost just emphasizing the fact that in NORMAL circumstances you would NEVER eat this and it just circles back around to reminiscing over the sick days really. I think maybe ‘recovery wins’ should shift a little more towards more broad improvements. Like tell me about how this time last last year, you were the most unhappy and obsessed person you’ve ever known because you were caught in the grips of your eating disorder, but today you’re happy and you don’t even remember the last time you had second thoughts about everything you used to obsess over and you are just generally in love with taking care of your body now. Tell me less about how you ate a whole banana today. Not that the little things don’t matter, but I just think it would be better if we all focused on the positive changes in our mindsets and lives rather than the specifics of what food we ate just now. Does that make sense? What do y'all think??