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This is so so important and beautiful. And important. And beautiful.

13 Shameful Pictures of African People in Human Zoos.

In the late 1800s to well into the 1900s, Europeans created “human zoos” in cities like Paris; Hamburg, Germany; Antwerp, Belgium; Barcelona, Spain; London; Milan; Warsaw, Poland; St Louis; and New York City. 

These were popular human exhibits where whites went to watch Black people who were on display. The Black people were usually forced to live behind gates and in cages similar to animals in a zoo today.

Some of the Black people were kidnapped and brought to be exhibited in the human zoos. Many died quickly, some within a year of their captivity.

The following are 13 incidents of white people holding Africans captive in human zoos.

We now know who the real “savages” are, and it’s not the Black people forced to live in those cages in zoos.


the best way i can describe the OA is that it’s a mystical tale about woman who escapes from 7 years of captivity and decides to recruit a bunch of suburban fucked up teen boys + their adorable high school teacher to help her interpretive dance their way into another dimension so she can go and rescue her fellow captives from this terrible man who has been forcing them to have near death experiences over and over for Science 

tldr: scifi odyssey about time/space/afterlife where all the characters form their own weird little families 


Black billionaire Robert Smith is sponsoring the education of 24 Chibok schoolgirls.

Two dozen Nigerian Chibok schoolgirls will have the opportunity to restart their lives after surviving nearly two years of captivity under terrorist group Boko Haram thanks to the help of black billionaire Robert Frederick Smith, Quartz reported on Wednesday.

Nigerian media announced that Smith, founder of the American private equity firm Vista Equity Partners, will be sponsoring the education of 24 Chibok schoolgirls, including 21 who were released in October. According to Garba Shehu, Nigeria’s presidential spokesman, Smith’s scholarships will sponsor the girls to attend the prestigious American University of Nigeria, Yola. Read more.

Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV Sentence Starters 

“Forgive my delay. A bit of unforseen trouble.”

“Hello there! Hello! Good day to you.”

“Haven’t you heard, Princess? I’m the hero.”

“As long as I got strength in my body, I obey that order.”

“All those years captive because I failed you… Not again. Locked doors will seal your fate no longer.”

“I do not fear death. What I fear is doing nothing, and losing everything.”

“Perhaps magical walls and castle gates do not keep all things safe.”

“Have you find your thief?”

“I only came to tell you… You are no Kings.”

“My life is nothing. Giving a future to those who want to see it… Is everything.”

“To hell with your power!”

“If you wish to leave, go now.”

“Go easy on the magic, hero. You got people waiting for you back home.”

“Like you, we wish nothing more than to bring a swift end to this senseless war.”

“Tell me. How heavy a sentence does the crime of theft carry in your empire?”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa. You know I ain’t got the stomach for this crap.”

“Just make sure you come back in one piece, alright?” 

“…The cost is a life, his or hers ”

The OA and Odyssee

There are a lot of similarities between The OA and Homers (duh…) Odyssee:

1.Odysseus spent seven years in captivity on Ogygia, the island of Calypso. Prairie was held by Hap for about seven years.

2.Calypso falls deeply in love with Odysseus, even though he has consistently spurned her advances. Hap was in love with Prairie but she hates him.

3. A cyclops traps Odysseus and his men in a cave. He does not dare to kill the Monster because he is the only one who is strong enough to move the rock that traps them there. Prairie can’t kill Hap since he is the only one who has the code to the doors.

4. In order to complete his quest home, Odysseus explains that he must enter the underworld  to speak to the wise man Tisereas.  There he meets the spirits of the dead, notably his mother. He decides that he would rather return to the living, so he has to perform a sacrifice. Prairie meets Khatun again in her 2nd NDE and sees her father. She decides to return to the others and sacrifices the eternal afterlife with her father.

5. Odysseus lies sometimes. He lies about his name and where he’s from etc. to protect himself and others. Prairie lies to Hap, she pretends to be blind. We do not know if she lied about the whole story, but if she did and she acts like Odysseus, she might have her own reasons to do so.

6. Sirens were dangerous creatures, who lured nearby sailors to them with their enchanting music and voices. In The OA Hap hears Prairies Violin playing and finds her, Renata plays the guitar and Rachel sings beautifully. 

If Batmanglij and Marling were really thinking of stuff like this when they created the show i am so impressed….

Did you find any other similarities ?


On 13 November, 1990, 9-year-old Fusako Sano disappeared after attending a school baseball game in Sanjō, Niigata Prefecture, Japan. She had been bundled into the car of 28-year-old Nobuyuki Satō, an unemployed Japanese man who was known to act aggressively and had even attempted to abduct another young girl earlier in the year. After successfully getting the young girl into his car, he took her to his apartment where she would remain for the next nine years. During the first few months, Satō kept Sano bound with electrical tape and would punish her with a stun gun if she forgot to videotape the horse racing on the TV. She was also frequently threatened with a knife and with beatings. Satō cut all of Sano’s hair off and forced her to wear his clothes. She spent most of her time listening to the radio and in the last year of her captivity, she was allowed to watch TV. Satō lived with his mother, who was allegedly completely oblivious as to what was occurring under her own roof. His mother cooked three meals a day and Satō would disappear upstairs with the meals and feed Sano. Whenever his mother attempted to go upstairs, Satō would become increasingly violent. Eventually, his 73-year-old mother called the Kashiwazaki public health center; when they came to visit, they discovered 19-year-old Sano, who was extremely thin and barely able to walk. Sano saw this as her escape and identified herself to the health worker, saying: “I was abducted near the school by a man who forced me into a car. For nine years, I did not take a step out of the house. Today, I went out for the first time.” As well as her physical ailments, she also had the mindset of a child and suffered from post-traumatic tress disorder. Sato was sentenced to 14 years in prison.

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Hi, I love your drabbles <3 But I wanted to ask for one in which they are older (+10/+15 years at least?) I have a special place in my heart for "growing old together" and Lamen would be perf

Damen sat up, stretched, and heard something in his back pop a few times.

Behind him, Laurent chuckled. “I think you’re getting old, Damianos.”

Damen turned his head to look at his husband, still sprawled out across the pillows. “And you’re just full of youthful exuberance, are you?”

“Of course. My back isn’t making that sound.”

“You weren’t standing half the night, listening to ambassadors complain about things. Don’t think I don’t know that you arranged to have that hunt run late.”

Laurent didn’t deny it, only smiled. Damen leaned across the bed to kiss him. Laurent lifted his hands to run them through Damen’s hair. “And what’s your excuse for why you’re the one with gray hair?”

“You like my gray hair.”

“I do. It makes you look regal and wise, which I find endlessly amusing.”

“And I’m not so sure that you aren’t right behind me with it.” Damen ran his fingers lightly through Laurent’s hair. It wasn’t as obviously graying as Damen’s was, but it was no longer the bright gold it had been in his youth.

Laurent kissed him rather than reply, and it was a few minutes before Damen managed to pull away.

“We’re supposed to be in the throne room soon,” he said, though he made no effort to get off the bed.

“We’re the kings. I’m sure they’ll wait for us. Besides, we have children. What use are they if they don’t cover for us sometimes?”

Damen laughed. “I’ll be sure to tell them that’s what you think of them.”

“It’s good practice.”

“Of course.”

Laurent leaned up for another kiss, then slumped back down into the cushions, smiling. “Come on,” he said. “Come back to bed. Properly.”

“We have a meeting. If we aren’t there soon they’re going to send someone in here to look for us.”

“It wouldn’t be the first time we’ve been seen.”

“Laurent, I love you with all of my heart and soul but if you continue to be so completely shameless about the guards walking in on us I am going to have to put an end to this relationship.”

Laurent rolled his eyes fondly. “It’s good to know that some things simply never change.”

“Things like Veretians having no sense of dignity.”

“And Akielons having a sense of dignity I cannot begin to understand.” For a moment, Laurent didn’t move beyond continuing to play with Damen’s hair. “I still sometimes feel as though this is some sort of wonderful dream,” he said softly. “Even after all these years.”

Damen kissed him with all the reassurance and love he could manage. “You’re not.” In one swift motion he got off the bed and moved to get dressed. “But if that is an attempt to get me to stay in bed with you, it isn’t going to work.”

Laurent scoffed and Damen heard the rustling of sheets that meant Laurent was getting out of bed too.

Laurent’s back popped as he stood. Damen smirked.


Modern Day Damen and Laurent - “I think if I gave you my heart, you would treat it tenderly.” 

(SPOILERS!!!) The Human Zoo and The Choosening

There are so many things I want to know about the zoo, like everybody is just saying it’s creepy because of the choosening but I just have questions

I want to know if the zoo people’s brains are different. Not having to make decisions or problem solve probably did something to their frontal lobes. After over 5000 years of reproducing together in captivity, how did these people evolve?

I want to know how people are paired up together in the choosening. I want to know if it’s only for reproduction. Are they now mates for life? Someone to sleep near when it’s nighttime? Can you choosen more than once? There didn’t seem to be any consequences when greg refused J10 (and everyone else later), just sadness and hurt.

Also, Y6 and other male presenting people in the zoo had no problem choosening greg. Have males beem choosened for other males before? What does this mean for reproduction? Again, how does the choosening work, exactly?

I just want to know everything about these people. Right now, it just seems to me like they’re being treated like pets and that may be why the zoo isn’t scaring me.

One more thing: don’t take them to earth unless you’re putting the zoo humans in bubbles. The human zoo is sterilized (the stuff Steven got sprayed with most likely is a sterilizer) so the zoo humans have zero immune system strength. They take one breath of regular earth air, they die.

I’m sorry this isn’t written as good as it could be (it’s 5 am and I’m on mobile) but if you want please talk to me about this stuff because it’s all I can think about right now

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on a related note, might i ask, what is some of your fave queer literature?

I’m relatively new to queer literature, so i’ve mostly read newer stuff but i’ve had great findings so far! I read mostly YA and new adult fiction. Last year, i’ve read the Captive Prince series by C.S Pacat and absolutely loved it. The All for the Game triology by Nora Sakavic was also brilliant and stayed with me for a long, long time. E.M Lindsey is both a friend and a fantastic author, and her work has never failed to touch my heart and drown me in emotions. I’ve read and loved Verismo, Absolution and Endless Forever by her immensely! The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller was definitely one of my favorites as well. Gone, Gone, Gone by Hannah Moskowitz was also a really emotional novel that’s made me think about my emotions along the way, i definitely want to read more of her stuff. I’ve really enjoyed the In Focus series by Megan Erickson, i’ve read Trust the Focus, Focus on Me and Out of Frame, and i’ve the fourth of the series, Overexposed, on my downloaded and waiting to be read. Megan Erickson also wrote a series with Santino Hassel called Cyberlove, i loved the use of modern elements like social media in it, the series definitely had more emotions than i’d previously expected! Strong Signal and Fast Connection were definitely great reads, i’ve also heard that a third installment for series called Hardwired is on the way this month! That’s absolutely on my to read list. Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Sáenz was absolutely a treasure, i can name very few authors that could captivate me that much with their words! I’ve also really enjoyed Simon vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli, it was really fun and lighthearted! Some other stuff on my to read list are I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson, One Man Guy by Michael Barakiva, Openly Straight and Honestly Ben (coming this march!) by Bill Konigsberg, Glitter on the Garland by @julietsemophase, Everything Leads to You by Nina Lacour,  Tell Me Again How a Crush Should Feel by Sara Farizan, Colorblind by Siera Maley, You Know Me Well by Nina LaCour and David Levithan, Annie on my Mind by Nancy Garden, We Are the Ants by Shaun David Hutchinson, Hero by Perry Moore and many, many, many others! I’ve started reading queer lit last year so i’ve *a lot* to catch up on, but i’m slowly making my way through. :) This isn’t even delving into the classics and earlier stuff. I also insist on not reading queer tragedy, so that narrows my reading pool a bit.

ETA: I forgot to say this, if you have any recommendations to me i’m definitely all ears, please send them my way!