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Parchment // Slytherin Yoongi x Ravenclaw Reader

he-men-ah asked:
Hi~ hi~ Even though it’s almost 1 am and I should be sleeping 😅 I was scrolling along and saw the post you reblogged with the members in their hogwarts house and I got an scenario idea~ Can you write scenario with Slytherin Yoongi and the reader in Ravenclaw pleeease~??? //Totally not asking specifically because I’m a Ravenclaw psshhhh no way~ 😂😅 Lmao~ Thanks ♡♡♡♡♡

I got sooooo carried away with this one because I freaking LOVED writing it. Honestly, this mash-up was so funnnn ♡ It ended up super long haha so sorry about that. I JUST GOT A TAD EXCITED. It also gets a teensy bit smutty at one point but dw it’s not much. But this was so fun!! I hope you like it!!

Also, I’m gonna dedicate this one to not only you, but also my girl Madelyn of @jinssmile​ because it was her birthday last week and she’s a Yoongi fan too so YO HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADELYN. ENJOY.

Genre: Fluff, semi-smut, Harry Potter AU
Slytherin Yoongi x Ravenclaw Reader
Length: 8.1k

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own Harry Potter. None of the settings are mine and all belong to JK Rowling. Gotta say it.

You smoothed down your robes, watching the countryside zip past the small windows of the Hogwarts Express. You were only 11 years old, excited and feeling prepared for your first year at the amazing “school of witchcraft and wizardry”. It had been a dream come true when your letter had arrived. Your parents were just regular people, or “muggles” as all the other witches and wizards called them, so they had thought that the letter was a prank or something when you’d first received it. But as you’d pulled out the piece of parchment and read what was written in the curly green inked handwriting, you knew that it was no joke. It felt too right and explained too much.

Being Muggleborn, you knew absolutely no one on this train. It was the one thing you were worried about at this school. You knew that you would be fine with keeping your grades up, and you weren’t even scared of getting lost, but you’d only found out you were a witch less than two months ago. How were you going to fit in here? The others would’ve surely been raised to expect a life at this school since they were tiny, so would they really accept someone as clueless as you? You’d read up on as much as you could about the school and about magic before you came here so you hoped that you knew enough to at least appear like you were well-versed in all things magical.

Despite all of this you were determined to approach this new experience with zero concerns. You were confident it would turn out okay, so you decided to focus on how amazing all this was. You couldn’t wait to get there, but there was still a long way to go before you reached Hogwarts – you’d really only just left the station. You were fairly sure that you were allowed to have stayed in your normal clothing for a while longer but you were too excited to put on your new robes to wait. You eyed the logo on the front of your robes happily, a small smile appearing on your lips. You were really going. It wasn’t all some crazy dream.

The doors to your carriage opened suddenly and you jumped, looking up to see who it was. There was an Asian boy standing in the opening, a lazy smile on his face. From this distance both his hair and his eyes looked jet black, even darker than his robes. His skin looked white as sugar in stark contrast to the rest of these dark colours. He looked almost like some kind of demon, but you couldn’t recall ever reading about them in any of your textbooks. You made a mental note to look that up once you reached the school and had access to the library. You saw that under his robes his body was slim but at this young age there was still a little leftover baby fat in his cheeks, making him look far less intimidating than you’d originally thought. Those black eyes watched you from where he stood, one hand still resting on the door to the carriage.

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i actually don’t totally hate this banner lol anyways
GUYS it finally happened!! i had no idea i would ever reach 1k followers, i’m still in awe, honestly?? why would anyone ever follow me?? anyways, thank you so much guys!! this makes me so happy, and i wanted to thank you all and say that i love each and every one of you!! 💙💙 also everyone in here is a mutual, i messed up with the banner but this is a mutuals appreciation, sorry lol (get ready for some very emo™ stuff under the cut)

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Tag Chain for Quality Blogs.

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So, I was too lazy to go through and reblog and respond to the 4 people that happened to tag me in this chain, so instead I’m making my own post and gonna give reasons why I find them fit for this title.

@imagines–assemble : You’re first on this list, because you’re the very first friend I ever made on here. I use our friendship as an example with many things. It’s hard to believe I haven’t known you longer, because honestly, it feels like we’ve been friends for years. You’re like a sister I never had. I can’t believe this friendship started over a simple message of me requesting a fic from you. I love you so much.

@thiickreigns : You’re second on this list because you are a reader that trusted me with a fic request, and it was my first request. This request soon became my Undeniable Forbidden Love series. I know we hardly talk, but I adore you.

@cynda-wrasslin @cynda-kiwi : You’re on here, because I’ve helped you start up your stories and you told me if it weren’t for me motivating you that they wouldn’t be as far as they are now. I also honed in on beta reader skills because of you, so I’m grateful for that. You are like a little sister to me, even though it’s been a while since we’ve actually messaged. cx

@imaginingwwesuperstars : You are on here because you are just simply awesome all together. I really can’t say anymore than that. We talk often, but not every day. I started talking to you before you took a break, but you’re freaking awesome. XD

@i-kneel-for-king-loki : We just started talking what, a month ago? Yet, I could totally see myself hanging out with you in person. Now, if one of us could drive, I’m sure that could happen, but for now, I’m definitely enjoying talking to you on a day to day basis. I tell you some of my ideas that I have, and you’re the only person I give spoilers to. Not to mention your recent help on a certain cross over series I have in the works for posting on my blog. We have a lot in common, and I can say that I see you as an older sister.

@valeonmars : You’re on here simply because you’re one of the first fans of mine that actually seemed to enjoy messaging me. I haven’t talked to you lately, but I see you Reblogging and liking a bunch of my posts, so I’m grateful you check out my blog almost daily. You’re an awesome person and I’m so glad you’re a reader and fan of me. c:

@wwesmutdonedirtcheap : Jen, we hardly talk, but when we do, it’s usually about ideas and for updates on your fics due to the tags not working. BUT, you’re an amazing writer and friend. I know I request from you a bunch, but who can blame me? Your stories are fucking amazing.

@p0tat0catofwesteros : I’m sure I can be a pest to you at times, but I’m in love with what you’ve done to that idea I gave you. I totally want Mr. Ambrose as a teacher. Lmao. But, your writing is amazing too, and you’re a pretty awesome friend.

@obsoleteobsessor : You share a thirst for Johnny Mundo and Angelico with me. And you’re just outright such a nice person. You’re definitely a great friend.

@wildandfreepinkv0dka : You’re pretty awesome on your own. I don’t even remember how I came across your blog, but I’m glad I did, because you’re a great friend to me already. And you share a love for Sami Callihan with me, so that makes it even better.

@50shadesofadamcolebaybay : We don’t talk as often anymore, but I blame your work schedule for that. XD But, you are like a sister to me and we share so many things in common. To think, we started talking because you wanted to see my writing inspiration playlist, if I recall? None the less, you’re amazing and I hope your work schedule changes so we can talk more. c:

As for the blogs that I really have no reason for other than them being fucking AWESOME, these are those:

@concussed-to-pieces | @hiitsmecharlie | @misswweuniverse | @llowkeys | @sammiielli | @fuckyeahbulletclub | @withwordslikeweapons | @wrestlingbabe | @kailynnyukari21 | @wwereaderinserts | @toosweetme | @that-lolachick | @attilasgurl2001 | @superrezzy00 | @moxleyunstable |

Pretty sure I forgot some, but this is off the top of my head, so bare with me. Thanks for reading!
day four/five: matching

pairing: jace/simon
word count: 3.5k~
a/n: hello and welcome to my own personal nanowrimo challenge, where instead of trying to write a novel this month, i will try to write a short drabble every day (some days longer than others, depending on my time) based on prompts i take from everywhere (feel free to request stuff if you want!) in order to get myself out of the weird writersblock i’ve been stuck in lmao.

i barely had time to write on day four, so i decided to push four and five together and write a bit of a longer one :) this time inspired by an irl thing that happened to me where i kept showing up to school assembles in a suit that matched the one my arch nemesis was wearing lmao

It all starts going downhill on a Monday, which Simon honestly doesn’t find really surprising. Monday’s are always hell at the office, and because the universe for some inexplicable reason absolutely hates Simon, it’s only logic it’ll try to make it even worse.

To top of the usual Monday madness (the coffee machine is broken again, the printer is making that weird possessed noise again, Isabelle is late again, honestly, sometimes Simon wonders how they get anything done around here) it is also a deadline week, which just inevitably ads to the chaos. They’re a monthly magazine, for the love of god. They had an entire month to prepare for this week. Yet, for some reason, they always need to do everything last minute.

For being so future oriented, Simon thinks, as he gets into the elevator, the fashion world is absolutely horrible with deadlines. He presses the button for the dreaded twelfth floor and thumps his head back against the elevator wall as he watches the numbers on the small led display climb.

If you’d asked Simon in college where he could see himself in ten years, consulting accountant at a fashion magazine probably wouldve been the last thing he would’ve told you. Yet, here he is, ten years later, working for Nephilim, one of the most influential fashion magazines in the world.

(Which Simon honestly thinks is a bit ridiculous, since it’s practically run by children who have no concept of money whatsoever and who are actually going to be the death of him one of these days.)

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prompt: “Dan plans a huge surprise birthday party for Phil but one day Phil starts ranting about how much he HATES surprise parties and Dan kinda freaks out”

beta’d by: @jilliancares (tytyty)

word count: 1.6k

genre: fluff

warnings: none

a/n: i loved this prompt omg so here it is

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anonymous asked:

For which reason you think Damen is more Greek? Do you have a Greek man for Damen? Apologize for not knowing, but are Greeks poc? Thank you and excuse me for my bad English. xo

AHi! Your English is fine and it’s not my first language either, so :PPP

Ahhh okay these are all MY perspectives but here we go:

Akielos is fictional so we cannot say it’s based on just one culture, however as a Greek person it’s extremely easy for me to spot Greek names and words. Damianos, Nikandros, Jokaste, Erasmus, Kastor, Theomedes, etc. are all Greek names. Not even modified Greek names - these are their original forms. Akielos as a name sounds Greek as well, though as far as I’m aware it’s made up. It’s been a while since I read the series but the description of the buildings and aesthetics sounded very Greek as well (which is not saying much - Rome’s culture was heavily influenced by the Greek one).

I do have a Greek guy in mind for Damen, and that’s Nikos Anadiotis:

He’s always been my top Greek choice for Damen, but my number one is always Texeira :P

As for Greeks being poc or not, I honestly have no clue. Because as the years go by I realise we are what other people think we are (because race is a social construct etc etc.). In the past I used to only be aware of racism between countries (and we use the word ‘racism’ to talk about pretty much any form of discrimination here, be it racial, religious, gender based, etc.), ie I knew certain peoples don’t like Greeks just because we are Greeks. Racism like that is pretty prevalent in Europe. We have tons of small countries and lots of stereotypes to go with them, and discrimination ensues. For instance, about a year ago one of my friends went to study in Switzerland, and when he was about to rent a flat, his roommates refused to stay with him solely because he was Greek (and the trendy thing about us right now is that we all irresponsibly lazy/dirt poor/idiots with money/the laughingstock of the continent etc). However I am not on topic. I’m just saying I used to think whenever Greeks faced discrimination it was because of us being Greek, not because of us being poc.

[rest under a cut cause this is getting long] [edit: i found an old ask about this topic and i skimmed it and i think i still believe most of what i said there, as well   - also HERE is a post from a Lebanese/Australian person explaining how race is constructed there]

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This is a description of BTS for @ryanxhaywood (IM TRYING TO GET HER INTO BANGTAN)


BTS (oldest to youngest): Kim Seokjin, Min Yoongi, Jung Hoseok, Kim Namjoon, Park Jimin, Kim Taehyung, and Jeon Jungkook.

Company: Bighit Entertainment (Here’s their youtube channel) 

The Boys Twitter: Here

Bighit Twitter for BTS: Here

Bangtan YouTube Channel: Here

Bangtan Subs: Here 

Fandom Name: A.R.M.Y. (Adorable Representative M.C for Youth).

Hyungs (The oldest in the group): Rap Monster, J-Hope, Suga, Jin

Maknaes (The youngest guys): Jimin, V, and Jungkook (THEY ARE DEMONS) lmao

Albums: Skool Luv Affair, O!RUL8,2?, Dark & Wild, Wake Up (A Japanese mini album), The Most Beautiful Moment In Life, Part 1, The Most Beautiful Moment In Life Part 2. 

Check out the Vapp, BTS uploads livestream videos there and not only them, but other Kpop groups!

Their music is about love, mostly youth, their feelings, and stories. 

If you actually get to know them, they’ll make you emo as shit lmao. SO let’s talk about them individually. This is from oldest to youngest.

Btw the description is very random, but (^:

Kim Seokjin / Jin / Pink Princess / Eomma (mommy) 

Jin is the oldest in the group. Korean ages confuses me so I have no idea if this is correct, but he is 25 years old! His birthday is on December 4th, 1992. He is VERY HANDSOME, he even knows it. He calls himself handsome everyday and he’s correct. People think he’s the normal one in the group, but trust me… No one’s is normal in this group, they’re a group of memes. BACK TO JIN! Jin is the visual in the group and he’s a singer (: They all dance, but when it comes to freestyling… You’ll understand when you actually get to know him Pfft. His favorite color is pink and he even has a pink flip phone ~ it’s daebak (awesome). People have thought of Jin as “one of the least favorite” but THEN THIS ONE TIME HE CAME OUT OF A VAN AND HE STARTED TRENDING ON TWITTER BECAUSE OF HIS HANDSOME LOOKS >~< SO HANDSOME. He cooks and he LOVES eating more than anything, he has this segment called Eat Jin and it’s when he tries different types of food and he tells us his opinion on it. Whenever you’re feeling lonely, you can literally watch Eat Jin, it makes you feel like you’re there eating with him pft. He has plump lips that you just wanna kiss so badly ughhh, Jin makes me go crazy. HE IS A BIAS WRECKER.

Here’s a link to one of his Eat Jin videos with subtitles: Here

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Min Yoongi / Yoongi / Suga / Grandpa / Motionless Min 

Suga is the second oldest in the group. I believe his age in Korea is 24 and his birthday is on March 9th 1993. He literally looks like the youngest in the group, he’s smoll, but if you wanna fight him he’ll probably beat your ass. (^: He’s the one guy who’ll make you emo lmao. He tends to tell us his feeling on Twitter, he wants to become a better person. This one time (not too long ago), Suga and V felt sick and couldn’t perform so they were sent to the hospital to get checked on and everything was fine. Although, he felt SOOO guilty for it. About several weeks later, they had time to go back home and rest with their family and friends… But he was the only one who did more things than that. He went to the stadium where they were supposed to perform and practically cried and felt so guilty for not being there for his fans… No matter what you have to love him, he’s one sweet guy (’: Anyways, IM FEELING EMO. okok, so Min Yoongi is a rapper in the group, he spits legit fire out of his mouth every time he raps. You can feel the emotions every time! His mixtape isn’t out YET SO LOOK FORWARD TO IT, IT’S GONNA BE LIT AF. Now, people view him as lazy. BUT he actually isn’t,he makes the music, along with Rap Monster and J-hope. He stays up at night just to make music for us, so his members have to drag him to bed. Whenever he gets the time, he either writes music or sleeps. He looks so freaking squishy and hugable. MIN YOONGI IS A BIAS WRECKER TOO

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Jung Hoseok / J-Hope / Hoseok / Hobi / J-Horse

J-Hope is 23 years old, his birthday is on Feb. 18th, 1994. Man, I’m gonna tell you this, if you EVER tell me he’s ugly, I will legit find you and kill you because that is a false opinion. This one time people started a trend on Twitter something like #JHopeisUgly… He was depressed about it and started working harder… He’s such a handsome guy ;n; He doesn’t deserve itttt. He’s a rapper, and the main/lead/sub dancer. He’s the best dancer in the group, he has this segment called HopeOnTheStreet and it’s videos of him dancing! J-Hope also makes me emo… I tend to see him putting himself down and it hurts me ;__; Anyways, Hoseok has bright beautiful teeth (brighter than all of our futures), his cheekbones can slice everyone’s existence. HE YELLS ALL THE TIME, YOU LITERALLY HAVE TO LOWER YOUR VOLUME BECAUSE OF HIM lmao. He also hates snakeu <that’s a link to understand “I hate Snakeu”. He’ll make you smile 24/7 every time you watch or even think about him. His rapping skills can probably put you to death because it’s so lit. He released a verse called 1 Verse from his Mixtape, it’s freaking amazing. Here’s a link  He’s an aeygo machine… (Aeygo: Korean refers to a cute display of affection often expressed through a cute/baby voice, facial expressions, and gestures). <333 he’ll make your heart explode. HE’S A BIAS WRECKER THREE.

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Kim Namjoon / Rap Monster / Namjoon / Pinkmon / Rap Monster / lemon

Rap Monster is 23 years old! His birthday is on September 12th, 1994. NOW, people think he’s the least attractive member, bUT NO HELL NO. HE IS SOOO ATTRACTIVE, None of them are ugly and deserve to be treated like that. Pinkmon had/has a lot of hate for so many stupid reasons, but they were the past. People are stupid and won’t carry on from it. There was an incident where he called V and J-Hope “black” because he couldn’t see them in the dark, but people got butt hurt and started hating on him. THEN when they came to New York, some ass had to write a “threat” to him that she was going to shoot him… So the concert was cancelled and everyone was scared out of their minds. HE DOESN’T DESERVE IT. Im being emo again jesus… Anyways, He’s the main rapper lol obviously and also a dance machine (^; His raps are PERFECT!!!!!!!!!! He also released a mixtape about a year ago, here’s a link to his mixtape. Here’s also a link to my favorite song in the mixtape, Do You . TO CONTINUE, THIS KID CAN’T EVEN CUT ONIONS FOR SHIT LMAO. He’s very hardworking, talented, and can sing, although he isn’t even a singer (Here’s a link to his cover where he does sing (along with Jungkook) of Fools by Troye Sivan. This guy may not cut onions correctly, but he is intelligent. He will take the smallest things and create a deep meaning to it. EVEN IF IT WAS A FUCKING TOILET PAPER, HE’LL GO INTO DEPTH WITH IT. (He also created the famous bts quote “You Got No Jams” to Jimin ((Jams = fun))) NAMJOON IS A BIAS WRECKER FOUR.

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The guys up top are the hyungs ^^

Now for the three maknaes vv

Park Jimin / Jimin / ChimChim / THE YES JAMS GOD / AKA MY BIAS

Jimin is 22 years old in Korea and his birthday is on October 13, 1995. People tend to like him for his abs… But currently he said he doesn’t have abs anymore which makes me happy because he’s eating more! Someone even posted a picture of his wittle tummy. He used to eat one meal or skip breakfast and it saddens me BUT hopefully he’s still eating a lot. He’s fucking sexy ok. He can literally go from sexy to cute in .2 seconds or cute to sexy in .2 seconds. He’s a singer/dancer. His voice is so angelic and beautiful, it’ll make your ass even cry. Here’s a link to BTS cover of Perfect Man by Shinhwa (Jimin’s fancam) Here If you want to watch them all, here . He has an ass bigger than my future. HIS LAUGH IS EVERYTHING TO ME, SOMETIMES WHEN HE LAUGHS REALLY HARD HE DOES THIS HIGH PITCH WHEEZE THING. Although he does have good looks, he’s more than that. He’s dorky, funny, smart, caring, genuine, etc. Whenever his members are sad, he’ll be the first one to be there for them. Sometimes he just silently stays beside them and makes them feel better (^: EVERYONE SHIPS HIM WITH JUNGKOOK AND THEIR SHIP NAME IS JIKOOK. IT’S REALLLLL. THEY’RE MARRIED. HE IS MY BIASSS.

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Kim Taehyung / Taehyung / Tae / V / (People used to call him alien, but he dislikes it)

V is 22 years old, his birthday is on December 30th, 1995! For sure, he is almost everyone’s first or now bias. He’s a dork and a meme. He’s a beautiful human being and EVERYONE LOVES HIM. NO MATTER WHAT. But he will make you so embarrassed in almost all of their interviews. He’s so funny and lovable. There’s nothing you can’t love about him. Tae can look so serious in pictures or whenever he has to… But he is seriously not serious in real life lmao. Tae is a singer, his voice is BEAUTIFUL. He can go high then low omgg. This one time, he was singing Loser by Big Bang during an award thing and BTS won the award so people started to talk shit about him for it and it made him really sad (He sang the song before they even got the award). BUT THEN HE GOT HIS CONFIDENCE BACK AND BAM he’s himself (^: He’s probably Jimin’s best friend in the group because they’re always making videos together on the Vapp (; HE IS IN LOVE WITH ANIMALS AND ESPECIALLY BABIES… If he sees a baby in his site, he’ll take it and play with it (^: He would be such a good father. Remember this, don’t call him a 4D alien because he hates it. He liked it at first, but everyone over used it and now he doesnt! He was my first bias when I was introduced to them but Jimin is now, BUT HE’S ALWAYS MY LOVE. Here’s a link to V’s funny moments HE’S A BIAS WRECKER FIVE.

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Jeonguuk / Jeon Jungkook / Jungkook / Jungkookie / Golden Maknae / Maknae /Seagull / Walking Meme 

Jungkook who is 20, his birthday is on September 1st, 1997. He is a fucking meme, I’m not even kidding. GO LOOK UP VIDEOS OF HIM BEING A DAMN MEME, YOU KNOW WHAT HERE’S TWO LINKS; His Signature Dance Move (I love doing this dance), A fetus Jungkook and V Lip Syncing (Jungkook is the one with the phone, V is the one with the hat). Jungkook is seriously lovable, he is a so funny. He can be handsome then cute then dorkable in .2 seconds. Sometimes I think he is someone who looks so happy in the outside, but leaving his deeps thoughts in the inside. Ya feelz? People call him the golden maknae because he’s good at almost everything and he’s the youngest (Golden = good at everything like rapping, singing, dancing, etc. Maknae = the youngest). Can you guess his position? Yeah it’s singing, rapping, and dance (he’s also good at art O:) When you see the nicknames above, Seagull is one of them… Because when they were forming the group… His stage name was going to be Seagull… But then it was Jungkook, THANK GOD LMAO. Every girl/guy falls in love with this guy, it’s love at first sight!!! HE IS A BIAS WRECKER SIX! 

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That’s the descriptions I have to say… It’s a lot, but when/if you get to know them, it’s worth it. 

A music video you must see: Dope by BTS 

They also have stories in some of their music videos Here are the videos in order (^; Also make sure to put the subtitles on because their lyrics are so good. If you have questions, bc you’ll probably confused, just ask me or look up theories.

I Need U - BTS  (Original)

BTS Prologue

Run - BTS 

Here are other music videos you must see:

Just One Day - BTS

Danger - BTS

War of Hormone - BTS

We Are Bulletproof part 2 - BTS

No More Dream - BTS 

N.O. - BTS 

Boy In Luv - BTS 

DON’T FORGET TO CHECK OUT THEIR OTHER SONGS: (my suggestions) (or just look it up).

Dead Leaves - BTS

Baepsae / Crowtit / Silverspoon - BTS 

there’s a lot more songs, but Im lazy.

ALSO THEY HAVE THIS THING CALLED “BANGTAN BOMBS” It’s when they record themselves whenever for the fans to see what’s up (^: They’re really funny, here’s my favorite one Here then another and another 

Yo Adrian (Or the Boxer!Bellamy fic nobody really asked for)

A/N: The title for this is inspired by Rocky if you couldn’t tell lmao. (THIS IS FOR YOU wanderinglilly I HOPE YOU’RE SATISFIED BABE) This ended up a lot different than I had originally planned but I still adore the general idea. Not my best execution, but I’ll manage somehow to get over it. I hope you guys like it anyway! I’m probably gonna post this on my writing blog too, even though I don’t really use it that much but whatever. yolo. 

Word Count: 2.5k+ 

Summary: Basically Bellamy is a lightweight boxer and Clarke is his super worried but supportive girlfriend. ft. other characters and a little baby plot twist-ish moment  or two. I’m trash forgive me. 

The first time they met is when he knew how right she was, how good they could be. It all sort of fell into place after that night, after that first dinner when they exchanged numbers and promised to call. He reminded himself to thank Kane later, and he did.

Kane had been his trainer since he first started out at just sixteen years old, barely big enough to make it in to minimum weight class. Kane was retired, after a bad fighting accident that ended his career as a boxer. He was still one hell of a trainer though. And he was the closest thing to a father Bellamy and his sister had ever known.

When Kane started seeing Abby Griffin, he insisted that Bellamy meet her daughter, the pre-med freelance artist with the heart the size of Texas. Which is what brought them to dinner that one night. Bellamy was forever indebted, Clarke was everything Kane made her out to be and more. He couldn’t get enough, which was saying something, because Bellamy wasn’t one to feel so deeply about someone he’d only just met.

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i kind of headcanon geoff as this lazy king lion, a big guy with a big mane that sits on his ass.

at least, that’s what all of Los Santos pictures him as; sure, he had attack dogs on leashes, he had connections where there were just rats. he was powerful as an empire; he had built himself from dust, controlled the city with an iron fist that he somehow forged himself. but if you boil it down, if you separate him from his pack, he’s a nobody. nothing special about him. nothing actually threatening.

at least, that’s what Los Santos sees him as.

and he’s too lazy to get off his ass to prove them wrong, they say.

but there comes a day when the lion shows his teeth, and everyone suddenly calms.

it had been burnie, infamous burnie burns of Rooster Teeth, king of the cockbites, that sets it off.

it started as a meeting, just between the two of them, about ‘territory’. it ended as a war, some argument raging as both threw insults.

which was fine with geoff; he’d yelled at himself enough times to not care about arguments and what other people said. but burnie had taken it too far, ignorant burnie, who had suspected that the lion wouldn’t lift a paw.

because at some point burnie stands up, his face red with rage, and throws another dart.

“you talk big, ramsey, but you’re just cheap talk and bullshit. i’ve got a whole company of people. who do you have, geoff? a fat, ginger mrs. claus, a boy who can’t fucking control his anger, a foreigner who fucks up anything he touches, a sniper who’s useless without a gun, and a mental psychopath that should have been put down and out of his misery years ago.”

and burnie waits for geoff to shout something else profound, to yell some profanity at rooster teeth. but he doesn’t. he just looks up at burnie, his face white with silent rage, and mutters darkly.

“watch your back, burns.”

and leaves.

and burnie doesn’t think much of it, why would he? he has no idea that geoff had stormed all the way out of the house, into his car, and sped all the way to the penthouse.

and when he opened the door, burnie didn’t know how loud he had shut it, how darkly he strode across the room, how he headed straight for weapons he hadn’t touched in years and began preparing.

and when jack and ryan hesitantly come over to ask what is wrong, geoff’s heart contracts–

a fat, ginger mrs, claus and a mental psychopath that should have been put down and out of his misery years ago.

and fills with rage.these were his family members, his loved ones, people he would die for. 

his crew

.and they were all monsters, apparently.

his vision blurred for a moment before he grabbed what he needed; cameras, c4 explosives, and guns.and he stalked right back out of that door, right towards Rooster Teeth and burnie burns, who was sat back and smoking a cigar calmly.

burnie burns, who was unaware that geoff was taking Rooster Teeth by storm.a one man army, fueled by his rage; a lion that had finally gotten off of his ass, finally put everyone in their place. he stormed Rooster Teeth with guns blazing, smoke bombs rolling, and explosives being set. and in his ear was the voices of his crew, yelling at him, saying he was crazy, saying he was going to get himself killed.

which may have been true. but it was worth it, because however lazy the lion could be, he cared about his pride.

so when he crashed through burnie’s office door and stormed to the man whose eyes were wider than the moon, he showed no mercy. he picked him up by the collar, shoving him to the wall and planting a knife deeply into his thigh.and as burnie cried out, clutching at the wound, geoff’s roar rumbled.“the explosives made by the boy who can’t control his anger are set up all around, as well as cameras rigged by the foreigner who fucks up everything he touches. i didn’t kill anyone, but just know that before you decide to talk shit again, my psychopath and mrs. claus can kill you and your empire just by pressing a button.”

and of course that was risky as shit, of course he could have died, of course they all yelled at him when he had gotten home.

none of that was important, though. what was important was the fact that, as the entirety of Rooster Teeth staff foraged for cameras and explosives for the next year, everyone was reminded how big the lion was; how he had built his pack from dirt not by luck, but by his determined will to survive and prosper. they were reminded why the lion had the title of King of the Jungle.

anonymous asked:

we’ve been on a few dates and my child just asked us when we are getting married

You’re sixteen again, tiptoeing on creaking floorboards and silencing giggles by burying your head into his shoulder as you sneak back inside the house much later than you promised to return. And his hands are everywhere—your arms, your waist, your ass.

But you’re not sixteen anymore.

And the house you’re sneaking into is your own.

And he isn’t the he you had given yourself to all those years ago.

(You like this he more. This he’s touch is electric and he sets your heart on fire.)

“Is Eli awake?” Justin asks. It’s your fourth date and he’s learned by now that you nor your roommate enjoy dirt being tracked into your apartment, so he toes his sneakers off, and you think your heart swells two sizes.

“He shouldn’t be. Dylan’s supposed to put him to bed by seven,” you reply. You don’t look at him as you unravel the straps on your heels.

You’re Eli’s mom, and you just know that regardless of whether your roommate tucked him in or not, he’s awake and waiting. Waiting for the man that he’s a little too eager to call his new dad. (A part of you believes Justin’s just as eager for him to say it.)

(Everyone’s too eager for everything, too eager for your liking, and sometimes you think about kicking the singer out of your life—if only to slow things down for a while. But then he looks at you and you remember you’re a little too whipped to let him go.)

“I’m gonna go check.” Justin races winds to get to your son’s bedroom.

“Justin, you better not wake him if he’s sleeping. I can’t put him to bed after he sees you and—” You pause once the left heel’s been kicked to the side and you look at him—or look at where he was moments ago. “And you’re not even listening to me.”

You once worried that he feigned an interest in your son to get into your pants. Now you think he’s feigning an interest in you just to spend time with your son.

And there it goes again, that damn swell of your heart.


Eli’s bedroom light flicks on and leaks into the hall. And if the three-year-old wasn’t awake before, he certainly is now.

You remove the last shoe and walk down the same path your date had seconds ago. And then you see him, the both of them—Eli is cherub-cheeked and eyes alight, and Justin is on the edge of his bed, an excuse already fleeing his strawberry lips. “He was awake when I got here, I swear.”

“Hi, mommy!” And he knows—oh, he knows—that you can’t be mad at him when he looks at you like that.

You don’t know whether Justin takes after Eli or Eli takes after Justin, but they’ve both got you screwed, they’ve both got you wrapped around their finger.

“Bubba, I could’ve swore it was past your bedtime.”

“I can’t sleep or I’ll miss the wedding!”

You don’t know what he’s on about, and frankly, it’s just a little too late for you to care. But you smile and nod, and neither of your boys realize the your cheeks don’t touch your eyes. “Your little friends won’t have their wedding without you, pumpkin, I promise.”

You take the first few strides over to the racecar bed, but nearly lose your footing when your normally inquisitive son asks another question, “So you and Jussie will get married tomorrow?”


(You don’t notice Justin’s sharp intake of breath. And you don’t notice the way his eyes flitter to the door.)

There isn’t a guidebook to handle dating as a single mom. (Well, there probably is, but you don’t necessarily have the time to be reading these days.) There isn’t a class for you to take, there aren’t any rules or outlines or ways to predict just how your child will react to the new person in your life. You’re fortunate enough for the two of them to get along, and maybe that’s the problem. Maybe you introduced Justin to Eli too soon. Maybe this—whatever this so happens to be—is a mistake.

“I think I know where he got that idea from,” Justin breathes out, slicing the tension in the room with a wavering voice. “I might have told him that we were—well, he misunderstood me.” There’s a new pink hue to the singer’s cheeks, one that settles your own nerves. “He asked me if I was gonna marry you, and I wasn’t gonna say no.”

“I don’t think I like where this is going,” you interject. There isn’t a route Justin could take with this story that wouldn’t alter your relationship. (However, you would much prefer that he did like the idea of marrying you and hadn’t just said whatever to make your son happy.

“You will—or I hope you will. Just let me finish. Eli asked me if I would marry you, and I wasn’t gonna say no ‘cause I do want to marry you one day. I didn’t mean tomorrow. I meant eventually—when you’re ready.”

The corners of your lips finally touch your eyes. “Is this a proposal for a proposal?”

“I think so.”


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