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After meeting our ARMYs, I’m very thankful because I’m smiling a lot more and have become a more positive person. - Kim Seokjin
Bangtan is nothing without our ARMYs. - Min Yoongi
Teamwork makes the dream work - Jung Hoseok
We made a promise to each other that we would protect each other. We thanked and hugged each other while crying.- Kim Namjoon
Let’s keep trying till we can’t do it anymore - Park Jimin
Let’s life coolly to the maximum. Since the life happens only once, waking up at ease in the morning and working doing your best. -Kim Taehyung
Living without passion is like being dead. - Jeon Jungkook

Five reasons to be thankful

1. This year, fewer than 1.7 million people were snatched from the planet’s beaches by batrachian squidbeasts and launched defencelessly into the horrific void of space. Last year, fewer than 2 million people suffered this fate, so I think we can all agree that we are travelling in the right direction.

2. Humans still mostly have noses, for now.

3. Those giant space whales who are aiming a giant meteor at Earth have been routing through alcohol nebulae all the way since Sagittarius B2. They are so drunk they will almost certainly miss.

4. Science has shown that people who are being eaten by velociraptors find the whole experience 32% less distressing if they are in a thankful frame of mind.

5. You are still alive at the moment, unless you aren’t, in which case no worries, 2017 is shaping up to be an awesome year for the undead.

Moments Series – “I have my period.”

1 year, 7 months

As soon as you get home, you head straight for the shower. Shawn was on the phone with his mum, but when you emerge from the bathroom dressed in one of his t-shirts, he finishes his conversation and comes over to your spot on the bed. The evening was way too long for your liking, but attending events like this one is a part of Shawn’s job, and by default it is a part of yours as his girlfriend. “You looked amazing in that red dress babe. All I could think about all night was getting you home.” He’s still dressed in his white button up, although he ditched the jacket. He kisses you and you let him until he starts deepening the kiss. You hate to disappoint him, but you’re not in the mood for this right now. All you could think about all night at the event was getting home and getting in bed and going to sleep because you needed the pain in your abdomen to fade. You’re on your period and you’ve had cramps all night. You just want the pain to stop.

“I’m sorry babe,” You say as he pulls back at your slight push.

“What’s wrong?” He asks, more concerned than anything.

“I have my period, and honestly I just feel like shit.” You admit, feeling bad for disappointing him and not being able to give him what he’s been wanting all night.

His gaze softens. He pecks you on the lips lightly, and then he kisses your nose, so softly you can barely feel it. Then he kisses your forehead, causing you to smile. He smiles down at you in return, “I’ll go get you an advil. Then let me take a quick shower and I’ll cuddle you until your stomach stops hurting and you fall asleep.”

hogwarts!au jungkook
  • he is a slytherin, but the sorting hat had an extremely hard time with his placement (it took like eight minutes)
  • he’s an 18-year-old first year (let’s assume this is set up more like a hogwarts university, with ages 18-24 for years 1-7)
  • pureblood but kinda hates his family; they are cold and extremely distant
  • he adores basically every class
  • all of his teachers love him bc he is so talented and very quiet !! at least in class lol
  • his wand is made of ash wood and has a dragon heartstring core, and is 11 and ¾ inches. it’s an extremely loyal wand and will backfire on anyone who isn’t jungkook
  • for a pet he has a black barn owl; they’re super rare and hard to find in the wild, and he loves his owl with his whole heart
  • he plays on the slytherin quidditch team as a seeker. outrageously talented, and is already getting job offers from teams all over the world
  • quidditch means a whole lot to him
  • his patronus is a rabbit. he was the first person in his year to produce a patronus, and everyone was a little surprised it was a rabbit bc they expected like a snake or wolf or something badass but alas it was a bunny
  • on a side note, he has an incredible voice and the frog choir has been trying to convince him to join for months now
  • he was so horrendously shy when he came to hogwarts. like, it was awful for him
  • bc people saw him and thought he was a snobby intimidating pureblood slytherin, and no one would really talk to him
  • and so he had so much trouble making friends
  • and one day it gets really bad. right after he tries out for the quidditch team and makes seeker, some asshole gryffindors walk up and one of them is like “hey kid, stop thinking you’re so much better than everyone else, you can’t just ignore everyone because you think they’ll all beneath you”
  • but jungkook has never thought that anyone was ‘beneath’ him he’s just so horribly shy and he can’t make friends and no one will talk to him
  • and so he goes into the empty bathroom by the potions classroom and starts sobbing his eyes out because it’s all way too much and he’s so lonely
  • but then he sees a little orange-haired gryffindor kid stumble into the bathroom and he’s like wtf
  • and this guy is like “omg /??? you’re crying?? what’s wrong omg”
  • and jungkook can’t help it, he just bursts into tears and starts ranting to this stranger about how he’s so alone because people constantly misjudge him, and how his family sucked and he was so excited to come to hogwarts and finally make friends, but no one will even speak to him
  • and finally the guy just holds Jungkook and he’s like “shh i’ll be your friend don’t cry my name’s jimin and hey it’s almost lunchtime, why don’t you come sit with us”
  • and that’s how jungkook met the other bts guys
  • because this lovely, muggle-born gryffindor ball of sunshine named jimin found jungkook crying in the bathroom and completely turned his life around
  • and jungkook sends up a mental ‘fuck you’ to his parents because they were so wrong about muggleborns and they were so wrong about gryffindors, because park jimin is an angel sent from heaven
  • he becomes instant friends with the other six boys, they all go to his quidditch games (unless they’re playing against him bc they literally all play quidditch)
  • gryffindor head boy seokjin always get him out of trouble when he sneaks out at night shhhhh
  • ravenclaw namjoon tutors jungkook in history of magic because it’s the one class he doesn’t really like
  • one horrible terrible night they find out that taehyung is a werewolf, and the group makes a collective decision to become animagi because they don’t want taehyung to feel so alone
  • it was a long and hard process but finally jungkook’s animagus presents first out of the group
  • he is a raven and he thinks it’s the most badass thing in the entire world
  • turns into a raven randomly to lowkey spy on people bc he is a little shit
  • once he becomes friends with the guys, jungkook begins to open up more and socialize with the people around him
  • people recognize that they were wrong about him, that he was just a shy quiet kid and he never meant any harm to anyone. soon he’s a super-popular quidditch player and he even has a little fanclub
  • yoongi and jungkook often sit in the slytherin commons and study together because they’re both very quiet and respect space
  • one time, during a quidditch game, hoseok accidentally hit his bludger way too hard in Jungkook’s direction and jungkook broke like four bones. and hoseok wouldn’t stop apologizing for weeks afterwards and insisted on staying by jungkook’s bedside int he hospital wing for the entire night
  • overall jungkook is young and brimming with so much potential and he’s a shining posterboy of how slytherins can be kind and gentle, how they aren’t all caustic and malicious
  • he becomes a professional quidditch player when he grows up, fyi
  • he is an extremely powerful wizard and is capable of performing many spells that took his classmates years to learn. his teachers haven’t seen anything like it in a really long time

jungkook ver. / taehyung ver. / jimin ver. / namjoon ver. / hoseok ver. / yoongi ver. / jin ver.

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[My Hooked Wayfinder sequel to Moana] Cause you can’t always find happiness right where you are… Especially when the great demigod Maui has been avoiding you for years because he is terrified of watching you grow old. Cue angst. Cue adventure. Cue romance. Featuring… An ageless demigod manchild afraid of attachment… A heroin determined to give him a home… And an entire island filled with the ridiculously stupid offspring of Heihei.

Click here to read Chapter 7: Chicken Killer

Some people were reluctant to leave, but Moana’s mother and father were shooing them off, telling them to go home, and he felt a rush of gratitude for them in that moment. When the people had left, and only Moana and her parents were left, he saw how warmly they hugged each other and he felt his heart ache.

He was happy for Moana, he truly was, but the sight of her parents holding her so tightly also stirred some other emotions in him. The one emotion he wasn’t proud of, but which he recognized immediately, was jealousy. He wasn’t even sure if he was jealous because they were holding her, or simply because no one was holding him. His birth family had never wanted him - and though Hina had cared for him, she hadn’t been the hugging kind of goddess.

He felt sad and incomplete watching them, and terribly alone, and he stepped away from the window as he could no longer bear the thought of looking at them. Sighing sadly, he stood still for a few moments, wondering what on earth he was to do now in this dark hut, which felt more like a prison than like a home.


“Don’t cry mommy. He’ll be back, he always comes back.” Silver assured Wendy.

“I just have a bad feeling honey,” Wendy felt empty inside, and she hated sharing this with her child, but Silver appeared to be even stronger than her. “I… I don’t want today’s morning to be the last time I’ve ever seen him.”

“Please, don’t say things like this. He cares about us. We’re not going to lose him.”


I realized that when I had my long relaxed hair, there were many boys that found me attractive. Now, I am about 1 year and 7 months natural with a pretty big afro. I post it on my social media & the boys that once found me beautiful with my long relaxed hair, seem to no longer look at me the same way. And majority of the guys are black, btw. I have no desire to ever want to put a relaxer back in my hair & my natural hair makes me happy, but I can’t help but feel unattractive most times :(

hogwarts!au taehyung
  • sorted into hufflepuff before the hat even touched his head 
  • a 20-year-old third year (again, this is more of a university-ish setup with ages 18-24 and years 1-7)
  • comes from a very loving half-blood family, grew up around magic and is very comfortable in the wizarding world
  • his favorite class is caRE OF MAGICAL CREATURES
  • he loves this class so much and is an absolute prodigy with magical animals. his professors are always so impressed and he is so passionate
  • he has a wand that is cherry wood with a unicorn hair core, and it’s 12 and ¼ inches. it’s very rare and powerful, but it’s temperamental, and if taehyung isn’t concentrating sometimes it will backfire on him
  • his official hogwarts pet is a sweet tabby cat named toffee, but he has unofficially adopted every magical creature on campus as his own
  • (literally all animals are attracted to taehyung. it’s funny bc sometimes yoongi will see a bunch of happy thestrals trotting after taehyung, who doesn’t even know they’re there)
  • he is one of the beaters on the hufflepuff quidditch team, and hoseok is the other. they are a deadly duo in spite of their bubbly personalities
  • like honey he’s the biggest goof on campus but he will gleefully beat ur ass down on the quidditch field
  • his patronus is a dolphin. it took him a little while to perfect the spell, because his wand is a bit hard to control, but the dolphin is really cute and sometimes he will cast a patronus charm just so he can have a study buddy
  • also he is a werewolf and you bet your sweet ass that causes some teenage angst
  • he was bitten by a werewolf when he was fifteen and he’s been extremely self-conscious about it ever since. he has a massive scar on his shoulder from the bite and would refuse to wear any revealing clothing for a very long time
  • when he first got to hogwarts he tried so hard to hide it. werewolves were outcasts from society and he just wanted to be normal, so he went to the headmaster for help. one night a month he would be locked in the dungeons and it was awful for him
  • but about halfway through taehyung’s second year, namjoon put two and two together and realized why taehyung acted oddly and disappeared once each month
  • he asked tae about it one day and tae was so terrified but namjoon was like ‘listen buddy we love you okay we can help you through this’
  • so eventually taehyung told all the other guys, who were completely supportive. seokjin even made a complicated and expensive wolfsbane potion for taehyung every single month 
  • and when jungkook came in as a first year, they all decided to become animagi. it was jungkook’s idea.
  • they literally dedicated so much time and energy into becoming animagi, because they didn’t want taehyung like he was weird or different. he had never felt more loved and grateful in his entire life and gradually his insecurities about his lycanthropy faded away
  • and when the rumor somehow got out that taehyung was a werewolf, he embraced it
  • he began leading massive on-campus movements to understand lycanthropy and increase tolerance for werewolves. and a handful of other students came forward confessing that they were also werewolves, because they didn’t feel alone anymore, and essentially taehyung headed up a huge effort to break down social constructs about werewolves
  • it was really incredible and he even got recognition from the ministry of magic
  • because taehyung was too damn lovable and angelic, and he was friends with everyone, and he was everything that someone would expect a werewolf not to be
  • but anyway
  • he and jimin are the biggest fucking pranksters at the school, and are currently in possession of the marauder’s map
  • 95 LiNeR sHeNaNiGaNs with MAGIC
  • he lives to make peeves miserable. sometimes students will see tae running down the hallways, dodging forks and other various items the poltergeist is flinging at him 
  • also sometimes the other slytherins will make jabs at taehyung bc he’s a hufflepuff and a werewolf, and you bet your sweet ass yoongi and jungkook shut that shit down REAL quick
  • so taehyung has an obsession with dragons. he loves dragons. and one summer his care of magical creatures teacher is like ‘wanna go on a research trip to romania?’ and tae is like OH MY GOD
  • and that’s when it’s discovered that kim taehyung is a literal dragon whisperer. he can’t tame them, that’s impossible–but he is one of the only people in history who can seem to communicate with them and interact with them peacefully
  • that becomes his life’s work. he pours his heart and soul into studying dragons around the world and every wizarding zoologist is in love with him
  • basically little hufflepuff kim taehyung is too precious and so talented and loves magical animals a lot

jungkook ver. / taehyung ver. / jimin ver. / namjoon ver. / hoseok ver. / yoongi ver. / jin ver.

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it’s supposed to be cheesy… [10.25.09]

Happy #7YearsSincePinof! Crazy that on October 25, 2009, D&P uploaded their iconic first collab, and just 7 years later they “invented symbiosis…” can you believe?? [no reposting please!]


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 Welcome to the first day of 2017!! Here is my new weekly spread for my 2017 system ^^ I’ll be uploading photos of the system I designed for this year since I didn’t like how I organized my stuff last year haha