I'm just gonna be honest. Being a trencher isn't being there from their EP or going to all of their concerts or even meeting them. It's knowing all the inside jokes and saying 'Ooh man' every time you hear the word pomegranate. It's crying when you hear Lover Dearest and obsessing over Josh's hair. It's knowing why we call Ian 'Octagon' and watching their interviews for hours at a time. It's getting all dressed up to watch them perform at the MMVAs-- on TV. It's understanding the struggles that Josh has overcome, but not prying into his life. It's appreciating how awkward Matt is and eagerly waiting for his next "chipmunked" cover in the BTS videos. It's imagining how great everyone says Mike's hugs are. It's going to the concerts you can actually go to, and even if you are in the second balcony still enjoying it with all your heart. It's reading the "thanks" sections in the album booklets. It's having pictures of the boys all around your room, and on your phone, and on your computer, etc. It's loving Brett even though he isn't in the band. And telling people it's balls am/dicks o'clock when they ask you the time. It's singing the songs in the shower and knowing The Ham Song, The Elevator Song and Mr. Casselmans Opus. It's being happy for the fact that they are all in happy relationships, and not scaring their girlfriends away like some Directioners or Beliebers do (SOME.. not all). It's shivering at the end of Masterpiece Theatre Part 3, No Place Like Home and Ever After. It's not being afraid to say you are a Trencher and tweeting mtrench, joshramsay and mattwebbmt even though you probably won't get a reply. It's wanting to get your tongue pierced but secretly knowing you'll never pull it off as well as Josh. I honestly love you guys more than anything in the world. Trencher for life.
I personally think us Trenchers are one of the best fanbases out there.

Why? Because we don’t fight about EVERY LITTLE THING that happens to Marianas Trench. My friend who is a Simpsonizer she told me she wished our fanbase was her fanbase because her fanbase will find the littlest/dumbest things to fight about. She also told me she hates the Directioners because they’ll fight all the time. Now I have nothing against any of the other fanbases. I’m just typing what I’ve heard from others. Anyways, I think we have one of the best fanbases because we are there for each other no matter what. We barely fight about things, and when we do fight, we work it out and we get through it. We’re truly a strong fanbase, and some of us just don’t see how lucky we are to have such caring, kind, hilarious people in it. We should be proud of each other, even if others do say their opinions that we don’t like. I know no body ever talks to me on here and barely notices me, (I’m used to it in the real world) but as I scroll down my dashboard, a lot of you guys put smiles on my face and happiness for me doesn’t come very easy. Just you Trenchers are something. I don’t know. I can’t explain just how phenomenal you all are. I don’t know what I’d do without you guys! <3 I love every single one of you with all my heart. I really hope our fanbase won’t change much over time. We are truly perfection. I’m not starting any fighting or favoritism. THIS IS MY OPINION! If you don’t like it, then just don’t say anything at all. We all have opinions and we should respect others too. I truly love all you! Just remember. UNITED WE TRENCH, DIVIDED WE FALLOUT! <3 <3 <3 <3