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The episode was... From one side it was epic (delena feelings), but then this whole sired thing has blown my mind off. What the hell is that?! I'm soooo super angry. Can Damon be happy, please? just for a week? Not for a couple of hours? And Stefan... Alright, I get it, your heart is broken, dude, but what are you doing?? The whole situation with Jer made me absolutely sure Stefan can't love the new Elena. Is it love at all?? And Caroline.I love her but what is wrong with her??? I justcan't

We just have to remember this is a good thing. Elena will have to prove that her feelings are real and have no connection to her being sired to him.

Stefan loves the humanity in Elena not every part of her like Damon does.

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Hi!))) Well, actually, I'm not going to ask you anything) In fact, I really wanted to tell how much I adore you. I remember how much I was impressed when I first read your conversations about very differet things, including TVD. Your opinion is always very well-thought-out, supportive and never judging. I love how much you support Delena and at the same time don't hurt other ships. I'm waiting for your reviews))) Thank you for that!)))) Oh, and btw I'm fond of your drabbles. They are awesome)))

Well, I ADORE YOU! I really try to be open and non-judgy where other people’s opinions are concerned because it’s their opinion. Debating is always fun but you should never put someone down by insulting something they feel strongly about. Just approach it rationally and explain that it’s okay to disagree. Thank you for this and for reading. You’re awesome for this <3

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Wait a minute, you doubt that people should follow you??? No way!!! I've read your drabbles and they are AMAZING!! Really love what you do, you're very talanted, i can imagine every scene and dialog. Please dont doubt, you're amazing)) We love you, I really do <3

YOU ARE TRULY TOO SWEET! I honestly don’t understand only because besides my occasional drabble I’m just reblogging the flawless work of others. I appreciate each one of my followers and anyone who takes the time to read any of my drabbles. Thanks so much, love <3 I love you all right back!