Day 239: @jfdonovan13 warms up at @cfconshy for her ladder of a 400m run 21-15-9 Sumo deadlift high pulls, Airsquats and Burpees, then another 400m run. Motto: Whenever you have the chance to see your mentors perform, take it. #yearofmatt #crossfit @crossfit (at CrossFit Conshohocken)

Day 221: Happy Birthday to Kurt Walker aka Kurtis Blow. The first commercially successful rapper/hip-hop artist, famous for his hit “Thr Breaks” and my personal favorite “Basketball” #yearofmatt

Day 220: In year CCXX Marcus Aurelius became Roman Consuls. He was considered a stoic philosipher and the motto today was insipred by one of his most famous quotes. Motto: Execute each act of every day as if it was your last. Credit: Illustration by Alex Cooper. #yearofmatt

@dunny_50 #Deadlifting 275lbs. 20 times in his first leg of #Lumberjack on his first day back from #Jamaica. (The rest is 20 reps each of 75lb. kb swings, 115lb. Overhead Squats, Burpees, Chest to Bar Pulls Ups, 36in. Box Jumps, and 53lb. Kettle Squat Cleans with a 400 meter run after each movement (comes to roughly under 2) miles. Get all that? Did it in 31:30. #yearofmatt (at CrossFit Conshohocken)

Day 112: 1.1 mile warm-up, Workout - Cindy - 20 min. of 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups and 15 squats. Finished 20 rounds plus 6 reps. Fact: Peaches and cream is nasty. I’m a mango man. #ritas #yearofmatt