McDreamy Is Back! Patrick Dempsey Reunites with Grey’s Anatomy Costar Kate Walsh — for an Amazing Cause | People

Dr. Derek Shepherd is alive, well, and as McDreamy as ever.

At least, in Cigna‘s new TV Doctors of America ad campaign promoting preventative care and yearly check-ups to monitor blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar and body mass index.

Patrick Dempsey spoofs his character alongside other famous, fictional M.D.s Neil Patrick Harris (Dougie Howser), Donald Faison (Scrubs) and — surprise! — his Grey’s Anatomy ex-wife Kate Walsh.

“Kate’s fun, and her comic timing is amazing,” Dempsey, who left Grey’s fans heartbroken when his charismatic neurosurgeon died in a car crash in season 11, tells PEOPLE of reuniting with the actress. “We were always playful on set anyway, and then we would get serious, but this was fun just to be playful and to make each other laugh.”

Despite the spot’s cheeky tone, it conveys an important message about taking control of your own health, something Dempsey passionately advocates.

In 2008, the actor opened the Patrick Dempsey Center for Cancer Hope & Healing in Maine, offering a holistic approach to cancer education and support for those battling the disease and their families.

The center is dedicated to his mother, Amanda, who died in 2014 after a long battle with ovarian cancer.

Every year, he organizes the Dempsey Challenge, a cycling, running and walking fundraising event. (The 2017 iteration takes place in Lewiston, Maine, from Oct. 7-8.)

“We’re closing in on 10 years soon,” Dempsey says. “It’s a very special experience I think for everyone who participates. Some people are doing it because they themselves have been diagnosed or a family member, they’ve lost someone. There’s an atmosphere and a feeling that is hard to put into words, where everyone is pulling together. There’s an openness, there’s a loving community, and we’re all rolling along on bikes. We have these wonderful moments with people that are very special, and I think so many people have been touched by cancer and how it affects them. It’s such a devastating disease.”

“When we set out to start this, we had no idea that it would be as successful as it is,” he adds, “and that allows us to make sure that all of our services are free to the people who come through the door and we can give them the best quality of life and empower them and make them feel strong in whatever way we can.”

Dempsey is also returning to the small screen in EPIX’s 10-episode adaptation of Joël Dicker’s The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair.

Two months into shooting, he’s acting out of his rom-com leading man comfort zone — and couldn’t be more thrilled, calling the set “sublime.”

“Jean-Jacques Annaud is just one of the best directors I’ve ever worked with in my life, and the experience has been challenging and enjoyable,” Dempsey says. “The cast is extraordinary, and it’s a different character. It’s a much darker piece. It’s very much a romantic thriller, and it’s an opportunity to do something a little bit darker, a little bit edgier, and at the same time have romantic qualities to it that I think people that enjoyed Grey’s will hopefully enjoy. But it certainly will challenge the audience.”

Nothing Gold Can Stay~ Corbyn Besson

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Request- Yes sorta, kind, not really

Word count- 3,021 (This was alot of work, don’t judge me)

Warning- Teen pregnancy, death and cancer.



To say you were scared would be an understatement, you were plain terrified. You felt your hands shaking from the terror running through your vein. You were screwed, your life was over. How were you going to be able to tell him? He as going to hate you, he was going to leave you.

You looked down at the plastic stick one more time before crawling off of the floor with a large exhale. You looked at yourself in the mirror, you saw the fear in your own eye and were appalled. Why were you so scared? You knew what you were getting yourself into when you made that decision. Your eye drifted over your tense shoulders, down your caved in chest and to your stomach.

Underneath everything, there was a little being growing there, a little Corbyn and you, waiting to meet you both.

The thought brought the happiest of smiles to your face but it was immediately washed away as soon as there was a knock on the bathroom door.

“Y/N, you ok babe?” You heard the love of your life say from across the wooden door. You felt your heart speed up and your breath start to slip away from you. you realized that he was saying more than just that but your mind wasn’t registering that.

The door was pushed open and Corbyn had his hands on your face, turning you to look at him. The fog that seemed to be clogging your ears from your brain cleared and our eye focused on his. You wanted to scream the news at the top of your lungs to him but your mouth wouldn’t cooperate. You wanted Corbyn to tell you that he was happy that you were pregnant but you had a gut feeling that things weren’t going to work out in your favor.

“Baby, what’s wrong?” He said gently, with no anger or sadness in his voice. You felt the hope slip into the back of your mind again. Lazily, you flung your head to where the test stick was sitting on the counter. When Corbyn let go of your face to garb the plastic, life changing stick, you felt the butterflies in your stomach start to erupt with anticipation.

“Does this mean…?” His back was turned toward you so you couldn’t see the expression his face was holding but you could just imagine the look of pure horror. You wanted to cry and for the first time that day, your body let you.  A single tear fell from you right eye. It was kinda soothing, being able to cry, it felt like a sweet release to be able to finally do it. “I’m gonna be a dad?”

Corbyn turned around and you saw the happiest smile on his face. You felt the weight of the anxiety you had lift off of your chest. You took a step toward him and nodded your head. You felt his hands wrap around your waist and pull you into his chest. You began to laugh when he started jumping in a small circle with you in his arms.

“I’M GONNA BE A DAD!” he screamed loud enough for the other boys to hear. You Started to push yourself away from Corbyn because you wanted to look at his face. His eyes were almost unable to be seen because his cheeks were being pushed up that high.

“I CALL BEING THE GODFATHER!” Daniel said as he quickly peeked his head into the bathroom.


Both you and Corbyn decided to get an apartment to prepare for the baby to come.

“I’ve told you how many times Corbyn, it’s gonna be a boy. I can feel it.” you said as Corbyn was on his laptop looking at pink clothes online for babies.

“Babe, you have to let me dream. I want a little you running around! think about it! she’s have your face shape and smile, maybe my hair and nose! Literally would be the cutest baby in existence!” He flung his head back and had a dreamy look in his eyes. You were distracted by his beauty and his happiness that you had to put in your input.

“No matter what, I just hope our baby has your eyes, I love them so much.” You turned around to go close the blinds in the living room because of the sun starting to give you a headache. You heard the patter of Corbyn feet across the living room and thought nothing of it. You quickly twisted the shutters closed and turned around.

When you went to speak with Corbyn about dinner, you saw that he was kneeling right in front of you. Your breath was stuck in your chest and you stared at him in awe, was he really doing this now?

“Y/F/n, I have loved you since the moment I set my eyes on you. You were confident, talented and kind. I loved that much about you the first time I met you. But as I got to know you, I feel in love with the little things about you, like how your nose crinkles up when you lie, or how your eyebrows are always raised when you’re happy. I fell in love with your heart, I loved the way you simply handed a man two dollars so he could get a bus ride home on a cold night with no questions asked. I feel in love with everything about you. Then you got pregnant, sure it was earlier than I would have liked but I am so happy that I get to raise a child with you. SO as I’m sitting here, shaking like a mad man. Will you marry me?”  He asked, popping the small leather box open and showing a small diamond ring on a silver band.

“Yes” you could barely get the single word out over the tears that streaming off of your face. He shakily slipped the ring onto your finger and pulled you into a kiss. This kiss was something unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before, it was passionate but pure, hungry but wholesome. You were So happy to be able to say you were going to be able to be with the love of your life for the rest of your life. You felt the butterflies start again in your barely showing stomach.


“Corbyn Besson, you have been putting your yearly check up off for three months. If you don’t go, I’m calling your mom!” You said as you were making breakfast one morning. Granted, being six months pregnant made it hard for you to move around without hitting anything but you managed.

“I’m not scared of my mother babe, I’m a grown adult.” He said nonchalantly as he continued to scroll through his phone, “ and it’s not like I’m gonna die if I don’t go.” You rolled your eyes and pulled out your phone and pretended to make a call. You waited a little while, continuing to stir the eggs before speaking.

“Hey Saskia! It’s Y/N, and I was calling to let you know that Corbyn isn’t planning on going to his chec-” was all you got out before your phone was out of your hands and on the counter.

“Fine, I’ll go! What time is my appointment?” He said in defeat. You couldn’t help the smirk that was on your face, he always had a weak spot for his mom.

“It’s at two, but I have to meet with Mary then. I’m asking her to be the Godmother to our son.” You both had recently gone to the sonogram, finding out that you were having a baby boy. “Speaking of which, I think I figured out a good name!”

“Yeah what is it?“he said looking up from the glass of water he had made himself.

"Ray Jordan?” You said looking at his face in anticipation. You knew his family was special to him, so you wanted your babies name to reflect that. His piercing eyes stared into yours before you saw the tears start to weld up, threathening to overflow from his eyes.

Suddenly you were wrapped into a hug and squished up against your loves chest. He really was happy that you wanted to put his family into thought when you picked out his first born’s name.

“I was gonna suggest George Lucas for his name but I love your idea so much more.” You laughed at his obvious Star Wars reference and began to tear up. The more days that went by, the more real this entire process seemed to be. Corbyn, the love of your life, was going to be the father of your child, the father of Ray Jordan Besson. And you wouldn’t want it any other way.


Later that night, you had started to make grilled cheese for dinner, knowing that was one of Corbyn’s favorite meals on week nights. It was quick and easy for you so the convenience was great.  

You were almost done with the last of Corbyn’s four grilled cheeses, he liked to eat, when you got a text from him.

Corbyn <3

Hey Love, We have to talk about something when I get home, I love you.

You sent him back a quick reply declaring your love for him, you were surprised when he said that he appointment was going to be taking longer than expected. You thought that at the latest, he would be home at 3:30 but he ended up calling you, saying that the doctor was taking longer than he should have.

It was nearly five o'clock and he still hadn’t come home, all you wanted was to see his face and to kiss him. You couldn’t help but worry when you had started to clean up the little mess you had made while making dinner. After you had put all the loose and dishes into the kitchen sink, you sat down at the dining table.

Your apartment had a small circular wooden table in the small dining room, it was on of the things that you loved about it. You loved the small details that were placed everywhere, from the mantel pieces to the frames with family pictures on the hallway walls. You fell in love with this place just like you fell in love with Corbyn, completely and all at once.

You were knocked out of you thoughts by the living room door opening and shutting. You looked up to see Corbyn, a sad smile on his face, but a smile none the less. You quickly got up as he walked over to you and hugged him, pulling him closer than you would have ever before.

“I have cancer.” those were the first words to leave his mouth.

You were shocked to say the least but you could tell that Corbyn was breaking, so you had to put on a strong face and walk him over to the living room, gently sitting down on the couch then pulling him down with you. Once he was all the way seated, you both sat in silence for a good thirty seconds before he collapsed onto your lap and started crying.

You whispered sweet nothings into his ear, carefully running your fingers through his hair until he fell asleep, tear staining his face and your torn heart. You couldn’t help but let the tears fall from your face as you realized that he wasn’t going to see your moment of weakness.

What happens if he dies? You’ll have to raise this child on your own, not only that but you’ll lose the one person who made you happy, the one person who took all the pain away.

That was the first night you dreamed of being a single parent.


The next morning you were awoken to a soft whispering from the person you loved with your whole being. You didn’t open your eyes, but you listened to what he was saying, and what you heard broke your heart.

“I promise you little man, I’m gonna try to stay with you and your mommy for as long as I can, Great Grandpa Besson had the same thing, he didn’t make it, but I will. I’m gonna do this, for you because you deserve a dad. You deserve to be happy and I wanna be there to make sure you get it. Lung cancer isn’t gonna beat this Besson man, not if he has a little one to take care of.” He whispered to your stomach, making your heart eat at unusual rates.

You had to fight the tears back, but they couldn’t stop.

“Y/N, are you up baby?” he said brushing the hair out of your face. you softly opened your tear filled eyes and started to take in the man that was hovering over you. His piercing blue eye, soft smile, dyed blonde hair and his cute nose. You wanted to hold this memory forever, the moment he made the promise to live, that he wouldn’t leave. The first promise he made to your unborn child. “I hate to kill the awesome morning vibe, but I start Chemo on Monday.”


The month that followed was harsh, Corbyn was getting Chemo treatments every day for the first week then every other day after that. It was a grueling task to ask of a eighteen year old boy but he was strong and was making it through.

You were now seven months and trying to figure out how the hell you were going to raise this child and take care of your sick fiance. He was trying to make it seem like he wasn’t hurting, but you knew better. You knew that he was getting worse, that it was only a matter of time before he passed on. You didn’t want to think about it, because every time you did, tear wielded up in your eyes and the stinging sensation  returned to your stomach.

“Hey baby, could you help me really quick?” You hear your nerd’s voice say from across the apartment, he sounded like he was in the bedroom, but you waddled your way back there and didn’t see him anywhere.

“Corbyn?” you called out from him but you were met with an awkward sound from across the hallway. The sound was coming from the nursery. As you tip toed that way, you realized that the door was propped open. you cautiously pushed the door open and saw a happy scene.

Corbyn was standing in from of a crib that he somehow put together without any assistance from you. He was holding a little lamb stuffed animal in his arms, you started to feel the tears in your eyes. This platinum haired boy was doing everything you could have ever asked him to do, he was being caring, he was being sweet, and he was putting himself aside for your baby.

“You did this by yourself? When did you have time? I’ve literally been with you since you got home from the hospital.”

“Well the guys came over and did it from me, but I found this lamb from some of the stuff my mom gave me. It was my favorite toy until I was in kindergarten and I wanted my son to have it”

And for a moment every thing was okay, but as You’ve probably heard before, nothing gold can stay.


A few days later, you woke easily for the first time, you felt happy. I mean this wasn’t even something you’d have thought you could feel after all the horrible things that seemed to be happening to you left and right.

Your bed was warm, but the warmest thing was your heart. You opened your eyes to see Corbyn laying there with a smile on his face. His eyes were peacefully closed, so you knew he was asleep. You watched him closely, trying to take in every part of him that looked happy, because he did, look happy that was. His face was showing his true youth, not the stressed out teen that was becoming a dad and had to act like an adult. You watched his chest raise and fall.

But it wasn’t, it wasn’t raising and falling. It was still, unmoving, lifeless even. YOu waited for seconds, minutes for his chest to move before you started to feel an nausiating feeling, you wanted to cry but for some reason you couldn’t. You felt numb to the entire world, but then again your entire world was just taken from you. Your heart feel to your toes as it was smooched and cracked, trying to spare itself from the pain. But it was inevitable,

Corbyn Besson, the love of your life, was taken from you. He had died.


The funeral had come and gone, all of your friends were there, Nicki, Stephanie, Steph, Rhea, Hayley, Samie and Maia. So many people said so many nice things, they talked about how much they loved Corbyn, how much he effected their lives. They even mentioned how much they loved and wanted to be there for you.

Within the following weeks, your baby was born. The best part was, it wasn’t a boy, it was a beautiful baby girl. She had brunette hair and beautiful blue eyes she aslo had Corbyn’s nose, everything he wanted in his daughter. She was a happy baby, constantly laughing and making you happy, but she reminded you of Corbyn with each growing day. But to be honest, you wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

You kept your promise to Corbyn, that you would name your child after his family to you did. You even asked his brother Jordan to be the godfather of the beautiful baby girl.

Rae Caroline Besson

You used his dad’s name as well as his mothers middle name, hoping that as he watched over them, he would be proud of your choice in naming your daughter.

As time went on, you were happy but you were never happy with anyone that wasn’t Rae or Corbyn, but you had your family, Corbyn’s family and the guys. But it still wasn’t the same.

why you maybe asking?

Because nothing good, pure, happy and sweet, can stay.


6 Years Later…


“Mommy, mommy!” I heard as I stirred out of my sleep. I felt little fingers nudging me.

“Hmm?” I rubbed my eyes open to see it was still dark and my daughter Aiko was in front of me. She’s 3.

“Mama, I made a mistake,” I saw her frown as she played with her little fingers. She was so articulate for a three year old. I will give Dwayne credit for that.

“What did you do, baby?” I sighed as I sat up. I looked at the clock and it was 3:42 am. I looked to my right to see Dwayne fast asleep.

“Umm.. umm..” She couldn’t seem to find the right words.

“Come on, sweetheart, spit it out,” I looked at her, my eyebrows furrowed.

“The bed. It’s wet,” she frowned.

I sighed. She peed the bed. She’s been potty trained for a year but sometimes she has little mistakes. “Okay. Come on,” I got out the bed carefully.

“Shhh, momma, don’t wake up Daddy or DJ,” she said as she wobbled her way to the door in front of me.

I giggled as I shook my head, “I won’t wake up Daddy or DJ.”

DJ is my son. He’s 5 years old, named after his father.

I walked to the kitchen and Aiko noticed. She quickly ran behind me. I gathered baking soda, a spray bottle of water & vinegar, a little bit of detergent, and a rag.

I get into her room and I remove her sheets, before spraying the wet spot of the mattress with the spray bottle solution and putting some baking soda on the spot too. I scrubbed the spot with the rag.

“Now, did you use the bathroom before bed?” I looked at Aiko.

“Umm..” she looked down, “I forgot. I was sleepy.”

“That excuse will work this time. Next time it won’t. Use the bathroom before you go to bed, okay?”

“Well, can you help me remember?” She looked up hopeful.

I laughed, “Yes. I’ll remind you before bed, okay?”

“Okay,” she smiled.

After finishing with her bed, I decided to let it air dry. “Your beds gonna be a little wet, so how about you come sleep with me and Daddy?”

“Okay,” she ran excitedly to me and Dwayne’s bedroom. She’s such a daddy’s girl, and loves whenever she sleeps with us because then she’s able to cuddle up to Dwayne.

I laughed, shaking my head. By the time I got to the bed, she was already cuddled up to Dwayne and he had his arm around her. I smiled as I laid next to them. I would’ve never imagined myself here, but yet here I am.

I can’t believe it’s been six years since I moved to Tokyo, in this 3 bedroom apartment. I know, right? Whitley Gilbert living in an apartment? But I love it. I love us.


“Dr. Reese, your next patient is ready,” my nurse, Wanda, said to me while handing me my patient’s file.

“Oh,” I look at the file, “Adams, got it. Tell her I’ll be with her in 5 minutes please.”

“Okay,” Wanda walked off.

I returned my attention back to the phone, “Spencer, I really shouldn’t on the phone right now.”

“Yes, yes. But I miss you, you know?”

I blushed, “I miss you too, baby, but I have a patient who’s ready for me.”

“Is it critical?”

“No. Just a routine yearly check up. She’s in her 40’s.”

“Well, if it’s not critical, she can wait another 10 minutes.”

“Ten?! Come on, honey. I can see you when we both get home tonight. And how is the hospital not complaining about one of their surgeons playing on the phone?”

He chuckles, “Ever heard of a break? Surgeons get breaks, too. I have about 30 minutes left.”

“Yea, well my break isn’t for another two hours. I love you, okay? I gotta go.”

He sighs, “You owe me then. Tonight when you get home.”

I laughed, “Yes, I owe you.”

“And I love you more, Kimberly Reese-Boyer.”

I smiled, “Okay, babe. I’ll see you tonight.”

“See you.”

I hung up. I looked at my wedding ring and smiled. Three years after Whitley had moved, me and Spencer were finally established enough to get married. The wedding of my dreams, too. At a church, with my closest people at my side. Whitley, Dwayne, & DJ flew all the way back from Japan to be apart of it. And although Whitley was 7 months pregnant with Aiko, she didn’t let that stop her from wearing that maid of honor dress. And best of all, I married the man of my dreams.

This man is loyal to me, in love with me, and will never in his wildest dreams, hurt me. Something that I was scared I may never have. But I got it.


Freddie. Freddie, Freddie, Freddie. This woman triggers me to a whole new level.

“Can you please explain to me why you’re being so difficult about this?” I looked at her. We were sitting on my couch, while our daughter, Luna, watched a movie in her room.

“Because. I don’t need my daughter around Micaela. Her home is broken enough, she doesn’t need to be around daddy’s new piece of meat,” she rolled her eyes.

“Piece of meat?! She’s my girlfriend. Don’t degrade her like that. Secondly, her and Micaela have a great relationship. You’re really limiting the amount of times I get to see my daughter because of my relationship?”

“Yes,” Freddie stared blankly at me.

“And here you are with the peace-maker bullshit persona, but yet look at you now. She has her own room here, her own clothes here, there’s never not any food. She’s taken care of. I don’t want to go to court with you about this.”

She looked away for a second.

“Honestly, is this about you not wanting Luna in an ‘even more broken home’ or is this about me moving on?”

She stays silent.


“Fine! I don’t want her around Micaela because I am hurt, Ron. I risked friendships to be with you! I risked people looking at me different because I loved you! I had a child with you. And this is where it ends up?!”

“Freddie, you didn’t have to risk your friendships for me. You could’ve decided to be a real friend and suppress all feelings for me, but you couldn’t, because you were selfish! Hell, I was selfish, but at least I changed! Look at you. Same old Freddie from six years ago.”

She scoffed, “I’m leaving. You drop Luna off by tomorrow night,” she grabbed her purse and got up.

“There you go again. You play victim and once that doesn’t work, you run away.”

“Bye, Ron,” she walked out of my house.

I sighed, plopping myself into my couch. I can’t wait to tell Dwayne about this one.

[Fic][Event] Kilometers To Go

It’s well past midnight and therefore, Thursday now, so here’s a little drabble for @jikookfluffweek.

Title: Kilometers To Go
Word Count: 758
Prompt: True Love Thursday
Genre: Fluff, Canon Compliant
Summary: Breaks were always too brief.

AO3 link here

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Happy Birthday @idontgettechnology! Apologies for this not coming out sooner - by the time my muse decided to cooperate, it was already the beginning of school for me. I hope you still like this!

Title: Colors

Prompt: Birthday Party

Relationships: Steve Rogers/Darcy Lewis, Shieldshock, Bucky Barnes/Natasha Romanov, background relationships

Continuity: Canon-Divergence, Soulmate-AU

Warnings: None

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9.3lbs down, a lifetime of health to go

so, about three weeks ago i went to the doctors for my yearly physical/check up. i was already nervous because when it comes to my health, i overthink everything so to say that i wasn’t excited to go to was an understatement but i’m so glad that i did. 

now, saying that the experience was completely positive would be a complete lie, but it was really an eye opening and life changing ordeal. being overweight, i thought that i would have a ton of health problems and i have this HUGE fear of being told that i have a chronic health issue. but as it turns out, my body is actually really healthy! it made me realize that just because you carry some extra weight on your body, that doesn’t mean you are automatically unhealthy.

what did shock me was the amount that i weighed when i stepped onto that scale. i had legitimately gained back all of the weight that i’d lost from jan-march. hearing the nurse say that i weighed 256.8 lbs was so jarring that when i got home, i decided then and there that that was going to be the last time i ever heard that number associated with my weight. 

the next day, i changed my entire diet and decided to go vegan for a week as a way to restart and cleanse my body. i took it slow and just focused on getting my nutrition in order because i noticed that when i tried to do everything at once, i was more likely to give up. after the week ended, i decided to stick to being a vegetarian and added working out to my routine. it’s safe to say that i’m completely happy with my new lifestyle because i’ve lost a total of 9.3 pounds between my doctors appointment and now! 

so moral of the story, go see your doctor guys! it might give you that spark of motivation to change your life for the better!

Wrote a thing. A short(ish), fluffy thing, featuring Clark, Kara, and Alex, inspired by this. (As always, hoping that I’m not stepping on anybody’s toes or anything.)

“She blew out her powers,” Clark explains. His voice cracks, and Jeremiah isn’t sure if it’s from worry or simply due to the boy’s age. “I didn’t even know we could do that.”

“Tell him—tell him what you named it,” Kara wheezes, forcing a smile to her face. It’s strained.

Clark doesn’t say anything right away, looking at his cousin with wide, concerned eyes. He’s never seen her look weak. Or tired. Or hurt.

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anonymous asked:

Can you write a fic where Betty's mom dies/is sick/dying??

Sorry this took so long. Obviously there are warnings for the above.


Alice Cooper had been diagnosed with colon cancer in 2013. She decided to get checked after her sister had a scare - Astrid had called to tell her baby sister she had gotten the all clear from her doctor. Alice, however, was not so lucky.

Betty didn’t notice anything different in her behaviour. Alice was still strong-willed and tough and hell, still scary. She cooked every meal for her family and went to work and sang The Cure and George Michael songs when she thought nobody was around.

Alice learned she had to go get a section of her bowel removed to, hopefully, get rid of the cancer. She was back to herself in no-time.

After a few months, Alice learned that they didn’t get all the cancer. She and Hal sat Betty and Polly down at the kitchen table and explained that she was going to have Radiation therapy done in Syracuse. She’d have to stay for a couple nights, but it was no big deal, she claimed.

Betty remembered her mother coming home from her treatment. She seemed small and shaky, weak. But in the coming days, she seemed to gain her strength and sense of humor back.

After the first few weeks, Alice seemed to go back to her self. She went back to work, started to make big meals for the family, made cakes and cookies and made sure Betty and Polly did their homework.

Weeks passed normally, then months. Betty had all but forgotten that Alice was even sick. She never mentioned it, did all the things she used to do. She sang George Michael songs at the top of her lungs and made her famous peanut butter cookies bi-weekly.

Then, Alice came home from her bi-yearly check-up and sat Betty and Polly down at the table. Her cancer had spread. It was in her lungs and her kidneys.

Alice started chemo later that month in Greendale. Hal drove her once a week, every Wednesday.

She started to get smaller, more fragile. She stopped driving herself anywhere. She slept on the couch as to not wake Hal, but didn’t sleep very well - she was uncomfortable and up half the night coughing. She considered herself lucky in so far that she didn’t lose her hair, she wasn’t sick from the treatment.

She didn’t cook for the family anymore - when she did eat, it was tiny portions - that’s all she could manage, she said.  She started to fall a lot - in the bathroom, the living room, the hallway. She stopped being able to lift things - even books got too heavy. Betty started to wash Alice’s hair for her, because lifting her arms over her head became too hard.

One day, Betty came home from school to find her father bent over the couch where Alice was lying.

“What’s going on?” Betty murmured, suddenly terrified. She dropped her school bag in the corner and faltered over to the couch.

Hal took Betty by the shoulder and steered her into the kitchen. “She took a turn after you left for school, Betty. Her breathing is shallow, I’ve called a nurse in to sit with her. They’re bringing a hospital bed in to put in the living room, to make her a bit more comfortable.”

Betty nodded and bit her lip to stop her eyes from tearing. She went into the living room and knelt down in front of her mom, grasping her hand. She sat there for hours.

The following Monday, Betty decided to stay home from school. Alice was lying in the hospital bed in their living room, sucking on a wet facecloth for moisture - that’s what she had been reduced to; her body couldn’t handle the amount of liquid in a water bottle.

A nurse by the name of Kelly was staying with Alice in the morning, a different nurse staying at night. Kelly told Hal that she probably had until the weekend.

That night, Betty told her parents she loved them,  took a sleeping pill from the kitchen cupboard and padded up the stairs to go to sleep.

“Betty?” Hal knocked on Betty’s closed bedroom door.

She sprang upright in bed, sensing somehow that this was it. She swung her legs over the edge of her bed, slid on her bunny slippers and swiped the sleep out of her eyes.

Betty plodded down the stairs and into the living room. Alice’s eyes were closed, laying on the hospital bed. She looked so tiny; so fragile.  Nurse Kelly was sitting off to the side, trying to be as small and out of the way as possible.

“Mom?” Betty started, sitting down on the chair that was placed next to Alice’s bed. There was a lamp on above them, giving the living room an eerie glow. “I’m here.”

Hal placed a hand on Betty’s shoulder. “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.” Hal murmured.

It took a second to sink in. Oh. She was already gone. She didn’t get to say goodbye.

“I’m sorry,” Hal said again.

Betty nodded. She looked at her mother. She looked the same as she did hours ago. Fragile, small, but she didn’t look dead. How were dead people supposed to look, anyway?

She wasn’t sure how long she sat there - people started coming through the front door to take Alice’s stats. Then they took her away in a gurney.

“I guess I should start calling people.” Hal whispered.

Betty just sat in the living room, listening to murmured conversations a few feet away.

She was just so small in the end, you know?” Hal said into the phone. “I think she was down to 80 pounds in the end. Well, she was still beautiful to me.

Hearing her take her last breaths was so hard.” He said in the next conversation. “She sounded like she was struggling so badly. At least she’s at peace now.

Betty stood up and took a deep breath. She staggered out of the living room and out the front door until she reached the curb. She pulled out her phone to text Archie, Veronica and Jughead to let them know what happened.

Betty wrapped her arms around her knees, hugging herself tightly so she wouldn’t fall apart - she could fall apart later, alone in her room. She had to be strong for her dad.

“Hey,” A voice said from behind her. Jughead plopped down on the pavement beside Betty and wrapped his arms around her shoulders.

“She’s gone, Jug.” Betty murmured.

He placed a kiss on her forehead and pulled her closely.

Betty disintegrated in his arms.

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Hello there! Can you write scenarios/headcanons of Ukai Jr. falling in love with his kohai who comes back into town to work as a doctor? Thanks a lot!╰(*´︶`*)╯♡

I think this is adorable. I love the idea of Ukai pining after someone and then it totally working out! It’s these kinds of crushes that work out that make me happy!

Enjoy, Anon!

P.s. I always get chills at the end of Moana when Taka is rushing at her and the music and the song it just YES. I love.

It was definitely a surprise to see them. And it was even more of a surprise when he saw them when he went in for his yearly check up; he wasn’t expecting them to be the one to give it to him, after all. So, anyone could forgive Ukai for the way his face heated up when they questioned him about his daily habits. How many cigarettes did he have a day? How many drinks? Did he have any concerns he wanted to talk about?

And he did. He wanted to know what they were doing back? What had they been up to since he had seen them last? Were they single? But he didn’t ask any of those, instead, he found himself growing red when he mentioned a mole he was beginning to become concerned with in quite a peculiar spot. And he instantly wished they were a stranger, because then it wouldn’t be so embarrassing to have to pull his pants down in front of someone he had known way back in high school.

But they remained as calm as ever, as though there was nothing strange about this encounter. And he supposed it shouldn’t be, after all, they had come back to the town where they had grown up and gone to school. It was only natural that they would happen upon those who happened to stay behind. Then again, that was also something that was embarrassing about the encounter. How many years had it been since he graduated and where had he gone in life? No where expect to become the owner of a convenient store and coach of the volleyball club he used to play on.

While they had gone out and bettered themselves by going to school. They had gone and experienced things that he probably missed out on the chance to do and yet they had decided to come back and be a part of the community in which they had left.

He remembered it all so vividly, how he began to unbuckle his pants in order for them to inspect the spot he had described. And he recalled the way they teased his own personal discomfort with a small statement of ‘buy me a drink first’ and his idiotic response of ‘okay’ had led them both to the bar they were currently sitting in. It shouldn’t have happened, but it was as though it was meant for them to come back together in this time of their lives.

Oh, god, and it was certainly a mystery to him how they managed up on a second date which was quickly followed by a third. And before he knew it, he found that there was no one else that he wanted to spend as much time with except for them. It was when he was lounging about in their office at the clinic that he knew he loved them and that he had never loved anyone else as nearly as much.

“Hey, so I was thinking that for lunch we could–” they paused and he looked up at them in the doorway, their eyes concerned at whatever look it was that he had on his face in that moment, “what’s wrong?”

Ukai found himself standing to his feet and crossing the small office, his hand reaching to close the door behind them before pressing his mouth to their own deeply. His hands found their way into their hair, pulling them closer with all the tenderness he felt in his heart. It was only when they parted that he allowed himself to answer their question. The words ‘I love you’ left him easily and he heart beat erratically inside his chest when he saw their smile spread wide across their face. It was everything he needed. He was forever grateful that they had returned to this place to find their way into his arms.

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What are the 2Ps greatest fears/phobias and how would they react if they were facing it?

2p America: Autophobia, fear of isolation - No.  . .don’t make him face it… it will make him sad…

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2p Canada: Scopophobia, fear of being stared at or looked at - This guy just gets so much anxiety when getting stared at. He feels so uncomfortable being the center of attention.

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2p France: Dentophobia, fear of dentists - “Fuck this shit I’m out.” Oliver has to shove a “cupcake” down his throat to make him pass out so he can get his yearly check up. 

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2p England: Glossophobia, fear of public speaking - He gets so nervous during meetings and stutters when it’s his turn to speak.

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2p Russia: Thalassophobia, fear of the ocean - “WhY Do YoU PeOpLE LiKe IT?!” He is scared of even being near the beach. He is afraid of the tides ripping him apart.

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2p China: Phasmophobia, fear of ghosts - Ever since Japan teamed up with Austria things did not go well with Zao. He is now traumatized.

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2p Germany: Claustrophobia, fear of closed spaces - He feels trapped and like his lungs are about to collapse.

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2p Italy: Coulrophobia, irrational fear of clowns- He will punch you to death if you take him to a circus. He will claw at every clown he sees.

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2p Romano: Musophobia, fear of mice/rats - Will. Scream.

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2p Prussia: Gelotophobia, fear of being laughed at - Do you want to see this bun cry? He will go into the fetal position and cry. No one wants to see that.

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2p Japan: Nosophobia, fear of getting a disease - He is a very neat person and intends to keep it that way. He will have a seizure if he gets sick.

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2p Austria: Necrophobia, fear of death - He sees all the people he summons as spirits and does not want to end up like that.

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2p Spain: Trypanophobia, fear of needles - Any needle. Blame Romano and his sewing tendencies. He will take his chances of getting the flu.

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Always Mine.

- Hanbin x Reader (ft. Monsta X’s Shownu)

- Requested part 3 to Just Go and Please Stay 

- Angst, fluff 

-This is it folks, the last installment of this monstrosity. It only took me 7 months to finish (sorry guys, I lost inspiration for it somewhere in the middle) I’m glad to be able to finish it. Even though it’s not one of the more popular posts I have, I’ve invested a lot of time into the trilogy so I sincerely hope you all enjoy at least some part of this insane journey. Thank you for reading. As always, feedbacks are welcome.

- Despite being the one to initiate the break up, Hanbin finds himself lost without you. All the while, the return of your past life poses an imminent threat that Hanbin knows all too well might be the end of you and him forever.

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Endless streams of clouds floating pass the small window of the private jet fast steading, tearing through the golden rosy sunset sky. Leaning back into the white leather seat, Hanbin nurses the second glass of whatever the hell it was he had grabbed out of the bar in the blur between boarding and stumbling to his seat. He couldn’t really care about anything but you at this moment what’s with the strange cryogenic state your relationship is in as you laid silently in the hospital alone. Whatever could take his throbbing mind off the obvious state of the stale relationship he had ruined will works, nothing seems to matter to him anymore. Watching the amber liquid swirling around the crystal clear pieces of ice, condensation rolling down the crystal glass, old memories flood his senses much more bitter than the taste of poison on his tongue. Against better judgement of the throbbing headache that screams for him to take rest, he let himself drown in the ghost of your memories.

It wasn’t too long after he was abled to call you girlfriend that you had gotten a big promotion at work. To commemorate the occasion and a small reward for your hard work, he took you on a surprise weekend getaway on his jet. The wonder filling your eyes, the cute random questions you’d ask, your curiosity, all if it delighted his excited heart.

“Wait babe, you mean all this time you took business trip, it’s this plane?” You stared around in awe of every tiniest details. Sure you had been in first class on trips with your own company so a bar on the plane isn’t anything new. However, he got a freaking chandelier, a damn chandelier in the stupid plane. If that doesn’t scream extravagant, you were sure you didn’t know what would. 

Your amazement found itself landing on the large leather couch, white just as the rest of the interior and no doubt as heavenly as the one in the living room of his more than spacious house. Hanbin had teasingly winked, whispering sultrily, hot breath fanning the shell of your ear, something about mile-high club and bed when you had stumbled pass it earlier while boarding. Too wrapped up in your own amazement of the overwhelming sight, you hadn’t paid much attention to his words until now. A giant burst of heat and steam erupted on your face the second your brain clicked onto what he had meant, your face redden, way worse than the reddening sky outside.

“Hmm, what’s wrong? I thought you knew?” He peered down at your half amused half impressed expression with just a hint of embarrassment. He caught your pouty lips in his, moulding them perfectly against each other.

“I don’t know.” You giggled hard at the slender fingers prodding at your side. “The thought you of waiting so so “patiently” in line through security, then to get on the plane, then through custom is kind of funny.” Your little air quote gesture pulled a hearty laugh from Hanbin, his eyes lighted up in delight just as it always did from your random little antic. “Now I know why you never minded long trips. You practically brought the comfort of home along with you.”

“Why? cause you think I can’t be patient? I’m offended.” His brows furrowed, his lips pursed in feigned anger but his eyes gave it all away - way too cute to be angry.

“Hey, you say that. Not me. Come on, babe. You were like fuming the other night when we had to wait in line for those donuts you called stupid then ate half the box in one sitting.” 

“Because it IS just some stupid donut. Why do I have to wait in line for that? I could have my chef makes better one for y-” His voice trailed off, expression immediately ceased up at your smugly smirk. Suddenly his words failed him as he scratched his head awkwardly, eyes stared longingly out the passing clouds avoiding your victorious giggle.

“Mmhmm… patient huh?” You flushed your body tight against his, fingers intertwining, seeking for warmth and security. Glancing back at the couch once again, you were sudden very aware of his every movement, from the way he’s rubbing up and down your arms to the soft breath steaming up the skin of your neck. Heat rushing, this burning all over your body as you struggled to keep the stableness in your lungs. “Hanbin, uh… you weren’t serious about the couch being a bed right?” You questioned, trying your best to keep your heart steady although you had an idea he knew you were far from calm from the way he stole that smirk right off your face. No doubts by now he had already felt the erratic drumming of your heart. The devilish mark of his playful side returned, replacing the puppy eyes and pouty lips as he knew once again, he was in full control.

“You’ll see…” He whispered simply before hoisting you up toward the piece of furniture in question. “Just to clarify, I can’t always have comfort of home at my disposal because this cute girl I call girlfriend always refuses to go on business trips with me.”

Everything was adorable in his eyes. You spent most of the rest of the flight staring out the window while snuggling up to his chest, forgotten completely about the objection of him wasting so much money celebrating something as lame as a promotion. You had always felt pale in comparison to your multimillionaire talented CEO boyfriend. What is a measly promotion in contrast with him holding a whole thriving empire under the tips of his fingers. What you didn’t know was his chest swell in pride for being able to love someone so determined, so hard working. Every little achievement, every tiny accomplishment would be a big deal in his eyes and he loves boasting about you any chance he gets.

Something about recalling the past had put a grumble in his stomach, Hanbin stands up stretching his legs before moving toward the small bar hoping for food. A slight upward curve of the lips still prominent on the worn out face sensing the sudden lift in the heaviness of the atmosphere from the sheer remembrance of you alone. He can’t wait to be back next to your side, to hold your hand, to recharge himself. Ultimately, he just wants to be there to ensure your safety once you’re awaken.

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losing a best friend

Lucy, 1/11/2001-11/26/2016

Word Count: 1747
Author: Ashlyn
Request: N/A
Warnings: N/A
Notes: N/A

Duke was 12 years old, almost 13, and both you and Harry knew it was time for him to go. Duke had not been very stable on his legs for a while, thus causing him to fall a lot and scrap himself up.
You two were now headed to the vet, Harry driving while you sat in the back, holding your beloved Akita, both of you had tears streaming down your face. Once you two arrived, Harry carried Duke in and you followed. The veterinarian took you guys back into one of the rooms, and began preparing the IV containing the euthanasia that would end Duke’s life. You and Harry sat on the floor with Duke laying across your laps, both of you stroking his soft fur gently.

“Mr. And Mrs. Potter, would you two like a few minutes alone with Duke?” The nurse quietly asked. You and Harry looked at each other.

“No thank you, I think we want to get this over with,” you managed to croak out.

“Yes ma'am,” the nurse replied, and picked up the razor. She shaved off a patch of fur on Duke’s left hind leg.

“Are you ready?” The nurse questioned. You an Harry nodded. The nurse picked up the needle and inserted the end under Duke’s skin. Duke let out a small whimper as your breath hitched in your throat. You leaned down and kissed Duke’s head as the nurse slowly injected the euthanasia into Duke’s bloodstream. The nurse got up and sat on a stool in the room. After about a minute, you noticed Duke’s breath slowing down, and Harry saw Duke’s soul slowly escaping his body. And just like that, Duke was gone.

Forest was almost 11 years old, and you and Ron were out for your daily afternoon walk. You two were heading home when Forest collapsed. You screamed as his fragile body hit the concrete sidewalk, as you were unsure if he was alive or not. Ron picked up Forest and you two raced home. Ron laid Forest down in his dog bed as you called the vet, who said they were sending a doctor over immediately. Forest’ breathing slowed as you and Ron sat by him, stroking him as you two impatiently waited for the doctor to arrive.

“Hang on Forest, the veterinarian is almost here baby,” you whispered, your voice shattering with every word. Forest’ eyelids slowly started to drop, almost as if he was going to sleep, but you knew he wasn’t. The veterinarian arrived a few minutes later, but it was too late, Forest’ life was gone.

You would’ve never expected Avada to live as long as she had; 14 years. She had outlived the Rottweiler lifespan by 4 years, almost 5. She luckily went peacefully. You and Draco knew she would be gone any day, and tried to keep Avada as comfortable as possible. One morning, you and Draco were in the kitchen. Both of you were drinking your coffee, and waiting for Avada to wake up. But she hadn’t yet, which was quite odd, foreseeing she usually is scratching at the door by 9:00 (a.m.) and it was almost 10:00 (a.m.). You went back to your shared bedroom, which you and Draco currently stayed in since Avada could not go up and down stairs anymore. You were preparing yourself for the worst as you walked into the bedroom. You quietly made your way over to Avada, who was lying in her dog bed. You kneeled in front of her, and that’s when you noticed her stomach was moving. You tried to feel for a breath, or a heart beat, but there was none. You felt a tear escape your eye, as your cried out,

“Draco!” You heard feet hitting the floor as Draco raced down the hall and into the bedroom,

“Are you okay dear?” He asked you.

“Avada, sh-she’s gone,” you replied with a shaky voice. Draco sank down to his knees and wrapped an arm around your shoulder as you cried into his chest. Draco eventually let his tears fall, not caring anymore.

Finn had been a very loyal dog all of his life, and protected you and Fred at all costs. You two thought Finn was invincible, foreseeing all of the hits he had taken while protecting both of you. The death eaters had been after Finn for a while, because he had been the one keeping them from getting to the Weasleys, and the Golden Trio. You and Fred had been walking through Diagon Alley with Finn when you you hear a shout, and a green light shot towards you. You stood like a deer in the headlight and braced yourself for death, but you never felt the hit. You heard Fred scream out Finn’s name, causing you to shoot open your eyes. You looked over at Fred, who was kneeled on the ground, head in his hands, a lifeless Finn in front of him. Finn had just saved your life. You walked over to Fred and kneeled next to him. One hand took ahold of One of Fred’s hands, the other reached out to stroke Finn.

“I can’t believe I almost lost you, and I’m so happy your okay, but I can’t believe it costs Finn’s life,” Fred croaked out. You two stayed there, kneeled in the alley, cuddling your deceased dog, until George eventually found you two. The news spread quickly, everyone grieved for days, but you knew that Finn will always watch over everyone.

Spirit was an old lady, almost 14 years old. She had been having issues walking lately, but eventually it became too much. You and George had been cleaning to house, and you were in the kitchen, trying not to slip since the floor was still wet from mopping, when Spirit came wobbling in. You two didn’t notice her until you heard a faint cracking and a whimper. You whipped your head about to find Spirit lying on the floor, whimpering loudly.

“George!” You yelled, and George raced into the kitchen.

“W-what happened babe?”

“Spirit, she fell, and I think she may have broken something.” George picked up Spirit and you two went out to the car and sped over to the vet. You and George rushed into the vet, George holding Spirit while you explained to the doctor what happened. They took Spirit back for examination, and you and George sat in the waiting room for about 30 minutes, until the doctor came back out.

“Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, I’m so sorry, but Spirit broke her hip, and we will not be able to fix it. You can either put her down now, or let her live out her last few days.” You and George spoke for a few minutes, before coming to a decision.

“Let’s put her down now, (Y/N) and I don’t think we could stand to watch Spirit suffer.”

“Very well, follow me back to the exam room.” And with that, you and George walked back, hand in hand, seeing your beloved dog for the last time.

Amor had been very sick lately and was not doing well. She was constantly throwing up and was getting weaker by the day. One night, it was way worse then it had ever been. Amor had begun to throw up blood. You and Neville knew it was time, but didn’t want to put her threw a car travel. So Neville phoned the veterinarian while you sat with Amor in your shared bedroom. The doctor arrived within the next 30 minutes, and examined Amor. He then began to prepare the syringe with the “death serum”. He shaved Amor’s back right leg and inserted the needle into her skin. He pushed the contents of the syringe into her bloodstream, and just like that, she was gone.

Chance had always struggled. When he was just 3 months old, he had his left hind leg amputated due to an infection. Everything was fine for years, until the veterinarian found a cancerous tumor during a yearly check up. Unfortunately, they found the tumor to late, and Chance was limited on time. A few months later, you and Seamus had been cuddling on the couch, watching a movie, when you went to go check on Chance. That’s when you discovered he had passed in a sleep. You ran out to the living room to give Seamus the news.

“Se-Seamus, Chance, h-he’s g-gone…” You told him with a shaky voice. You two slowly walked back to your shared bedroom, tears streaming down your face, seeing your best friend for the last time.

Lance was a very big dog, and, sadly, dogs his size don’t live very long. Lance lived to be 12 years old, which is pretty decent for a dog his size. You and Oliver had gone on holiday and boarded Lance at the vet. A few days before you returned, Oliver got an owl from the veterinarian saying Lance had passed in his sleep. You and Oliver returned home early to see Lance one last time before he was buried. After an autopsy (can they do autopsies on dogs? If they can’t pretend), the doctors discovered that Lance had a heart attack while he was sleeping. The doctors informed you he was not in pain when he passed due to him sleeping.

Beast was a very hyper dog and loved to play and get attention. Beast was about 9 years old when him and Marcus were at the park. There was one other man there who was in a dark hood which covered his face. He had been watching Marcus and Beast the entire time, and, of course, Marcus had noticed him, and made sure to keep a close eye on him. What Marcus didn’t notice was the hooded man get up and slowly approach him. The man slowly raised his wand, and right as Marcus noticed him, the man shouted, “Avada Kedavra!” But, instead of hitting his target, Marcus, he hit Beast, who immediately feel to the ground, lifeless. It was like something in Marcus snapped, his eyes filled with rage, as hot tears raced down his cheeks. He took five big steps over to the mystery man, and snapped his neck. He then walked back over to Beast and picked him up, cradling his deceased body in his arms as he slowly walked home.

Dauntless: I Can't Stop (Part 3)

Eric x OC

Warnings: language

“Jackson and Peter are still missing, lost somewhere in the factionless district.”


“We need to retrieve them, see what information we can gather.”

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I’ve been seeing on my Facebook wall people comparing guns to cars. they’re saying that with proper training, they aren’t dangerous.

well. ok, sure, let’s go with that. but let’s take it a bit further.

mandatory gun training in public schools, then an exhaustive test before you’re permitted a license and you can’t buy a gun without a license. if you’re caught using a gun without a license, your guns are taken away and you’re slapped with a heavy fine and possible jail time.

nation wide registry for all guns. and let’s modernize this registry, too. make it actually useful instead of the building full of un-indexed boxes that is is now. if you buy a gun, you’re registered. if you move, you need to update your registry. buy another gun? another entry in the database.

keep military grade weapons out of the hands of civilians. but they’re fuuuun, you proclaim! I’m sure tanks are too, but you don’t see any of those driving around. there is no legitimate reason why a person should have access to semi-automatic weapons.

well maybe, you say, but people can modify weapons to shoot faster. cool. people can also modify cars to do certain things. yes, I’m aware people do it, but if they’re caught, they’re fined, jailed, or their vehicle is taken away.

but how will we know if a gun has been modified, you cry! certainly that’s an invasion of privacy. yanno, there are areas of this country that mandate vehicles get checked out to make sure they meet smog requirements. let’s make yearly check-ups for guns a thing, too.

but megan, what about the second amendment!! surely we have the right to bear arms??

read that again, buck-o. it states a well-armed militia. one guy owing 33 guns is not a militia.

if states, counties, cities want their own militia, fine. keep the military weapons at a bunker and don’t let random people have access.

we didn’t used to regulate vehicles, but now we do because hey guess what. they’re dangerous. shocker!

there’s no perfect solution. I get that. but holy jeeze people… something needs to be done.

The Beginning - My Fibroid & Hysterectomy Journey

Back in 2009 during my yearly medical check-up doctor found a fibroid about 3.3cm x 4.5cm x 2.1cm, his advised was no action unless I have heavy bleeding. Fast forward to August 2016 I’ve been having various bladder issues and doctor thought it was just UTI. And then in Helsinki on 28 March 2017 I’ve experienced it again where my bladder was so full but I cannot empty it until two hours later. It was uncomfortable and painful.

Two days after returning from Helsinki, while lying on the bed I noticed a bulge on right side of lower abs. A pelvis ultrasound the next day showed a massive fibroid 10.7cm x 10.3cm x 10cm ….this huge mass has been pressing on my bladder. I had no idea this was growing inside me as my menstrual cycle is regular with normal flow. And here I thought that the swollen lower abs was part of my age even though I exercise regularly three times a week.

On one hand it’s good that there’s confirmation something was off, but on the other hand the anxiety kicked in when the gynecology advised radical hysterectomy. They want to remove my ovaries, but why? The scan showed they are clear and I’m not ready to go into menopause.  I researched all the treatment options, talked to friends and received suggestions for second opinion.

Finally on 30-June, the decision was hysterectomy removing the fibroid, womb and fallopian tubes. I’m still worried but at least they are keeping the ovaries and I’m not going into menopause immediately. Last weekend, I’ve prepared my home and checklist of items I will bring to the hospital etc. On 10-July I went for pre-admission test to prepare for the surgery scheduled on 1-Aug. Doctor also did a bladder and kidney scan on 11-July, results showed an enlargement to the organs as a result of prolonged over-filling which requires a separate follow-up after the surgery. He also asked me to immediately go to emergency department if I cannot release when my bladder is full.

The surgery procedure itself due to the fibroid size would be a horizontal incision, just like a caesarean. I’m preparing myself by eating healthily, continuing exercise and have enough sleep to be in a good health for the surgery and recovery. Hoping all goes well and I’ll be able to see Yuzu in PyeongChang.