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before the yearly anti-fourth of july posts start coming out because nobody on tumblr can have any fun apparently let me say I’m aware of all the problems with america and every other day I will be crying about the state of my country but tomorrow I’m gonna eat 50 hotdogs and dress up like a bald eagle because I would like to have one day to celebrate the things about america that I do still enjoy please leave me and my cognitive dissonance alone tomorrow

Double Your Word Count: A Sprint Game

I cannot take credit for this idea–I read it somewhere on the NaNo forums last year, and since they’re wiped yearly the post I saw is long gone. Someone awesome who isn’t me came up with this, but I love it and want to share it.

Here’s what you do:

Set a timer for 5 minutes and sprint. Record your word count–I played this morning and got 188 words.

Okay, double that to set your goal for the next sprint, 10 minutes. I needed 376 words; I actually wrote 481. Go me!

Double that (my new goal is 962) and do a 20-minute sprint. Oops! I failed the first time, and only wrote 870 words.

If you fail at the goal, you have to try again instead of doubling. My second try: a measly 737. I was getting tired.

I took a break and did some tumblring, then tried a third time.

After a while, I realized I hadn’t actually started my timer, when I thought “Shouldn’t it have gone off by now?” and saw it sitting at 0:00.

But I’d written 1,443 more words, bringing my total for the day to almost 4K. Success, even if I wasn’t actually playing the game anymore.

(If I had reached that goal, the next step would be to double it and do a 40-minute sprint–I’ve tried that twice before and never managed to make it. Fatigue sets in for me, and my most effective writing-time length seems to be 15-20 minutes max, if I’m going for speed. Give it a try, certainly, to see if it works for you!)


Glitch Effect Tutorial

ayyeee here’s a tutorial no one asked for made this for college assignment, but i hope someone will find this useful! >w< (original drawing)

Hey guys, this is GRACE (dearmyjimin), your resident Jungkook and Jimin stan. My blog has just hit it’s first-year anniversary and I wanted to start a series of yearly follow forever posts that serve as both a personal compilation of some fav graphics of my own (so that I can track how much I’ve grown as a designer), as well as to thank everyone who has helped me in one way or another. Each and every creation was made possible because of all the support I received. I wish to thank those who follow and support me, my lovely mutuals and friends who encourage me and all the blogs I follow for decorating my dash with amazing content. I am proud to be an ARMY and to stan 7 Kings who are the sources of inspiration behind my creations ♡

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12.08.17 It’s been some time since I posted something here. My old bullet journal is falling apart and that’s why I could start a new one. I can finally use plain moleskine notebook. Here’s a little preview of what is inside. I’m more active on my studygram account, so if you’re interested to see more photos of my bujo and notes, check it out. :)

Studygram - angistudies

anonymous asked:

I'd love to be as organized as you! You seem to have everything under control, and I so do admire that. Do you have a masterpost of all your printables? I'm looking for the weekly study schedule one. 💙💖✨ much love

Hi! I’m sure you can be organised too! Here is a list:

If you have any other suggestions, please let me know x

It’s once again Time for my yearly Update

I’ve been on Tumblr for two years now. Yes, a shock and a shame since this place is clearly a mess. But I think is a great place to keep track of my artwork and other shenanigans. In case you’re curious about my first year of digital art >> here's the post << I did for it.

Now did I make progress this past 12 months? I’m gonna say yes. My first art piece I posted was this piece showing me and my new(at the time) friend Cabbage which I posted on May 4, 2016.

I mean its, not a terrible artpiece all things considered but there are a lot of elements in it that make me cringe now.(I still LOVE wHy I made it THO)

Now on to the ones I am proud of and worked hard on:

May 25 (spent two days on this one)

June 24(I spent nearly an entire week to get this one right)

November 8 (my first post to hit 1000 notes)

February 11(my first comic not very good flow but ehhh)

March 8(my first post to hit 2000 also I love my Altean Lance au)

April 23 (My most recent piece, took me about 3-4 hours)

Yep, I’d say I’ve made a bit of progress. Thanks to everyone who has appreciated and supported me and my work. It’s been a long ride this past year but I hope the next year challenges me even more.

i’m feeling a little sap, so i just wanted to make this post to tell you guys thank you.

i’ve been writing fic on this godforsaken website for 5 years now. first joshifer, then everlark, now japril. and no matter which fandom i write for, i’m always welcomed so warmly. encouraged so passionately!! and you guys really care about the stories i have to tell.

i’ve also made some amazing, lifelong friends from my experience with writing fanfic. friends from different walks of life and parts of the world that i would have never encountered otherwise. i just think it’s pretty cool that fandom can bring people together like that.

i just wanted to say this because you guys have always been so loyal to me. and i want you to know how much i value you! i think about it every day; that even though i write all this stuff for free, i honestly and genuinely enjoy it so much. and that’s enough for me.

and i’m so glad you enjoy it too. ❤️

anonymous asked:

Hi, I really want to know how can I downland or print the scheduls, planer, calanders... Thank you

Hi! Each printable has instructions underneath and links to download them. I’ll add the links to this post so you can find them again. Just click the name, scroll down and follow the steps x

My Etsy shop has a lot of options such as full student planners, reading journals and legs, etc! x

it’s that time of the year again, my dear friends - madeleine’s yearly follow forever/blog appreciation post/blog recommendations is here!! this year I’ve carefully picked out a bunch of talented content creators that I adore and highly suggest you to check out! I’ve also added my beloved mutuals and other blogs that I’m currently loving. These are all active blogs and they all post/reblog top quality content, enjoy! :)

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