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Addressing PETA’s Anti-Wool Campaign

Fair warning, the picture PETA published, which I will be including, is gory and bloody.

So here we go.

A few weeks ago, I first saw this PETA campaign picture:

As someone who works with sheep and shears sheep to pay for extra expenses, I was outraged. I had no clue what they did to that poor lamb (Found out its a foam replica). Besides the fact that it looks too small to shear, it looks like someone took a chain saw to it, or it was skinned not sheared.

So I wanted to address this. In shearing a sheep, goat, cow, or pig, you do not want to cut the animal. If its done right, you will not cut the animal. I know its hard not to let nicks happen. Animals move, jump, and flinch. Most shearers take very good care of their animals. If I, for example as a shearer, cut up the sheep I’ve been assigned to shear to the point where they have open and bleeding cuts, I would not be asked back. I would not have another job. Word gets around fast about shearers that hurt and cut up the sheep. Several years ago, there was a group of guys that sheared sheep for the members of the local herding dog club. They mishandled sheep and just moved speedily through them, leaving ewes bloody and stressed. You wanna know what happened to that group? They’re no longer in business. They don’t shear because word got around that they mishandled the animals.

I will say, shearing sheep is a tiring job that will leave you sore at the end of the day, no matter if you do one sheep or one hundred. I only average 3-6 sheep a day, so I have to give it to any shearer that shears whole herds in a day, from 30-100. Its hard work, but they do a good job.

Shearing, in its process, is simple. You restrain the sheep, either by setting it on its rear off its feet or tying it to the fence. You have to restrain the sheep or you could injure it if it tries to run or squirm. You then use a set of shears, manual or electric, to shave off the hair. Its just like how we shave, but we use a razor. Sheep are not hurt, and the process can be from a few minutes to an hour (like me). Shearers are paid by the quantity of sheep (usually) not the hours of work. This means that the shearers can spend the time to make sure the sheep get sheared right.

Below, I’m posting some pictures of what sheep really look like after they’ve been sheared:

These are from two different herds that I helped with this past spring. It was a relief for these sheep to be sheared.

But why do we shear sheep?

We sheer sheep for a variety of reasons. For the number one reason, its to remove the hair from the sheep. Sheep started as being used for wool and meat. Early sheep farmers cut off the sheep’s wool to be used for clothing, bedding, and other clothe items that came with eating the sheep too.

Now, farms that raise sheep for anything but wool or hair production, we shear the sheep to keep them comfortable. Where I’m from and where I go to college now, its not unusual for temperatures to be over 100 degrees F for the majority of the day, sheep with a full coat of wool/hair are miserable! It can also be deadly. They can’t cool down like they should and are very susceptible to over heating and heat stroke. That’s why we shear in the spring, before it gets too hot. It also allows the sheep to grow a little bit of wool back to act as sunscreen. We also shear off the wool/hair yearly to keep sheep clean. As sheep poop and pee, it gets on their wool/hair. As their wool/hair grows, it can cover up the sheep’s back end, and eventually, the anus of the sheep. That will make it very easy for bacteria to get back up into the sheep’s body and make them sick or even kill them.

So in conclusion, this sums up my point:

Shearing the sheep doesn’t hurt it. It certainly doesn’t kill the sheep. Its actually beneficial for the sheep to be sheared.

Humans are weird

So one of the things I’ve yet to see is humans need for 57828085 new starts.

“Hey Fjf'h, next time we’re near a Temple of Junar can we stop? I have some things to donate”

“ah yes Human Steve, I noticed you sorting through your belongings”

“it’s almost New Years on earth, and there’s a tradition of getting rid of unnecessary things so that the next year will be a good one”

“well, a tradition of yearly cleaning and donation seems nice. Of course we’ll stop Human Steve”

*a few lunar cycles later*

“Human Steve, I see you are cleaning again. I was under the impression that the Earth solar cycle was longer?”

“oh, it is. But it’s Spring where I’m from on earth, and my family has been sending me pictures of flowers and budding trees and seeing everything look so new and fresh on earth made me want to have a fresh start too”

“oh. Well, as long as it brings you satisfaction.”

*a few MORE lunar cycles later*

“Human Steve, I see you are baking some of your Earth Specialities. Is there an important date approaching?”

“well not everyone on earth celebrates the new year at the same time, and my religion uses a calendar where it occurs in the early fall. So I’m making sweetened treats so that the next year will be sweet.”


*after a recent mission to other world*


“sorry Fjf'h, it’s incense. Since the mission to Reda'a didn’t exactly,,, go as planned,,,, I’ve been wanting to clean up and try for a fresh start, and since the local moon is in the dark part of its cycle, i figured it was a good time”

Humans use everything as a reason for a new start. Sunrise? Fresh start. Sunset? Fresh start. Trees gain leaves, lose leaves, or produce fruit? Fresh start. Moon does ANYTHING? FRESH START.

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Prompt where maybe Nico finds an old photograph or something of his mother in a gift shop? Or maybe a WWII photograph of, like, his mother's siblings or his cousins being released from a concentration camp or an image of Maria Bianca and Nico in a crowd trying to flee ITaly? (I ship Maria being from a Jewish family as more reason for them to need to escape) IDK. Id really like if you did something to this extant.

I went with the last one

“Hey, Nico,” Will walked over to where Nico was shuffling through a box that contained mostly smaller boxes in it, with dust so thick it was impossible not to sneeze. “Look at these old pictures I found.” Somehow, Nico and Will had been tasked with the bi-yearly chore of cleaning out the attic of the Big House, throwing away things that had been tossed up there for no particular reason, and making sure that the things that should stay locked away were still locked away.

They hadn’t really found much of anything of interest, other than a few old books, until Will found a stack of old photos, all of them in black and white and fading around the edges. Nico put the lid back on his box, standing up straight and popping the joints in his knees that had gone stiff from kneeling for so long. “I think they’re mostly from the Second World War. The people in the pictures look German. Not that I’ve ever been very good at distinguishing Europeans.” Will handed the photos to Nico so he could shuffle through them.

Will was right about the first picture, it was a photograph of a handful of German soldiers sitting on a low bank wall in front of a building, all decked out in their uniforms, smiling. Nico had to resist the urge to rip the picture. Those soldiers had killed so many people, who were they to look so happy? Nico shuffled through a few pictures like that, soldiers laughing and smiling. “Kind of reminds you that they were still just people, huh?” Will spoke softly over Nico’s shoulder. “Following orders.” Nico didn’t quite see it that way, but he understood how Will could.

Nico flipped to another photo that caught his eye. There was a large group of people that looked like they were fleeing, all bunched together. Nico could almost hear their shouts and pleas. They were probably trying to board a boat to leave their country. Nico scanned the faces of the people in the picture almost lazily, wondering where the people were trying to flee from.

He had never expected to recognize anyone.

His breath caught in his throat at the sight of a floppy hat that Nico knew was an olive green color, despite the saturation from the picture. Nico’s knees threatened to give out the longer he stared at the girl in the picture, whishing she would turn around. In her arms was a small boy, perhaps half Nico’s age. Nico knew that the boy was carrying a small wooden cross, despite the unclarity of the picture. Nico could still feel the press of the cross in his palm, the way his sweat made it slick as he clung to it for dear life. There was a tall, proud Italian woman behind the children, ushering the forward at a quick pace while she kept her head down.

Distantly, he heard the blow of a steam whistle, signifying that whoever was still on the dock better get on the boat or risk being left behind in a fascist regimen. Nico felt himself shake as Maria pushed her children onto the boat in front of her, occupying the last open spot before the sailors pulled up the board that connected the boat to the dock.

“Nico?” Will called softly. “Is everything okay?” Nico closed his eyes for a moment, smelling the salty air of the ocean before he let out a long breath and opened his eyes, unsurprised to find them damp with tears.

He looked at Will before he whispered, “it’s us. It’s Mama and Bianca.”

I liked the style of this fic

A great example of why your pets need periodic oral exams under anesthesia. This cat had no tartar and no obvious dental problems when awake. Under anesthesia, however, a dental explorer probe can be inserted 6 millimeters into a deep periodontal pocket along the canine tooth. Dental radiographs showed bone loss and the tooth was extracted. There is no way to see this type of lesion with your naked eye in an awake pet!

For small dogs and cats a yearly cleaning and oral exam with dental x-rays should be the minimum. Larger dogs may need deep cleanings only every 2-3 years as their teeth are generally healthier. However some Yorkies may need cleaning every 3-6 months to preserve their teeth; same with greyhounds. Breed and individual differences do exist but generally, you should plan to do this regularly to catch problems before they bother the pet, and to maintain the health of normal teeth.

Fully grown

Marking ceremonies are supposed to be just that: ceremonies. And in other parts of the world they are. Stiles has seen the pictures of little girls in white dresses, boys in their first ever suit and tie and the occasional other way round. He’s seen the video of the – actually pretty creepy – mass marking ceremonies with 500 children lining up to discover the name of their intended.

There are also more free-spirited ‘communing with nature’ ceremonies where you run in a circle and piss against a tree. Or possibly the other way round, Stiles had been distracted by the pictures of very naked bodies when he looked those up.

The latter is obviously belonging to the bunch of ceremonies catered towards adults, but most people get marked as children. The traditional age to perform the ceremony is five years, with an optional repeat every five years if no name appears. That might happen because your soulmate simply hasn’t been born yet – which is generally the case, but it might also be because you actually don’t have a soulmate. The system isn’t foolproof.

Scott’s mom is the perfect example for that. She didn’t get a full mark, just a last name – McCall. When she met Agent McCall – not that he was an agent yet then, patching him up in the ER, it all seemed to make sense. Well, Agent McCall, or, as Stiles likes to call him, Agent Dick, is no longer in the picture and Mrs McCall’s mark definitely wasn’t for him. Whenever talk turns towards soulmate marks, she always presses a kiss into Scott’s hair and says that he was the McCall her soul was waiting for the whole time. Scott always blushes but never fails to hug her back anyways. Though she seems to have made her peace with her mark, Melissa never took Scott to have his mark revealed. When he asked her about it one, she said that she wanted him to be free, in mind, heart, and body.

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Hi everyone!

I will be moving to Australia in the next three months and I, very unfortunately, cannot bring my cats with me. I am hoping that someone in the New Jersey, USA area would like one or two cats (they don’t have to go together).

The orange one is named Marmalade Fuego. He is a very sweet, energetic orange male tabby. He is estimated to be 3-6 years old. Marmalade is the kind of cat that wants to curl up on your lap, play with your yarn, and steal some of your food. If you want a cat that will be loyal to you and always by your side (or on top of you) then this is the cat for you! Marmalade is missing some teeth due to his FIV status. FIV is Feline immunodefiency virus. It is not transferable to humans or to dogs. The only way it can be transmitted to other cats is through deep puncture wounds. Because of his illness, he will need yearly veterinary exams and yearly dental cleanings.

The black one is Midnight Thunder. Midnight is a gentle, sleepy kind of cat. He is estimated to be three years old. He is a very sweet cat who wants attention at his own pace. He will come to you for affection and he will sleep with you, but most of the time he prefers to be independent. If you want a cat that you do not have to be with 24/7, then Midnight is the cat for you! Midnight is missing some teeth due to his FIV status. FIV is Feline immunodefiency virus. It is not transferable to humans or to dogs. The only way it can be transmitted to other cats is through deep puncture wounds. Because of his illness, he will need yearly veterinary exams and yearly dental cleanings.

These two cats can go separately or together. They do play fight but they get along well and groom each other. Please contact me through pm for further details. Thank you!

Hello dear person.

I really appreciate the harsh judgment of yours without even know a single thing behind the photo and the owner. 

To respond, yes it is a fucking fox, and a fucking wild animal. And I am a person who worked for 4 years in a sanctuary hosting injured/abandoned or genetically deformed (blind, deaf, nerve issues) kits and offered them a place to stay, and live as long their situation allowed to them to live. The luckier ones were in track to release them once they grow with minimal human interact.

This dumb idiot - alias me - were cleaning their enclosure, preparing their diet, bath if they were in that horrible condition they had to be bathed, carry them to the vet, fight for their lives while they still had the chance to survive. This one girl having troubles with her stomach and in a controlled diet observed by me and also her appointed vet regularly. 

She was not the lucky one to get released in the wild like some others, but - this dumb idiot took her in and this dumb idiot got the chance to raise her with special daily care at their household. This dumb idiot invested like 700$+ for a proper enclosure with everything inside she would need, weekly cleaning it - yearly changing the entire ground under her and given up on any vacation plans to make sure she will be looked after while she still among the living.

And this is about 2 years long by now and she is full of health and activity. 

This dumb person wants to believe that that by now 6 years working with foxes, 4 years even under a shelter is enough research to prove that I am “worthy”. 


Alternative title: THE BIG ASS CLEANING POST.


Okay, so spring cleaning is a thing due to the fact that we all try to stay inside as much as possible during winter. Projects pile up, cleaning gets done less (outside of the winter holidays, of course), and well… everything gets dusty. It’s awful.

So what are we to do? SPRING CLEANING. Now, lots of people look at their house and go “but Kamonra, there is so much to doooo!!!” THAT’S OKAY. WE’RE GONNA GET THROUGH THIS TOGETHER.

We’re gonna lay down some simple rules, processes, and products you can use to get your house clean. Like super clean. We’re gonna scare your friends with this cleanliness.


1) Pick up the extra crap first: You can’t vacuum without getting everything off the floor beforehand. Pick up your laundry and get that shit in a basket. Throw out papers, receipts, wrappers, bits and bobs that hide behind your bed or desk or just happen to be in the corner. Anything important goes in the BOX. What is the box? The box is the thing that holds all the stuff that will get put in its proper place in the end. Keep the box with you as you move through rooms, and put everything in its place at the end of your sweep of each room. 

2) Work from top to bottom: Why? Because dust and dirt falls down. Dust the ceiling with a broom covered with a pillowcase, then dust shelves, then dust lower, ending with running your vacuum cleaner with the windows open (because trust me, you’re gonna want that breeze if you’re cleaning right. You will need a long, hot shower by the end of your cleaning session).

3) Don’t be afraid of chemicals: Seriously. Use spray cleaners wherever you can to shorten the length of time it takes to get stains, caked on crud, and goo off of things. Spray, then walk away. Do something else in another room while those chemicals get to work, then scrub off with a brush, cloth, or brillo pad after at least 5 minutes have passed. Note: Unless you seriously know what you’re doing, DON’T MIX CLEANERS. Just don’t.

4.) Take breaks: Don’t get into the cycle of “clean one thing, break”, but don’t try to do everything in one go without pausing to take a breath or get a drink. You’ll end up sore and exhausted. Take 10 minutes out of every hour to stop, sit, have a glass of water, have a smoke, whatever it is that makes you feel better. If you do this, you can clean more, for a longer period of time, and it’ll feel a lot less like work.

5.) Music is your best friend: Pop in the headphones while you’re cleaning, or turn the radio up- whatever suits your living situation. Put on high energy music, and keep up with the beat, if you can. This makes cleaning a lot more enjoyable.

6.) Once you’re done, keep up with your work: Don’t do one super deep clean, and then expect it to stay that way forever. You’re going to have to keep in the habit of doing a bit here and there. If you spot clean one time a day for 15 minutes, you’ll find your once a week/month/quarter/year deep clean will go a lot easier next time.


L.A.’s totally awesome Orange All Purpose Degreaser: This is a U.S. Off brand degreaser found at most dollar stores. It’s in a bright orange spray bottle, and pretty easy to find. Buy 10. Yes, 10. This stuff is totally worth having 10 of. Spray this on your counters, your sink, your bathtub and toilet, on plastic things, on ceramic, on tile, on linoleum, your refrigerator, your walls. Almost anything- except wood and fabric. Spray it, let it sit, and wipe all the crap right off. If you’re a smoker, this takes tar off of walls, tiles, even the backsplash in the kitchen that’s caked with grease and tar. Between wipes, rinse your rag off with hot water. Note: This stuff is pretty potent, but does not need diluting. It does, however smell of death. Keep your windows open if you can.

Ammonia: Ammonia is awesome shit, but use it very sparingly. Get caked on stuff of your pots/pans/stove burners by piling up your pans and things in a garbage bag, adding 1/4c. of ammonia straight into the bag, then sealing it up tight and leaving it overnight. The next morning, rinse all pots and pans, and use a little elbow grease to get any stubborn spots out. Toss out the garbage bag. Bam, sparkly everything!

Vinegar: I love vinegar. Mix it 50/50 with water for a spot free window washing fluid, or to clean out your coffee pot (pour into water reservoir, run once, run again, rinse out and run water only), or wipe things (like walls) with straight vinegar to get rid of lingering smells (I’m talking to you, smokers).

Baking Soda: Baking soda is magic. It absorbs odors in the fridge, on the carpet, in any fabric, and it helps suck up spilled things. Buy like 10 boxes of baking soda, and sprinkle on  your carpet before vacuuming to refresh the fibers and loosen up dirt, while absorbing all the crap that makes the room smell less than fresh. Sprinkle on your mattress, then vacuum it off to help with any body smells, or dirt. Put a new open box in your fridge, and one in the freezer. Put one in your pantry. Use baking soda to help clean and shine your sink, or as a gentler version of barkeepers friend. Put some in the catbox and mix it with the litter for a less smelly box of sand and poo. Dump some down the drain, then add vinegar to help clear out any blockages in your sink.


1.) Blinds get dirty, clean all of them: Your blinds get filthy, and they’re a nightmare to clean. On the first warm, sunny day. Get all the blinds and put them in the bathtub. Add some degreaser, fill the tub with water as hot as you can get, and let it. After some time, go back and wipe down anything stuck on. Take a clean towel and pat them semi-dry, then take them outside to dry in the sun. Perfect white plastic blinds, easy.

2.) Fans are gross, but so is a shower of dust: Is your ceiling fan caked with dust? Probably- but that whole pillowcase thing is a load of crap. You end up with a dirty pillowcase and dust on the floor. Get your vacuum- y'know, the one with the attachments? Get up on a chair and suck all that nasty stuff off. Scrub with the brush attachment to work any small bits loose. Done.

3.) Feeling overwhelmed? Outsource: I don’t mean hire a maid, but find a pile of friends who also need their house cleaned. Have them come over to help you, then you come over to help them later that day, or next weekend, or whatever. Work as a team to get things done better.

4.) Always keep your arsenal on you: When you clean, keep either a cleaning bucket, basket, or apron on you. Put your supplies in the bucket, basket, or apron, and carry them as you go. Then you’re not going back to the supply cabinet every 5 minutes for something new. Don’t have a bucket, basket, or apron? All three are available at the dollar store. I like buckets best, because I can hang the spray cleaners around the lip of the bucket, while still hauling a half-gallon of hot water and a rag around with me.

5.) If you have hard wood floors, wash them by hand: If they’re treated, use whatever your flooring guy recommends. If you have old old old hardwood floors that are in serious need of cleaning (like I did when I moved), use hot water, murphys oil soap, and a soft rag, going board by board. Wash quickly, and dry with a clean, dry rag. If there are gaps, use a clean vegetable brush that is just barely moist to work out the dirt and grime. If they’re in really bad condition (also like mine), use mayonnaise or an oil/beeswax mixture to treat the wood. Just make sure to hand buff, and ensure it’s not too slippery to walk on.

I’m sure there’s more I didn’t cover. But that’s my bigass cleaning post for now. Happy Spring cleaning!

Dean after Dentist

Guess who went to the dentist yesterday? (Also on AO3)

One of the unexpected little benefits of having the Bunker as a base of operations is that they’ve actually got a hometown now. That means they have a “family doctor” – a local practice they can go to for all of their checkups and routine concerns (i.e. not the bullet wounds or the mysterious claw marks). They’ve even found a dentist that they both like.

Pre-Bunker, they couldn’t exactly follow a consistent program of dental checkups and twice-yearly cleanings. Dad made sure they brushed and flossed every night, and the Winchester genes must confer some pretty strong teeth because neither of them has ever needed any major work. But life on the road meant that, on the rare occasion when one of them did get a toothache, it was luck of the draw – pull a name out of the phone book in the motel room and head to a random office for a quick drill-and-fill.

Dentist-wise, they’ve both been to some real sons of bitches over the years – sadists to rival any of the monsters they’ve faced. It may be funny to think about two tough hunters, manly men who have literally faced the unimaginable and done actual time in Hell, being scared of going to the dentist’s office. Yeah, it’s funny, but it’s also a little bit true.

So they’re both really glad that this guy, Dr. Foster, right in downtown Lebanon, is gentle and patient and liberal with the laughing gas. The names on their health insurance cards may be Michael and Rudolf Schenker, but it still feels like everyone knows them in the office. It’s kind of a good feeling.

Dean had his checkup and cleaning today and he’s in a pretty cheery mood. It’s just nice to go in there a couple times a year and be treated like a regular guy, get warm smiles from the receptionist and flirty winks from the hygienist (his name is Danny, and Dean likes his blue eyes). It’s also nice to feel like he’s actually taking care of his body for a change, a little something to count against the way he gets thrown around and bashed to hell in his “day job”.

Plus, he kind of loves the way his mouth feels after a cleaning. His teeth are so smooth and he just can’t stop running his tongue over them. He can always make Sam laugh when he does it, closing his eyes and exaggeratedly swiping his tongue along his incisors, moaning “mmmmm” like a chick in a bad toothpaste commercial. After he’s done it three times in twenty minutes, though, Sam is threatening to throw a pillow at him if he does it again, so Dean goes to find Cas. Despite Metatron’s total-culture-download, Cas never rolls his eyes at Dean’s silly jokes. Maybe that’s because Dean is clever enough to create devastatingly unique and irresistible witticisms, or maybe Cas is just a little fond of him in general.

Dean shakes off that line of thought before it wanders too far down the path in his brain marked “don’t think about Castiel that way.” He knows where the boundaries are in their relationship; they’re friends, comrades, and Dean doesn’t think about words like “fondness” or… anything else like that when he thinks about his friend.

He forces his mind to clear and ambles into the library. Cas is in the corner, sitting on one of the overstuffed chairs. There’s a thick book in his lap and one of his feet is tucked up under him. His posture is relaxed and he just… He looks like he belongs there. Dean is so happy that Cas has moved in permanently, made the Bunker his home base, too.

He clears his throat to get Cas’ attention, grinning widely at how good he feels right now. Cas flicks his eyes up and meets his gaze. Dean’s heart speeds up a little, the way it always does when their eyes lock on to each other. He clears his throat again, happiness fizzing beneath his skin.

“Check it out, Cas! I went to the dentist today, got my teeth cleaned, and they’re sooooo smoooooth!”

He does the toothpaste-commercial routine, hamming it up all the way with a big sultry “mmmmmm” like he’s a bad porn star, but Cas doesn’t laugh; his eyes turn dark and his attention zeroes in on Dean’s mouth. Dean blushes a little, feeling like his joke got off track somehow.

The slight feeling of embarrassment kicks his brain offline and he starts babbling, explaining about the importance of going to the dentist and getting regular checkups, and how glad he and Sam are to have found Dr. Foster. He digresses into a rambling rundown of everything that happens at a checkup, and how great it is to have his teeth feel all clean and fresh afterwards.

He runs his tongue over them again and says, “Cas, man, you should feel this.”

And he meant

He meant that Cas should make a dentist appointment. He meant that Cas should experience the joys of a mouthful of clean teeth. His own mouth. His own teeth. Dean swears that is what he meant.

That’s not what he said, though. And it’s clearly not the message that Cas got, either, because two heartbeats later his arms are full of fallen angel and there’s another tongue in his mouth besides his own and Cas is working on getting a very thorough idea of exactly how smooth Dean’s nice clean teeth are. He also seems to be intent on finding out what Dean’s tonsils taste like. Dean can’t say he is at all opposed to this mission.

If Dean’s brain went offline before, it just about flatlines now. It takes ten seconds or so for it to process the situation and command his limbs to respond, at which point he gets one hand tangled in Cas’ hair and the other pressing in at the small of his back, pulling his friend’s body closer. His mouth comes alive into the kiss and his tongue starts doing some exploring of its own.

They’re standing in the middle of the library, entangled, panting, lip-locked to within an inch of their lives. Cas is making these amazing little whimpers in the back of his throat, and Dean realizes that he needs to reevaluate his assumptions about the boundaries of their relationship.

It just about kills him to do it, but he pulls back a little bit. Their mouths part, the kiss breaks, and Cas’ eyes drift open. The desperate look on his flushed face, his lips plump and wet, his pupils dilated – it’s the most enticing thing Dean’s ever seen. It takes every scrap of his strength to do it, but he does not pull those luscious lips immediately back against his. Instead he takes a deep breath, wraps Cas’ hand in his own, and tugs him briskly down the hall to his room. Time to use his nice clean mouth to dirty his angel up.

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Ok, So I was thinking about the Tiny Apartment verse, and how much I love reading those ficlets. I thought it would be cute if Beth found a stray cat outside their building and nurses it back to health and then wants to keep it. Daryl doesn't want to because their apt is so small. But the cat is awesome and cuddles him and he grows to love it too!

[Tiny Apartment Verse]

When the first thing Beth said to him as soon as he’d stepped into their apartment was “don’t be mad”, Daryl should have known to expect trouble. Then again it was Beth; he couldn’t remember a time he’d ever actually been mad at her. Mad at himself, sure, that happened all the time. But at her? Never.

So all he did was raise an eyebrow and watch her with a bemused expression until she rose up from the couch and held out her cupped hands in front of her. There, nestled against her palms, was a tiny little black kitten.

“I heard it crying outside when I took out the trash,” Beth said quickly, as if somehow still afraid he’d be upset with her somehow. “I almost didn’t find it until I realized that the sound was coming from under the dumpster, not inside of it.” She looked down at the kitten in her hands, and even if he’d been ready to scold her (which he really hadn’t), that urge would have dissipated in the face of the expression she made now, and the thick sorrow in her voice as she went on, “There were three other kittens with it, but… but they were all dead. This was the only one I could save. Daryl-”

He was pretty sure he’d never seen those big blue eyes quite as plaintive as they were looking up at him now, widened and bright with unshed tears as she whispered, “I know we can’t keep it here but can we at least take care of it, until we find some place for it to live? Please? It’ll die if we don’t help it and I know how, I helped my Daddy with kittens plenty of times before… oh please, Daryl.”

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I’m getting my yearly teeth cleaning done while visiting home for the holidays. My dentist heard that I had recently moved to LA. He decides then to work that into his “Flossing!” pitch: “You’ve got to start flossing more if you want to be pretty like all the other girls in Hollywood.” He then put his finger on my chin, and jiggled it a little. “I can see you’ve already got a chin job.”

I don’t care about being pretty, regardless of where I live. And I had NOT gotten a chin job. I know it’s just his stupid attempt at humor, but it makes my blood boil.