yearbook smiles

My senior yearbook quote

~Classic Comics Saturday~

Those ’70s Comics: 367

Inspired by episode 420 - “Class Picture”

Comments: Jackie and Hyde sit flush next to each other in this episode. They’re so close that they’re touching. Not only that, but they’re looking at the yearbook together and smiling as if they’re a couple, not Jackie and Kelso. This is not something that would’ve happened before their experiences together during seasons 2-3.

During the episode, the story doesn’t treat the actors’ blocking (i.e. placement) as significant (though it should) or as an anomaly. It doesn’t acknowledge it all, and neither do Kelso, Eric, or Fez, who probably would. That leaves Jackie and Hyde’s seeming comfort at sitting so closely together up to fan interpretation.

No matter what happens next, never forget that each of our characters had moments of peace, of smiles, of contentment before the operation to reclaim Wall Maria.