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Akane Owari

  • sorted into gryffindor
  • becomes the star chaser of the quidditch team
  • loves quidditch practice, but doesn’t care so much about her classes
  • manages to get by just through nidai’s coaxing
  • makes a new school record for “most visits to the hospital wing”

Byakuya Twogami

  • sorted into hufflepuff
  • no one knows what he really looks like, since he’s a metamorphmagus 
  • excels at transfiguration and has top grades
  • does his best as head boy (prefect) and looks out for everyone

Chiaki Nanami

  • sorted into hufflepuff
  • works with souda to create the first ever magic-resistant electronic devices just so she can continue to play games at school, although he ends up doing most of the inventing
  • she’s amazing at charms, not so much in history of magic
  • she becomes close friends with hinata when she saves him from being crushed by the weeping willow during their first year, and becomes close friends with komaeda through knowing hinata
  • acts as komaeda’s wingman
  • is beloved and respected by pretty much all of her classmates

Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu

  • sorted into gryffindor
  • is kinda shocked because he thought he’d be in slytherin but pekoyama’s in gryffindor too so he won’t complain
  • becomes a beater on the quidditch team
  • he’s great at potions and transfiguration
  • hates divination
  • will hex anyone who has beef with pekoyama

Gundam Tanaka

  • sorted into gryffindor and is constantly mistaken for a slytherin
  • is the top student in “care of magical creatures” and the professor’s favorite
  • is very good at study of ancient runes and astronomy as well
  • gets special permission from the school to have multiple pets (some of which are hamsters)
  • is rumored to have become best friends with the giant squid which is true
  • becomes a chaser on the gryffindor quidditch team

Hajime Hinata

  • sorted into slytherin
  • is a muggleborn and new to magic
  • is offered some fainting fancies on the hogwarts express and eats them because he doesn’t know any better
  • is revived by komaeda, who just happened to spot him passed-out before exiting the train
  • becomes fast friends with komaeda, and promises to stay friends with them even though they’re sorted into different houses
  • average in most of his classes
  • lowkey feels like he doesn’t belong at hogwarts
  • but komaeda and nanami always assure him that this is where he belongs

Hiyoko Saionji

  • sorted into slytherin
  • everyone is lowkey scared of her
  • if you get on her bad side, she’ll curse some part of your appearance
  • proficient in charms and flying
  • but calls almost all of her classes stupid
  • acts much more docile when she’s with koizumi
  • becomes seeker on the slytherin quidditch team

Ibuki Mioda

  • sorted into hufflepuff
  • joins the frog choir, music, and muggle music classes as soon as she possibly can
  • founds a band that plays during the yule ball
  • is more than anyone can handle while visiting hogsmeade
  • becomes a chaser on the hufflepuff quidditch team

Kazuichi Souda

  • sorted into ravenclaw
  • gains worldwide recognition from his magic-resistant electronics
  • refuses to set foot anywhere near the forbidden forest or shrieking shack
  • is the constant victim of many pranks because he’s so easily scared
  • doesn’t do so hot in most of his classes
  • but he’s good at arithmancy, at least

Mahiru Koizumi

  • sorted into hufflepuff
  • convinces Nanami and Souda to create a camera she can use on school grounds
  • dedicates herself to creating the first ever hogwarts yearbook, filled with the smiling faces of her friends and classmates
  • will hex anyone talking too loudly in the library
  • will keep saionji in check when they’re together

Mikan Tsumiki

  • sorted into ravenclaw
  • spends her free time helping out at the infirmary
  • dreams of joining St. Mungo’s as a nurse
  • does very well at potions and arithmancy
  • sucks at defense against the dark arts

Nagito Komaeda

  • sorted into hufflepuff
  • is a rich, orphaned pureblood 
  • is constantly ostracized by his peers so he is overwhelmed by how much consideration hinata shows him
  • does not take long to fall head over heels in love
  • asked hinata to the yule ball, only because he had just gone through the bad luck of losing the bones in his left hand
  • excels at charms, transfiguration, and history of magic
  • doesn’t do too well in potions & care of magical creatures, since his luck always messes things up. his grades still turn out very high, though
  • abysmal at defense against the dark arts

Nekomaru Nidai

  • sorted into gryffindor
  • is the gryffindor coach and keeper
  • becomes an unofficial tutor to his other students and motivates everyone to finish their classes
  • earns a crapton of house points for his house since he’s always doing good things for others and helping out however he can

Pekoyama Peko

  • sorted into gryffindor
  • star beater of the quidditch team
  • is a defense against the dark arts prodigy
  • is always by kuzuryuu’s side, and will hex anyone who tries to touch him

Sonia Nevermind

  • sorted into ravenclaw
  • becomes the second student in the history of the school to obtain a time turner just for the sake of attending more classes
  • her favorite classes include the frog choir, charms, potions, arithmancy, history of magic, care of magical creatures, herbology, divination, and study of ancient runes.
  • becomes a chaser on the ravenclaw quidditch team
  • everyone thinks she’s a half/quarter veela

Teruteru Hanamura

  • sorted into hufflepuff
  • loves herbology and care of magical creatures, because there’s a bunch of possible ingredients for new foods
  • if you need to find him he’s either in the great hall trying to hit on everyone in the vicinity or in the kitchens, learning cooking techniques from the house elves

Let me know if you think I should expand on this or add the DR1/DRV3 kids!

Standing up for her

Request: hiya love can you do a imagine where y/n is in the fencing team , y/n would be walking in the hallway with her uniform and saber (a certain sword they use in fencing ) and y/n sees Hannah getting bullied by the guys like sexual harassment and out of no where y/n pulls out her saber and just says something really badass leaving everyone speechless and leaving Hannah being bestfriends with y/n . Y/n teaching clay and Hannah to fence the next day.

Words: 1001

Warnings:  swearing and catcalls.

A/N: Hello lovelies! Thank you for sending in requests. To the people who sent in asks for imagines requests, I see them and I’ve added them to my list. I feel self conscious in posting my works here but I see your comments and I just feel so grateful and motivated by it so thank you so much! Also, I’m still taking imagines request but it might take some time posting them because I’m working through other requests please bear with me! Lastly, I’m not sure if this is badass enough, but anywayI had fun writing this. I hope you like it! Im sorry i suck at titles

Originally posted by greyingshepherd

It’s only the third period of the day and honestly, you couldn’t wait for this day to be over and vent your frustration in fencing. Since this morning, everyone has been buzzing about the childish list of who’s hot and not. It swiftly circulated among students, especially with people posting it on their snapchats and instagram stories. The thought of walking through the halls was revolting as numerous catcalls have been thrown at you ever since people saw the list. Ridiculously, some people genuinely believes it was a good thing to be labeled as ‘best tits’. Sighing, you walked close to the lockers trying to avoid further encounters before you finally give in to the urge to smack someone in the face.

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The Party Girl (Part Two): Good to Know

Jeff Atkins x Reader

A/N: There are going to have to be time jumps cause there’s no way in hell I’m writing a year with of interactions day by day. I also what to make it a point to say that Bryce is going to seem like a half decent person for a little while before I reveal him for the human trashcan he is. I don’t want anyone thinking I like that scumbag even a little. Also, that is an actual conversation I’ve had with my sister.

Part One


The first day of school came way too quickly for your liking. It isn’t that you hate school. Getting to see your friends every day and putting in the work for decent grades has never really bothered you. It’s the getting up at the ass-crack of dawn that kills you. You’ve already hit the snooze button on your phone four times and you know if you don’t get up now it’ll be a race to get ready.

Pushing your blankets off your body, you sit up and look around your room tiredly. It takes another five minutes before you finally force yourself out of bed. Silently thanking yourself for showering the night before as you pull a simple outfit on before attempting to do something with your hair. You settle on an easy half ponytail, so you have enough time to focus on your makeup. About a half an hour later you were finally put together enough to head downstairs for breakfast. Once downstairs you found your family in the kitchen already eating. Your mother is cutting up a waffle on your little sister’s plate while the four-year-old is giggling at the faces you father makes at her from behind your mother’s back.

“Hit that snooze button enough today or what?” You father asks when he notices you.

“You have ears like a hawk.” You say as you slide yourself into a seat.

“I made you waffles. I wasn’t going to because I do believe they’re too calorie packed to be a breakfast food but who am I to break tradition. Plus, it’s green beans first day too!” Your mom smiles as she hands your sister her fork. The child turns to you with a wide smile on her face.

“I go to school today!” She bounces in her chair slightly.

“I know,” You smile back, “you’re like a legit adult now. It’s crazy.”  

“No! I’m still little.” She laughs at you.

“Yeah but you’re in school now.” You say before taking a bite of your waffle. “Pretty soon you’re gonna need to get a job and stuff.”

“I’m just a kid!” She nearly yells. Her face is slightly red, and you can tell that she thinks you’re completely serious.

“Alright,” Your dad laughs, “let’s not push the kid into a nervous breakdown on her first day of pre-school.”  

You laugh slightly and focus on your food again. It’s quiet for a few minutes while the four of you focus on eating your breakfast. That is until your mother attempts to make conversation.

“So,” she smiles in a way that tells you that you won’t like what she has to say, “I talked to Claire yesterday.”

There it is. Claire Down is your neighbor and Tyler Down’s mother. Claire and your mother met when your parents moved into the house next door and have been best friends ever since. Naturally, you and Tyler grew up together as close friends, but eventually, that changed. The two of you drifted apart. It’s what happens as people grow up. Unfortunately, you mother, and Claire, just could not seem to let the friendship die.

“She said that Tyler got the go ahead to do photography for the yearbook.” She’s smiling widely, almost as though it were her own son that accomplished something great.

“Cool.” You mumble back, not sure what to say. You finish the last bit of your breakfast and get up to put your plate in the sink.

“You know honey I was thinking th-“ your mother continues, but you tune her out slightly as you hear your phone vibrate on the table. Picking it up, you skim the message before grabbing your bag from the floor.

“Sorry mom,” you smile at her slightly, “I gotta go. My ride is here.”

“Your ride?” she looks confused. “Since when you do get a ride?”

“Since now I guess.” You laugh and give you sister a light kiss on her head. “Have a good day green bean. I’ll see you guys at dinner ok? Love you!” You yell over your shoulder as you make your way out of the house.

Outside the blue Jeep is parked in front of your house. You notice Justin in the passenger seat, so you find yourself climbing into the back.

“Mr. Foley, always a pleasure.” You pat the side of his face.

“I bet.” He winks back at you, and you can only roll your eyes in response.

It is not that you don’t like Justin. You just did not have the same relationship with him that you did with the other guys. Most of the time his attention was focused on Kat and yours on…well anything else. Of course, you like him because he made your best friend happy, but you didn’t exactly know him. Not well enough for you to make a clear decision on your feelings about him anyway.

“So Montgomery,” You smirk at him, “still tending to those wounds from the beating me and Sheri gave you?”

“Oh fuck off,” he scoffs, “This is why losing to you is bullshit. You never let it go. Next time I’ll be the one beating your ass.”

“Don’t make promises you can’t Cruz.” You laugh.

The rest of the ride was spent talking about the usual bullshit. Despite what typical gender roles would claim, the guys were the biggest gossips you’d ever met. 90% of the time any drama you heard came out of the mouth of one of them. It’s amazing and one of the many things you love about them. By the time you made it to school, there was barely any time to speak to anyone else. Instead, you had to head right to your locker before making your way to first period.

Your first class of the day was hell on earth. Math was never your subject so having to sit through it at such an early time was a special form of torture for you. Second-period U.S History wasn’t the worst in the world. The third period was nothing to celebrate, but you did have Zach with you, so it wasn’t a complete loss. The both of you could only hope that third period, communications, would not be such a snooze fest. Zach and yourself walked into the room to find Justin sitting at a desk in the far corner. The both of you moved quickly to take two of the three remaining seats in the cube. As the rest of the students began to trickle in you decided that the class wouldn’t be half bad. As you watched the other students selecting their seats, you noticed Hannah make her way into the room.

“Hannah!” You wave your hand and motion towards the last empty seat in the near you. She looks slightly relieved and excited as she makes her way towards the back of the class. Before she can sit down another body slides itself into the empty seat.

“Seriously Pratters? Fuck off.” You grumble and kick the bottom of the desk.

“Jesus Y/N. Happy to see me.” He attempts to smirk.

“You fucking wish,” You snap and turn your head back towards Hannah. “Sorry Hannah, apparently, some people can’t tell when they’re not wanted.”

“Oh, you wound me.” He pretends to grab his chest in pain.

“Don’t worry about it,” Hannah mumbles looking slightly disappointed.

“You can sit with me, Hannah.” Sheri smiles as she makes her way to the next closest set of desks close to you. “Any friend of Y/N’s is a friend of mine.”

Hannah looks at you for a moment longer before settling for the seat beside Sheri. The rest of the class goes on as you expect it to. Mrs. Bradley attempts to get through introductions and explaining what to expect from the class. Kids continue to interrupt her and have conversations amongst themselves. The typical high school classroom in every way. You could have cheered when the sound of the bell signaled not only that the class was over, but that it was time for the most sacred period, lunch.

Gathering your things, you looked up to see that Hannah had already left the room. Shrugging, you make your way to the cafeteria with the rest of your friends. After grabbing something quick to eat and head towards your usual spot with your friends. When you sit you find that they have already begun gossiping about someone having been hooking up with someone. Supposedly the girl is a cheerleader, and the boys are pressing Sheri for any information she might have.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” She insists, “What I do know, is that there is a spot open on the team this year and it would be amazing if someone acted quickly and took it.”

“Sheri,” you sigh, “it’s not happening. I already had to give up volleyball to focus on school. It’d make no sense to add that to my plate.”

“Please, just say you’ll think about it,” Sheri begs.

“Ok yeah sure. I’ll think about it.” You agree.

“Yay,” she wraps her arms around you, “you’re going to look so cute in a uniform!”

“Fucking right she is,” Bryce interjects.

“In your dreams Bryce.” You scoff.

“Every fucking night.” He winks back.

You spend the rest of lunch entertaining Sheri’s idea of you possibly taking a spot on the team. She seemed so excited you didn’t have the heart to tell her that it wouldn’t happen. After lunch, you separated from them to head to your classes. Thankfully, one of those classes was a study, so you were able to relax a little. On the other hand, one of those classes was Spanish. Spanish was another class that was not your best subject. Despite how well you did in other subjects, learning languages has always been your downfall. By the time the class was over, you could feel a headache forming. The only thing keeping you going is the knowledge that the next class was the last one before you could finally go home. You made your way into the classroom and slid yourself into a desk in the back. Laying your head on the desk, you took a moment to savor the slight quiet.

“Don’t tell me your sick again?” You jump slightly and left your head to find Jeff sitting at the desk on the side of you.

“What?” You mumble out.

“The last time I saw you, you were sick. You’re not again are you?” Your face flushed slightly at the memory of him witnessing you throwing up.

“Oh yeah, no I’m not sick. Just exhausted.” You smile slightly.

“I feel that. There are few things as tiring as the first day.” He nods.

“Yeah,” you could feel yourself relaxing slightly, “and it doesn’t help that I’m not a morning person.”

“No?” It feels like he’s looking at you a little too closely now.

“No,” you laugh a little, “I’d stay in bed all day if I could.”

“Good to know.” He smiles.

You open your mouth to reply, but the teacher calls the attention of the class. Unlike your communications class, this class is serious, and there is little time to speak to anyone. As much as you pay attention, you can’t help but repeat his words in your head. Was it meant to be as sexual as it sounded or were you just depraved? You continued to think over the statement until the bell rang. Almost immediately Jeff turns towards you.

“What are you doing in this class anyway?” He asks as you make your way out of the room. “It’s a junior English class. Last I checked you were a sophomore.”

“I uh,” you began, “I tested out of English freshmen year, so I’m a year ahead, in this class anyway.”

“You really are a little genius aren’t you?”

“What?” You laugh.

“I always heard you were smart, but I didn’t know you were testing out of classes smart.” He shrugs.

“It’s just this class. Reading and shit is something that comes easily to me.” You explain.

“Well, now I know who to call when I need help.”

“Too bad you don’t actually have my number.” You shock yourself by saying. There’s a small pause, and for a moment you wish that you could crawl into a hole. You completely avoid eye contact and scold yourself in your head.

“Not yet.” He replies. You look up from the floor to see a small smirk on his face.

“Y/N!” You jump at the sound of Zach’s voice coming from behind you. Both of you look to find the boy making his way through the hallway towards you.

“Looks like you’re needed.” Jeff mumbles.

You look back towards him and nod slightly.

“I’ll see you tomorrow then.” He winks and begins walking away.

You’re unable to say anything in response as you watch his form disappear down the hallway.

“Hey,” Zach says and wraps an arm around your shoulder.

“What can I do for you, Zach?” You ask.

“Well, Monty has to go see the guidance counselor for something about his schedule or some shit. So I have to give you a ride home.” He explains.

“Are you sure? You don’t have to.” You say.

“What kind of friend would I be if I left you to walk home?” He jokes.

“A bad one.” You laugh.

“Exactly so let’s go.” He squeezes your shoulder slightly, and you both begin to walk out of the school.

The ride home is quick and relaxing. You make it home before either of your parents. Grabbing a snack from the kitchen and head to your bedroom. You decide to take a quick shower and are getting dressed when your phone begins to ring. Wide smile forms on your face as you accept the FaceTime call.

“Kit Kat!” You all but yell.

“Y/N!” She yells back. “I was waiting for my updates you know.”

“I know I’m sorry, but I needed to take a shower.”

“Oh please, like it’s anything I’ve never seen before.” She rolls her eyes.

“Yes, but I would rather not take my phone in the shower with me. It’s already enough work.” You laugh.

“Excuses. So tell me all the details. How’d it go? Did you see Hannah?” She asks.

“It was fine.” You shrug. You take a moment to prop your phone on your desk so you could continue to get dressed. “I have a class with Hannah. I was going to ask her to sit with us at lunch, but she left pretty quick.”

“She’s a slippery one. You’re going to keep an eye on her right?” She asks.

“Yes Kat, I already said I would.” You reply.

“I’m just making sure. She can be kind of shy sometimes, and you can be a bit of a bitch sometimes.” She shrugs.

“Oh fuck you,” you laugh as you pick the phone back up. “I am not a bitch.”

“Sure hon,” she smiles, “So what else happened? Did you get to see Prince Charming at all?”

You try to keep your face as neutral as possible but fail miserably.

“I’ll take that as a yes” she laughs.

“He’s in my English class.” You explain.

“Ok,” she probes, “and did you two speak?”

“Yeah, he asked if I was feeling better and how I ended up in a junior class.” You pretend to pick at something on your bed and avoid making eye contact with her through the screen.

“Annnd? There’s obviously something else. You won’t even look at me.”

“Ok, he said something, and it’s probably just the hoe in me that is taking it the wrong way.” You say quickly.

“What did he say?” she asks.

“He said it was ‘good to know’ that I like to stay in bed all day. It’s probably nothing.” You shrug.

“BITCH!” she yells back. “It was not nothing! He wants you in his bed all day! How could yo-“

“Oh my god no Kat. He doesn’t!” You laugh.

“Yes, he does! Oh my god, if you fuck Jeff Atkins you better call me after. I need, no I deserve details!” She demands.

“Kat fucking stop I’m not going to fuck Jeff Atkins. Jesus.” You laugh and cover your face with your hand. You hear the door close downstairs and the familiar sound of your little sister’s laugh.

“Oh yes, you are.” She beams, “and it’s probably going to be the best di-“

“OK sorry Kit Kat,” You interrupt her rant, “My mom’s here so I gotta go! I’ll text you I promise.”

“Don’t you dare han-“

You end the call before she is able to finish her demand. You lay in your bed for a few more minutes before deciding to actually go downstairs. As you make your way to the door, your phone vibrates, and you look down to see a text from Kat.

Kit Kat 🍫: Details bitch. I mean it.

You only shake your head slightly before going downstairs to see how the first day of pre-school was as eventful for your sister.  

Part Three 

Tyler Down With Crush On The Reader

Request: Can you please do headcanons on Tyler Down having a crush on the reader? Thank you lovelie!

Could you do headcanons on Tyler having a crush on reader, and then the reader soon finds out and they start dating? Thank you!


A/N: I’m sorry there isn’t really a lot on them actually getting together, but I hope you like it :)


Warnings: You will probably get second-hand embarrassment.


Tyler Down With Crush On The Reader…

  • He’s so blushy

  • And a shy baby
  • And tragically hard on himself

  • Tyler would think that he had absolutely no chance with you
  • He wouldn’t really know how to start talking to you either

  • He’d just spend a lot of time hoping that maybe one day you’d just something to say to him
  • He’d try and get your attention all the time, asking you to smile for yearbook pictures for him

  • Or trying to make sure you guys sat side by side in class
  • He was absolutely just silently pining over you

  • Anonymous little notes in your locker
  • Little flowers on your desk and lunch table, without any notes or anything

  • You’re always nice to him, unlike everyone else, that’s why he likes you
  • He probably mentions you all the time to his parents, not as his crush, but just as a general person at school

  • But they know
  • Cause everyone knows especially your friends

  • It’s your friends who first tell you that he’s crushing on you, but you don’t believe it for the longest time
  • You don’t think anyone could ever crush on you, so you’re tragically oblivious to his feelings

  • He practically melts into a puddle every time you play with his hair, which you start to do a lot
  • He’s often staring at your hand, wishing he could hold it

  • He totally has your wedding and kids names planned out
  • The closer you get, the more he tries to change his personality and be considered more likeable

  • When you call him out on it though he apologises and admits he was just trying to impress you
  • That just warms your heart, and that’s probably the moment you start to spend a lot more time together

  • Your own crush develops on him, and yet you both stay totally oblivious to your feelings
  • Until one day, when it’s just the perfect moment for a kiss, and so he leans in and presses your lips together

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