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That time in band...

Where the director learns the yearbook photos are due the next day so you do super ghetto photos with a photo of the logo leaning up against a wall behind everyone and not even bothering to go into the auditorium. And taking them on the director’s phone.

welcome to high school!! it might seem scary at first, but you’ll soon fall into routine and find that it’s not as bad as everyone makes it out to be. here’s the advice i’d give to incoming freshmen.

  1. get involved in things!! not only is joining clubs a great way to enjoy your passions, but they’ll also help you make friends, and get you out of the house. sports, band, yearbook, debate, art club— whatever floats your boat!! don’t be afraid of the commitment, and participate in whatever you’re a part of. 
  2. everyone else is in the same boat as you. you’re not alone. all the other freshmen feel a little lost and alone too, so stick together and make some friends. don’t be afraid to strike up conversations and talk to other people!!
  3. stay organized! i know everyone says it, but seriously. get binders and dividers, use your planner, and stay on top of everything you need to do!! by the time midterms and finals roll around, you’ll thank yourself, and being organized now will give you a head start on the rest of high school. as long as you don’t use an ‘everything folder’ and you’re probably fine tbh
  4. get a sturdy backpack! you’re probably going to end up carrying it more than in middle school, and carting it around school rather than leaving it in your locker. pick something that’s comfortable to carry, supportive of your back, and will last you a good amount of time. 
  5. don’t be afraid to talk to upperclassmen. they know their way around the school— geographically and in terms of classes— and most of them aren’t that scary. they may call you fresh meat, but most of the time it’s a joke, and not to intimidate you. talk to them and you’ll often find good advice and someone who can help you out!!
  6. take electives. freshman year is a great time to explore what your school offers, and your classes will probably be easier than in any other year!! so explore the art, music, graphic design, speech, or creative writing classes, and enjoy yourself a little :D
  7. freshman year matters!!!! don’t fall into the trap of thinking that your grades this year don’t count for anything, because they’ll show up on your transcript and be factored into your GPA. start good habits now, and do your best in all your classes, and it’ll help in the long run!!

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High School Freshman Tips to Remember

I’ve seen other lists like this but as a fresh out of freshman year sophomore, I wanna give you some tips of my own (because being a freshman sucks ass lemme tell you what)(also keep in mind my school is p small so not all of these things will by applicable)

  • Get to school early- teachers will be there early so you can get any needed help and work on any hw you haven’t done. Plus you won’t be late to your first class
  • Don’t put things off until the deadline, get it done asap so you can slack off all you want without the stress
  • Lunch- it’s really not that scary. If you don’t have friends, maybe just sit near some people who you don’t mind/don’t mind you. Make sure to eat all the food you can stand off your plate so you’re not starving in two hours
  • There are going to be really nice upperclassmen, I promise you. Every class has someone you can relate to, I promise. Find that person and they’ll be there for you.
  • Always have notebooks handy
  • Always have extra pencils- they will fuckin disappear on you I swear
  • Let other people borrow pencils, bc being nice will make them like you, at least a little bit
  • Stuck sitting near some annoying assholes? Explain it to your teacher. I’m speaking rly personally here, tell your teacher you can’t stand them. They’ll move you.
  • Teachers- Always be nice, and find the cool ones. Find some nice teachers that are really chill, talk to them in between classes. If there is a teacher who is into something you are, chat them up about it. Teachers can be some of the coolest friends (idk how easy this one is, but one of my teachers from junior high is like one of my best friends. I go visit her room like every day. I’m really nice to all my teachers and it really pays off)
  • Remember your headphones/chargers/etc. Seriously.
  • Don’t stress out about making friends. I promise, it’s so much easier to let them happen. I may not have lots of strong bonds with people (that’s the hard shit about friends) but I do have people I can at least sit by or talk to with sarcasm. The thing with school friends is just be yourself, as cheesy as it is, and be nice to people. (again I’m from a small school, this may be more difficult in larger schools with more people.
  • Ask that goddamn question son! If you missed something, tell your teacher. I promise they’ll explain it, there is no use stressing.
  • Essays- be pretty long-winded. Don’t make everything short, keep your sentences going and use lots of sophisticated sounding words. Your English teachers will love you. Thesauruses are your friend.
  • Keep your own happiness in check, please
  • Try things that interest you. Art class, choir, band, yearbook, etc. Finding that one thing you love doing will find you some cool ppl and it’ll make you feel better. It’s good to be involved. But drop the things you don’t like. Don’t stick around just because you feel you need to.
  • For any babes in sports (idk i was for awhile but I quit) always go to practice. Don’t make excuses, they never get you anywhere. Eat, eat, eat, and drink lots of water, especially before a game. Always focus on the game, throw any beef with your teammates out the window. Don’t let drama ruin the game for you. And please, if you’re unhappy with the sport, it’s okay to quit. You honestly don’t have to stay unless you want to be there.

Feel free to add anything, and if you have any questions go ahead and ask. My list doesn’t have much consistency.

Graham had gone to the restaurant fifteen minutes early to put his name on the reservation list, waiting for only a few minutes before the hostess called his name. He stood up, mentioning to her that if a girl named Claire came in, she was with him before being led to a table. He said thanks and sat down, pulling out a few of photos he had taken back in high school from his jacket pocket - all had Claire in them, two of them outtakes from yearbook of her in band and the other of the both of them during the last few days of school(he had taken photos with most of his class friends). Quickly, he ordered a water, waiting for Claire to arrive.