yearbook art

Tupac Shakur wrote a comment to his friend, Jada Pinkett, in the 1989 Baltimore School for the Arts yearbook. After their Junior year, Tupac reluctantly moved to California with his family in the summer of 1988.



what the signs remind me of
  • aries: pop punk, dyed hair, red flannel, thunderstorms, brick walls, bloody knees, bass guitar, world history, split ends, sunglasses, greasers, the 90s, broken beer bottles, winged eyeliner, bright eyes
  • taurus: small dogs, clear skies, the volkswagen beetle, long eyelashes, nude lipstick, cutting your own hair, overalls, high ponytails, blackberries, loud laughter, succulents, high-top sneakers, canvas, too big t-shirts
  • gemini: the mall, balloons, going to the beach, ponytails, prom, wildflowers, cheerleaders, jumping rope, loud music, passing notes, scrunchies, pink lemonade, pop art women, riding the bus
  • cancer: fireplaces, tennis skirts, cookies, farmers markets, feather pillows, friendly hugs, braided hair, morning doves, bubblebaths, cherry blossoms, ringlet curls, raspberries, snowflakes on eyelashes, cottages
  • leo: smokey eye makeup, casinos, cityscapes, high heels, red lipstick, art galleries, magic, chandeliers, sunflowers, impressionism, sunbathing, 50s pinup girls, golden frames, broadway lights
  • virgo: leather-bound notebooks, the sounds in a library, knee-high socks, pearls, violin music, wedding dresses, nervous glances, bangs, tulips, red wine, roman architectre, calligraphy, typewriters, long ribbons
  • libra: foreign films, bubble gum, the color white, pink lipstick, watercolors, champaign, fresh linen, secret kisses, soda pop, sandals, strawberries, art nouveau, little candies, ice skating
  • scorpio: clear nights, hidden tattoos, ripped nylons, eclipses, sarcastic comments, mauve lip stick, denim jackets, cherries, convertibles, horror movies, lingerie, quoting shakespeare, leather office chairs, rockabilly
  • sagittarius: trains, combat boots, laughing at your own jokes, running marathons, band t-shirts, sunsets, bangles, large dogs, woodstock, vinyl records, maps, crystals, midnight adventures, acoustic guitar
  • capricorn: video games, old hollywood, the smell of money, rain clouds, diamonds, the 20s, dark wood, alcohol, glaciers, vintage textbooks, tennis bracelets, sculptures, dark chocolate, hourglasses
  • aquarius: salt lamps, telescopes, holographic material, thrift shops, psychic shops, eyerolling, 90s anime, packages, old comic books, halloween, fancy hookahs, 8-bit animation, wild laughter, graffiti
  • pisces: pressed flowers, mirrors, old yearbooks, board games, art supplies, agate, mascara running down your cheeks, cathedral art, mom jean, soap operas, stockings, peacocks, drowning, the prayers you learned in elementary school

My high school yearbook came in today and I’m actually mostly ok with how the yearbook company put my design on it. The only issue I have is that they were originally going to do it 9x12 but then changed to 8.5x11 at the last minute and so the aspect ratio is a bit distorted, plus they didn’t bother to size the art down so it runs off the edges in some spots where it originally wasn’t supposed to.

As far as personal reflection on what I did, the only sizeable gripe I have is that, since I don’t print much of my digital work, I forgot that CMYK looks somewhat darker than RGB, and so I didn’t account for that when designing the covers. There’s some spots where I should have upped the lightness by maybe 30-40%.

My schools mascot is the chiefs, so the front cover is a bunch of native Americans and Native American spirit deity ish things, and some animals, going into battle against the mascots of local rival schools. I busted my ass on this for like 4 months last spring and I think it mostly paid off.

last minute! it’s still january 31st in california. my submission for clareiow’s #drawbenedict challenge. bic pen on strathmore bristol smooth, probably about 7 hours. open in new tab for 1280 x some larger number. [my art tag]