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haikyuu!! yearbook superlatives [part 2] | based off this post 



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Your Top 5: Naruto characters

Just curious who everyone’s top five characters from the anime/manga are! Reblog with your top five!

Here’s mine:

1) Kakashi Hatake

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Because I relate to him the most. I even quoted him under my yearbook photo. 

2) Itachi Uchiha

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Because he’s #goals. And also because I have a little brother—who i fondly call ‘foolish little brother.’ And poke his forehead every so often.

3) Naruto Uzumaki / Sasuke Uchiha

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Couldn’t separate these two even if I wanted to. They are my life.

4) Gaara

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Because he needs the love. And I want nothing more than to give him a life-long supply of it.

5) Neji Hyuuga

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Because he’s #flawless #fierce. And I cried when he died. 

Senior Quotes to use, as said by Markiplier:
  • *nervous blabbering*
  • [school] is not a joke the internet should enjoy
  • hi (x9)
  • why do I have to go through six hours of this stuff?
  • *manly inhale*
  • i wanna go home, i want my mommy!
  • eeuuaaahhggg
  • why did i come back for another day?? (as opposed to night, you choose)
  • hey, you do you. and i’ll do me. and we won’t do each other. probably.
  • no. (x25)
  • hi-bab mm-bee mm-bah buh-dah doh
  • poopie poopie in my pants 

    and my personal favorite:

  • boopa doopa doopuh doop. 
Fandoms: Victorious vs Girl Meets World

So I wanted to make this post to highlight my personal experiences with both fandoms because I’ve been noticing so many similarities and it’s making me feel some type of way lol so here it goes!

  • The fandoms were/are both roughly the same size.. this includes ship size/ratio (Rucas/Lucaya vs Bade/Bori fans)
  • Both very intense ship wars for the most part although iCarly does have them both beat with Seddie vs Creddie 
  • This means drama.. oh so much drama…. tiring, but extremely worth it when you watch the shows for what they are, which is content geared towards teens/young adults meant to be enjoyed as comedy shows.
  • I have gotten @replies on Twitter regarding both these shows from their creators/writers when I was apart of said fandoms (Dan Schnieder and GMW Writers)
  • Both these creators made episodes/archs specifically to please the majority of the fandom. These include, but aren’t limited to, the Lucaya arch from Yearbook-Ski lodge 2, episodes using Boy Meets World flashback scenes + actors, How Trina Got In (We all wanted to know that!), Tori Goes Platinum, Opposite Date etc.
  • Both shows birthed at least one big female singer (Ariana Grande and Sabrina Carpenter respectively) 
  • Both shows have the nerdy one, the stereotypically hot one and an african american male within the group. (Robbie, Beck, Andre & Farkle, Lucas, Zay)
  • The friendship groups on each show are made up of 3 boys and 3 girls.
  • You can draw similarities between both Riley/Tori and Maya/Jade quite a lot although we’re given more backstory on Riley and Maya’s characters as a whole, I’m more talking certain personality traits.
  • I have seen both fandoms refer to their main characters as “Mary Sue” girls and I for one resent it because Riley Matthews is a very layered character with insecurities + optimism and I can say the same for Tori Vega.
  • Both side character actresses (Ariana and Sabrina) have surpassed the main actresses (Victoria and Rowan) in followers on all social media platforms they share.
  • Both shows had petitions for a change of network (Victorious fans wanted the show moved to Teen Nick and GMW fans want the show moved to Freeform/Netflix)
  • And these petitions were started for the same reasons, which is mainly desire for more mature storylines/content.
  • Up for debate: Both shows have some terrific filler episodes as well

Now for my ships!

  • I ship the femslash pairings from both shows (Riley/Maya & Tori/Jade)
  • Both my ships garnered quite a bit of attention in their respective fandoms (gifsets, tweets to the writers, hashtags, fanfics, videos, passionate and amazing LGBT+ people desiring representation etc)
  • Both ships were acknowledged by said writers/creators on Twitter.
  • Both Rilaya and Jori are the victims of the love triangle trope with the stereotypically hot male. 
  • This means I chose to ship the girls together instead of with the boys both times
  • Both Lucas and Beck were called “stale pieces of bread” who are “emotionless” and that the girls “deserve better than them”
  • Both love triangles were handled well although I’m aware that’s up for debate by Lucaya/Bori fans alike.
  • Both Maya and Jade have jokingly talked in a 1950s southern accent to Tori and Riley.
  • If Jori got together, they would be enemies-to-lovers and if Rilaya got together they’d be friends-to-lovers, complete reversal, but both extremely shippable because of these reasons.
  • Both ships have at least one moment per episode, because of this reason their wikia pages are long and amazing lol
  • Both ships have episodes dedicated to them specifically. (Tori and Jade’s Playdate, Girl Meets the Bay Window)      

Okay, I think that’s everything I can think of right now! If any fans of both shows have more, feel free to message me!