year: 1995

You know why im so pissed off about the silence when it comes to the Bosnian War and the Srebrenica Genocide in particular? Because this was the most recent genocide commited by Europeans yet no one talks about it? It’s not taught in schools (uk) it’s hardly a topic anyone cares about, it was systematically islamophobic, for those who don’t know it was a genocide targeting Muslim men and boys specifically, 8373 murdered from 11 July 1995 - 22 July 1995 to be precise. Muslim women were raped, Muslims were put in concentration camps yet this is the forgotten war and genocide? How? How can Europe just forget about this? I’m so disgusted. 21 years. 21 years of families suffering and mourning because their father, brother, uncle, grandad was killed for his faith. Fuck anyone who doesn’t care about Bosnia.

“It happens that people have a hard time believing that I’m black because of my light skin: in fact I’m a European but I’m a black woman as well. Both my parents and my brother are dark skinned but the West Indies are a mix of genes from different countries and you never know what skin colour your baby might have: being a black beauty is not a matter of dark skin, but it’s an experience, it’s a way you understand and feel the world.”

Happy Birthday, Chrystèle!


British documentary The Betrayed (1995), a brutal and honest look into the Russian Federation’s war against Chechnya before the mayor Chechen offensive and subsequent victory in 1996.