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Its been awhile since I posted but I made it my duty to because today is my 4th year locked!!! There has been a number of changes since I posted last. I will address all those changes below


On September 9th 2016 I cut off all my loc extensions. I was going through a lot of stress at the time. I remember standing in front of the mirror one minute and having a sink full of locs the next. As my locs matured they became less swollen making the transition from my hair to the extension noticeable which wasnt appealing. Because the extensions were becoming very heavy and long I trimmed them a number of times. I eventually cut the loc extensions from 3-4 rows in the back of my head and 2-3 rows around my perimeter. In September I cut all of them off. I felt that my hair was enduring unnecessary tension in some areas and that my hair lacked dimension so the change was ultimately needed.


On April 13th 2017 I had to cut one of my locs. My loc in the back left corner of my head became really thin. I repaired it once combining it with another loc and eventually wrapping it with loc extension hair but the longer it grew the weaker the base became. Instead of repairing the loc again I decided to remove it. I still have the loc in my possession so I may reattach it in the future. Besides that loc I have not experienced any additional loc thinning.


For years I wanted to dye my hair auburn. After my 31st birthday I decided to be brave and finally do it . I was yearning for a change so I took the plunge. I didn’t know what stylist I could go to in my city who specialized in coloring locs so I took the risk of dye it myself. I figured if anyone could potentially damage my hair I would prefer if it was me. I watched a number of Youtube videos and learned what needed to be done. I purchased Age Beautiful permanent liquid hair color from my local Sally’s Beauty in color Dark Intense Red. I heard that bleach could be very harsh on the hair so I purchased 30 volume developer to lighten my locs instead. I noticed that my roots ended up being brighter than the bottom of my locs. This may be because I dyed my hair jet black a number of times. Despite my inexperience I think the color turned out ok.


To wash my hair I continue to use Design Essentials Oat Protein & Henna & Honey Creme shampoos. To combat any dryness due to my hair color Ive been using Crème of Nature’s Moisture Extreme conditioner. As an over all hair oil Ive continued to use the Wild Grow hair oil. For my edges and to promote overall hair growth Ive continued my use of black castor oil & peppermint oil. To retwist my locs I use Olive Oil gel, Taliah Waajid Tight Hold & Aloe Vera gel. I recently purchased a Flax Seed gel. Ive only used it once but I’m interested to see how it holds.


Year 3 of my loc journey was the year of change. I cut my loc extensions out & colored my locs. Though I’m enjoying the auburn color I don’t think I will lighten my hair again. I don’t want to cause any possible damage to it. In regards to styling I didn’t do much besides braid outs. I noticed that I prefer when my hair is wavy over straight. I haven’t been able to experiment much with styling since my loc journey began due to my extremely thin hair line.

I noticed that in year 3 I didn’t obsess about growth as I did in previous years. Though I never measured the length of my hair I knew that my hair was growing pretty rapidly even in year 2. I trimmed a number of inches off my loc extensions a couple of times because I felt that they were getting too long especially in the back of my head. Looking at the pictures I can see significant growth that I didn’t realize until this post even from the complete cutting of my loc extensions in September 2016 to my photo taken on June 18th 2017 (the first photo collage in the pink shirt).

In regards to products I didnt experiment much and decided to stick with my basics. Im happy to have found a regiment of products that have proven to work for me. The Design Essential shampoos provide a deep clean and moisture, the gels & aloe vera provide provide the levels of hold desired. The conditioner is run of the mill and the oils used stimulate growth.


In year 4 I want to finally get my hair line repaired. I want to possibly get hair replacement surgery or some type of tattooing (microblading). Having a damaged hair line has held me back from experimenting with styling which I would love to do.

In year 4 though I want to experiment with styling I want to retwist less. Because Ive dyed my hair Ive had to wash and condition it more to combat dryness which leads to more retwisting. In an effort to reduce tension Ive started retwisting my hair without clips. Thought this is helping its not enough. After the summer I would like to attempt to retwist just once every few months instead of once every 2 weeks

In year 3 I became more healthy than Ive been in years. Ive eaten more fruits and vegetables, drink a significant amount of water, take supplements and exercise. I believe those small changes did contribute to my hair growth. I want to elevate those health habits not only for my hair but for my overall health in year 4.

Year 3 of my loc journey was full of changes. Im excited to see what year 4 of my journey brings   

D4 Divination

So many of you have seen my d20 post:

Now I will show what I use for d4….

What is a d4? 

it is a 4 sided dice

What is it used for?

i use it for time measurement by day standards 

The reading numbers:

  • 1: is present to a month
  • 2: is a month to six months

  • 3: is six months to a year

  • 4: a year or longer

you can combine it with d20 divination 

Fall Tag!

Ah! The first day of Fall! Put any number in my ask box and I’ll answer them!

1: What is your favourite ‘ber’ month Sept-Oct-Nov-Dec)
2: What is your favourite autumn leaf
3: What did you dress as for Halloween last year
4: What is your favourite fall food
5: Do you have any fall traditions
6: Do you have any Halloween traditions
7: What music do you like to listen to during fall
8: What is your favourite fall outfit
9: Favourite spooky movie
10: S’mores or pumpkin pie
11: Hot chocolate or warm apple cider
12: Do you like Pumpkin Spice Lattes
13: What is your favourite day of the year
14: What would your familiar be, if you had one
15: What is your favourite part about fall blogging
16: What is the story behind your URL
17: What is the best thing about your town during fall
18: What is your favourite fall food
19: Tea or coffee
20: Halloween or Christmas
21: Cats or bats
22: Do you enjoy carving jack-o-lanterns
23: What is your favourite fall colour
24: Why did you start your fall blog
25: Do you have a ‘main blog’. Link them!
26: Spooky or sweet
27: Trick or treat
28: Do you enjoy visiting graveyards
29: What is your favourite fall memory
30: What was your best fall ever
31: Gloves or mittens
32: Do you enjoy ice skating
33: If you could spend fall anywhere, where would you choose
34: What’s your dream Halloween outfit
35: Be honest… are you already stocking up for fall
36: Do you enjoy the other seasons
37: How do you plan to spend this Halloween
38: In ONE sentence… WHY do you love fall so much
39: What is your favourite fall makeup look
40: What is your favourite fall candle scent
41: Do you enjoy Christmas
42: What is your favourite store during fall
43: Do you enjoy cold weather
44: What is your least favourite thing about fall
45: What is your favourite Halloween candy
46: What is one thing you’d love to try during fall, but haven’t yet
47: What do your friends and family think of your fall obsession
48: Be honest… are you already planning your fall-themed wedding
49: Do you have fall/Halloween boards on Pinterest. Link them!
50: Do you enjoy rain?

Enstars Edit/Graphic Challenge!

1. Favorite Boy
2. Favorite First year
3. Favorite Second year
4. Favorite Third Year
5. Favorite Event card
6. Favorite Unit
7. Favorite Club
8. Favorite 3* card
9. Favorite 4* card
10. Favorite 5* card
11. Favorite Pairing
12. Favorite Set
13. Top 5 favorite CGs
14. Top 3 Dance Cards
15. Top 3 Performance Cards
16. Top 3 Vocal cards
17. Card you really want to have

astronomy in reverse (it was me who was discovered)
a kirk/spock fanmix

charting the course of jim and spock’s relationship - from rocky start to unlikely romance, culminating in a written-in-the-stars kind of love.


1. “king of anything” sara bareilles
2. “i am not a robot” marina and the diamonds
3. “hero” family of the year
4. “forces of attraction” johann johannsson
5. “everything has changed” taylor swift feat. ed sheeran
6. “from afar” vance joy
7. “i like you” ben rector
8. “sunrise” norah jones
9. “us against the world” coldplay
10. “venus” sleeping at last
11. “samson” regina spektor
12. “oh my stars” andrew belle
13. “bright” echosmith
14. “sweetest devotion” adele
15. “if there was no you” brandi carlile
16. “send me the moon” sara bareilles
17. “how long will i love you” ellie goulding
18. “sun” sleeping at last


So I have more proof the emos are gonna be a thing again by the end of this summer.

1.Fall Out Boy released new music in 2015 and 2013

2.Invader Zim came back as a comic in 2015

3.Panic! At the Disco released Death of a Bachelor this year

4.Suicide Squad, literally just Suicide Squad existing

5.Blink-182 is back releasing a new album in July

6.Good Charlotte is back releasing a new album in July

7.Yellow Card is recording a new album

8.Green Day is is releasing a new album

9.Simple Plan released a new album

10.My Chemical Romance’s official forum came back in March 

2016 is the year the emos come back get ready for rawr and hot topic this summer!

everydaybella  asked:

Top 5 fanfictions of 2015

Shit. No. No! How do I only choose five???

You’re getting the Top 5 from the four Ships owning me. And this is not a definitive list, by any means -.- or in any particular order

Also, these are fics that I read in 2015, not that were written in 2015


1. She Called It A Void - Finn adjusting post-canon

2. That Seeks You Out And Names You - Finn learning about names, nicknames, surnames, just names

3. the coat thief - BB-8 ships it!

4. The Cake Shop - pretty sure this is the tag’s first bakery au, it’s appropriately adorable

5. in the dark (i can hear your heartbeat) - soulmate au


1. Bon Apetit  - a really sweet chef au, plus long fic! 

2. Kingmaker - one of the first I read, it pulled me in

3. These Hands (Had To Let it Go Free) - gorgeous amnesia, post-canon fic

4. Strange Sights, Strange Wonders - friggin amazing Stardust au 

5. Care & Custody - a great alternate canon, it left me wanting more!

But Gah!!! There are SO MANY MORE. Thankfully, I’ve got to create a rec list for @angelycdevil and care share more there

Phlint (How am I supposed to decide this?????)

1. Would You Like Me On My Knees - because reasons *tackle hugs TC*

2. Absolutely everything by torakowalski. Seriously, they own my bookmarks page

3. The Dyslexia ‘Verse - I don’t care that this is cheating, these are fics that owned me this year

4. Package Deal - kid fic, fanboy!Phil, comic!Clint, Kate Bishop, just so much to love

5. Be Calm, Look Cute - there is accidental teenagering, need I say more

Stucky (how tf???? Gah!)

1. Infinite Coffee and Protection Detail - this beautiful post-canon fic was a fun one to read with the Pain & Suffering crew: SASSET!

2. 4 Minute Window - I know how you feel about this Nat, but this series is wonderful! You should give the other stories a try!

3. young hearts to yourself be true - this has been the go-to cheer up fic of the year, there’s de-aging and Avengers family

4. Into That Good Night - gorgeous Interstellar au, I read this before I saw the movie. Liked it better. Though, full warning - this bad boy is a heart-clencher

5. Meet Cute AUs - this series, each and every one has put a smile on my face; read all of them!


Kipling 100 //

Daiso highlighters - (although I use mildliners more)
Micron - 01, 02, 03
Prismacolor brush pen
Muji - 0.5mm gel
Pilot - 0.38 mm gen
Pentel Energel - 0.7mm
Copic Caio - Pastel 6-pack
Copic Sketch - E11, R11, C7
Tombow dual brush pens - 2 Landscape palettes (x20 pens)
Pentel Energel - 0.5mm
Glue tape
Daiso whiteout
Pentel polymer eraser