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consider this: draco owns a tabby cat during all his school years instead of his eagle owl, he gets suspecious bc the cat gets distant like all cats do and just fucking disappears and reappears at times, and then becomes strangely close to him, as when he lies on his bed, doing nothing in particular after a long day and it’d just come and curl at his side and never cease to stare at him with its wide green eyes and draco instinctively just stares back at the animal bc it has Potter’s fuckin eyecolor, then he’d just reach out and pet the cat on the head gently and hear it purr softly under his touch. The cat grows to be draco’s sincere friend for hearing him out when he complains- compliments,   stupid potter and his stupid scar and hair and skin bc he’s just so fucking stupid for not noticing him. The cat turns out to be a certain green-eyed, messy-haired young man, who’s just as confused about his sexuality and who’s a fucking animagus that transforms whenever he wants to come near draco and feel his warmth, he shoves the real cat out of the way by using a sleeping/ stunning spell and just goes to get a nice view of draco’s face as it softens when he talkes about his inner feelings to a cat every night

A list of songs that make you feel something Pt. 5

I Don’t Like Who I Was Then - The Wonder Years

Eventually - Tame Impala 

If You Love me Come Clean - Flatsound

The Trash Particle - Modern Baseball

Tough Guy - Cyberbully Mom Club

Brother’s Song - Brand New

Sea of Love - Cat Power

Sleep - Flatsound

Never Saw it Coming - Tiger Jaws

Highway Blues - Seahaven

akumiwlf  asked:

You have a kitty named Lexa?! I have a puppy named Lexa!

Yup! Apparently a lot of us have kitties or puppies named after a certain extra Commander and her moody girlfriend. And my Lexa has ridiculous green eyes just like her name sake.

buckysasset  asked:

Omg like those kitties you painted are so PRECIOUS AND SMOL AND CUTE I LOVE THEM 😍😍😍 all the Buckys and Steve looked so good too really I love this AU already uwu

The kitties names are Star and Winter because I’m #hilarious :’)

“I can’t even drive! My legs are too short to reach the stupid pedals!” came the tiny voice of the current five year old cat. “I seriously have to walk all the way there!?” he’d managed to find some clothes that managed to fit but they were a little baggy from an old trunk. So it appeared the five year old was walking by himself out on the streets. 

Hey what if I set up a donation platform? On YouCaring? I definitely don’t want this blog to be about money, because I do it for fun. But I spend a lot of time on here and making content, it’s like a second job. And artists are able to sell their work, which is fantastic. But I haven’t seen the same for writers? Which I sort of get. But it’d be nice to also earn some cash for the hard work I do. Because I do work really hard writing fics and making moodboards! And I love to do it.
I need to move out tho. This year. My cat and I aren’t in the best of living situations, I won’t go into detail here but it’s unhealthy and I sleep on a couch.
I would still do everything for free, it’s more of a “pay what you want” thing?
Would you all be ok with that? If I had it for anyone to donate if they want? I don’t want to make people feel uncomfy or obligated!

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  1. Gender? Female.
  2. If I had a cat, what would I name it? My recently passed away cat that I had for 20 years was named Zack, so if I got another one, I’d name it ZJ: for Zack Junior, and also because “if you have to ask, big man, you can’t afford it.” Yes, I would Beerfest-reference my kitty.
  3. Height? I’m 5′6″, maybe 5′7″, the doctors never seem to agree.
  4. Hogwarts house? Slytherin.
  5. Favorite color?  Green.
  6. Average hours of sleep? Somewhere between 6-9 hours.
  7. Favorite number? Three?
  8. Last thing I googled? London Eye.
  9. Fictional character you want as a younger sibling? I’d be cool with Bran or Arya from ASOIAF, or any of the little kids from Stranger Things. 
  10. Blankets I sleep with? Only one, my Rosette Quilt from Anthropologie.
  11. Favorite Bands/Artists: Favorites change by the month; right now it’s The 1975.
  12. Dream trip: Skiing in France. 
  13. What am I wearing right now? PJs.
  14. When I made this blog? No idea, a few years ago.
  15. How many blogs I follow? Thirty-nine.
  16. What do I post about? ASOIAF, with random bouts of other tv/films I like and fashion.
  17. Pick a word that starts with the first letter of your real name and ends with the first letter of your tumblr name: Java.
  18. Do I get asks on a daily basis? Yep.
  19. Why did I choose my tumblr URL? Because my initials are JAC, and I wanted it to be a play on words.

Listen like Im not asking this to be salty, but Sherlock is a decent show, it’s released in a unique way, but otherwise what about it is groundbreaking? What about it COULD be groundbreaking?

The only I can think of is johnlock? I mean, I’m not saying that in a screechy triumphant way I’m just genuinely like…what else could it be? There’s nothing groundbreaking about making Mary a villain. It could potentially be groundbreaking to have only three eps and they’re all 90 min and there’s two year hiatuses between, but cats out of the bag there, so? What else?

What????? Else?????? If not johnlock?????