NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope launched into orbit 25 Earth-years ago, and it’s been unveiling celestial wonders — nebulas (Horsehead, Carina, Cat’s Eye), pink gas clouds, lightbenders and burned-out stars — to wide, blinking human eyeballs every day since. Tonight, we raise our glasses to Hubble, and to the blind, soft edges of our atmosphere, in the lobby at Ace Hotel New York. Hubble plays a Hubble orbit’s worth of songs (97 minutes), and the cool geeks at super/collider provide the visuals. 

So as I’m just about to complete this clarity spell I’ve been working on my cat pushes my door open, jumps on my altar and goes behind the curtain. Now my cat is thirteen years old, so seeing him do all that is a bit odd especially this early in the day since he’s usually sleeping. Long story short, I move my tapestry back to find these three beauties just casually chillin on a phone wire looking directly into my room. They each left one by one and I swear the last one head nodded me before he took off. 

Things are coming, I just hope I’m ready.

You know what really helped me with my own body image? Okay this is so lame lol but we got our cat Josie a few years ago and I love her to pieces and she is sooo fat and I always say to her “I love all your fat so much I love every inch of you” and then I realized I couldn’t talk to myself that way about my own body and that really fucked me up so I changed it and now I’m so much better for it so shout out to my fat cat Josie I love her more than life

music!!! :D

So yeah, I’m awake at midnight because of insomnia, but here’s some songs that I’ve fallen in love with lately:

1. Believe, by The Echoing Green
2. Logan Circle, by The Wonder Years
3. The Irony of Choking on a Lifesaver, by All Time Low
4. Sweet Home Cananada, by Bomb the Music Industry
5. Wild World, by Cat Stevens
6. Arabella, by The Arctic Monkeys

that feel when there’s a perfect furnished apartment for rent in a syrian brooklyn neighborhood 2 blocks away from the restaurant your family has been eating at for 50 years being rented by two lesbians with cats and a “living room that is more like a personal library at this point” and it’s affordable 

but you don’t need a place to live for another 4 months


Cat of the Day

Bubbles, from Happy Landings, Somerset. Click here for more info on adoption or ways to donate.

“Quiet home wanted with another cat Bubbles is a 6 year old girl who was brought to us with her two daughters, Sally and Jessica, when their owner sadly and unexpectedly died. All three cats ahve been a bit overwhelmed by the recent changes in their lives, but all are now settling well with us and would like to find new homes. Bubbles can be shy to start with, but is very affectionate once she knows you. She has always lived with another cat and we feel that she would be happiest with a feline friend - possibly, but not necessarily, her daughter Jessica.”

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Same as last year it’s Albuquerque’s Birthday today, he is 9 years old today.

Pictures go from when he was a few weeks old up until last week, the other cats are his two sisters April and Helena that were also born today and the one sitting in the box next to him is his mum Cruise.

Happy Birthday Albuquerque!