2013 is almost over. Let’s have a recap of some of Arashi’s highlights and achievements for this year. 2013 has been another busy year for the boys yet they proved again that they deserve to be on the peak of Japanese entertainment. They achieved so many things beyond a normal idol should have. We can also never forget Himitsu no Arashi-chan which ended this March. Many of us were saddened by this but it provided an opportunity for them to have new variety shows. Their new singles and album is superb too. Their performances nearly killed us all because of their epic hotness and perfection. Concert tours, TV guestings, magazine photoshoots, charity events, dramas, movies, etc…they managed to do all these without even complaining and still have smiles on their faces which shows they’re having fun. I’m really grateful that none of them got sick despite of their jam-packed schedule and non-stop work. 

As we all know, 2014 marks the 15th anniversary of Arashi. We can expect more projects and activities for them so let’s get our hearts, mind and body be ready for what kind of beautiful storm awaits us. Let’s hope and pray that they’ll have good health and more success for this upcoming year. Advanced Happy New Year Arashi fans! Let’s support the boys till the end ^__^


2011 Book-related Art: The Book Thief, Thirteen Reasons Why, Paper Towns, The Perks of Being a WallflowerSandman Vol. 9: The Kindly Ones, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, and Sputnik Sweetheart. More here.

Looking forward to another year of books and doodles! :)

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  4. And Yap! that’s all I wanted to say in the end of 2011, Wish all the best in 2012! :D Have a nice day!
1D Hiatus: Day 214

* Louis posts a selfie on Instagram

* Pap pictures of Louis, Danielle and Freddie at the beach in Malibu yesterday and an article about it are released and later deleted by TMZ

* More pictures of Harry on the set of ‘Dunkirk’ yesterday are released

* The Sun publishes an article about Briana’s tweet to Danielle (“You can pretend all you want but you will NEVER be my baby son’s mother”)

* New promo video for America’s Got Talent featuring Louis is posted on Twitter

* Niall appears in The Open, Jake Gosling and Chris Leonard’s Snapchat stories

* Niall is apparently in London

* It’s been a year since babygate started

It’s Jul 14th, 2016.

Goodbye to the year I have learned (and hello to the years that I will still learn)

My 23-days late wrap up post for 2015. Every end of the month (late or not), I provide a wrap-up post in order for me to make my year-end entry easier. So in this post, I will direct you to the link of the 12 months with my favorite moments (don’t get me wrong, every day that year was my favorite but you will always that particular days you will remember even though the year has passed) for that particular month:

JANUARY: Another year has begun! And it was a good start for me last 2015. I still remember I’m on the moving on stage during this time but God gave me PEOPLE who will help me cope up with all the sht life brings. So my favorite moments for January are (m2m but i’m gonna say it anyway): UST with Team Urh, Ekha’s 18th + Pre-birthdate, Shiela’s birthday, Mom’s birthday, random family trips to the mall and happy t with college buddies. MY MOST FAVORITE: PAPAL VISIT. I was able to see him live. Thank you Lord!

FEBRUARY: Love month? Well, not for me. Lol I made a wrong decision of giving something to someone for Valentine’s Day. Lol, I don’t want to go back on that memory anymore. So anyway, despite the lack of love life, my friends were there to make me feel that I don’t need a guy to be happy or to feel loved. My bestfriends surprised me for Valentine’s and I don’t really know why. They gave me mini-scrapbook and some flowers! And that would be the highlight of my February; I’ve learned the real meaning of LOVE. Here are some of my additional favorites: JPIA GA, Mama Rico, Univ week, random mall dates with mom and uncle

MARCH: March is one of those months wherein my social and food life were active as hell. I had been to a lot of restaurants. I also attended some parties: birthdays and rave. Here are my favorites: Via’s 18th, dates with my best friends around Taft, Tagaytay foodtrip with my tito, 3QNX!!, Art in the Park, spontaneous trips with the gang and new instax mini from my stepdad!

APRIL: There’s nothing that much about April except that it was my first time to go in Baguio!! Okay, I will list the usual things that happened in April first: Lola’s birthday, Roanne’s debut, food trip around Taft, museums around Taft, Star City with college buds & first DL celebration. And my most favorite: Trip to Baguio!! It was my first time. And I loved it! The trip left me hanging though, we only had three days, I think five days is better for me to go to the other parts of Baguio or around Benguet. Here, I realized that traveling will set you free. And I just fell in love with traveling.

MAY: For me, May was a “going-out-of-my-comfort-zone” month. It was actually one of my favorites!! I had been to places beyond Cavite or the usual place I go like Alabang; I had been to Las Pinas, Bicol (FIRST TIME TO RIDE THE PLANE!), Makati (not just the usual Glorietta/Greenbelt) and BGC (it was my second time though) Well, everything that happened in May was my favorite: Hole in the wall with the fam, Kat’s Cafe with Ekha and ate Cams, Mom’s day at CCM, Holiday Inn & Suites Makati for my tita’s birthday, birthday surprise for the May babies, LEGO day at BGC, Maginhawa food trip and BICOL 2015!! In this month, I have appreciated to explore new things. Before I just want the easy way. But I realized that you will never be happy if I just stay inside my comfort zone. I love you May!!

JUNE: First half of the year. There’s nothing that much in June but this is the month that I had been to my favorite museum to date: Pinto Art Museum! I reunited with my cousins and made an effort to visit to Antipolo. I also had a catch up date with Ekha and Father’s Day! I love this month because of Pinto Art <3

JULY: How ironic it was that July is nutrition month but I had a lot of foodtrips lol. We went to a cat cafe for my Chas’ birthday, BF Paranaque foodtrip with mom and her bff, mini Taft foodtrip with college buds, lunch at LCM and term-end feast at Barn & Yardstick. See why my body’s like this? Haha!

AUGUST: August is about family and school. For family, we celebrated our lolo’s birthday at Parque Espana, Alabang and Kenji Tei Ramen plus pamper day with mom. For school, I conducted a lecture for the froshies which was a great experience! I have learned that I can do everything, I just have to believe in myself. It was my first time to talk in front of a lot of people. (Special mention: Artsy Day with college friends and first term started!)

SEPTEMBER: Meh meh. School has started last month so I just studied the whole BER-months except Christmas break, of course. But despite all the stress, I still find time to unwind and free myself. For September, I watched Eat Bulaga live and I was seen on TV lol. I also had some catch up time with my high school friends. My favorite parts were: MIBF 2015, my first MIBF experience ever and the day we had lunch after finals plus Heneral Luna after.

OCTOBER: Same as September. October was just about school. The only non-school related that happened were the unwinding moments with my college buds and family:Dinner at Manam, GH Day out and birthday celebration of my tita.

NOVEMBER: My favorite month!! Because it is my birthmonth. I don’t know, I just want to be happy the whole November. So I just radiated positive vibes the whole month. Highlight of the month? Am I really going to say it? Lol, of course, my birthday!! Please include Sam Smith’s concert and EXCEED 2015. I love this month because my tito went back home from his work abroad. Also, I have realized how blessed I am. I tend to be close minded that I don’t know how be contented. Thank God for these people who made me realized that life is still worth living after all!

DECEMBER: 365/365 | 12/12 Last month of the year. Busiest yet happiest! Christmas part with the gang, gifts from family and friends, breakfast with family in Tagaytay, my little brother’s birthday, a wedding and trip to Cagbalete Island. December is for God and for His gifts to us: our family and friends. Next to my birthmonth, December is my favorite. You had the chance to spend your most precious time with your family during Christmas break and share your blessings to your friends. Farewell, 2015. This is your last month. Thank you for every thing that you have taught me. Anyway, here’s my instagram speech for 2015 L O L:

2015 has been great! Despite all the downs, I’ve learned how to appreciate life by exploring new things. I’ve learned to love traveling to think that IDGAF about it for the past few years. 2015 is the last year that I will be irresponsible. I really LEARNED a lot (esp from my mistakes) and it’s time to grow up.
To everyone who made my year, thank you. Hope you’ll “find” yourself in this photo (if not, don’t worry, you’re in my heart naks!) And of course to God, thank You for the gift of life. For the people around me. For all the experiences. For everything.

Goodbye, 2015! Here’s to a better me this 2016 💩 (Well, every year ko yun sinasabi, goodluck with that) Happy New Year everyone 💗


WIP: Hopefully I’ll be able to finish this within the next month or so!

Please look forward to the finished product when it’s out lol.

Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013 (Part 1)

The typical blogpost for today is this one. Well I don’t really care if most of those bloggers had been doing this blogpost every year but it helped me bring back those memories that I had for the year. And I am happy to know that those memories had taught me so much that it helped me became what I am today.

January - Had been my thesis month, syempre dito nagstart na gawin na ung thesis namin. And ayun. I ended up watching movies and drinking the whole month, actually, the whole year na din. Haha! I also had the chance to join some friends for the Chinese New Year Photowalk at Binondo. And ayun, exciting naman.

February - Had been a busy month for me. I’m happy na marami akong nakilalajng mga taong nakaapekto sa buhay ko. I started to became close to Sir John Paul Halili Sibug, who had been one of my mentors in life (nuks!~) and Dessa Prado, who had became one of my closest friends na madalas kong kasama kapag kulitan etc etc. Nagpapasalamat ako at nakilala ko sila. They had been an influence in my life.

Nagkaroon din ako ng chance to meet other people outside my batch. Nagstart to when the “Valentines Project” became an activity sa school which was composed of our Org, Rasbrofari Movement, Digital Arts Students’ Association and FEU Stolen Shots. Yun din nakilala ko si Benedick Bautista. One of my considered Best Friends (Madalas talaga, self proclaim lang ung mga ganung titles), masaya akong nakilala ko sila.

I also had the chance to became a speaker for an event, The event was “Web Design Talk 2012”. Grabe. isa na yun sa greatest achievement ko, ang maishare ko sa iba yung mga natutunan ko over the years. at overwelming yun. Lastly, nagkaroon din ako ng chance na makasama sa Pasinaya Festival with my Helios Friends at CCP. :)

March - Had been my “Hunger Games” month. I had been so obsessed with the franchise na ito lang ang naging highlight ng bwan na ito. Well, yun lang talaga ang in abangan ko. I was also in the position of getting ready to form a new organization sa school. At ayun, sa tulong nila Joseph Gabriel Tomas, yung previous president ng Web.IT, unti unti namn tong binubuo.

Isa pang chance na nagkaroon ako nung march ay yung maging isang host sa isang event. Another first time. At ito ay naganap nung cosplay event namin. Which was also a first at our school.

Turn of the Year Thoughts....

….so I had this tumblr account in 2012, but I looked back at my archive and I see that I only made 64 posts all that year.

This year, I’m close to 2,500.

So I think it’s safe to say that 2013 was the year that I really “got” tumblr, and discovered all the weird and wonderful things that lurk therein.

I also have had the chance to connect with a bunch of honestly amazing people who I otherwise would not have gotten to know. I don’t follow a ton of blogs, at least not compared to some, but I deeply value each and every one that I do follow…so while I’m not going do a follow forever post, please know that I truly am grateful for each and every one of you, and the same goes for the people who follow me!!!! (It still amazes me that anyone cares about my ramblings on here, but it means a lot that you do).

All the best to everyone for a fantastic 2014!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tumblr year end Appreciation Post Part III

Hello jadenmallows. Kamusta? :))

Mr. Nice Guy kung ika'y aking tawagin, wala ka namang tutol eh. Choosy pa? Hahaha.

Thank you for being super nice simula palang. Noong mga panahong kakadiscover ko palang ng blog mo na super natuwa ako sa pagbaback read haha. Nakakatuwa kasi nag thank you kapa tlaga via TA super nice guy ka tlaga. You’re always amazing!

Thank you thank you for being a good friend. Salamat sa pagiging mabait. Noong nagkita tayo personally mas lalo akong natuwa sa'yo. Paano ang bait mo tlaga tas ang sweet pa. Hindi nakapagtatakang madami ang humahanga sa'yo, hindi ko sila masisi. Salamat dun sa mga kwentong buhay mo na ibinahagi mo sa akin. Thank you dun sa macute mong regalo sa akin. Nabigyan ko na sya ng pangalan hehe.

Jaden! This is Nhad saying THANK YOU for being part of my 2012’s journey. Sana tumagal pa ang pagkakaibigan natin. Sana sa 2013 makasama kna namin sa gala nila Nelsey and Cris.


Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013 (Part 2)


Marami ding memorable moments dito. Unang una na yung Pagpasa namin sa thesis, and yes. Happy ako that we had flying colors. Salamat kila Franz Joseph Lalim, Ram Martin at Rainier Maderazo, yung mga kagrupo ko dahil lahat kami eh pinaghirapan yun para maabot pati na din sa mentor naming walang kupas na si Marlon Aves Diloy who had taught me a lot in life. This would be one of the best achievement na narating ko. :)

April din naganap yung shoot for Student Leaders ng FEU-EAC wherein nakahalubilo ko ung ibang mga student leaders na di ko pa nakikilala before. Dun na din naging official ang Information Technology Students’ Organization.

Siguro ang di ko malilimutan pagkakataon, eh yung nag-away away kami sa pamilya dahil lang hindi ako pinayagan magbakasyon. Well, that’s true. Never pa akong nakapagbakasyon kasama yung mga kaibigan ko. At isa yun sa hinaing ko dati. Well, I’ll make sure na sa 2013, makakapagbakasyon ako!

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Yes I know I am always v lousy at accountability. I am sorry, and to change I have started a new tag for me to update HAHA. Basically, I have 3 areas of life I need to manage: School, health, and relaxation.


  • Exercise 5x a week, 45 mins each session.
  • Stretch daily before studying. 
  • Sleep by 10 pm (there’s an alarm on my phone for 9.30 )
  • Take progress pics once a month! (May or may not upload them, I’ll see how)


  • Set aside 2h for school stuff. Not just homework and studying for test but also to revise 2014’s work.


  • Watch only 1 episode of anime a day for rest and relaxation! :>
  • Take planned days off from studying to prevent burning out (but they must be planned, and to be able to do this I must have productive days!)

I want 2015 to be a year of Balance. I’ve done a rough time table and know that it’s possible to study and exercise and relax, even as A levels approach! 

Personally, I feel that 2014 has been a good year for me in terms of loving myself more. I felt less concerned with appearances (no more pretending to upbeat when I wasn’t) and was more honest with myself (knowing when I need to be alone). I also came to terms with my body and stopped doing exercise with hate in my heart (I used to feel so upset when I ran because I ran to lose weight), and learned to enjoy it. :> While school hasn’t been the most enjoyable, I learnt a lot about how to deal with people and also about life in general. :>

Year end post

WARNING: This will be a long one.

Okay. So making a year end post is a hard thing to do.  It’s not easy for me to go back to those times when I am still with him. I miss him so much. Of course, he will be in this year end post since he has been a big part of my 2014 for 8 months.

Months/Days with heart (❤) are months/days to remember and months/days with ✖ are months/days not worth keeping for. So here it goes;






JUNE ✖ because MODS

JULY ✖ because MODS

AUGUST ✖✖ because MODS and breakup





RECORDS/HIGHLIGHTS: I was invited for 15 debuts and I received and bought 70 books for the year! I only attended one out of those 15 debuts hehe and I have read a total of 30 books for the year. I also attended two college organization parties. 2014 was the year Spurs won as the NBA Champs and also the year I got to see some of my favorite OPM bands play live.

Obligatory End of Year Post
In 2015…
  • I rang in the New Year in a backyard tiki bar, overdressed and overseas in Australia
  • Came back to Canada in April and have never worried about money more
  • Worked for two caterers and as a bike courier
  • Had my first real graphic novel published (Thanks Conundrum!) and made a new mini, finished the script for my webcomic and brought it up to 2 x weekly updates
  • I stayed in 15 different households with friends or for house sitting
  • Got really, really good at packing luggage
  • Traveled to NYC, Vancouver and Missouri
  • Did six different comic fairs, from coast to coast and across countries. Hopefully more next year!
  • Dived into romance with my paramour in Missouri  ❤️
  • Met 10 adorable, fluffy, deaf, prissy, loving, lazy and all around excellent cats, 1 hyperactive and super sweet dog, and a turtle who PROBABLY wasn’t aware of my existence
  • Gave my pet snake Pongo to a new forever home with a mom who plays with him LOADS and is mad kind
  • Received a grant for comics work to make a big ‘mini’ for next year, applied for a REALLY big grant that would mean I barely have to work in 2016, and can finish Meat&Bone (cross your fingers for me!)
  • Am trying to live more in the moment, let go of old grudges and worldy possessions, adopt an easier, lighter way of being

In 2016… I’m going to open the New Year with my amazing and supportive friends in Toronto, who I couldn’t adore more. I feel so much love from this group of people, I’m truly lucky, and so grateful to everyone who has helped me out on this wild and weird journey. Then in LESS than a week!! I am travelling down to the States be with my sweetheart for two months, make a million comics, and see what living in America is really like.

Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013 (Part 4)


Syempre ang highlight ng bwan na ito ay ang aking birthday. Maraming Salamat kay Benedick Bautista na naging dakilang organizer ng surprise kasama ang ITSO, MS, INNOVATOR at SL Family ko :) Nakakatuwang isipin na nakuha nya rin na mahatak si Ina Mercado, na kahit hindi ko naging kaklase eh itinuring kong isang malaking parte ng college life ko as a friend and a religious mentor. Naks! At first time may nagluto para sakin! :“> Di ko malilimutan un :))

Ito din yung time na nagkaroon ako ng sakit for 2 weeks. Hanggang birthday ko may sakit ako. Nakakatuwa kasi dumalaw talaga sila Eleojah Nicdao, Bryann Yu at Raito Nasra sa bahay.

Nagawa ko ding makireconnect sa mga old friends but at the same time letting them meet my new friends. I’m happy that they got along quickly :)

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