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there’s a 40 something year old Singaporean dude on YouTube that reviews paint products and I love that his videos have no music, I know nothing about his life, he rarely says hello at the beginning of his clips and the only time he edits is if it’s to speed up the colour testing process. sometimes he’ll go into the history of yellow ochre as a pigment and you can hear a truck in the background and I love it.

2017 Fall TV Line Up

It’s one of my favorite times of year! Fall TV premieres! This is my fantasy football. Not going to lie, last year was disastrous in terms of my new faves being cancelled. Here’s hoping I fare better this year.

New shows are bolded

Reviewed shows are italicized

*Shows I need to catch up on prior seasons


Outlander (Starz)


Ten Days in the Valley

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It’s been three years since the last release from the Rhode Island band Deer Tick, and the quartet is back with two new albums, titled Deer Tick Vol. 1 and Deer Tick Vol. 2. The first is mostly quiet, the second mostly loud, and rock critic Ken Tucker says both have songs well worth paying attention to.

“If the motive behind putting out two albums with contrasting volumes was intended as a demonstration of ambition and range, well, mission accomplished.”


Week Two: Lesser Gods Review

Week two of the “Encouraging Innovation” review month came by much quicker than I had planned. Upon binge listening to what I could of The Bridge to deliver a review of the best quality I could muster, I found myself having to repeat the process to keep this schedule nice and tidy.

All the while working part time five days a week to one day build up the funds for my own audio based project, I immediately had to buckle down and listen to what current episodes are available for a more recent fiction podcast, Lesser Gods, to get my thoughts down on paper and put time aside for The Adventures of Mecha Betty before next Friday presses on.

Upon knowing about my theme for this year’s review month, my friend/escort/associate/only-person-who-can-navigate-Atlanta-during-the-chaos-of-DragonCon-better-than-me assured over a white tin of  Indian food that my current roster consisted of some very fitting titles, and Lesser Gods being especially suitable for this year’s theme. To which I agreed before we both exited the crowded food court to take the streets once more. And like most things, she was right.

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"ONE, TWO, BUCKLE MY SHOE" (1992) Review

“ONE, TWO, BUCKLE MY SHOE” (1992) Review

Twenty-five years ago, ITV’s “AGATHA CHRISTIE’S POIROT” aired an adaptation of Agatha Christie’s 1940 novel. Not only was “One, Two, Buckle My Shoe” considered one of Christie’s darkest novels, due to its political overtones, the 1992 television adaptation acquired the same reputation.

Directed by Ross Devenish and adapted by Clive Exton, “ONE, TWO, BUCKLE MY SHOE” centered on Hercule Poirot’s investigation into the death of his dentist, one Dr. Henry Morely, which occurred less than two hours after the former’s last appointment. Poirot’s police colleague, Chief Inspector Japp of Scotland Yard, believes that Dr. Morely had committed suicide, because another one of his clients had died from an overdose of anaesthetic. However, Poirot and Japp eventually discovered that both Dr. Morely and Mr. Amberiotis’ deaths may be tied to possible attempts on the life of a banker named Alistair Blunt, who also happened to be a client of the dentist. Other suspects in the case include a former actress-turned-missionary named Mabelle Sainsbury Seale, who knew Mr. Blunt and his first wife back in India, during the 1920s; a member of the British Blackshirts named Frank Carter, who also happened to be the boyfriend of Dr. Morely’s assistant; Mr. Blunt’s American sister-in-law, Mrs. Julia Olivera; and the latter’s daughter, Jane Olivera.

As I had stated earlier, many fans of Christie’s novel and the “AGATHA CHRISTIE’S POIROT” seemed to harbor a very high regard of this particular story. I must admit there is a good deal about this production that I found impressive. Rob Harris’s re-creation of 1936-37 London was superb. In fact, I would go as far to say that out of the many episodes and television movies that aired on “AGATHA CHRISTIE’S POIROT”, I would count Harris’ production designs as among the best. Harris’ work was ably supported by Barbara Kronig’s costume designs and Chris O'Dell’s photography. And I also had to compliment Andrew Nelson’s editing, especially in the sequence that featured the details that led to Dr. Morely’s murder. I thought the entire scene was well paced.

The performances also struck me as first-rate. David Suchet was in fine form as Belgian detective, Hercule Poirot. He was ably supported by Philip Jackson’s wry performance as Scotland Yard’s Chief Inspector Japp. I realize that many may have been a little upset by the lack of Arthur Hastings and Miss Lemon’s presence. But to be honest, I did not really miss them. Suchet and Jackson made a pretty strong screen team, as they have done in a few other productions.

Most of the supporting cast gave solid performances, including Joanna Phillips-Lane, Laurence Harrington, and Carolyn Colquhoun. However, there were times that I found the latter’s performance as Mabelle Sainsbury Seale to be a little ponderous. Peter Blythe did a good job in conveying both the charm and dignity of his character, Alistair Blunt, even if he came off as a bit smug toward Poirot, a man trying to prevent his murder. Helen Horton gave an amusing performance as Blunt’s American sister-in-law, Julia Olivera. And I am relieved that her portrayal as a middle-aged American woman did not collapsed into a cliche, even if Clive Exton’s screenplay gave her nearly every opportunity to do so. But I believe the best performance came from Christopher Eccleston, who portrayed one of the suspects - the boyfriend of Dr. Morely’s assistant and a follower of the British Union of Fascists. Not only was Eccleston’s performance brimmed with energy, he managed to inject sympathy into a character most would regard with disgust.

I wish I could say that “ONE, TWO, BUCKLE MY SHOE” was one of the best Christie adaptations I have seen. Many seemed to think so. I believe it had the potential to be one of the best. But I also believe that Clive Exton’s script was riddled with a few flaws. One, Clive Exton wrote a convoluted script, which is not surprising since it was based upon a convoluted novel. Two, Exton and director Ross Devenish should have never included that prologue in 1925 India. It literally made it easier to solve the murders. And three, the script never made it clear why Alistair Blunt was needed to maintain some balance within Britain and Europe’s political and economic climates. Why was it so important for Scotland Yard to discover who was trying to kill him? And three, the nursery rhyme chant that permeated the movie really got on my nerves. Why was it that every time ITV aired an Agatha Christie adaptation that featured a title from a nursery rhyme, it had to include an annoying and heavy-handed literary symbol into the production?

Despite a convoluted story and a prologue that made it easier to identify the murderer, I must admit that I still rather like “ONE, TWO, BUCKLE MY SHOE”. It has a lot of style. I thought it did a great job in re-creating mid-1930s London. And it featured some top-notch performances led by David Suchet, Philip Jackson and a young Christopher Eccleston.


Hey guys! One of the things that’s kept me so busy is this! This year for junior review the comic majors have to set up a display of our work. It’s so satisfying to see all my work up there!!

Week Three: Adventures of MechaBetty

Robots, cyborgs, and androids are not territory very commonly explored in audio drama and I don’t think anyone is going to correct me on that. We’ve had our fair share of artificial intelligence from nearly every sci-fi show on the planet or otherwise organic humans with mechanical attachments or replacements, but the whole sentient metal warrior thing just hasn’t really come to full circle.

When it came to covering the concept of innovation for this year’s September in Review, Adventures of MechaBetty was an easy qualifier that I didn’t have to dig too deep into to find its unique qualities. 

From the title to its short but open ended description, Adventures of MechaBetty by someone I only know as Titankore, is likely one of the more “out there” pieces of audio drama I’ve come across, and that’s saying a lot. This is mostly dealing with premise alone, its plot sounding like something right out of an action cartoon or anime, and that’s certainly something I can’t say for a lot of shows.

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I recently started watching thereportoftheweek after seeing so many memes featuring him over the years and it turns out he’s genuinely a great reviewer and has a really good sense of humor

… also… i watched the “ULTIMATE WARRIOR” comic reviews yesterday. after several years. guess who’s kinda in the mood to get back into drawing TGWTG art? ;D

and with that i mean, drawing stuff based on the stuff from people who were formally (or still are) on Channel Awesome, but doing their own thing.

i want to remind many that a lot of the producers from back then are still doing awesome things!

Maybe i can not tag it under “TGWTG” or “Channel Awesome” anymore, because some of them don’t like to be reminded that they were part of that network at some point… but i think we’ll find an umbrella tag eventually…

… actually, could we just use “Revewerverse”? So we could not only put stuff about them in there, but also of people that fall into that category, but had/have no connection to TGWTG/Channel Awesome?




Thank you all very much for following me and for all your support! It’s been a blast on this site, and I hope to continue to deliver content - whether it’s my own pieces or reviewing another’s fics for the 2017 year.

Now my ask box is always open. But usually for every milestone I hit, I like to remind everyone that it’s there as well as add a new list of prompts. And for this time around, the theme is domestic home stuffs. You want your favorite characters/OTP/OT3 cuddling on a couch? Fixing a busted sink? Moving furniture? Getting a pet? Name it and I’ll do it. Anything that would be done inside a home is fair game, from everyday events to not-so-common happenings (and sex in the kitchen if you want).

As a heads up, this is primarily RWBY. However, I am also open to Fire Emblem: Awakening and Fates, Voltron, Nier: Automata, and Bloodborne!

And like all other times, you can also select any of the previous prompts I have completed as well. Or if you want your own thing, feel free to request that as well, even if it doesn’t fit any of the prompts I have provided. For now, though, here’s the list of previous prompts!

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Reviews List Updated...

… with the author and title initials of next week’s reviewed books! If anyone would like to guess what’s coming up, send me a message with what you think a particular set of initials refers to. A correct guess (or the most correct guesses, depending on what happens) will get you the chance to pick one (1) book in the genre for me to read and review for next year’s medieval fantasy week.

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Wait…. What just happened?

The Fairchild Ball, one of the most talked about events of the season and well, after tonight it’ll certainly be on the lips of any and all guests for weeks to come. Months, years. Did anyone see that coming? Well, let’s review shall we:

  • Our esteemed guests arrived in their hundreds, dressed to the nines and posing for the cameras. The room was abuzz, hands around waists and champagne flutes in any hand that mattered. Tonight was going to be the night. Families were sat together, new couples and old flames were sure to be the talk of the room. Gossip circulated as it always does but everyone was as pleasant as ever.
  • Donations, donations, donations. Info breaks and Emmeline Fairchild smiling while telling us why and how we could donate and what that money would actually do. There’s always a good cause, isn’t there? But did we all love her dress or what? Yay or nay on the red hair?
  • Emmeline Fairchild. Perhaps the biggest talk of the night (oh not for the same reasons as later) because she had not attended let alone been invited to this ball for years. Her walking out on her family, responsibilities and trust fund was a scandal everyone in the room knew about. They were all watching her to see if she’d succeed or fail. Everyone loves an underdog, no?
  • Dancing, photos, appetizers. Parents meeting parents. Then the big waltz came into play and we saw almost everyone twirling around the room in expert fashion. You never forget those dance lessons now do you? Oh no.
  • Then things started to go… South. Did anyone notice how loudHoward Archibald was being? It was a good thing Blair wasn’t in the immediate area the way he was yelling about her marrying our dear Nathaniel. Enter Nate as he has a heated conversation with is father and well, we all heard, didn’t we? But what was that! The FBI? At the ball? Were the invited?
  • Howard Archibald is very publicly arrested after causing quite the stir.
  • Of course it’s the hostess’ responsibility to calm the masses and ensure the party goes on. In hindsight, Ella or Lucille should have gotten to the stage first. Emmeline was going to lose her cool eventually, right? We had a betting pool going but not…like that. Her outburst shocked our esteemed guests and most of them don’t know what music she put on but you certainly can’t dance to it.
  • Ella Fairchild is nowhere to be seen.

So what now Upper East Siders? Take all that in, have another drink? Actually this is a pretty good bop… Hitch up your dresses, abandon your ties… You might as well dance while you still can. Oh and keep an eye on Gossip Girl… Everyone knows that chaos breeds more chaos so surely in all the…you know…there’ll be another incident, or two.


  • So… Here we are. Howard Archibald was arrested, Emmeline had a moment and now we can really dance to actual songs with a beat.
  • IC-wise (for starters etc.) the arrest and Emmeline’s speech and musical change just happened. So feel free to react however you like! Of course you can carry on your threads before this #drama unfolded (ie: the waltzing) and if you can, you can have your pre-drama conversations transaction into post-drama (ie: ‘wait— can you believe that just happened?).
  • Keep an eye on Gossip Girl! In the chaos, the whispers are going to take a minute or two get to the right ears. Keep her updated on what’s going on. You can even just yell in her inbox because OMG! Really, what just happened?
  • News of Howard’s charges- embezzlement- will also slowly make the rounds so feel free to also have your character react to that. After all more than guest tonight invested, trusted their money with him…
  • You can read that messy thread here: [x] then [x] for Emmeline’s finisher.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

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