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Can Tumblr make it one year without accusing Karl Marx, Emma Goldman, Fredy Perlman or any Jewish socialists living or dead of being antisemites

- Killian’s breakdowns.

He just disappeared at night ; he prefered to be alone.

Most of the time, he sat in the middle of nowhere and stared at the stars in the sky above him, but they didn’t shine anymore.

Because their light didn’t reach him anymore.
Because they were too far away.

Just like Emma.

Two Tales of OUAT, Part I

Aka OUAT’s contradicting views on Love, Hope and Letting go

Note: In this meta I concentrate mainly on the Charming family, Emma, Regina and Hook. I tried to include Neal and Rumple, but it would have made the meta way too long and complicated, especially as both has been portrayed in a rather messy, contradicting way. So this kind of family sort of deserve a separate meta, but I am not sure I am the right person to do it justice.)

Note 2: Usually I am not an anti-blog, but this is probably my most bitter meta of all time. You were warned. I will try to make the necessary anti-tags.

Note 3: Not all the pictures are mine. 

Note 4: Part II can be find here

Once upon a time I wrote a meta about OUAT being a puzzle. Both in story structure and in philosophy. You have to get all the pieces to see the big picture. Except, this season proved me something. There is not one big picture we are trying to make, but at least two. Because how you can make sense in these aspects of the show: 

Season 1

Snow White and Charming fall in love, but George wants to separate them. 
Snow steps aside, which is initially treated as the honorable way, but then she is already shown that she cannot live like this, and it is portrayed as very romantic
She is heartbroken and tries to forget Charming. This is treated with sympathy for her (even her going to Rumple!), but ultimately not a good thing - because she should have more faith in Charming who is looking for her and will always find him. 

Message: Be strong, your true love will always find you and save you. 

Regina is a kind and brave young woman who is deeply in love. Her mother kills her fiance. Regina is grieving and with no support, she misdirects her blame. While in the scene of Daniel’s death she is shown with sympathy, in the very next scene her anger and grief are instantly presented as a bad thing. As a sign of evil, even if later it becomes clear that she is 10 years away from becoming the monster we know.
She marries the king in the hope that she can bring back Daniel. Her quest to do that is presented with sympathy, but ultimately not a good thing. She cannot bring back the dead, she has to accept Daniel’s loss, because what she is doing is unnatural and leads to tragedy. 

Message: Whatever you do, your true love is dead, and if you are angry about it, it makes you dark. Bringing back the dead is unnatural, you have to let go. If you don’t do that, you will become a monster. 

Emma gives up Henry in a difficult period of her life. Her choice is treated with sympathy and her reuniting with her son (which in real life is rather illegal) is treated with celebration and positivity of motherhood. Meanwhile Regina’s attempt to keep Emma away from Henry is treated as a VERY BAD THING. (While Regina is the villain of season 1 and what she does to Snow, and Emma are villanous things, her initial attempts to ask Emma to leave are already shown in a bad light, because this is the way they establish her villain status. Except these attempts are NOT villanous acts in a normal situation). 

Message: No matter that you weren’t in your child’s life for 10 years, you are his mother and it prompts a True Love’s Kiss. And no matter that you raised this child for 10 years, and you really love him, your love is shown as obsession and a very bad thing. 

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Happy anniversary @duckllingswan. May we have many many more.

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why do you like 3b so much?? i see your tags alot and you always say how much you love it but cs is together and living together now and are way closer than they were in 3b, why do you miss 3b so much when you have everything now?

Listen. Season 3 is my favorite OUAT season of all time and it always will be. And not just for CS but for EVERYTHING. I love seeing my babies together right now. I love seeing them grow and commit themselves to each other and I love seeing all of these little milestones on their road to becoming a family.

But there is just something about that period of time with a couple….RIGHT before they both finally give in to their feelings. Where one or both of them are just fighting off these feelings to the point where they get downright mean to the person they have the feelings for. Everyone was so mad at Emma during “Kansas” but I was laughing my ass off because she had it SO EFFING BAD for him and it was so obvious and she was SO MEAN about it oh my god.

Like…their talk at Emma’s kitchen table during NYCS…RIDDLED with feelings and thoughts left unsaid, filled with tension just bubbling to the surface. When Walsh knocks at the door and Killian wants to just send him on his way and she tells him no, that she cares about him and what they had was real AND HE PROCEEDS TO BROOD AND GRAB THE WHISKEY BOTTLE. Dear god.

And Killian just KNOWING she’s got feelings for him b/c of the way she kissed him. That wasn’t just a thank you kiss, that first kiss had pent up PASSION AND FEELINGS that she had been holding back since the beanstalk and he felt it, he KNEW she felt it. Which is why he’s all “And I will win it” b/c he knew he’s halfway there al-fucking-ready. I mean goodness, it’s not 3b but has there been a better scene to date than the Dark Hollow scene in S3?!! I MEAN.

Look, you sent me off on a fangirl rant b/c if there’s one thing that gets me talking, it’s OUAT S3′s Captain Swan, lord have mercy. Colin and Jen’s chemistry and the way they acted their scenes was freaking perfect. The writing was perfect. (Except for “A Curious Thing”. We don’t talk about that episode ever. EVER.) And they capped off that INCREDIBLE season with the most badass finale episodes this show has ever seen. I will never not be head over heels in love with the entirety of S3.

As much as I love when my couples get together and we get to see them in a relationship like we are now… I still long for the days when Killian was still wearing that pirate coat, struggling with who he is and who he wants to be, so in love with this beautiful woman who yells at him and breaks him down and makes him better. I’ll forever be in love with watching him try going back to being the ruthless pirate but being unable to b/c Emma Swan has touched his life so richly that even though he may never see her again, he can’t go back to the way his life was before her. (The year without Emma is my FAV concept this show has ever done and I wish we could have explored it more.) – and my favorite time on this show and in this fandom will forever be watching this soulful pirate, the last person you’d ever expect, show up for Emma physically and emotionally time and time again when she’s so used to everyone leaving her; watching her walls come crumbling down little by little with every selfless action he makes for her and her family.

That is why I love 3A/3B, anon. It was such a special time for CS, for this show and for our fandom and I miss it so so much.

I’m trying to make sense of Killian’s timeline with everything we know about him so far and…?

I’ll go under the assumption that his physical age more or less matches Colin’s, so 30 at least, 35 at the very most

  • Childhood/Enchanted forest #1: His father Blackbeard abandons him
  • Neverland #1: Lieutenant years, Killian is speculated to be 17 at that time, since it matches Emma’s flashbacks
  • Meets Milah:  bby!Bae looks 7 at most
  • Milah’s death: Bae is 14 when he falls down the portal. Rumple doesn’t seem to live in his castle quite yet, so not much time much have passed.
  • Neverland #2: He goes there shortly after Milah’s death, stays for a little less than 300 years according to Rumple’s age
  • Back to Enchanted Forest: He seems to have been here for a while in 3x21-22 (long enough to know who Midas is). Roland is already born, which makes the events less than 3 years (Roland’s 4 in 3x03 according to Robin) before Regina casts the curse. Which gives him plenty of time to learn about Belle/work for Regina/find Cora in Wonderland
  • Frozen time under the curse: 28 years (you’ll meet the savior!)
  • Enchanted forest #3: Henry is 11 when they find Neal in NY, which means barely a year has passed since the pilot
  • Storybrooke #1: A couple of weeks at most
  • Neverland #3: A week
  • Year Without Emma: Well, yeah, a year
  • Storybrooke #2 + past: Here again, two weeks at most

So we’ve got:

17  + (time slot of Milah-free pirate years) + 7 (Milah years) + 300 + 3 + 28 + 1 + 1 = 357 year old – 29 physically

I’ll give him 4 years of piracy without Milah, which makes him 361/33

I cry because of foreshadowing...

Like I have some sort of weird obsession with beautifully foreshadowed events. A death, love, a plot twist…


I will not lie to you. When I read the 3B synopsis, I actually cried a bit. Maybe it’s just me, but I hope I’m not the only one that screamed their lungs out when they re-read Hooks beautiful goodbye to Emma. The producers effing knew what they were doing… THEY KNEW!!!

“Hook now must enlist Emma in an epic struggle that spans worlds: with the highest stakes possible — the fate of her family. No one remembers how they were transported back or the past year they had spent back in Fairy Tale Land.”






↳ Analogies, symbols & more

                                                 The dolls near Emma’s crib.

We can talk all day long about who’s the knight. It has been discussed many times that the doll is either Charming or Graham.
Although the argument they gave for Graham was plausible (him being the first person to start tearing down her walls) I don’t think that he’s the knight. Graham -both times we have seen him in armor (1.07, 1.22)- is wearing the armor of Regina’s guards, not Leopold’s or the White Kingdom. Killian calls them “Black Knights” in 3.21, which further distinguishes them as wear colors and armaments that emphasize their allegiance to Regina herself. Thus, the knight cannot be anyone other than David (unless you notice how very, very similar the helm and breastplate of the doll appear to the false armor that Killian himself dons when he and his crew are committing highway robbery in the Enchanted Forest during the year without Emma [credit to x])
The knight is Charming; protecting his little girl since before she was even born.
However, this post is not about daddy Charming or Graham, it’s about captain swan.
There’s no question about who the lieutenant is. It’s clear that that doll beside the knight is lieutenant Killian Jones and that he was chosen to be there.
They have taken two pivotal men in Emma’s life to protect her. They didn’t use just any doll but rather the knight and the lieutenant. Men of honor that like a fair fight, that are willing to sacrifice their lives for love and ensuring her welfare no matter the circumstances.
Captain swan was planned since the pilot.

If you cry because Emma and Killian are so clingy when they hug, desperate to hold onto each other as if afraid they will lose each other thanks to both of their past, just think of their hugs and kisses after they rescue Emma from the Dark One curse.

because i’ve had some confusion about my spoiler anon, i’ve spoken to the OP privately and am going to absolutely trust the info. plus, i got some extra intel! 

therefore, a summary:

1. At the end of 3x12, Hook is bequeathed babysitting duty for Henry, who makes a jibe at his wardrobe. He is told to watch him for a few moments, or to “scare him”.

2. We only see the first day or so of the year without Emma, in the EF. 

3. A certain article of clothing makes a comeback for Emma…and there’s also one for Hook.

4. (presumably) Hook says, “[I sound] like a mad man, I’m sure.”

5. The [Captain Swan] thing we’ve been waiting to see happens TWICE (but the source won’t share what it is…I know what I think it is, aha)

6. Someone urges someone else to use their “superpower”.

7. Hook has no idea what photoshop is.

8. “Why is he wearing that?” / “Why are you wearing that?”

I just have one thing to say about the CS scene and Hook’s behavior this week. I’ve just been seeing a lot of misunderstanding about it and people wishing he wasn’t so blunt with his response to her question and I just have to say this.

For the entirety of Hook’s redemption arc people have said that he only changed for Emma. That if she left him, he’d go right back to being the selfish asshole pirate with vengeance in his heart. Nevermind that we saw during the year without Emma that he COULDN’T do that…but I digress. His actions with Dark Swan so far this season and especially in the last episode were so important for his growth arc b/c it shows us that he changed b/c he really wanted to, not just to be with Emma. It shows us that Emma may have given him the chance to change and be a part of something but that he did so b/c he truly wants to be a hero. He wants to make up for the awful things he did. He wants to be a good man. It keeps his growth sort of separate from his relationship with Emma and that’s why it also makes him such a wonderful match for her. She didn’t accept him until he proved himself. He resisted his darkness and found himself again b/c she put her foot down and wouldn’t accept anything less.

Emma needs tough love right now. Emma NEEDS someone who loves her enough to tell her NO. Him telling her that he loved her wasn’t saying that he doesn’t anymore, it was him saying that he will not be in a relationship with the Dark One…and my god, the real Emma would be horrified that she’s even putting him in a position to choose. The Dark One killed his first love, maimed him, almost killed him several times over and now that same spirit who did all of those awful things to him now inhabits the woman he loves and she’s asking him to accept that and love her anyway and you want him to go easy on her? 

The darkness inside of Emma is snuffing out the light, meaning…pretty soon the light side of Emma, which is the REAL emma, won’t be there anymore – so by breaking her heart and not giving her what she wants, he’s forcing real Emma’s feelings to the surface. If he just laid down and accepted her, the light side would have no reason to try…but now it does. It’s not about Killian accepting every part of her, because the darkness is NOT a part of the Emma we all know and love. It’s about him reminding her of who she is and what she’s losing by not fighting this and accepting this darkness into her heart. I expect Henry will do the same in the coming episodes.

Him saying he loved the old Emma, the REAL emma, is letting the darkness know it’s not going to be that easy. That he’s going to fight this. That he can’t be manipulated and it cannot use his love for Emma against him. This is why he is her perfect match and why he’s the perfect person to bring the real Emma to the surface…because there’s a man that she loves in the life that she lost and he’s only doing exactly what she asked of them before she took on the darkness. He’s not rolling over and accepting it, he’s hell bent on making it as hard as possible for the darkness to win and she will THANK him for it when it’s all said and done.

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The writers really truly blew this episode. And I am hoping that you, of all people, are not so sugary sweet that you try to put a positive spin on this terrible episode. I am a huge CS shipper, love Colin, and I am actually depressed. I view this plot turn as a huge waste of our time and emotion as viewers. So the whole rest of the season they will be apart n we will be full of angst!! And MAYBE we will get a TLK by season' s end. And maybe not. Maybe it will be the cliffhanger. Crushed!

Nope. They didn’t blow it. They put on their evil-as-fuck hats, cackled at us thinking we knew what was coming, and did exactly what they wanted to. I’ve never been hurt this badly by OUAT before, but it was NOT a wasted or terrible episode by any means. Here’s why.

I got another ask complaining about how the scene of him in the knight’s armor was him being selfish, and how he treated Ariel badly in the EF. Yes. Yes, that’s exactly the point. We saw him learning in the worst possible way that he can’t go back to who he was. We have another episode upcoming that will discuss the full story of how he got the note and the message. I hope nobody thought that Hook was going to be a saint in the year without Emma, because I sure didn’t. The whole point of the episode was that it’s killing him to be apart from her, that his ship and the bloodthirsty pirate’s life that he was trying so horribly hard to pull off, was NOT WORKING. That he was so ashamed by it and so upset by it and how hard it was for him to think that he could go on without her and how badly he wanted it to work anyway, because he thought that was all he had left. The reason he ran after Zelena!Ariel practically in tears was because he couldn’t stand that, and he hated the choice he made. He didn’t know she was manipulating him the whole time. Remember this: the entire setup was by Zelena for her to curse him and use his love for Emma against him. It was never actually Ariel in Storybrooke the whole time. It was a GIANT MIND GAME. 

Hook telling Emma she can’t go back to her old life wouldn’t be nearly as powerful if what happened tonight didn’t happen. The guilt of it, the pain, is pretty much destroying him. That’s what he can’t tell her: that he feels so crushingly unworthy of her, that he made the wrong choices, that he hurt people, that he thinks now there’s no way she would actually be able to know that and still want him or forgive him. Now he’s been cursed so that he can’t help her, he can’t be near her, he can’t kiss her, he can’t do any of that without either destroying her or the people she loves, and I’m sorry, but you’re crazy if you think that’s not getting resolved this season. They want you to be crying in pain and begging to find a way for Zelena to be stopped and thinking it’s unfair as fuck, BECAUSE IT IS. And come on. They have literally cursed him so he can’t kiss her. That’s as giant a setup as you can possibly get. Fastball down the middle of the plate. WHAT DO YOU THINK IS COMING IN THE FINALE. IT STARTS WITH T AND ENDS WITH RUE LOVE’S KISS. GIVEN BY EMMA. BECAUSE SHE HAS TO BE THE ONE TO CHOOSE TO DO SO AND OVERCOME ZELENA AND PROVE THAT SHE LOVES HOOK AS MUCH AS HE LOVES HER.

(caps because important)

Now comes what we have wanted: Emma chasing after Killian. Emma fighting for Killian. Emma realizing she can’t stand to lose Killian. Emma getting really, really mad when she finds out what Zelena did to him — at the witch, not at him. Emma finding out about his missing year and NOT CARING. Emma of all people understanding how painful the past is and how powerful the allure of wanting to go back to it is. EMMA FUCKING SWAN KICKING ZELENA’S EVIL GREEN ASS ALL THE WAY BACK TO OZ BECAUSE NOBODY MESSES WITH HER PIRATE.

And I am so, SO here for that.

I can’t pretend it’s not going to hurt like a bitch. It’s going to hurt like a bitch. But seriously, the more angst and the more pain and the more obvious setups we get, the bigger the payoff in the finale, and it’s coming.