year with the yeti

I can already see Chat Noir Christmas Puns
  • <p> <b>Chat :</b> 🎶Santa Claws is coming town🎶<p/><b>Chat:</b> My Lady, all i want for Christmas is mew!<p/><b>Chat:</b> Have a Meowy / Furry Christmas and a Pawsome New year!<p/><b>Chat:</b> Are you Yeti for Christmas, Bugaboo?<p/><b></b> Its gonna be the death of me<p/></p>

I’m so sad. This was going to be it. I was finally go through with buying my dream car. I mean I still have a month to decide but so many older people are like dude. It’s not worth it, yes the cars sick as fuck. But think about it if you want a house in the next couple of years or if you find someone who wants to move out with you, you won’t be able to afford it. At the same time I’ve put this off so many times. I’ve wanted one for years now. As of right now I still own the yeti, or my 1991 nissan 240. I’ve never felt like the day I did when I saw the GTR. I’m short so I couldn’t see over a car but when I laid my eyeballs on her I couldn’t look away. I knew that she was the one. I was so ready, the guy told me he was sending it to the shop to get stuff sorted out and is probably estimating a price tag of 25k. I’m 20 years old, no debt whatsoever. Live on my homies couch (one bedroom apartment) I’ve just never owned one nice thing. I’m so stuck.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hey guys, I hope you have a wonderful day today!  If you don’t have a Valentine, I will volunteer!  I now claim to be all of your Valentines!  Spread the love around!

I hope you have fun with your plans, and if you don’t have any, treat yourself to a movie and junk food!  Don’t forget to buy the discount chocolate tomorrow!

-Mod Cryptid

Anthony by PhemieC

Another song! It’s an Original this time, not a fansong for once. A little weird and experimental, and pretty personal, but hopefully someone enjoys it :)


I’m kind and I’m clever, I know how to pull out the tab of a coffee cup
I find more pleasure in helping than hurting, I’m pretty sure that’s enough

and as for grown ups I don’t wanna be one
and I don’t wanna see one again
and I don’t want to know what I’m missing out on
or if my hat’s on the wrong end

so what if I’m walking home backwards?
I’m still gonna get where I get
Anthony’s walked round in circles for years and he hasn’t stopped yet

I’m funny and free, with a few good tattoos and permanent crooked grin
I’ve medals for participation and others for getting the hockey puck in

and as for losers I’ve certainly been one
and I’ll probably be one again
but I don’t want to know what I’m getting too old for
so don’t put your trash in my bin

so what my life story’s missing a cover,
on sale for just $1.99?
Anthony’s written in marker, he’s scrawled in the margins of mine

I’m soft and I’m silly, my therapist tells me I thoroughly know my own mind
yeah, I’m so self aware she can’t help me, I finish her sentences all the time

so as for sanity take it or leave it
don’t know where I last put mine down
and I’ve gained thirty pounds since I lost it
so it probably wont fit me now

so what if my uncertain future
looks nothing at all like my past
Anthony's outside the confines of spacetime completely
he’s perfectly calm and relaxed


Anthony’s just where I left him
and he can’t do a thing on his own
he’s never won any trophies or accolades
he’s never gonna get home
so I’ve got a leg up on the boy
that I dreamed about being when I was 13
I’d rather be the real me than fake Anthony

yeah all in all I’d rather be me than Anthony


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Childhood Nostalgia

JackSepticEye recently finished playing Spyro: Year of the dragon on his channel and I was inspired to draw this. I thought it was pretty neat that he was replaying an older game from his childhood. Spyro was a game I loved playing too when I was young so getting to show my step-son, Jay the play through of it was pretty cool.

Bad Alliteration Transcends Cultures


Found some discontinued text books by some pompous looking blowhard named Gilderoy. This led to my new favorite game.


Seriously. Holidays with Hags is Lockhart, but Christmas in Camelot is Magic Tree House. Honestly who here can honestly tell which of these are which without looking it up?

Gadding with Ghouls
Night of the Ninjas
Voyages with Vampires
Year with the Yeti
Mummies in the Morning
Summer of the Sea Serpent
Wonderings With Werewolves
Leprechaun in Late Winter
Break with a Banshee

Other things you may be happy to know that are con-related in some form:  

  • I sold out of several prints!  My punk Master and Doctor sold out completely, as did my old watercolor prints of the Ninth Doctor, my full set of splatter Doctors, and my Two and Jamie with the Yeti.   I’m particularly excited about the punky one going, I loved making that.  I suggested just doing an entire punk spread next year and Katy made a Sound in response, so we’ll consider that avenue sometime later this year.   
  • I sold a good chunk of everything else I brought too!  There were only two or three that didn’t sell at all.   I’m considering re-making the splatter Eleven since he hasn’t done well two years in a row.  
  • I’ll try to figure out how to bring Yeti Books with me again next year, since it’s been quite a while.    
  • I’m going to look into getting my the external hard drive that took a fall last year resurrected, otherwise some of the prints I sold this weekend will be the last of their kind!   (Though I also sort of feel like this could be good?  I’m not as fond of some of those pieces as I used to be, so this could be a good motivator to break out the watercolors and apply it to a variety of Space People again.)
Hogwarts textbooks:


  • Numerology and Grammatica

Care of Magical Creatures

  • Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them by Newt Scamander
  • The Monster Book of Monsters


  • The Standard Book of Spells (Grades One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven) by Miranda Goshawk
  • Quintessence: A Quest

Defence Against the Dark Arts

  • Break with a Banshee by Gilderoy Lockhart
  • Confronting the Faceless
  • The Dark Forces: A Guide to Self-Protection by Quentin Trimble
  • Defensive Magical Theory by Wilbert Slinkhard
  • The Essential Defence Against the Dark Arts by Arsenius Jigger
  • Gadding with Ghouls by Gilderoy Lockhart
  • Holidays with Hags by Gilderoy Lockhart
  • Travels with Trolls by Gilderoy Lockhart
  • Voyages with Vampires by Gilderoy Lockhart
  • Wanderings with Werewolves by Gilderoy Lockhart
  • Year with the Yeti by Gilderoy Lockhart


  • The Dream Oracle by Inigo Imago
  • Unfogging the Future by Cassandra Vablatsky


  • Flesh-Eating Trees of the World
  • Ingredient Encyclopedia
  • One Thousand Magical Herbs and Fungi by Phyllida Spore

History of Magic

  • A History of Magic by Bathilda Bagshot

Muggle Studies

  • Home Life and Social Habits of British Muggles by Wilhelm Wigworthy


  • Advanced Potion-Making by Libatius Borage
  • Magical Draughts and Potions by Arsenius Jigger

Study of Ancient Runes

  • Ancient Runes Made Easy by Laurenzoo
  • Spellman’s Syllabary


  • A Beginner’s Guide to Transfiguration by Emeric Switch
  • A Guide to Advanced Transfiguration
  • Intermediate Transfiguration

well fuck…

I’m not gonna say Monster High is without it’s flaws or anything but some of the more recent doll designs have made me SO EXCITED for the direction they’ve been able to a take girls’ fashion doll brand in the modern world.

When you look at the first generation or two of monster high, they’re all pretty “safe” designs, like basically just pretty girls with teeth or pointy ears. When Abby came out, her sparkly skin was supposed to be what made her read as “Abominable Snowman”, fast forward a few years and we have a new yeti/bigfoot type character with fur on her arms and legs. You NEVER would have gotten away with pitching a girl’s fashion doll with body hair like like that even five years ago (even if it is fashionable stylized Yeti leg hair). Neighthan Rot has ZOMBIE GORE SCULPTED INTO HIS BODY. It is a PRIVILEGE to live in an age where MAINSTREAM TOY COMPANIES ARE MARKETING SEXY DUDES WITH ZOMBIE ROT ABS TO TWEENS. It’s like a Tina Belcher dream come to life.

Every generation of dolls adds totally new monstery creatures, it isn’t just about being pretty girl dolls anymore, now there are skeletons and centaurs and loch ness monsters with Celtic knots sculpted into their bodies and mothman-skeletons with fuzzy legs and torsos that look like something out of a Predator movie and TWO HEADED SEA SNAKE MERMAIDS??? I’m so excited, it’s so exciting to see mainstream toy brands SPECIFICALLY marketed at little girls get to run amok with horror movie conventions and make these HONESTLY REALLY COOL LOOKING MONSTERS. When I was a little kid there was nothing that even resembled a monster toy in the “girl” aisle at the store, the closest thing I can think of were those Bleeding Edge Goth Dolls that came out when I was a teenager. When one of my friends saw the MH centaur harpy she told me about how when she was a kid she wanted a centaur Barbie so bad she cut the head off a horse toy and Frankensteined her own together in her dad’s workshop. This whole actual-monsters-marketed-as-a-pretty-feminine-girl-brand is such new territory, it’s been so exciting to watch it evolve and try to one-up itself.