year of the yuri

I had this great shower vision of how every time Yuri says “well I was messing around with a routine in Detroit and Phichit liked it but I thought it was pretty flashy”, Victor just pulls out a bottle of vodka and starts chugging instead of screaming “WHY DIDN’T YOU SKATE LIKE THIS AT THE OLYMPICS? I WAS SO BORED AT THE OLYMPICS.”

Yuri is a 15 year old athlete that travels internationally, while simultaneously participating in physically and mentally strenuous competition. From what we know he doesn’t live with his parents, or anywhere close to relatives at all for that matter. Now, tell me how old you were when you left home? 18, 20, 24? Imagine leaving at the age of 14(reasonable age although we know he’s been training with Yakov for longer) and having to live on your own. For those of you who live on your own you’ll know this would make you grow up very fast. How many 15 year olds do you personally know that live away from family and travel several times a year to compete in international events? I’ll admit I’ve never met one, but I have met 15 year olds that have traveled the world, traveled the country, been emancipated, and competed in highly stressful competitions throughout the country. I can bet Yuri has seen more, done more, heard more, and experienced a hell of a lot more than you think. I myself have participated in highly competitive events away from home and have traveled around the country by car, plane, and train alone and have grown immensely. You assume age equals maturity and experience, but that isn’t always the case.


THE GIFTENING concludes this year later today, with my fourth and final Yuri Hell’s Kitchen recipe. I have no doubt the most complicated slice of awful has been saved for last.

We’ll be starting about 3:30 pm today (earlier if we can swing it). I’ll let you know when we’re underway.

And then later this week, I’ll have a schedule for March, what we’ll be doing and what’s coming up, AND AN EXCITING NEW ANNOUNCEMENT


this is just a tiny little detail but I really love how they made Viktor tell Yuuri his wants and desires during the course of the show because it shows a lot of character (and really displays the utmost care his VA put into Viktor’s voice)


He says this as if it’s the easiest thing in the world, no big deal, almost a throwaway comment, but knowing how Viktor feels about Yuuri it’s OBVIOUS that this carries a lot more meaning than he lets on

it’s a very natural thing to do because you want to guard the depth of your emotions and fear rejection so you present what you actually want in a way that makes it seem not that important to you, to shield yourself from the eventual rejection and embarrassment that might follow in its wake

he does this again in episode 7

he says this WAY TOO CASUALLY, as if it’s just a random solution that popped into his head (and this is also a sign of how Viktor deals with issues through actions as opposed to words), but once again he just reveals his emotions in a way that puts him out of harm’s way if he’s rejected. VIKTOR’S LIKE “Yuuri you’re crying??? Ah okay I can kiss it better if you want no big deal just doing my job as coach hahaah right Yuuri” 



your gay is showing

and the fact that he actually kisses Yuuri in the end of the episode just shows that he was entirely serious the whole time on a much deeper level than he lets on (it makes me both laugh and cry that he probably waited for this moment for MONTHS……the poor man, he’s so patient)

episode 9, same thing again

presented in a very lighthearted tone this time. During the first times he talks as if it’s of little importance to him, but now his words are more sincere but with this tone instead. Once again, no grand words, no outpouring emotions, just Viktor casually expressing the depth of what he feels for Yuuri and how he desires for their relationship to progress. At this point he has his boyfriend and he has his kisses, so now he just moves on to the next stage because well, Viktor Nikiforov is madly in love with Yuuri and wants the whole world to know 


I’m just……so in love with the thought of Viktor, while brave enough to express his wishes, still not being able to do this in a way that would perhaps put him in an awkward spot. He’s obviously very pushy right at the beginning and as we know he cries himself to sleep in episode 2 after Yuuri rejects him 

He always appears very confident and overall sure of himself so these things are so interesting to me because, while subtle, it reveals his insecurities and how much he longs for Yuuri but fears being turned down at the same time. Viktor is, until Yuuri comes into his life, ultimately a very lonely character and it makes sense that he would grasp for Yuuri and at the same time feel uncomfortable revealing just HOW MUCH he wants these things.

These subtle choices in dialogue and expressions and voice acting reveals so much to us and I love this kind of storytelling. 

VIKTOR IS SUCH A FASCINATING CHARACTER!! I love him I’m so glad he found love and happiness and a future for himself with Yuuri by his side 

I actually meant to post this a while ago but I’m a procrastinator…. Hopefully I fix this in 2017, Happy new year everyone! ^^

Yes I like to hc that Yuuri is a night owl and Victor is someone who needs sleep but can wake up insanely early (I love my domestic victuuri)