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Otabek's Friends' Reactions to Otayuri First Dating

•A few years after they first met Yuri when they found out Yuri and Otabek started dating they freaked out
•Otabek texted them pretty much the first chance he got after they first kissed
•He told them EVERYTHING and was literally dying
•His friends couldn’t say they didn’t see it coming
•But they also thought they would never get the courage to confess
•They quite literally threw a party to celebrate
•Their ship had just officially become canon and they were so happy
•They also definitely spammed Yuri with texts congratulating them
•The next time they all saw Yuri, he got a major shovel talk
•Yuri was blushing so much and was actually pretty intimidated during this
•They were quite literally threatening murder if he hurt their friend
•He would never do that to Otabek, but it was still scary either way
•They’re pretty much the biggest otayuri shippers ever so they were extremely happy their ship was now canon

-Mod Jess

  • *right before wttm*
  • Yuri: So? Are you gonna do it? Or are you not gonna do it?
  • Otabek: We're friends aren't we? Then there's only one answer.
  • *a few years later*
  • Yuri: So? Are you gonna go out with me? Or are you not gonna go out with me?
  • Otabek: We're boyfriends aren't we?Then there's only one answer.
  • *few more years later*
  • Yuri: So? Are you gonna marry me? Or are you not gonna marry me?
  • Otabek: We're husbands aren't we?Then there's only one answer.

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i like to imagine a headcanon that Otabek developed a crush on Yuri 5 years ago when they first met, and when they start dating and Yuri asks when he started have a crush on him Otabek would be all like "Since the first i've saw your unforgettable eyes of a soldier." (that's may be just me though, since i like the Love at first meeting trope)

Yeah, pretty much!

I do reckon Otabek would find it hard to admit to Yuri and even to himself that it was that point in time when it all started. Maybe he would find it hard to face that it wasn’t only admiration, but also something else that kept him thinking about Yuri, following him from a distance, watch as Yuri made his way through Juniors. 

Of course he would meet Yuri again, offer his friendship, hope Yuri would accept. And then Yuri does accept, gladly even, rushing to him when he is in need and Otabek would be so happy, until one day when Yuri smiles at him and it feels too good, too warm and Otabek thinks “Oh. Oh no.” 


ACen 2017 Merch Masterpost! I’d say that the major themes for my buys this year were Yuri on Ice, Digimon, and farm animals. Also, I bought a LOT of charms, eheheh ^^;

The YOI rollerskating bag and the postcard-sized animal prints are from @kayshasiemens, and me coming away with a bit of bighorn sheep swag from @coanimefest is basically a yearly tradition now. Also, this was totally unintentional since nearly half were blind bags, but I got enough Digimon straps to represent each of the Digimon Adventure boys or their partners (assuming a baby seal can represent Joe/Gomamon, but in my mind it totally does) and with only a SLIGHT preference for mah boy Taichi. Woohoo!

“How Yurio Feeling,” the pig!Yuuri crepe charm, and the haggard hen are from @hasuyawwn and her Artist’s Alley table-mate (I’m SO sorry I didn’t get her name and Tumblr won’t let me tag here for some reason, aagh!). Their entire table was incredible and I spent literally three days agonizing over everything (Opallene stamped a notecard for me so I can have physical evidence of how amazing that stamp is)!

Speaking of @opallene, yes we split the cloud straps, she gave me that lil’ Swinub figure, AND she ordered a copy of an actual English language YOI doujin on my behalf–thanks for making such a beautiful book, @eryen-art! Also, I er… MAY have developed a bit of an obsession with pig!Yuuri and decided I needed lots of adorable pigs in my life, but I blame that problem on what I was wearing on Friday… more on that later!

this is just a tiny little detail but I really love how they made Viktor tell Yuuri his wants and desires during the course of the show because it shows a lot of character (and really displays the utmost care his VA put into Viktor’s voice)


He says this as if it’s the easiest thing in the world, no big deal, almost a throwaway comment, but knowing how Viktor feels about Yuuri it’s OBVIOUS that this carries a lot more meaning than he lets on

it’s a very natural thing to do because you want to guard the depth of your emotions and fear rejection so you present what you actually want in a way that makes it seem not that important to you, to shield yourself from the eventual rejection and embarrassment that might follow in its wake

he does this again in episode 7

he says this WAY TOO CASUALLY, as if it’s just a random solution that popped into his head (and this is also a sign of how Viktor deals with issues through actions as opposed to words), but once again he just reveals his emotions in a way that puts him out of harm’s way if he’s rejected. VIKTOR’S LIKE “Yuuri you’re crying??? Ah okay I can kiss it better if you want no big deal just doing my job as coach hahaah right Yuuri” 



your gay is showing

and the fact that he actually kisses Yuuri in the end of the episode just shows that he was entirely serious the whole time on a much deeper level than he lets on (it makes me both laugh and cry that he probably waited for this moment for MONTHS……the poor man, he’s so patient)

episode 9, same thing again

presented in a very lighthearted tone this time. During the first times he talks as if it’s of little importance to him, but now his words are more sincere but with this tone instead. Once again, no grand words, no outpouring emotions, just Viktor casually expressing the depth of what he feels for Yuuri and how he desires for their relationship to progress. At this point he has his boyfriend and he has his kisses, so now he just moves on to the next stage because well, Viktor Nikiforov is madly in love with Yuuri and wants the whole world to know 


I’m just……so in love with the thought of Viktor, while brave enough to express his wishes, still not being able to do this in a way that would perhaps put him in an awkward spot. He’s obviously very pushy right at the beginning and as we know he cries himself to sleep in episode 2 after Yuuri rejects him 

He always appears very confident and overall sure of himself so these things are so interesting to me because, while subtle, it reveals his insecurities and how much he longs for Yuuri but fears being turned down at the same time. Viktor is, until Yuuri comes into his life, ultimately a very lonely character and it makes sense that he would grasp for Yuuri and at the same time feel uncomfortable revealing just HOW MUCH he wants these things.

These subtle choices in dialogue and expressions and voice acting reveals so much to us and I love this kind of storytelling. 

VIKTOR IS SUCH A FASCINATING CHARACTER!! I love him I’m so glad he found love and happiness and a future for himself with Yuuri by his side 


Oh Mickey, you’re so blind~ You’re so blind~ you blow my mind!!! 😂😂😂

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Just so you know I now hc that otabek learned how to braid hair from practicing on his little sister. And now he gets to practice on yuri. Okay bye! <333

MY HC TOO!!! I also hc that yuri and beka’s sis fight over who beka braids first >:3c

Soft boys in flower crowns, this must be heaven (ᅌᴗᅌ✿) 

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EP11 comparison! tv on the left and bd on the right (x)
note: the last two bd pics were clearly distorted from the camera lens, so i fixed them a little bit according to how the backgrounds should look (ie no bendy walls/reflections)

(part 1)

✨Hi !✨ I can finally share with you my full piece for the ⛸ @born-to-make-history-zine⛸, it was a great project ! I did this illustration early January, so I wanted to see both of them celebrate the New year in Paris 🇫🇷 ! Used photo ref for the backgrounds, tried stylisation experiment etc…

🍙Soon new WIP for a new short film🍣… Thank you for your support.👍