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ooc// quick sketch at work how Swap.fell Rony would look like. She never quit the Royal Guard in this AU and still raised Gwendolyn but she has her son take care of the shop.

Rony is a tired woman who wants to keep her family safe but still has to serve the queen and keep a close eye to keep Gwendolyn​ save. Trying to find a way to cross her through the barrier . What’s a old lady gotta do? Would help though in over throwing the queen and hope it will calm things down in the Underground.

Black Eyed Monster - Hour Three

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Series Masterlist

Year One, Hour One, Hour Two

Summary: Crowley pops in on the reader before she receives her third injection…

Request: No

Pairing/Characters: Dean x Demon!Reader, Sam Winchester, mention of Castiel, Crowley 

Word Count: 805

Warnings: angst, language, description of murder, mention of death/murder, injections, threats

A/N: loving the reaction from this series

It was dark in those woods that night. Nothing but quietness filled the air until a pair of running footsteps interrupted that silence. The man fled down the path and veered around the corner. He pressed his back against a tree, his breath quickening. He could hear the echoing footsteps of another. He didn’t dare to look in fear of what could happen. He jumped at the sound of barking, but stayed in place. A whistle rang out, singing swiftly to a familiar tone of his. He heard it plenty of times as a child, but hadn’t heard it until this day, this night.

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Warning: animal death. I just need to vent and maybe not feel like a monster.

Like 9 years ago my beloved tortoise got in a freak accident. I’m not saying what it is (you can DM me) because it’s pretty awful. Like a million times worse than getting run over by a car or getting attacked by another animal. It was just an accident. No one was home. I beat myself up about it more than I should, and I can’t get rid of this awful guilt. I had a dream last night that I was sitting on the floor with him and he was bigger and he told me it was okay and to let go. I do believe that animals can contact us from beyond but I know it was just my subconscious trying to make me feel better. He was my good boy and I took good care of him which is my I blame myself. I miss him a lot.

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Mavin (bonus if dad or smut fics)


Fires of the Mind by Teumessian

Summary: Michael’s always had a bit of sixth sense, but a fever triggers a change and suddenly Michael can hear a lot more than he ever wanted to. It would have been fine… you know, if Gavin Free wasn’t such a horny bastard. [R]

WC: 21,700 -Complete

[Tags: Angst, Series, Smut, Supernatural]

Monsters in the Corner by Hashtagmavin

Summary: (Domestic Family AU) Michael and Gavin’s movie night is ruined by a monster infestation in their five year old daughter’s bedroom. It’s time to put their monster hunting shoes on, and slay this imaginary beast once and for all. [PG]

WC: 3,779

[Tags: Established Relationship, Family, Fluff]

Snooze Button by RageKiss

Summary: Michael and Gavin have some early morning fun in bed. [R]

WC: 787

[Tags: Established Relationship, Fluff, Smut]

We Should Fuck by iamthatmonster

Summary: Michael and Gavin fuck in order to prove that they’re ‘just friends’ but things don’t quite go as planned. [R]

WC: 5,717

[Tags: PWP, Smut]


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Citizens of Atlantis! I, the Great Anon, have come from the surface to ask you: HOW LONG HAVE YOU GUYS BEEN DOWN HERE??? WE HUMANS HAVE BEEN SEARCHING FOR ATLANTIS FOR CENTURIES!!!

Atlantis marookoo: Us monsters have been here for 250 years since your ancestors thought we have betrayed them by killing some of their little ones and farm animals which was false.

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Hey! Have you ever heard of the "Monster of Florence" case? It happened many years ago but it's still relevant and unsolved and it shocked the public opinion a lot, it's similar to the Son of Sam's case! I think it is very interesting.

Hi! I read a book called the Monster of Florence a few years ago, and as far as I know the case is still unsolved!

Ive read that there could have been a potential cult angle for these crimes, as most of the victims were posed and the females had their genitalia mutilated in a few cases. I personally think its silly to associate genital mutilation with occultism, but its a neat theory regardless. These crimes definitely weren’t random. They were premeditated and planned for.