year of the living dead


for @allmycharactersare-dead: oikawa, iwaizumi & the flock 1 and 2 trainees from wingbeats!! because dragons and dragon riders are. the coolest. also I promised you a thing!! ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ 

Unofficial sequel to ‘The Living and The Dead’

As the BBC decided not to go ahead with series 2 of 'The Living and The Dead’, I wanted to mark the first anniversary of the 'broadcast’ (actually a boxset provided via BBC iPlayer), by writing a sequel.

The exceptionally talented @merlocked18 has done some amazing artwork to accompany the story, including Nathan Appleby’s self portrait above. Thank you so much, Merls!

Read the sequel and view the artwork on AO3.

No one dies au:

Sirius goes through the curtain and pops right back out two years later. Everyone thought he was dead, though. Remus lives through the Battle of Hogwarts, and raises Teddy Lupin with Sirius. Remus realizes after a long period of mourning that he still loves him, and they get (legally!) married. Teddy is raised with two parents, Harry has his parental figure back, and Remus still has love.

Hey, it could have happened.

I love her.”
“Of course you do. You love her now, while everything is good, while she’s happy and you’re happy and all is right with the world. But will you love her when it’s not? Will you love her when she’s five thousand miles away making her dreams come true and leaving you in the dust? Will you love her in sixty years, when your best friend is dead and you don’t remember how to live, let alone how to love? Will you love her while you hold her hand on her deathbed? Will you love her when you go to her funeral? Will you love her when you breath out for the last time?
—  from an unfinished story #663
  • me, thinkin about how thor had to hold his shitty ass brother in his arms while he thought he was dying just a year after he found out he wasnt dead and then has had to live 4 years thinking his brother is dead and will have to find out that his brother isnt dead AGAIN only for his brother to inevitably betray him for a FOURTH TIME: fuck

Man I wonder how much of the acceptable answers to the ravenclaw door knocker riddle are just a) pretentious bullshit (“where do vanished objects go” “into nothing which is to say everything” like shut the fuck up Melinda) or b) the most bullshit ass stoner answers like, the above but delivered three times as slow by my dude who has been sniffing the literal magic mushrooms

Like at some point (finals week, second year) you stop trying and just spout some smart sounding stoner bullshit no matter what the question is.

And: Luna is the master bullshitter

Hear me out okay

“What comes first the Phoenix or the fire” “a circle has no beginning”

“And circle has no beginning” would be an answer to half the questions it’s so vague. That’s genius. It’s a ravenclaw meme at this point

Although the seventh years are all dead eyed living off coffee like unicorns blood and they tend to answer “life is a lie and sentience is an illusion” which is technically true and answers the Phoenix question. “Where do vanished items go” “they join all my fucks in the void”

I mean

The door let’s them in. It’s been there