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MELODRAMA (2017)  song titles

eijiciam replied to your post: “Make me choose between 2 characters and I’ll draw the winner”

Kaz Brekker or Inej Ghafa from Six of Crows

i am a smol seventeen year old girl myself so i think i’m biased in this situation but whatever the world needs more chillin inej

Sirius takes Muggle Studies starting in third year to annoy his family. At first he plans on only taking it the one year before switching, but it grips his attention and won’t let go. Learning about muggle medical science, electricity, airplanes, the space race… every new topic felt like a new discovery.

It’s at the end of fifth year that the professor offers an extra credit project. Find something muggle that interests you and document your findings. Sirius feels stuck until halfway through summer holiday when he spots the bare bones of a motorcycle about to be hauled off.

At first his focus is figuring out what kind of bike it is (a 1946 Triumph 3T) and how to identify parts, but it quickly turns into a full restoration. The summer was spent mostly with James as they searched junkyards for missing parts, several times one repair leading to something else breaking and Sirius swearing up a storm. By the time school starts again he has 3.5 feet of parchment written front and back.

Two weeks before seventh year starts Sirius finally has it fully restored, crowing with joy as he rides down long stretches of empty road, already planning on what charms he could add to make it run better or make parts last longer.

It’s when Gryffindor wins the quidditch cup that year that sirius begins wondering what it would take to make the thing fly.

Day One Hundred and Thirty-Two

-Some days, I interact with less than amiable guests, and I feel that there can be only very little good in the world. Some days, I am reminded of just how small a baby’s hands are, and I know that the world is not all that bad.

-Due to a series of injuries from the manliest of stunts and certainly not my own inadequacy as a functional human being, my thumbs spent the better half of my shift wrapped up in bright blue bandages. Despite the hit to my dexterity and disadvantage on all thumb-based maneuvers, the bonus to flair `checks that I received made it overall worthwhile.

-For the duration of his mother’s purchase, a boy threw each bag into the cart the second that I set it down. When asked why he was slam dunking the groceries, he explained that he was attempting to compete with me and my speed. Usually, I like to know when I am being challenged, but in this case, I did not mind. I still effortlessly slaughtered this usurper without the slightest clue.

-I witnessed the same skeleton of an elderly man walk into the store four times; however, I never once saw him leave. I do hope he escapes his time loop soon, as I have to close tonight, and I would rather not lock in such a tortured soul.

-A woman made certain that I knew I was lucky to have the job that I did, as it was air conditioned, and I was not in a ditch. This truly changed my perspective on life. The thought that I was not working in a ditch had never once occurred to me. The thought that I was, in fact, working in a ditch had never occurred to me, either, but I suppose it is always best to be cognizant of this sort of thing.

-Over the past week or so, I have been handed a great number of bills with the message, “Where is George?” scrawled on them. I do not know what sort of conspiracy is afoot, but I do not wish to be the one to tell these passionate hunters that the man they seek cannot be found, as Washington has been dead for several years now.

-A crow in the parking lot stumbled across the mother lode of fallen popcorn. I am thrilled by his good fortune, and I deeply enjoyed watching this lucky boy living his best life.


i got commissioned back in feb for some quick busts of sock from welcome to hell and i figure now that they’ve actually been paid off i can probably share these here

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heyyyy do you think i could get some headcannons of wylan secretly crushing on kaz before he liked jesper? thanks (:

  • In the right light Kaz could be considered handsome—it made him look less pallid and when his eyes caught it they seemed less bottomless—and how fitting this was always when the sun started to set, the red-orange swirls fusing into a bloody light.
  • But even then, it was not so much a crush, but curiosity. Kaz gave him chills, and not the good kind, the kind he was already used to living with. With just one look, Kaz could make Wylan’s blood turn cold. He was frightening and far too controlling to interest Wylan romantically, who already had one guy with a dark side in his life…that he was still on the run from him.
  • But Kaz wore his on the outside while Wylan’s father kept his concealed. And it was this, this duality of man, that made Wylan start to question what Kaz could have looming beneath his skin and if it were possible for it to be the opposite of the monster on the outside.
  • In his earlier times with The Dregs, Wylan’s skills were acknowledged passively and made use of rarely. Everyone could see he was a novice when it came to explosives, but he didn’t mind being shelved since the stagnating work gave him a chance to observe Kaz, something he was more qualified for. Traveling with his father, each place more overwhelmingly foreign than the last, Wylan learned to observe and pay attention to detail.
  • But the more he watched Kaz, the less answers he had. He didn’t know what to make of him, or why he was suddenly a subject of the gang lieutenant’s interests. These things became a forefront of his thoughts, the need for it all to make sense developing into a steadfast fixation and unwavering desire, not for Kaz, but for all the things he didn’t say. Wouldn’t say.
  • And how unyielding his greed seemed to be. How tireless he was even after days without sleep. Wylan was convinced he was a machine, which was a dangerous thought, because Kaz would sooner kill him than let him take him apart to learn what he was made of on the inside, but he desperately wanted to figure out what type of fuel he was running on.
  • Kaz revealed bits and pieces of himself in ways that didn’t reveal anything at all. And despite the intimidation he felt when it came to the gang leader, Wylan revered his invulnerable manner, how he brushed off things that could break anyone else. He became amazed by the way his presence disarmed people, yet commanded respect. 
  • He figured this was how Jesper and Inej regarded him, too. With respect, admiration, and well…they looked at Kaz like they were wanting after the things he refused to give, and Wylan could understand that as well. But they almost seemed like they were his friends, almost. They were as friendly as someone could be with Kaz Brekker. But it was how they met his look without any fear at all that made Wylan believe that maybe he wasn’t so terrible after all.
  • His feelings for Kaz became conflicting. He was wary of him, but he came to rely on him, and he still feared what he was capable of and often pondered about all the blood he’s shed, but didn’t fear he’d ever hurt him. Because he looked at Wylan differently than the way others did, like he could see through him. Wylan had a chilling feeling that Kaz didn’t have to take him apart to understand what he was made of (and he never allowed himself to forget that he could if he wanted)
  • And though Wylan never did grow to like Kaz more than a friend, sometimes he barely liked him as that, he did like the way Kaz believed in him, even when—especially when—he, himself, did not.
  • And he liked the way Kaz pushed him to see more, forcing Wylan to realize even though he was always observing, he wasn’t actually looking beyond what he saw. Kaz showed him to view life as a puzzle, and then dared him to decide where he fit.
  • And he found his place. It was with Jesper.

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more third year first years shenanigans
  • all 5 of them are pretty well-known throughout karasuno
  • not only because of the volleyball team’s achievements but also due to the trouble they always get themselves in
  • tsukiyama being the ultimate serve-block combo while
  • kagehina is still famous for their freak quick attacks
  • during competition season, they like to play a small 2-on-2 match during their lunch breaks
  • yachi keeps score and analyses their plays (being the kickass manager she is)
  • it is usually tsukiyama vs kagehina
  • the matches can become quite intense since 2 of karasuno’s best plays are pitted against each other
  • they are the epitome of ‘sun vs moon
  • with the flashy quicks like the sun
  • and the steady yet solid defense like the moon
  • these mini ‘sun vs moon’ matches become popular among the school and many students always gather to spectate
  • it is rumoured that there is a betting pool whenever these match happens
  • they act nonchalent about the score - always saying that its the practice that matters
  • but yachi knows they each take down the counts somewhere
  • the current count is 21:22 with kagehina leading
  • the 4 dorks are also known as karasuno’s 4 horsemen because they sure wreck their opponents on court
  • captain tsukki
  • team’s defense playmaker and also the reluctant team dad 
  • vice-captain kageyama
  • the genius setter with the killer stare (its adorable actually, he looks like a giant pouting baby)
  • ace hinate
  • more like did that ball of pure sunshine just spiked that ball???
  • service specialist yamaguchi
  • who despite being a specialist, still can’t serve some good trash talk (because he is just too sweet and kind)
  • manager yachi
  • more like mumnager am i right
  • no matter how scarily good they become at volleyball, they always remain huge dorks at heart
  • the 4 of them are the yachi protection squad
  • and if they ever find out someone is harassing yachi they will go off

third year first years: part 1 | captain!tsukki | service-specialist!yams