year of nong


As two souls collide, you come to trust each other and eventually you tell them your fears, goals, dreams, childhood memories and even deep dark secrets.

You come to give parts of you to them without realizing it.

When they leave, they leave with these parts that you can’t get back.

No matter who you become in the future, this part of you that you gave to them will forever be who you are to them.

Bittersweet, isn’t it? To have parts of you live on in their memories, to know that some where out there, this person holds parts of you.

20 things I want to do before I turn 35

List of 20 things I want to do before I turn 30 (I borrowed the idea from a friend, who borrowed the idea from a magazine)

20 things I want to do before I turn 35 (not in any order)

  1. Visit London during Winter, Fall, Spring, and Summer 
  2. Road Trip Across America (or half of America)
  3. Decide on a random weekend trip where I’ll take a last minute bargain flight on Friday
  4. Have a great and safe one night stand
  5. Visit New York City
  6. Visit Manchu Picchu
  7. Get back to my freshman high school weight
  8. Swim in the ocean
  9. Buy a house
  10. Say Yes to a date with a guy who I wouldn’t normally say yes to
  11. Visit Seattle 
  12. Call in sick to work and spend the day as a tourist in the next town/city
  13. Get a tattoo
  14. Have a birthday party at a grand hotel with friends and family
  15. Learn a new language
  16. Run a 5k Marathon
  17. Make-out with someone out of my league
  18. Moved out of Minnesota, whether for a few months, a year, or more
  19. Visit the White House
  20. This last one might be wishful but hopefully by the time I’m 35, I would have started a family of my own.

Do you ever want to get marry?

Ouch! My boss asked me this queston today. She says that I been working for almost a year and she hadn’t heard me talk about dating.

Of course I want to get married. But no guys ever approach me nor do I stand a chance. (I know, I got to stop thinking so low of myself). Beside working 7 days a week for the past year didn’t help, either.

But where do I find someone, someone who I didn’t meet at the bar, isn’t a friend of a friend, or a loser?

Where can I find a good, cute, funny, smart, caring, hard working guy or am I asking too much.