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Advice from an hereditary witch’s grandmother: things a crone has to say

My witch of a grandmother gave me her beautiful encyclopedia on healing plants to celebrate Ostara!

I told her about my blog and she asked me to share some of her advice “for those lovely internet disciples of yours”.

No, Yeyé, that’s not how this works…

But hey! When the crone talks, you listen!

“A jar of glass keeps away envious spirits and people who want to hurt you.”

“Everything dead deserves to be honored.”

“Strings of seeds bring prosperity.”

“A stone in the windowsill is a soldier that keeps away thieves, but make sure it’s not a pretty rock cause they might steal it!”

“When you trim a vine, keep some branches by the door so all the hard work you’ve done doesn’t disappear in a single day!”

“When you’re old and can’t move so much anymore, keep a jar of seeds by the Gods so they can pick their offerings as they please.”

“I keep lavender by the computer because it helps me remember how to open Facebook. Lavender is good for memory. Tell your friends of the internet.”

“I keep the obsidian and the agathe geodes in front of the TV so there will be no bad news.”

So there you have it.

Advice from an authentic crone with over 70 years of Craft , Old Yeyé.

She wishes you all many blessings and love and hopes you are all well guided.

Happy new season from lucky Old Yeyé!

-Semiramis the Magpie Witchling

Your Christmas tree will automatically become ugly if you hang any ornaments like this on it...

…because Autism Speaks ruins Christmas, too.

And if your Christmas tree looks like this, please throw it in the trash because it’s hideous beyond words.

Have a Merry Christmas and accept autistic people by NOT supporting an organization that stigmatizes, silences, dehumanizes and makes people afraid of us. <3


The leaves will begin to change

The temperature will begin to drop

Days will becom shorter

Nights will become longer

Autumn has arrived

It’s time to give thanks, clean, harvest and feast.

Have a wonderful day ♡


Congratulations Guillermo del Toro on winning Best Director for Shape of Water in the 2018 Golden Globes

“Since childhood I’ve been faithful to monsters. I have been saved and absolved by them. Because monsters, I believe, are the patron saints of our blissful imperfections…”

“For twenty-five years I have hand crafted very strange little tales made of motion, colour, light and shadow. And in many of these instances—in three precise instances—these strange stories, these fables—have saved my life.”

“Once with Devil’s Backbone, once with Pan’s Labyrinth and now with Shape of Water. Because as directors, these things are not just entries in a filmography. We have made a—a deal, with a particularly inefficient Devil; that trades three years of our lives for one entry on iMDB.”

“And these things, are biography and they are alive.”

Thanksgiving is coming up soon. A time of reconnecting with family and friends. 🍂 This can often be a stressful time for many of us, especially if you have different beliefs or views than the rest of your family members. I was thinking this morning about what I might be able to do magically to help ease any possible tension. Do you have any little spells or tarot spreads you like to do this time of year to help create a positive and welcoming Thanksgiving experience? 🤔 

This autumnal wreath from @witch_chest

The Witch’s Sabbats: Lughnasadh (1st August)🌾

Lughnasadh is an ancient Gaelic festival marking the beginning of the harvest season. It was observed in Ireland, Scotland and the Isle of Man.

The story tells that the god Lugh begun this festival in order to commemorate his mother or foster-mother Tailtiu, who had died of exhaustion after clearing the plains of Ireland for agriculture. Tailtiu was a gooddess related to the Earth and she represented the dying vegetation that fed mankind.

The festival included sports contests, horse racings, music, storytelling, trading and many law-related issues, such as proclaming laws. 

From the 9th century to the 20th many things changed. What’s important is the celebration of two different gods and a new story: Crom Dubh - who generates the growth of the crops and guards this as his treasure - and Lugh - who must seize it for manking. The two competed for Eithne’s approval- she represented the grain. Lugh eventually wins the harvest.

Modern Lughnasadh in Wiccan Culture 🌙

Lughnasadh or Lamma is today celebrated by wiccans and it’s part of the three harvest festivals. 

Here are listed some ways to celebrate Lughnasadh.


Decorate your altar and house with grains such as barley, oats and wheat. Fruits and veggies are well accepted too. Adorn it with summer flowers (marigolds, yarrows, peonies, daffodils etc). Light yellow, red, orange and brown candles. Adorn your wand with a golden ribbon.

This is the perfect period to gather and dry herbs, flowers, grains or seed that you will be using the following year. Make magickal oils with seasonal’s fresh herbs.


Bake bread with olives and tomatoes

Bake bread using oat meal, corn meal and wheat.

Have a picnic in a corn or wheat field. Drink fruity red wine or cider and eat bread, cheese and olives.

Make a blackberries pie. If you want, draw on the crust an abundance sigil.


The perfect spell for this festival are spells related to connection, career, health, money and abundance.Make sun water and storm water with the violent storms that occur during summer.

Herbs 🌿

Goldenrod, peony, nasturtium, clover blossom, yarrow, heliotrope, boneset, vervain, Queen Anne’s lace, myrtle, rose, sunflower, poppy, milkweed, Irish moss, mushroom, wheat, corn, rye, oat, barley, rice, garlic, onion, basil, mint, aloe, acacia, meadowsweet, apple leaf, raspberry leaf, strawberry leaf, bilberry leaf, blueberry leaf, mugwort, hops, holly, comfrey, marigold, grape vine, ivy, hazelnut, blackthorn, elder, bee pollen.


Cat’s-eye, citrine, aventurine, golden topaz, obsidian, moss agate, rhodochrosite, clear quartz, marble, slate, granite, lodestone.

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A girl who loves her people, and a girl who loves the sea! 

Papercraft Moana! This was such a great movie; I spent most of it with my hands pressed over my mouth in sheer awe of how beautiful everything was - the visuals and the music and the message. Amazing.

She’s for sale, my lovelies! Send me an ask or use the chat feature if you’re interested!  Sold!


🎄 DIY Witchy Gift: Sigil keyring 🎄


Here’s a little DIY for the broke witches out there that want to give their friends/family a small but meaningful gift this Christmas. (Also work great as stocking fillers!)

Context behind these gifts: My friends and I are in our last year of university together, and we are all likely to be going our separate ways after this year. I thought it’d be nice to give them something to remember the city we’re all studying in by.

What you’ll need:

  • Plastic keyrings ( passport photo keyrings) I bought mine cheap from Amazon.
  • Pieces of card cut to insert into keyring slot.
  • Little bottles, can be purchased from Ebay or Amazon. (Optional)
  • Thread.
  • Eyepin screws from Ebay or Amazon.
  • Sand from local beach (Optional) Note: We live by the seaside, so I thought it’d be fitting to give them something to remind them of the city here. You could put other things in the bottles like dried flowers, glitter, little crystals.. If you do get some sand from a beach, don’t forget to thank the earth and the sea for it. 
  • Something to write your sigils with. Watercolour/paint brush, glitter pens, paint pens..

Step 1:

Grab some scrap paper and a pen, and create some sigils tailored to the person who will be receiving your gift. Example: A sigil for confidence or a sigil for protection. I like to write my sigils using imagery rather than formulae, but you can use sigil generators online or use your own sigil making method.

Step 2:

Cut out pieces of card to fit the plastic keyrings slots. Once that’s done, write your sigil on the piece of card. You may want to practice a few times. I painted mine on with the brush because I liked the style of it, but you can simply draw them on with a pen if you want to. 

Place the pieces of card in the keyrings, and seal shut with the plastic back of the keyring. 

Step 3: Optional

Carefully pour the sand you’ve collected into the little bottle. Screw an eyepin screw into the top of the cork, then seal bottle shut with glue and the cork. Then, you can attach the bottle to a thread (decorate thread by threading beads on if you like) and tie it to the keyring chain.

Ta-Da! You’ve now made a sweet little gift for someone you like. Attach it to bags, purses/wallets, car keys etc.

Thanks for reading and happy making!