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not to ruin anyone’s already screwed mood, but i have the feeling that apart from sistar and t-ara, we’ll have to go thru some bad news about miss a and after school this year too. like, it’s even more obvious what their fate is gonna be, even more expected than sistar imo.

Day One: Homesickness

Thought I’d start off @vldangstweek with something that turns from angsty to fluffy, just because, based on the rest of this weeks prompts, it’s gonna get waaayyyy angstier (knowing me, anyway). Everything will be tagged with vldangstweek and any of my usual angst tags (angst, langst, klangst, etc)

Let my children go home, they’re stressed and tired (under a cut for length).

“Come on Lance, one more time! You need to defeat this gladiator before I can allow anyone to go to dinner!” Allura shouted down from the observation deck.

The quiet groans of his teammates filled his head and Lance winced, stepping back to stand his ground against the bot attacking him. His vision wavered over his helmet and his fingers trembled against his bayard, unable to form it because of the close range combat style. He grunted, rolling as the bot dove for him, sweeping it’s legs out from under it and sending it to the ground. Briefly, he heard Hunk’s cheer of encouragement in his comms, and then the bot was back up again, charging at him.

Lance sighed, side stepping the bot and pressing his shaking hands to his head, trying to stop the swimming feeling in his brain, the burn at the back of his throat and eyes, the tightness in his chest. He took a hit, hard, and fell backwards onto his ass, teeth clacking together.

“Dude, seriously, we’re starving!” Pidge called out. “You need to beat this!”

Lance took a shaky breath, shooting a glare at the deck. “You want me to beat it? Fine. I’ll beat it.”

Before the bot could get any closer, Lance whipped out his bayard, transforming it in the process and ignoring Allura’s shouts of this being a hand to hand fight. Within seconds, the bot was in a smoking heap on the floor and Lance was shaking, sweat curling down his forehead. Allura stormed out of the observation deck and onto the main floor, eyebrows furrowed. “That was not the assignment, Lance. You’ll have to do it again.”


“Excuse me?”

Lance ripped off his helmet and chucked it to the ground. When he looked up, Allura took a step back at the ferocity in his face, the tears in his eyes. “I said, no. I’m not doing this bull shit anymore. They’re not either,” he snapped, pointing towards the deck. “You don’t get to treat us this way, we’re the only reason you’re not dead or still in those stupid pods. You called us family, Allura.”

His voice broke and his lip quivered as he stumbled back, shaking his head. “You don’t get to treat family like this. Not when we’re doing all of this for you.”

He swallowed and spun on his heel, storming from the room. Allura hesitated, glancing back at the deck only to find the rest of the paladins and Coran standing behind her. She studied the group, noted the lines on their faces and the bags under their eyes, and frowned. “Do you all agree with him?”

They remained silent for a moment, glancing at each other. Hunk spoke up first, his voice gentle. “Yeah. I do, at least.”

“Me too,” Pidge piped up, staring at the floor and fiddling with her bayard.

Keith nodded silently, rubbing a hand up and down one arm and looking off to the side. Hunk huffed. “Allura, we…I would say we’re homesick, but I don’t know if that covers all of us.”

“We’re Earth sick,” Keith offered. “And Lance…”

Shiro spoke for the first time. “Lance has the most family to miss out of the five of us.”

“And honestly?” Hunk muttered. “You yelling all the time, you pushing him, and us, all the time? No breaks, no relaxation time at all? I’m amazed he didn’t snap before this.”

Allura swallowed. “I’m…”

“It’s okay,” Hunk promised. “We understand, you want to stop the Galra, stop Zarkon.”

“But you have to remember that we’re all volunteering to do this,” Pidge said, fidgeting from foot to foot. “There’s nothing keeping anyone here other than empathy. Don’t give Lance a reason to stop caring, or he will leave.”

Allura bit her lip and glanced over her shoulder. “I should go-”

“No,” Keith said firmly, stepping forwards and resting a hand on Allura’s arm. “We got this. You two go get dinner.”

She and Coran studied the paladins for a moment before nodding in agreement and leaving the training deck.

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“You’re our hero, Stanley”.

18 Years Ago

Remember Them.
The Victims of the Columbine Massacre
(In order of age)

Steven Curnow, 14
Steven’s birthday was on the 28th of August 1984, and he was a freshman at Columbine High School when the massacre happened. He was fatally shot by Eric Harris in the shoulder and in the neck, while he was hiding under a table in the library, and passed away from the injuries shortly after. Steven was believed to have been a huge Star Wars fan, and he had also hoped to maybe have become a Navy pilot after he graduated and left school.

Daniel Rohrbough, 15
Daniel was born on the 2nd of March, 1984, and was in freshman year when he died in the massacre. He was shot by Eric Harris in the leg, but was killed by Dylan Klebold, from being shot once in the head and once in the stomach, while he was heading out of the cafeteria with his friends, who were both injured in the attack. He was supposedly a big fan of computer games, electronics and such. After Daniel passed, his family took the slab of stone he died on and kept it under a swing in their backyard to remember him by, and always have a piece of him with them.

Daniel Mauser, 15
Daniel’s birthday was the 25th of June, 1983 and was a sophomore when he passed. He was shot with a 9mm bullet in the nose by Eric Harris, and said bullet traveled through his neck and unfortunately killed him in the library. He was said to have loved a challenge and to push himself, and so he joined the debate team to battle his shyness, the cross country team to improve his psychical health and was said to have enjoyed to study the sciences.

Matthew (Matt) Ketcher, 16
Matt was born on February 19th, 1983, and was in his sophomore year of high school.
He was shot by Dylan Klebold with a bullet that entered his left shoulder, passed through his neck and lung and exited through his right arm. He passed in the library.
Matt managed to maintain a straight A average grade and was trying to make the starting squad as a lineman.

Kelly Fleming, 16
Kelly Ann Fleming was born on the 6th of January in the year 1983, and was in sophomore year at Columbine High when she passed away. She was sadly shot once in the lower back by Eric Harris and died shortly after while she was in the library. She was believed to have been very musical, and loved to write her own songs and write poetry.

John Tomlin, 16
On September 1st, 1983, John Tomlin was born, and woefully passed away on April 20th 1999 while he was in his sophomore year of high school. He was grazed in the chest by Eric Harris, and his head was shot three times by Dylan Klebold, before he perished in the library. He worked at a nursing home in Littleton to save up for a truck, and was said to have planned on entering the Army after graduation.

Kyle Velasquez, 16
Kyle was born on the 5th of May, 1983 and was in his sophomore year when he passed away. Kyle was unable to get under the tables as fast as everyone else, and therefore was unjustly shot by Dylan Klebold once in the back of his left shoulder and once in the head. He died in the library.
Kyle had a stroke a birth, which lead to later difficulties in life, but that didn’t stop him from enjoying spending time with his family, his cats, eating ice cream, watching sports games and riding his bicycle. He was a student at Columbine for only 3 months, and was thought to have been ‘just beginning to spread his wings.’

Cassie Bernall, 17
Cassie was born in 1981, on November 6th. She was a junior when she sadly died in the Columbine Massacre. Cassie was shot by Eric Harris once in the right side of her head, the same shot also hit one of her fingers. Eric mocked “Peek-a-boo,” before shooting her under table 19. She passed in the library. Cassie was a devoted and dedicated goth, and even dabbled in witchcraft before becoming a Born Again Christian. She was active in her church youth programs and bible study, and was apparently nicknamed ‘Bunny Rabbit’

Corey DePooter, 17
His birthday was the 3rd of March, 1982 and was in his junior year of high school. Corey was on duty as a library volunteer when he was shot once by Dylan Klebold in the left shoulder, and three times in the arm, neck and back by Eric Harris, who was responsible for his death. He perished in the library. Corey was known for his love to fish and his irresistible likableness. “Corey was always able to pick up our spirits in a gloomy situation.” Corey had hoped to serve his country as a marine in the future.

Rachel Scott, 17
Rachel Joy Scott, one of the more well known victims, was born on the 5th of August, 1981 and was also in her junior year of high school when she died. Rachel was shot four times, one shot each, in her arm, rib cage, temple and leg by Eric Harris while she was sitting outside with her friend Richard. She passed away out on the grass. Rachel was a faithful Christian, along with her parents Darrel Scott and Beth Nimmo. She was in the Forensic Club and Drama Club and she had starred in her school play, ‘The Smoke in The Room’, on April 2nd 1999. Rachel was a smoker, but her date to prom, Nick Baumgart, had asked her to quit before prom, which she did, remarkably.

Dylan Klebold, 17
Dylan was born on September 11th, 1981 and died on April 20th 1999 while he was a senior in high school. Dylan, along with his friend Eric Harris, carried out one of the most brutal attacks on a school in American history. He killed 5 people and injured more. Dylan killed himself in the library by shooting himself in the left temple, and passed away approximately 1 to 3 minutes later. Dylan, or in his earlier years, referred to as ‘Sunshine Boy’ by his mother Sue, was interested in both computer games and engineering, and had already been accepted to a college in Arizona prior to the attack. He had said he might’ve liked to do something to do with computers in the future, and was known to his peers as and shy, funny-looking kid, that mostly kept to himself. For a short period of time, he worked alongside Eric in a pizzeria called BlackJacks Pizza.

Lauren Townsend, 18
She was born on the 17th of January, 1981 and was a senior at Columbine High School when she died. Lauren was shot 6 times by Dylan Klebold in the back torso, and suffered 3 more shots in the front torso plus a graze to the head caused by Eric Harris. She perished in the library. Lauren played piano and the clarinet, and was also the captain of the volleyball team, while she also maintained a 4.0 GPA. She planned to work as a technician on a research trip to South America that summer.

Eric Harris, 18
Eric David Harris was born on April 9th, 1981 and was one of the gunmen in one of the worst school shootings ever recorded in history, the Columbine Massacre in ‘99. He killed 8 people and injured more. Eric suffered a drastic blow to the head, after placing his gun in his mouth and shooting himself alongside Dylan Klebold. He died instantly. Eric was indecisive about going to college, but said he was interested in doing something with computers. He was thought to have maybe gone onto do video game design in the future, after he designed his own levels of his favourite computer game, Doom, or maybe to have gone into the army. He worked in BlackJacks Pizza with Dylan Klebold, and was awfully fond of his dog Sparky.

Isaiah Shoels, 18
Isaiah was born on August 4th, 1981, and was in his senior year of high school when he passed away. He was shot once in the left arm, which went through his armpit and then his heart, and exited through his right arm, by Eric Harris, after being called a racial slur by Dylan Klebold. Isaiah was colour blind, and after undergoing heart surgery at 7 months, and after the doctors told his parents he probably wouldn’t live past 5, Isaiah went on to wrestle for Columbine, lift weights and play in the Youth Football League.

William David Sanders, 47
Dave Sanders was born October 22nd 1951, and had been a teacher at Columbine High School for 25 years when he passed away. He suffered two shots in his back which exited through his front by Eric Harris, and he bled out for three hours before dying in the science room. Dave was an exceptionally good sports coach and computers and business teacher. He also coached the girls basketball and softball teams. Dave is thought of as a hero, because of how quick he took to respond and take to action after he heard the news the gunmen were in the school grounds. He spend the last minutes before he got shot running through the halls and making sure no one was outside a classroom. He is survived by his wife, four children and five grandkids.

Rest in Peace, the victims of the Columbine Tragedy.

Javier Fernández, Pirates of the Caribbean | 2010 Winter Olympics

Requested by anon.

Its inevitable, high school is gonna end, we are gonna move to different towns. We aren’t going to see these people everyday anymore, we have six months left together. Six more months of lunches 5 days a week at the same table in the same room in the same school. About 150, give or take a few, days until we graduate and leave this school forever. 4 years of our lives is done. And some people might think that this is a dark depressing thought, that in six months we will leave our best friends behind and move on to another part of our life story. But I think there is a difference between me and someone who thinks this is dark and depressing. You, who thinks this is a dark thought who doesn’t want to hear it, you are probably scared, terrified for the inevitable future that awaits you. And thats perfectly fine, be scared to leave your best friends, that fear is going to drive you to make the most out of these last six months together. Its going to make you want to go out and go to games, dress crazily for spirit weeks, not give a crap about what other people in the school think because you are enjoying yourself for the last time with these people. The difference is I am okay with me and my friends splitting up. I have seven best friends and we hang out all the time. I know that these people are going to be the ones I can count on, these people are going to be with me for the rest of my life, most likely the ones I want to have in my wedding. There is going to be distance put in between us and it will be hard to talk. Seven different people, seven different schedules, seven different towns, finding the time for everyone to talk will be so hard but I’m not worried. These are the people that I know I can count on, that will call me out when I’m lying and will help me through a bad day. I know that we might be able to talk everyday, and I think I’m okay with that because I know that these are the types of people that I don’t need to talk to everyday because  I know that they will always be there for me. That doesn’t mean I’m not going to try to talk to them, believe me I am, but it means that I will be okay if there comes a point where everyone is too busy to talk everyday. Now with all this being said, and how I am not scared, that doesn’t mean I won’t take advantage of these six months, I will. I will enjoy every moment that we spend together, every lunch, every dinner at my house, every song played on my guitar in my room, every old movie watched together, every car ride blasting music. I’m going to love every minute of it, but I know that I will be okay when it comes to the point where all of that is just a memory. I will be okay when we all  leave, yes I will be heartbroken but I know that we will always find our ways back to each other.
I think more seniors need to understand this. People think when high school is over they end a book, they think of there life as a book series, but its not, its one long novel. High school is just a chapter in it, and just because the chapter is over doesn’t mean the main characters cease to exist. Yes new characters come into the story, but the main ones will always be there, maybe not like they were before, and maybe not in the next chapter, but they will come back into the story. It might be years down the line, but the people who are supposed to be in your life, have a way of coming back. These are your best friends, the people you meet in high school and if your lucky they will be there for the rest of your life.
—  Something I said during my religion class today