year in revew


Fyeah Bruce Campbell’s year-end rewind

January 2016: Bruce’s Louisville Wizard World Panel.

so long 2013, a look back

so the year is almost over and its kind of crazy to think its almost here, i’m not really one for new years parties and resolutions, parties aren’t my thing, and i’m for short term goals..they’re more i guess if i had a resolution it would be to create at least 12 challenges this next year.. anyhow. I’m sitting here thinking where i was exactly last year and its totally opposite. I’m not waiting to hear from my boyfriend/fiance….only to find out in a few hours he’s seeing someone else. 2013 started off like crap, and for the most part it didnt get better. My father told me on fathers day he wanted to divorce my mother, which i saw comming……but he chose to tell me why on my birthday- he was cheating on my mother…a few weeks later she found out she had breast cancer…then a month later…colon cancer too. Since then I’ve been with my mum to almost every chemo session and appointment I can go to, being as supportive as I can be but her overwhelmingly positive outlook on this all is inspiring. I have tried not to dwell on the actual health is so greatly affected by my emotions so I’ve tried hard to not let myself be upset at much stuff. The good that has happened????? I’ve reconnected with a old coworker/ buddy of mine..I don’t think I’ve gone 3 days without talking to her, and this year I even vacationed with her family which was nice. At work, what I’m in charge of has consistently been #1 in the district/region, and the team I’m in was #1 in the nation in June! My body started rejecting Alcohol in February, so I’ve been sober almost a year, and I spent the whole year cigarette free! In March I got into Steam Powered Giraffe,and immediately used my September vacation money to take my sister, nephew and I to Everett to see them that April…and thanks to SPG I found some good friends and a GREAT roommate…..Meygan! I don’t think I’ve ever bonded with someone so fast…and I cant wait for the Everett adventure we have next month ! so lets get 2013 over with…and while we’re at it lets fast forward to the end of January!

Edit:meant to post this right before New Years but I accidentally fell asleep…so you get it now