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Jimin’s runaway daughter. pt.3

Jimin’s DaughterAU!

Genre: Angst

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Warning: Sensitive Content (mentions of abuse; read at own risk)

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Dad went to work early this morning and so did mum, I was left alone in the house and I was actually glad to be by myself - with no one else around me. Now, I wouldn’t mind if it were dad keeping me company, but his schedules were always so full that it was rare for me to be home with him and only him. Usually, it’d be mum and I here - she’d finish work at your regular five o’clock and be home by six. That’s the time I dreaded the most, nothing’s worse than being home with her, alone. Dad never gets back until late, if he even bothers returning at all for the night. Sometime’s he’d practice until ungodly hours and just end up staying with his members at the dorm because he didn’t want to come back at four in the morning and wake us all up. I’d see him less during comeback times because he’d be so busy, not that he’s not busy near enough all year round but I could end up going days without seeing him because he just couldn’t find the time to stay at home. For that, I missed him a lot and that was also the reason why he would never believe me when I say that mum hates me.

Sometimes it’d get really lonely, I’m homeschooled because my mother decided it was best for me to stay and learn from home so that I wouldn’t attract unnecessary attention that could damage dad’s reputation, but really she only started keeping me away from the outside world when she started beating me, the real reason why she doesn’t want me out there was because of the injuries I would have, which would of course attract attention. My mother was awful, but I can’t deny that she’s smart. She’d only hit me if she knew dad wasn’t coming up that night, so she doesn’t end up risking being caught.

The dreaded time of day was inching closer and closer by the second, mum was going to be home any minute now and it’d be the first time I was alone with her since running away yesterday. I remembered her words, or more so ‘threats’ so clearly, the amount of venom I felt from her voice surprised me because I didn’t die then and there after she had whispered in my ear. She beats me so badly, sometimes I wonder why she doesn’t just kill me altogether. Why she doesn’t just take out a knife from the kitchen drawer and aim it directly at my heart. I assume that the pain the knife would bring, would be easier to handle than the constant punches, the kicks, the hair pulling and the scratches. Because the aftermath of her beatings are mentally traumatising, but if she killed me with a knife, I’d be dead and wouldn’t even have to think about anything else after. If you can’t tell already, I’m obviously an optimistic person - please note my sarcasm. I used to be a bright child, people always thought I was a smaller version of my dad because of how much of a ‘sunshine’ I was, knowing that my father was part of the sunshine line of BTS. But when the day came where my mother told me she no longer loved me, I knew I had changed.

I was currently in the kitchen, cutting up some onions for tonight’s dinner as I heard my mum walk through the front door, with a few clicks of her heels as she took her shoes off to heavy footsteps coming my way. I held my breath as I heard her come closer, tears already brimming my eyes because I was so petrified of her.

“I’m home, bitch.” I turned slowly and faced her, but not once could I look her in the eyes, I was simply too afraid to do so. “I get back and you don’t even know how to greet me, did I not teach you your manners? Is this how it is after you’ve called me a bitch in front of your dad?” She taunted me, she knew very well where my breaking points were - because she’s my mother of course she’d know, and that’s what always gives her the upper hand.

“Welcome home mum.” I say as I placed the knife down on the side of the cutting board, walking over to her to greet her properly. I didn’t need her to tell dad that I was now being rude to her, she probably would anyway, but I didn’t want to risk the little chance I had of him even believing me.

I felt my cheek sting, she slapped me across my face and as I looked up at her - she showed no remorse. Instead, the devilish smile she wore tainted my life. It was an image that’d cause me to wake up because it haunted me in my nightmares, something that was so mentally scarring and no matter what it is I tried to do, or how hard I tried to remove that image, I couldn’t.

“Does it hurt, my child? I hope it does. I told you you’d be punished for what you’ve done, and here’s your punishment right now. You told your dad everything didn’t you? That I abuse you, that I don’t love you? It’s just too bad he’ll never believe you, isn’t it?” She hit my head after every single question she asked, her force stronger with every hit but I couldn’t retaliate. She kicked the back of my legs, causing me to tumble forwards. My knees hit the ground as I yelped.

“Don’t think for a second that you’re going to get away with this. Don’t bother screaming either, because no one will help you. Not even your own dad believes in your words and he’s not going to come home any time soon, so it’s just going to be me and you. Like the good old times, where I get to take my anger out on you because you’ve been a terrible daughter, and you can enjoy it.”

Her words didn’t quite end there, as she would beat me she would yell nasty names at me. Call me a useless child that she wish she would have aborted years ago. A child she shouldn’t have had, that dad doesn’t love me, that he’s only doing this because the fans would question him if anything would have ever happened to me. I didn’t want to believe in her words, but it made sense. Everything made sense. When she got tired, she left me there as she continued to finish off the cooking I had left. Was she mentally sane? I doubted her sanity, but then again - I was doubting my own. Knowing that she was done with me, I struggled my way into my room locking the door behind me. I looked at myself in the mirror, I saw all the cuts and bruises forming as I cried at my ugly self. Her beatings no longer hurt, like people would say - if something happens so much and so often, it becomes a regular routine that your body just gets use to and for me, the abuse was the regular routine that my body was accommodated to. The closer I looked at the injuries, the more I’m convinced that my mother was smart. All the areas that were hurt, they looked like injuries I would get from falling. She knew exactly what she was doing, and that was something I was afraid of. Because it’ll always be her word against mine, and nobody would listen to a child. A child who has a wild imagination like me.


Well, first year is about halfway done (material-wise) so here’s a bit of a recap for what’s happened so far!

Sonic and the Room of Requirement (first year)

  1. Sonic received his letter, Professor Vanilla Rabbit journeyed to Green Hill Zone to retrieve him, Sonic ventured through Diagon Alley with Professor Vanilla and her young daughter Cream, and he got lost once in a moment of sheer terror.
  2. Sonic traveled to the school on the Sylvania Express, with a shockingly wet surprise, and he was sorted into his house. To round out the evening, he met two of the ghosts that inhabit the castle, an angsty third year, and noticed a troubling connection between said third year and a professor by the name of Maria Robotnik.
  3. Toward the end of September, Sonic met Knuckles, creating a tenuous friendship through sheer happenstance.
  4. Sonic developed a healthy dose of suspicion about Shadow (well, it’s healthy in his opinion; Knuckles disagrees and sorta thinks that his new friend is crazy), and he vowed to figure out what the third year is up to.
  5. In the middle of October, Sonic stumbled on the Master Emerald (after pointedly following Knuckles, so he tripped over something he was looking for), and helped Knuckles find a permanent hiding place for it in the Room of Requirement. After that, Knuckles taught Sonic about Chaos and how it affected everything–including him.
  6. It was around this point that Sonic had a creeping realization that his magic wasn’t working like his classmates’. Professor Robotnik mentioned something about Chaos, but Sonic was far too preoccupied just trying to get wingardium leviosa to work.
  7. Halloween dawned as a welcome distraction, both with the mystery of the Secret Room and by allowing Sonic and Knuckles to get to know the ghosts Mighty and Ray better.
  8. In November, the first Quidditch match was Ravenclaw vs. Slytherin! Sonic was totally excited, but also distracted by Espio’s suspicious behavior right before the match. Later, they discovered why and helped Espio and Vector with a very large problem.
  9. December brought Little Planet to Never Lake, which the school was situated on, and along with it the End of the Year Ball. Sonic was too young to attend so he spent the evening staring up at the planet, contemplating his place in the world.
  10. After the winter break ended and the next term began in January, Sonic stumbled (actually stumbled this time) on the Mirror of Erised one night. It revealed a few shadowy figures standing around him, not that he knew who they were. It was only after dragging Knuckles there and the echidna revealing that he saw his long-dead parents in it that Sonic began to feel uneasy about the whole thing. Finally, Professor Pickle appeared on the third night to set Sonic straight and the mirror disappeared after that.
  11. March began the famed Echidna Lesson in History of Magic for second year Knuckles. He struggled to stay numb to the whole thing, even as his own history was told to him like a mythology, but an innocent question from a fellow student set him off. Later, Sonic found him sobbing in the Room of Requirement and he tried his best to help him through his grief.

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Imagine your icon leaves christmas (or hannukah/kwanza/whatever they celebrate at the end of the year) decorations up all year round, but only one or two really specific ones; when you ask why they say “they’re just so pretty”. (Bonus points if they’re not conventionally ‘pretty’ at all.)

Straight Outta Hell-Magnus Bane Part 5

(Y/N) finally has a moment to herself but for how long?

Masterlist HERE

Part 1     Part 2      Part 3      Part 4

(Y/N) had been staying with Magnus [and Alec who had basically moved in] for the past two week. They had had a few visits from the shadowhunters and vampire but not much has been happening. Magnus had been catching you up to the past two centuries, which honestly just sounded depressing, and gossiping about old downworlders who you knew.
“Ragnor did what?!?” Magnus hummed in response. “With her, really?!”
“I couldn’t believe it either.” Magnus put his cocktail to the side while you just sipped yours after letting out a low whistle.
“Well I’ll be damned.”
“Well you kind of were already. Hey im just kidding!” Magnus added upon seeing your venomous stare. “Speaking of your uprising from hell,” You rolled your eyes. “how are you going to tell the downworld? You are a very important part of it, even when you left.”
“How come? I mean I’ve not really been doing much the past two hundred years.”
“Legends my dear.” He continued upon your confused look. “The saviour of warlocks and infrits who couldn’t hide their marks during the witch trials. The one who solved vampire and werewolf feuds in Prague and made steps forward in other countries. The one who took in all the abandoned downworlders with no thought to themselves. You are a legend, no matter what they say.”
“Not true. I did what anyone would do.” You summoned up another drink. Ah joys of magic!

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Best Episode of Television This Year: “The Sign of Three.” This seems so long ago to me now that I actually had to look up to see if it happened this year. And it did. This episode, you guys. This. Episode. I have my issues with how S3 ended (more on that later), but I cannot deny that TSoT gets more and more and more brilliant the more you watch it. It is an impeccable episode, top to bottom, the best, I think, that “Sherlock” has ever had. It is actually, to me, one of the top five episodes of television I’ve ever seen. I don’t think it has a single sour note, not a single bit I find dull or cringeworthy or pointless. It is laugh-out-loud hilarious in places, and heartbreaking beyond belief in other places. And it is such a perfect *Sherlock* episode. TSoT is an episode all about how Sherlock might be an obnoxious arsehole but he’s such an emotionally vulnerable one that you can’t even deal with him. And neither can John. The awkward disconnect between them by the end of the episode makes you squirm in your seat with frustrated sorrow for them. They go from hand-on-knee intimacy to a very sweet hug to Sherlock walking off alone, bundling himself into his coat of armor. I’m very glad “Sherlock” won its Emmys this year, but I will never understand why it didn’t win them for this magnificent masterpiece of an episode. Maybe HLV was showier? Maybe TSoT’s impact really came from having to be a fan of the show all along? I don’t know. All I know is I feel like you’d be hard-pressed to find a better-crafted episode of anything anywhere, a more moving or affecting emotional arc than the one Sherlock reveals in these 90 minutes, and basically, for me, this is where the “Sherlock” season ended, on this incomparable high. Because, well, more on HLV later.

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General Hux’s NYE Pearls of Wisdom Round-Up

To celebrate the end of this crazy year I give you a round up of some of General Hux’s wisest pearls to live by in all the days to come in the New Year!

On Sharing Knowledge With Your Friends: 

On The Importance Of Starting Each Day With Positivity:

On Choosing A Name For A New Bundle Of Joy:

On How to Live a Happy Life: 

On Being Straightforward: 

And Finally,

On The Nuances of Love:

Big thanks to all my wonderful followers for all the laughs and great times on this blog!

Happy New Year! <3 <3 <3

Wolfstar Headcannons! :D

-Remus spilling sugar everywhere and justifying it to Sirius by saying it’s good luck

-Sirius getting ridiculously excited about holidays, but has to convince Remus to put up the Christmas lights the day after Halloween, “because I really want to put these up, but you’re taller and I can’t reach”.  They end up leaving the lights up year-round.

-Sirius getting mad at Remus for never getting his hair out of the drain

-Remus dancing around to the Beatles and knocking into everything.  Sirius thinks it’s cute and has to kiss Moony’s bruises better.

-James gets frantic about them because he hasn’t heard from them in a week.. He goes to their flat to find them cuddled up in a majestic pillow fort watching Audrey Hepburn movies and drinking overly-sugary tea.

-Remus loses another job and it’s the full moon soon and just everything is awful.  Sirius steals all of Remus’ sweaters and wears them all at once to cheer him up.  It works.

-Sirius’ birthday comes.  Regulus always sent him a card before, but this year he doesn’t.  Moony brings him strawberry ice cream and flowers.  They kiss at the park in the crisp autumn air.

-Remus’ hair curls almost to his shoulders and when he has to get something done he pulls it back in a short, bouncy ponytail.  Sirius thinks it’s ridiculously hot.

-Lily and James inviting them over for dinner and them eating vegetarian food in their backyard.  They drink out of mason jars, and when it gets dark, they enchant candles to hover above them (much like in the Great Hall).  Peter used to come over all the time, but more and more he says he’s too busy.

-Remus combing jasmine oil into Sirius’s hair.

-Remus and Sirius staying up at night while the other is on a mission, worrying silently, hugging the pillow to their bodies as a pathetic replacement for the other.

-Remus doodling dragons on the kitchen table while Sirius cooks french toast in his underwear, both bearing the dark marks of their love over their bodies.

-Remus, bearing the stress of full moons and his missions, snaps at Sirius for breaking a plate.

-Sirius flipps out at Remus for never helping with cooking, but hovering around the kitchen

-Both of them going to cry after an argument

-Sirius leaving tiny love notes to Remus on scraps of paper and putting them all around the house

-Remus writing poetry on the wall in purple marker

-Both of them storming off after arguments, Remus to the roof and Sirius to the fire escape

-Fights and kisses growing gradually stormier, their relationship growing darker along with the war

-Remus screaming at Sirius for going on a last minute mission

-Sirius worrying that Remus has been the inside man- they haven’t cuddled in weeks

-Peter making offhand comments to set them against each other

-Remus and Sirius having their largest fight yet

-Remus kicks Sirius out of the flat, so he can “think about this relationship”

-Sirius kissing Remus’ tear streaked face, even though he’s crying too

-Finally, everything is alright again

-And then Remus wakes up one night without Sirius’ warmth beside him

-And the Potters are dead

-Peter is dead

-Sirius is gone

-And everything is awful


Thing Everyone Else Already Knew Was Awesome That I Just Caught Up with This Year: “Inception.” YOU GUYS. I saw this movie years ago, okay? Not when it came out in the theaters, but shortly after it was released on DVD. AND IT WAS JUST ALRIGHT. IT LIT NO FIRES IN MY LIFE. WHY DID YOU ALL NOT TELL ME THAT THERE WAS THIS FANDOM OUT THERE MAKING IT BETTER? I still don’t think the movie is all that great. I mean, it’s good, don’t get me wrong, but I’ve watched it several times now and I remain heartily tired of the plodding Cobb plotline. BUT. When you watch that movie and ignore Cobb and decide that it is The Epic Love Story of Arthur and Eames, the movie becomes brilliant. It’s actually alarming how very well it works that way. Every part of the plot becomes more interesting if you’re reading it through a shipper lens. Eames actually becomes the hero of Inception, being the character who actually achieves inception, instead of Cobb, the character whose subconscious sabotages inception and causes massive chaos while Eames is like, “Whatever, get out of my way and let me work here.” And Arthur, who is supposed to be Cobb’s sidekick, theoretically, falls into position as the person who makes Eames better, pushing him onward (and vice versa). Arthur and Eames take that movie and run away with it, once you’re actually watching for it. Is it any wonder that so many Inception fics have them embarking on a professional dreamsharing partnership once the movie ends? Who wouldn’t want to work with them? If you watched “Inception” and were meh about it, I share your view. You should watch it again and just admire Joseph Gordon-Levitt running around in all those ridiculously gorgeous clothes he wears in this movie. That second-level dream suit. And the way the waistcoat gets bunched up and the shirt starts to be untucked during the fight. My God. Eames would’ve killed to see that. 


all of my 2014 graphics in one place, as requested by anon!! (thank you!)

i realize the point of year-end (or in my case two-fucking-months-after-year-end-pull-your-SHIT-toGETHER) round ups is to take a step back and make note of one’s improvements and/or habits, but mostly im just delighted by 2014-me’s problem-solving approach of “I’LL SMUSH THEM INTO A LIQUID”

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Most Satisfying Shipping Moment of the Year: Mindy and Danny kiss on the plane on “The Mindy Project.” (I couldn’t find a version of this not in a fanvid, so skip to 2:37 if you just want to see The Kiss). This is one of those ships that I didn’t realize how much I shipped until they kissed and I literally said out loud, “Yes!” And then jumped onto the Internet because squee unshared is hollow squee. (I could have given this award to basically everything from most of TSoT, except then, well, you know.)

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Worst Episode of Television This Year: “His Last Vow.” Oh, look, I finally get to complain again ABOUT THE THING I’VE BEEN COMPLAINING ABOUT ALL YEAR. Ugh, you guys, I hate this episode. I haaaaaaaaaate this episode. I hated it the first time I watched it. Then I watched it again and hated it more. Now I don’t watch it because it just upsets me too much but I read transcripts and watch selected scenes for fic research and OMG I HATE IT EVEN IN LIMITED DOSES. I hate it more the more I think about it. So I try not to think about it. It’s no coincidence that I’ve written less Sherlockfic after this episode. I have no idea how to deal with any of the things going on in this episode. I am hoping, desperately, that it’s all going to become somehow mysteriously clear with the next episode, and I will understand how Mycroft allowed an assassin to get close enough to his brother to literally kill him (whatever with the surgery remark, the best scene in this episode, hands down, is the scene where Sherlock literally dies and then pulls himself back to life on the power of his love for John Watson, so if they wanted me to think Mary didn’t mean to kill him, they shouldn’t have made such a huge, undeniable deal over the fact that Mary actually did kill him YOU SEE WHAT THIS EPISODE DOES TO ME???), and I will understand how Mycroft then allowed Mary to continue living after that (and living well), and I will understand how John thought it was totally okay to get back together with Mary and also totally okay to just let Sherlock go off, and I will understand if Sherlock really thought that it’s okay and perfectly normal to be shot by your best friend’s wife for literally doing nothing wrong, and I will understand WHAT IN GOD’S NAME ANY OF US ARE SUPPOSED TO DO WITH THE WATSON BABY. Maybe the next episode will make HLV make more sense to me than it currently does. Because right now I’m slogging my way through the events of HLV again in the Inceptionlock fic and mostly all Arthur and Eames do is stand around and go, “…This is insane. You realize that, right? This is all insane.” And Eames is kind of like, “Is it okay to kill the people your significant other cares about? Because I’ve had issues with Cobb all along, you know…” And I’m kind of like, “OMG I HAAAAAAATE HAVING TO WRITE ABOUT THE EVENTS OF THIS EPISODE.” This episode makes me want to bash my head against a wall. That’s how much I hate this episode.

Year-End Round-Up 2013: Best Show of the Year

“Cabin Pressure” aired a fourth series this year that should have made every other sitcom in existence go and hide behind a couch in embarrassment that they belong to the same genre. I started listening to “Cabin Pressure” because of Benedict Cumberbatch, yes, but who knew it was going to grow into genuinely one of the best shows ever. It’s a sitcom, yes, and it’s very funny in a recognizable sitcom way (there’s an episode where one of the characters has to climb into a tree to get cell phone reception and then gets stung by bees living in the tree, which, frankly, almost sounds like the plot to an episode of a Disney show), but it’s also funny in a more complex, subtler way that is a reward for having paid attention and stuck with it and taken the characters into your heart. Yes, it’s funny when Martin Crieff climbs the tree and gets stung by bees, but it’s funnier in the context of the overall episode, of Douglas trying to teach Arthur about teasing, of poor Martin trying to cling to his dignity. I still think the funniest line of that episode is when Carolyn tells Martin she’s taking the cost out of his pay and Martin retorts, “I’d like to see you do *that.*” And that’s a line that’s only funny when you know—because you’ve been listening to the show all along—that Martin makes nothing. Just like “Timbuktu” is rewarding as the conclusion of a trilogy. Just like “Vaduz”’s “green truck!” gag is funny because you know the yellow car gag that came before. But what really makes this show the best of the year for me isn’t just that it’s funny, but that it has such heart. More heart than American sitcoms these days almost ever let themselves have (or American dramas, really, for that matter). These characters love each other. They don’t say it; they show it, which is so much better. They band together to help Martin in “Wokingham;” they have real conversations about each other’s hopes and dreams and wants in “Xinzhou.” And all in the middle of still being hilarious. The best episodes of “Cabin Pressure” are almost the episodes where nothing happens and they just sit around and talk to each other, and that’s the sign of good characters to me. And speaking of those characters: the development arc over the course of the entire series is astonishingly good. Martin’s speech in “Yverdon-les-Bains” is one of the best speeches ever written, a lovely recognition by the character of exactly how far he’s come; countering it with Douglas’s “supreme commander” speech—exactly echoing the *very first episode* of the show—is so pretty that you could weep. “Cabin Pressure” ended on the cliffhanger of the year, and I still have no idea how I want it to resolve itself. All I can say is: Well done, John Finnemore. Seriously, seriously well done.