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Perfect (Sirius)

Requested- Some Sirius fluff please & Hey, I was wondering if you could write sirius x reader based on Perfect by Ed Sheeran? Thanks! Love your work! X

what’s your favourite song from Divide? I really love Barcelona :)

- - -

You are at the year-end gala, dancing with your partner. It’s your seventh year, and you are starting to feel nostalgic. The disco ball hangs from the ceiling and reflects the different shades of light in all directions. An upbeat song is playing, and you are having a good time. A familiar voice comes to your hearing as the song comes to an end, “May I have a dance?”

Sirius is standing right in front of you, with his hand reaching out. You take it skeptically since the two of you haven’t talked for a while now. Painful memories slip back into your mind, but you ignore the stabbing feeling in your chest and try to focus on having a good time and getting this song over with. Unfortunately for you, someone decided to choose a soft tune. You recognise the beginning of the song as the one you loved from before.

Before, when you were both younger and naive, that is.

Cause we were just kids when we fell in love
Not knowing what it was

Sirius slips his arm around your waist gently, as if he is scared to hurt you. You place your hand on his shoulder, feeling like he has grown even taller than he was just one or two years ago. But as the song goes on, you find both your arms wrapped around him. Sirius keeps quiet, although you can feel his heart beating out loud. And you believe he can hear yours, too.

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(A/N: Sorry for the long time without posting, uni has been terribly busy this semester. To make up for that, here is 3.5K of ceo!joon slow burn. I might make a sequel to this if I get the chance. I apologize if the end if a bit messy, I didn’t edit it but I’ll probably go back later. Also, this is dedicated to my lovely @versigny who betaed the first half of this for me and helped me with the general direction. I love you my dear! Anyways, enjoy!)

Namjoon had never been so nervous.

In the year you had worked as the secretary to the youngest and most successful business mogul in South Korea, Kim Namjoon had never felt as he did while he stood before your desk right outside his corner office, like a schoolboy building up the courage to ask out his crush. He fidgeted with his hands and his eyes darted madly, looking at anywhere but your own searching ones - a far cry from the serious, confident CEO who knew how to get what he wanted and get shit done.

Your first day at Kim Industries you had observed firsthand how your boss operated. As you sat in on a negotiation taking notes, you watched as other businessmen sized him up, equating his youth and good looks to his business prowess. It was strangely satisfying to observe Namjoon strategically pull their assumptions apart with a firm voice and sound bargaining, ending up with a deal far better than was originally put on the table. It truly was artistry, practically seeing the gears turn in his brain and the smug smile when he inevitably got what he wanted.

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