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June is National Scoliosis Awareness Month in the US, so to celebrate I dug out my old brace (who, at age…14? I named Freddie) to try it on. I honestly forgot how it feels to wear it - there’s a certain comfort to having something supporting you when your back muscles work overtime to do it normally. I had to wear this thing at least 8 hours every night for 2 years (end of 2011 - summer of 2013 I think), which compared to some I definitely got off easy. It did its job by keeping my spinal curves relatively stable over that time period and even since I stopped wearing it. It’s a bit hilarious to see just how much I’ve grown since I stopped wearing it, as the top of the higher part is supposed to reach my armpit and it comes nowhere close to that. There are black dots on the velcro straps which I had to be able to fasten them to, and those dots are visibly halfway back from where they need to be. A lot of people talk about destroying their braces once they’re finished with them, but I could never do that. I look very fondly back on my time with it and I’ll keep it for as long as I can. Thanks for being a pal, Freddie ❤️

Nintendo Offers Bright Outlook on Expectations for Switch    

Company expects to sell 10 million of the handheld-hybrid console

“We have done a lot of things to raise awareness about how the Switch experience can offer something new, and I am just relieved that consumers seem to have accepted it,” the company’s chief executive Tatsumi Kimishima said of the console designed for use both in the living room and on the go.

The Switch posted solid March sales of 2.74 million units, beating the company’s initial sales estimate of two million units for the month. The scale of the Switch’s success in March surprised the market, analysts said, given that the launch missed the year-end holiday season, Nintendo’s biggest profit-generating period.

Nintendo’s 10 million forecast is too cautious and more than 15 million units could be sold during the current fiscal year, Ace Research Institute analyst Hideki Yasuda said.

For the 12-month period beginning this month, Nintendo expects to see operating profit of ¥65 billion yen ($585 million) on revenue of ¥750 billion, the company said. A result in line with its expectations would be a good improvement over the ¥29.4 billion profit for the year that ended March 31, which Nintendo also reported Thursday.

The projected ¥65 billion operating profit, if realized, would be the highest since the year ending March 2011. Analysts say Nintendo should typically generate operating profit of more than ¥100 billion, but profits have declined in recent years because of the weak performance of the Wii U console.

Mr. Kimishima said Nintendo would be spending more this year on promotion to sell the Switch, putting a drag on operating profit.

“It is surprising that Zelda is doing so well, but it also proved what we have been saying is right: A good game title will spur sales of the platform device,” Mr. Kimishima said.

Analysts are more optimistic about Nintendo’s earnings prospects than the company. Macquarie Capital Securities analyst David Gibson said he expects Nintendo to earn ¥137 billion operating profit in the current fiscal year, assuming it sells more than 14.5 million Switches over the period and receives revenue contributions from Nintendo-made game software for the Switch and smartphones.

For the year that ended in March, Nintendo said it had recorded a net profit of ¥102.6 billion, compared with the street forecast of ¥93.6 billion. Net profit was helped by ¥64.5 billion from selling part of the stake in the Seattle Mariners operator it owned. The company booked net profit of ¥16.5 billion in the year-earlier term that ended March last year.


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Fairly accurate timeline for MTV’s Teen Wolf

(The one I use for my fanfictions, as I got complaints on the one I got all the dates wrong on.)

All data from real live timelines and events in the show.

Season 1:  

Start:  Wednesday, January 19, 2011 (Scott was bitten on a full moon, in January; the full moon was on the 19th in 2011)

End:  February 22, 2011. (After Allison found out that Scott was a werewolf; Chris then attacked Scott the day after the events of season one finale, so there has to a one day gap between season one and two.)

 Season 2: 

Start -  February 24, 2011. (On the fan made Teen Wolf page, they included the 29th of February in this season, even though 2011 was not a leap year.)

End - Tuesday, March 29, 2011. (There was a four-month gap between season Two and Three.)

Season 3A: 

Start: Early September 2011

(During this time, they would have started junior year)

End: Late September to Early October 2011.

Season 3B:  

Start:  October 28th, 2011. (This season Halloween takes place.)

As Allison died one day before the end, her death was the 29th Nov 2011 – meaning the pack only knew her for around eleven months.

End:  30th November 2011 (This because season Four took place in middle of junior year – well that’s what Jeff Davis said anyways. There was a two months gap between season 3B and season 4.)

 Season 4:  

Start:  Between mid to late January 2012 (From what Jeff Davis said when season four started Scott had been a werewolf for a year, so January makes sense in this context.)

End: 3rd March 2012 (Because season Five started a day before senior year, so this ending here makes sense because they then had a six-month gap before season 5.)

 Season 5 A+B:

Start: 9th September 2012

End: 30th November 2012 (This all happened within the first few months of Senior year because season 6 will be taking place in the last few months, I also took the time to consider that there will be a month gap between season five B and season 6 A.)

 Season 6: Early 2013

 Birthdays: (There have been many debates about these dates, as the official Teen Wolf calendar messed them up and it didn’t link in with the time line given in the show or by MTV.)

Scott’s b’day – October 6th 1994 (Scott was sixteen when the series started; this date was given on the official Teen Wolf game, so this one is probably most accurate.)

Stiles b’day - April 8th 1995 (Stiles is the youngest in the pack, this fact appeared in an interview I once watch – don’t ask me where from though – this date was given to us on the official Teen Wolf game; the date on the Teen Wolf calendar would have made Stiles a year younger than Scott.)

Allison’s b’day – January 31st 1994 (This was confirmed by the Teen Wolf game and season one of teen Wolf.)

Lydia’s b’day – March 19th 1995 (Confirmed by the Teen Wolf game and season two of Teen Wolf.)

Liam’s b’day – Unknown( - but considering that he was fifteen when he first appeared on the show and he was a freshman – then his birthday would have to between September and December 1996.)

Malia’s b’day – November 28th 1994 (She is the same age as everyone else, she must have been born on 1994 along with Scott, but on the show her birth certificate said 1998, which would make her younger than Liam – not accurate.)

These are the only birthdays I could find.

You are all lucky that I’m OCD and I like to be right, (Hope this is handy for all you fanfiction writers.)

(Credit to gif makers.)

In other 2011 related news, this is the longest I’ve ever had my beard, ever. I think that’s pretty significant to point out. I’d smile, but a straight face provides maximum beardage.

EDIT: huh, looking at this picture now doesn’t seem to do it much justice. I swear you need to see it in person to embrace its unforgiving scraggliness!!!

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By the time Big Bang finishes their enlistment, won't they be too old for the kpop scene? TOP's almost 30 already. I guess MADE is the last ot5 album.

Let me talk about a group called Shinhwa.

Shinhwa is a six-member group that debuted in 1998 under SM; they performed alongside groups long gone like Fin.K.L and H.O.T.

And they’re still performing now.

The oldest member is now 36; the youngest, 34. They have not lost a single member, despite changing agencies several times and taking a four-year hiatus that ended in 2011 for all of them to go to the military. Each member has very differing solo activities under different companies, but recently they started their own company  so they could remain together as a group for music, and won a legal battle to keep the rights to their own band name. Their songs have been still as popular as they have always been, and remarkably enough, they still dance and perform with a certain style that is rarely seen away from SM-trained artists. To be honest, you can see a shadow of an older EXO in their dancing style - something that shows how well they still move despite their ages.

BIGBANG won’t have issues with leaving YG, if they wish - and YG has always said that they are free to leave, though he wishes that they would stay with him even for twenty years - so BIGBANG won’t have problems with their group name, or legalities. They will always want to stick together.

If it’s possible for a six-member group that fought for years over their own group name to stay together for 17 years strong, I don’t think a group with bonds as strong as BIGBANG will ever separate, until they feel they can no longer dance or sing with the right amount of energy. Until whenever, remember?


- Has sold a grand total of 3,847,000 downloads in South Korea
- Has sold a grand total of 4.5 million downloads worldwide according to Forbes
- 2011 MNET Asian Music Awards’ Song of the Year
- 2011 Hottracks Music Awards’ Song of the Year
- 2012 Korean Music Award’s Best Dance & Electronic Song
- Youtube Kpop Awards’ Top 3 Most Viewed Videos (2nd place)
- Hit the Instiz roof for more than 35 times
- Certified Perfect-All Kill
- #7 on Gaon 2011 Year-End 
- #1 in Japan’s iTunes Electronic Chart
- #10 in USA’s iTunes Electronic Chart; re-charted at #4 to #2 after 2 years; re-charted again at #6 to #3 after a year
- #10 in Canada’s iTunes Electronic Chart; re-charted at #1 after 2 years
- Used on The Bachelor’s episode with 2NE1
- The first K-pop song to be listed in the Dance Central series
- 6th biggest-selling Kpop song in America in 2013
- Featured in Week 8 of the 10th season of the American So You Think You Can Dance TV-show
- Microsoft decided to use the song for one of their Surface Pro 3 commercials, Head to Head.
- Its music video represents 2NE1 in YouTube’s playlist “Evolution of Girl Groups”
- After 3 years, it has reached the top of Billboard’s World Digital Songs Chart
- After 3 years, it has charted at #6 on iTunes Worldwide Electronic Chart
- After 3 years, it has charted at #197 on iTunes US Overall Chart
- Was played on American radio station 103.3 AMP Radio
- After 3 years, its music video has reached the 100 million views on YouTube. Making them the 5th Kpop act behind PSY and Hyuna, SNSD, and Bigbang to do so.