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After what Trump said about Sweden, people have started posting links to articles about there being a huge increase in rape and sexual assault in Sweden, and Swedish cities with large immigrant populations being overrun with crime. Is there any truth to these claims?

Timely question, Anon!  We were just about to post something about the effects of such a large number of refugees arriving in Sweden!  Which we’ll get to in a minute…

1) For those who don’t know, Trump claimed there was a recent terrorist attack in Sweden and linked it to the amount of refugees Sweden has taken in - more per capita than any other country.

The only problem is that, like the “Bowling Green Massacre” that only Trump aide Kellyanne Conway seemed to know about, no one anywhere had heard of any such terrorist attack.

But it turns out there was a terrorist bombing, in Gothenburg Sweden last month that left one person seriously injured.

Why did no one hear about it?  Because it was a bombing of a refugee centre by white supremacists.  And as we all know, when neo-nazis commit a terrorist attack, it does not get the same media coverage that a terrorist attack by racialized people receive.  

For example: a recent media study examined U.S. coverage of two terrorist attacks in Canada: the 2014 shooting that left one person + the shooter of Muslim background dead and the 2017 shooting that left six people dead and seventeen injured when a white supremacist stormed a Québec mosque and opened fire (the latter being another white supremacist attack Team Trump used as a justification for their own Islamophobia!).  Turns out the attack by the Muslim shooter received 6x more media coverage in U.S. media outlets, even though the attack by the white supremacist killed 6x more victims.

But we digress.

2) Is there any truth to claims of a huge increase in rape and sexual assault in Sweden?  

Some bigots would expect - and even hope for - an alarming increase in sex crimes so they can point their fingers at refugees and immigrants and shriek about kicking them out.  But sorry bigots, it’s just not happening!

Sweden took in 162,877 asylum seekers in 2015.  Between 2014-2016 alone Sweden took in 273,116 refugees (x; x).   This is the highest proportion of refugees taken in by any western country.

So let’s look at figures for 2014, the year before all these refugees arrived in Sweden:   

2014 reported rapes: 6,700
2014 reported sexual molestations: 9,640

Then 2015, when 162,877 refugees arrived, one would expect an 1.7% increase in these crimes, given the 1.7% increase in population and assuming that they are as likely to commit crimes as Swedes are.  Hmm, let’s see now:
2015 reported rapes: 5920 = a 12% drop 
2014 reported sexual molestations: 8840 = an 8% drop

Now the latest figures:
2016 reported rapes: 6560
2016 reported sexual molestations: 10,500

So: reported rape and sexual molestation cases actually dropped by 12% and 8% respectively the year that 162,877 refugees arrived in Sweden.  The next year, reported rape cases were still 2% lower than they were in 2014 (before the arrival of 244,177 refugees in 2014 & 2015) but sexual molestation cases increased by 8% over 2014 levels.  

Why would one category of sexual violence go down and another go up?  No one is sure at this point but we’ve yet to hear a coherent explanation or see credible evidence that establishes “foreign hordes” as the cause of the increase in one category but simultaneously discounts them as a factor for the decrease in the other.  And the xenophobes haven’t been quick to point out that an 8-to-12% drop in sexual violence occurred in 2015, the same time that 162,877 refugees came to Sweden.

Actual criminologists like University of Stockholm professor Jerzy Sarnecki, point out that “what criminologists do is to look at the 10-year, 20-year development. Then we can see the trends. Year to year, it’s impossible to judge why changes occur.”  Not only is there is zero evidence of any wave of sex crimes committed by refugees; the available evidence indicates that they are as-or-less-likely to commit these crimes than native-born Swedes.  Sorry bigots!

You’ll see the same thing in Germany despite what hysterical xenophobes would have you believe.  The UK actually experienced a drop in crime related to the number of migrants coming in.  In the U.S. a study that was just released found that refugees had a huge effect in substantially reducing crime rates.

When people start screaming about a wave of sexual violence committed by refugees that is simply not supported by the crime stats; and when it’s clear that the sexual violence rates were higher when there were fewer refugees, it’s not hard to figure out that the concern and outrage is less about sexual violence and more about xenophobic scapegoating.

3) Back to the news we were going to tell you about what effect this large wave of refugees is having on Sweden! Just two years after taking in 81,000 refugees, Sweden is riding high atop its largest economic boom in five years!  Lower unemployment rates and economic growth topping 4.5% as the economy benefitted from more workers.  

It’s not that surprising given that a third of Syrian refugees brought university educations with them to Sweden and that countries like Australia, Canada, GermanyKenya, the UK and the U.S. have all found that migrants are economically-beneficial.

So Anon, we hope you’ve learned two things about Sweden’s migrants: they’ve had either no effect or actually reduced crime rates while being a huge boon for the economy!

1. The friends you have at the beginning of the year can completely change by the end of it. People change, and if they aren’t improving your life in some way, it’s okay to drop them.

2. Take many pictures. Don’t let it take over your life, though. You don’t want to look back and see that you only captured your memories with your camera lens and not within your mind and heart.

3. Find your safe place. Whether it be in the arms of a certain person or on the balcony of Barnes and Nobles with a cup of soup, find it and don’t let it go. You can have more than one safe place.

4. Be nice to everyone. You honestly don’t know what skeletons people are hiding in their closets. Everyone has their skeleton. Every person on this earth has something in their life or past worth collapsing on the ground in uncontrollable sobs over.

5. Reading is so important. Highlight the things that you read that you find intriguing. Read a lot, it can only do good things for you.

6. Writing always helps.

7. The girl with anxiety has the deepest thoughts. The autistic boy has the kindest heart, and the schizophrenic has the ability to put a smile on your face in seconds. Do not judge character based on a mental illness.

8. Music has an indescribable ability to connect and heal. Let it do its thing.

9. Her prettiness doesn’t make your prettiness any less pretty.

10. Getting close and letting someone in is scary as hell. You know what else it is? Worth it.

11. The minute you feel your happiness being dictated by someone else, take a break from them.

12. Adventuring is a must. Sunsets always help the soul, showing that endings can be as beautiful as beginnings.

13. Spend more time with your parents doing things they enjoy. Later in life, you’ll be wishing you’d spent more time with them than on your Netflix account.

14. Home is not always a place, but whatever you love with your whole heart. I have many homes, and it’s okay if one home doesn’t feel like home anymore.

15. Making someone smile and feel genuinely happy has the ability to warm your heart from the inside out. No matter how much pain someone is going through, you made them forget about it for a few seconds. Isn’t that something?

16. Feel everything and let it hurt, but don’t go back to what broke you.

17. Don’t let fear hold you back from what you want. The view from the other side is spectacular.

18. Tell people how you feel. Even if you’re scared it’ll burn your life to the ground. You say it loud.

19. You find the most extraordinary things in the most ordinary places.

20. Swollen lips and sweaty “I want you’s” can make you feel again, but I don’t want to feel anything if it means having to sit there feeling like the wind is constantly being knocked out of me when he stops calling back.

21. Sometimes the way you think of someone isn’t the way they actually are.

22. Never underestimate the amount of joy the holiday season can bring you. Try and find ways to feel that way all year long.

23. Timing is never going to be perfect; if you care about something enough, you’ll make the time. It’s all about priorities.

24. If women used their words to build each other up instead of tearing each other down, our world would change drastically.

25. Recovery can take 2 weeks or 5 years. You aren’t any less of a person if it takes you longer to find a way to let go of what’s hurting your heart.

26. You only need yourself, but having people by your side trying to understand means a lot more than you might think.

27. You find your truest friends in your darkest hours.

28. You can feel the whole world in a month and nothing after 2 years. Time does not define love.

29. Always say yes to dessert.

30. Concerts make life worth living. So does yelling your favorite song along with your best friend in the car with your best friend with hands intertwined. These are things that show you that you don’t need to be on drugs to feel invincible.

31. So does kissing.

—  emmuuhhhhh, 31 Things I’ve Learned Coming Into 2016

Trump’s Comey firing reminds many of Nixon’s 1973 Saturday Night Massacre

  • On Tuesday, President Donald Trump unceremoniously fired FBI Director James Comey, the man who happened to also be investigating his administration’s ties to Russia.
  • Almost immediately after news broke that Comey was out of a job, social media users began comparing it to President Richard Nixon’s “Saturday Night Massacre,” where he too fired the man investigating his administration.
  • In 1973, Nixon was being investigated by a special prosecutor named Archibald Cox as part of an ongoing probe into the Watergate scandal, the Washington Post reported earlier this year. 
  • On Saturday, October 20 of that year, Nixon fired Cox and later accepted the resignations of his Attorney General Elliot L. Richardson and Deputy Attorney General William D. Ruckelshaus, in what the Post at the time called “the most traumatic government upheaval of the Watergate crisis.” Read more (5/9/17) 

Donald Trump will follow up firing James Comey by meeting Russia’s top diplomat

  • President Donald Trump will meet with Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on Wednesday — less than 24 hours after he fired FBI Director James Comey, who was investigating the Trump campaign’s much-rumored ties to the Russian government.
  • According to a White House release, Lavrov and Trump will be convening in the Oval Office at 10:30 a.m. for a closed-door meeting. Read more (5/9/17)
Solar System: 10 Things to Know This Week

State of the Solar System: 10 quick updates from around our galactic neighborhood.

1. Powered by the Sun

Fifty-nine years ago, Vanguard 1 launched to demonstrate a new spacecraft technology – solar power. We’ve been going farther and for longer ever since.

+More on Vanguard 1

2. Mapping Mercury

A big week in history for exploration of the innermost planet. On March 16, 1975, our Mariner 10 made its third and final flyby of Mercury. One day and 36 years later, MESSENGER became the first spacecraft to orbit Mercury. Next up: ESA’s BepiColumbo, undergoing testing now, is set to launch for Mercury in 2018.

+Missions to Mercury

3. Return to Venus

U.S. and Russian scientists are discussing a planned revival of the successful Venera program that revealed much about Venus in the 1960s, 70s and 80s. Meanwhile, Japan’s Akatsuki orbiter continues to study our sister planet.

+More on Venera-D

4. Rocket Power

Back on Earth 91 years ago (March 16, 1926), inventor and dreamer Robet Goddard changed the world forever with the first test of a liquid-fueled rocket. We’ve been going farther and faster ever since.

+More on Goddard

5. Moon Watch

Our Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) has been sending a steady stream of high-resolution images back to Earth for more than seven years.

+More on LRO

6. Busy Mars

There are currently five orbiters (Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, Mars Odyssey, MAVEN, ESA’s Mars Express and India’s Mars Orbiter Mission) and two rovers (Curiosity and Opportunity) exploring Mars, making it second only to Earth in the number of robotic spacecraft studying its secrets.

+Meet the Mars Fleet

7. Vote for Jupiter

Polls close today (March 20) so vote not to point a real spacecraft camera at Jupiter during the mission’s 5th perijove pass.

+Vote now

8. Science to the Last Second

In a little less than six months, our Cassini orbiter will plunge into Saturn as a spectacular finale to its 19-year mission – but not before it embarks on a completely new mission into unexplored space between Saturn and its mighty rings.

+More on Cassini’s Grand Finale

9. By George?

Happy belated birthday to Uranus, discovered on March 13, 1781 by William Herschel. The English astronomer wanted to name his discovery – the first planet discovered in recorded history – “Georgium Sidus” after England’s King George III. But he was overruled, and astronomer stuck with traditional mythological names – creating an opportunity for 263 years of student jokes at the expense of the ice giant planet’s name.

+More on Uranus

10. Go Farther

The round trip light time from Voyager 1 to Earth is more than 38 hours. Voyager 1 is almost 13 billion miles from our home planet.

+More on Voyager

Discover more lists of 10 things to know about our solar system HERE.

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Trump’s 100 days brings weakest economic growth in 3 years

  • In the first quarter of 2017, the American economy grew at the slowest rate in three years, rising at just 0.7%, thanks to weak consumer spending, Bloomberg reported Friday.
  • The news comes on the 99th day of Donald Trump’s presidency, which he promised would bring an economic boom and increased job production. However the economy grew at a slower pace than economists projected. Read more (4/28/17)

Trump has had the lowest approval ratings during his first 100 days of any president in the last 72 years

  • Since his inauguration, Trump has yet to break 50% in FiveThirtyEight’s summation of presidential approval rating polls.
  • He has hovered between a 40% and 45% approval rating since the beginning of February. Gallup, a longtime presidential pollster, pegged the president’s approval rating as low as 35% at the end of March.
  • Gallup has compiled all of its approval rating data going back to President Harry S. Truman. That data shows Trump has had the lowest approval ratings during his first 100 days of any president in the last 72 years. Read more (4/28/17)

After 100 days, is Trump “draining the swamp?”

  • One of Trump’s first executive orders kept a campaign promise of preventing former members of his administration from lobbying. Trump’s ban instated a lifetime ban on foreign lobbying and a five-year ban for all other lobbying.
  • The ban only applies to members of his administration and was full of loopholes. Less than 100 days into his presidency, Trump has already granted a waiver to the lobbying ban. Read more (4/28/17)

Today in history, March 22nd 1873, Puerto Rico officially, Abolished slavery. Although that date was the official date for the abolition of slavery, enslaved Africans and their descendants still suffered under the conditions of slavery for a minimum of three more years, while slave owners were given money, and land agreements in their favor to compensate for the incoming loss to their revenue. Even after that, previously enslaved Africans and African descendants worked under similarly harsh conditions under the same “employer” for low wages.

It’s now been 144 years later, and I would implore us, Puerto Ricans , to reflect on what the abolition meant, and how the effects of race-based social structure still lingers on in current day Puerto Rico, and the Puerto Rican diaspora. How are conditions like for Puerto Rican’s of African descent, what are conditions like for Puerto Rican’s who’s African heritage is worn on their skin? What can we do to continue fighting against anti-blackness, and ensure a more inclusive, and less discriminatory Puerto Rican culture?

Binding safety things.
  • “I can bind as much as I like, I’m having top surgery soon so that’ll just get rid of any problems it causes-” nope. NOPE NOPE NOPE. Not only does soft tissue damage make surgery both more difficult and risky, binding too much, for too long, over even just a year or two can weaken muscles supporting your ribcage so when you stop binding after surgery, you’re at risk of things like hairline fractures- and worse, up to and including a couple horror stories that include punctured lungs. Do not use “but top surgery!” as an excuse to bind while sleeping, for more than 8-10 hours a day maximum, or 365 days a year without one single break. Not binding sucks- but we all gotta do things that suck for our health sometimes, grit your teeth and do not fuck up your lungs and ribcage.
  • Nonetheless, your risk assessment needs to be different if your timescale is less “five years til top surgery” and more “binding for the rest of my life”. I understand some women bind for reasons of gender presentation and such without plans to get surgey, plus of course there’s some AFAB trans people who either don’t want or can’t get top surgery who plan to bind indefinitely. Understand that this means you need to plan ahead for a lot of possible risks and complications that are less prominent for people using binding as a short-term gap, that the effects of very long-term binding are barely known and potentially severe, and that thirty years on, if you are still doing it, there are going to have been consequences for your body. This is NOT to say, “don’t do it”. Do it with a full, informed, adult understanding of what the risks are or might be, and be prepared to take those on. Keep a sharp eye on your body’s well being. Do it carefully. Be prepared for the risks, because yes, they exist. You can take them, that’s fine, but don’t pretend they aren’t real and serious.
  • Don’t wear a binder that is a size too small because the correctly sized one “shows too much”. Lung capacity is fucking important and you will crack a damn rib one of these days if you’re not careful. Do not overexert yourself in any binder; if it hurts or you feel faint or whatever then STOP, IMMEDIATELY. If you exercise in one, wear one at least a size up and throw baggy shirts on over it. Wear a velcro one if you can for working out so you can undo that shit ASAP if there’s an issue. If you go swimming in a binder, have someone spotting for you, make sure there’s a lifeguard at the pool, etc. You aren’t going to enjoy your wonderful transition very much if you, god forbid, wind up being in a serious accident because you’re suffocating yourself slowly.
  • You can bind safely. That is to say, you can bind while minimizing the risks as much as possible, til you reach a point where it’s reasonable for a well-informed, sensible person to weigh them up and take said risks. You cannot bind 100% consequence free. That’s all.
  • And look, just to get a bit tough-love for a second: “but if I don’t do all those things, my dysphoria is so bad I can’t cope” is something I fully, entirely sympathize with. It also means you gotta start working on management techniques so that ceases to be the case, NOT that you should just accept totally batshit levels of risk for the sake of your mental health. The solution to “my dysphoria is so bad that it destroys my life if I don’t bind in my sleep and wear it two sizes too tight” is not and should never be, “so I do it because it’s all right if I know accept the risk”. That’s not responsible, mature behaviour. It’s fully, entirely understandable. But you need, NEED to instead take the longer, more difficult path to finding healthy management techniques to improve your mental health and wellbeing so this is no longer the case, or else it’s going to bite you in the arse. You want to reach the end of your transition with the body you deserve, so you can finally feel right in it? Then look after it. Transition doesn’t give you a new body, it makes the one you’re in right now fit better, so look after the one you’re in.
Fig chatter! (Q/A)
First off, i just wanna say thank you so much to everyone for all the super nice and encouraging notes! It always makes me to happy to see that my work is making people happy and your notes really help to motivate me to do my best at this comic!

Yep!!! That manga is one of my favorite things in the whole world so it really really influenced my comic.

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types of time in serialized storytelling

(Disclaimer: most of these are terms I made up)

Real Time: The time of the story in-universe moves at the same pace as the story is being released. If an episode was released a year after another episode, it’ll also be a year (more or less) between the events of the two episodes in-universe.

Examples: Adventure Time, Rick and Morty, Steven Universe

Chronicle Time: The length of time of the story in-universe is determined in advance,and will not be affected by how long it takes for the story to be released in real life. The first episode will be the beginning of this time period and the last episode will be the end.

Examples: Gravity Falls, Phineas and Ferb, Avatar: The Last Airbender

Hyper Time: There’re little to no breaks between events in-universe, regardless of how long it’s been in real life. A chapter’s events will likely take place immediately after the previous chapter’s, no matter how long it’s been between their releases in real life. These stories often feature time-skips where the story skips forward several years to signify the flow of time on the characters.

Examples: Homestuck, most Shounen Mangas

Sliding Time: Time in-universe is retroactively shrunk down no matter how long the story has been told in real life. The events of chapters that are decades apart will only take place several years apart in-universe. This prevents the characters from ageing too much, keeping them timeless while also maintaining decades of continuity.

Examples: Marvel and DC superhero comics

McPriceley Fanfiction Recommendations

McPriceley fanfiction that I absolutely adore~! Not mine.

McPriceley Fanfiction Recommendations

1. Turn It Off
“"Where’s your ‘nifty, little Mormon trick,’ now? What good is it if you can’t use it when you need it most?”“

2. Little Syncopations
"Five times Elder Price made matters terribly frustrating for Elder McKinley…well, sort of.”

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Harry felt Malfoy’s breath on his lips as they came together over the bottle, hands firmly planted on the floor as though they each needed their familiar soil, refusing to cross into enemy territory.

Except that Malfoy no longer felt like his enemy.

Malfoy felt inevitable.

It’s Harry and Draco’s eighth year, the Houses have been all but demolished in favor of unity, and they’re being forced to room together. How ever will they cope?

No strings…easy. Right? Unless you’re Draco Malfoy and you’re having sex with Harry Potter.

Harry returns to Hogwarts for his 8th year, determined not to let Malfoy get to him. But when the snarky teasing starts up again, Harry finds that returning the jibes with compliments has a far more interesting outcome.


The year is groovy 1973, and eighteen-year-old Louis Tomlinson is perhaps the gayest teen to ever grace the gloomy, hateful town of Fortwright. Would be fine if he wasn’t so viciously bullied at both home and school for such a “harmful” sexual preference.

After discovering the mansion was less abandoned than he’d thought, he’s now left with the most riveting mystery of a lifetime; every new finding leaving him with more questions. Who is this elusive owner, and why won’t they show themselves? Why is there a set of journals in the same handwriting that span over centuries? Why in the world is there a padlock on the refrigerator…and who the hell is Alexander?

au where harry and louis are solo artists and they’re not exactly friends per se but they’re friendly, know each other from industry parties and things like that and there’s always been this weird unspoken sexual tension between them and louis’ always kinda confused bc isn’t harry the biggest ladies’ man in the industry

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A little timeline of how Tamako has changed over the past year. I recently welcomed her newest incarnation as a F60 Cygne, almost exactly one year after I “completed” the first version of her. New Tamako is so much more like what I’d envisioned her as, with a sweeter look, rounded eyes, and pouty lips. I’ve also modded her nose to have less pointy tip and a slightly more curved bridge.

Her faceup’s quick and dirty since I used it as a warmup for my other commissions over the weekend but I’m pretty happy with it. I’ll be granting her a full (clothed) photoshoot soon!

She’s also very very excited to visit some of the friends she made last year at Doll North :) I’ll be going as an attendee this year so I can actually hang out! Feel free to message me if you’d like to plan a date at Tim Horton’s!!

That I Have Regretted

Pairing : Bucky Barnes x Reader (female pronoun)

Genre : Angst, tiny bit of fluff

Warning : death, cringe worthy writing, sucky writing, etc (??)

Word Count : 5120 ( Sorry, I got carried away )

A/N : This idea came to my head all of a sudden minutes before I sleep and unlike some of my other ideas, this one lingers in my head day and night so I decided to write it. At first I wanted the character to be Steve coz he’s my ultimate favourite among the Avengers but Bucky seemed to be more suitable. This is the very first story I post on this blog so please be nice to me 💕 - Nana🌸

Originally posted by gliceria

There both (Y/N) and Bucky stood still like statues.

In the dark, cold room, face-to-face, eyes boring into each other due to anger that has been gnawing on both of their hearts.

“I mean it” he said.

(Y/N)’s eyes were narrowed to the man before her, hands moving to rest on her hips as she answered her man back, “you are not the boss of me, James” she spat bitterly. The name she used to address him meant that she is beyond mad, pissed, annoyed, and all other emotions that are stirring up in her.

Bucky cringed slightly at the name (Y/N) used to address him, it sounded rather hostile and cold to him because the name is rarely used by anyone close to him.

“you never listen to me, not a damn bit! How many times should I tell you to stay in the Quinjet after you did your part of the mission and until we all finish ours!? You are our eye in the sky and you almost blew the mission for us all, almost get killed and those damned HYDRA agents almost escaped!”

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Vorkosigan Saga Characters As Onion Headlines, Part Two


  • Man’s Relationship Advice Same As His Hunting Tips
  • Report: More Americans Relying On Grandparents to Help Fuck Up Their Kids


  • Somebody’s Got To Save This Country From Certain Doom, And Let’s Face It, That Person Is Me
  • Take-Charge, Can-Do Guy Makes Terrible Decisions
  • Area Man Pretty Sure It’s Not Broken
  • I Shouldn’t Be Alive
  • 27-Year-Old Lies About Every Single Aspect Of His Life To Keep Parents From Worrying


  • Area Teen Has Better Things To Do Than Kick Your Ass


  • 26-Year-Old Feeling Self-Conscious After Seeing All His Friends Fail Slightly Less Than Him


  • Party Guest Hoping Birthday Card With Shirtless Hunk Taken In Playful Spirit With Which It Was Intended


  • Man On Cusp Of Having Fun Remembers Every Single One Of His Responsibilities
  • If You Ever Need Somebody To Stand Around And Not Contribute, You Know Where To Find Me
  • Area Man Up For Anything Except Being The One Who Makes The Decision
  • I Fucked My Way Into This Mess, And I’ll Fuck My Way Out
  • Cousins Meaner This Year
  • Man Pushing Self To Point Of Effort


  • Depression Symptom Checklist Speaking To Area Man As No Poem Ever Could
  • Last Male Heir To Bloodline Watches Movie Alone On Laptop
Dear Younger Students,

I completed the last of my semester coursework yesterday and made an interesting observation that might assuage some of your worries.

I used to be a procrastinator. I was the kid who started their science project at 9pm the night before it was due. I was the kid who cranked out 20-page AP lit essays the day before it was due. I was the kid who did the reading for my next class in the class I was currently in. I was a hard core procrastinator until sometime during my MSc (around age 22-23). 

Slowly, I started doing my work earlier. Studying earlier, reading earlier, drafting earlier. Then I started finishing a week early, getting classmates to proofread my work, and writing 2nd and 3rd drafts (I used to just turn in my first). At times when I would’ve blown off my work, I started to sit down for a couple of hours and hack away at it. Fast forward four years and I managed to get 2 critique papers, 2 presentations, a final draft of a mock dissertation proposal, a stats homework, and a stats paper asking a novel causal question all done within the past two weeks (when they were assigned), and I got them all completed early.

I’ve thought for a while how weird my transformation was. Procrastination felt like a pretty embedded psychological trait of mine, so how was I completing my work early during the hardest semester of my academic career?

1) Maturity. It’s worth recognizing that my 26-year-old brain is more developed than my 15-year-old brain or my 20-year-old brain. At those time points, my prefrontal cortex was still developing, so naturally I had less discipline than I do now. It’s also had a lot more practice regulating my behavior in a variety of settings. 

2) Practice. People tend to cite perfectionism as a reason for procrastination, and I think that’s true, but I also think it comes down to practice. I’ve been doing academic work since I was a wee toddler, and I’ve been writing hefty (~20 page) academic pieces since high school (thank you Mr. H!). So after roughly 10 years of practice, I know how long it takes me to read information, synthesize an argument, draft it, and edit it. More to the point, it isn’t painful. It isn’t always fun, either, but the mechanics themselves are pretty fluid.

3) Enjoying the topic. Like most people, I do my best work when I like the topic. I was a procrastinator for years because I just didn’t enjoy spending that much time on the topics. I loved reading and debating ideas, but I didn’t like them so much that I wanted to write about them for days, especially when the prompt only wanted regurgitation and not unique thought. Only when I hit my MSc in Forensic Psychology did I think, “Yes, now this is REALLY cool.” Because they did want novel ideas and critical thinking. I did really well in that program because I didn’t just copy ideas and parrot them back; I took heaps of literature and gave them something new, or at least gave them nuance, and they loved it. I have enough practice now that I don’t need to enjoy the topic so much to perform at par, but I still do my best work when I do.

I’m addressing this to younger students so that you know that if you’re dissatisfied with your current study habits and discipline, you can change. And to some extent, if you’re in an environment that demands better habits and discipline, some of this change will occur naturally; be patient. Don’t get stuck in the mindset of “This is how I am and this is how I always will be.” Because it isn’t true. Keep practicing. You’ll get there.

guys, my aunt called me asking if I knew of any coursework for drawing comics, anime, or anime style! My younger cousin (he’s like in middle school) has been into anime for a while and this year, started to get into drawing it himself! Now he wants to take it to the next level, and I couldn’t be more excited for him??!! Luckily, he has access to way more money and support than I ever did, and ahhhh I’m just so happy for him, art is so amazing!!! I also think it’s funny, because my aunt is more or less conceding that he’s a total nerd like me and my siblings, after so many years of trying to push him into sports and odyssey smart shit and stuff~ mwahahhaaaaaaa

It shakes me to my very core with seething rage when people try to compare the pain Mick feels at Leonard’s death, Leonard Snart the man who he has known for somewhere around 30 years, to the pain Sara feels at losing a guy she’s known for less than a year and might have been able to have a relationship with.

I’m not denying that it hurt her, but Mick lost a someone who he’s been through more with than any of us could imagine. Someone who he cared about enough that he couldn’t bring himself to kill him even after all that he was put through by the Time Master’s because of the consequences of his actions and decision’s.

There was a possibility for a relationship with Sara, sure. I won’t deny it on a level I ship it to and I wouldn’t really have been upset if they ended up together, even if I would have sobbed over the official loss of a canon ColdWave possibility.

But what Leonard and Mick had was beyond love or hate or contempt or devotion or any other word I can think of. in my eyes what Len and Mick had was completely unique to them, and entirely unbreakable. You can’t deny that even if you don’t ship them romantically.

My Pantheon of Children


Named after the greek goddess of the hunt, she’s an 8 month hold ferret. True to her namesake, she’s an accomplished mouser, and loves to hoard toy arrows! She also loves to steal my wallet and hide it under the tv. She’s got a cautious yet adventurous personality; she’ll look before she leaps but once she leaps she’ll go as high and far as she can. Her favorite game to play with me is tag. 


Named after the greek god of prophesy and the goddess Artemis’s twin brother. 8 months old and the perfect foil to his sister. He’s a rolly-polly cuddle bug, super chill and relaxed. He loves nothing more than to find something crinkly to chew on and box to play in. Together they love to wrestle and play tag. He also likes to just flatten himself out like a pancake and take in the scenery. 

Chloris and Boreas 

Chloris, the green one, is named after the Greek nymph who represented spring and flowers, her name means ‘greenish yellow’. She was a foundling and not very trusting.  She’s missing a few fail feathers, but whether that’s from her old home or from being outside, I have no clue. Budgies are social birds, so I got her a friend, Boreas. He’s named after the Greek personification of the north wind. He’s a little more trusting and brave.  Their wings have been clipped but they’re getting stronger every day and hopefully once they molt we can work on some flight time! 


Probably my post popular pet after that one post took off. He was once the last betta in the store because he was dully and ugly. I overheard a woman saying she was going to purchase him and keep him in a mason jar, promptly lied and pretended I’d already planned to get himself. It worked and now I’m sold on proper betta husbandry. He’s named after the Greek river god, and his favorite thing to do is to hide in his ironically placed mason jar hide and try to fight the moss ball in his tank. I *think* he’s a rose tail, but who knows. 


Hades is foundling ball python, about two months old, and named after the Greek god of the underworld. Apparently he’s a butterball morph, and I feel like that more or less describes his personality. He’s an easy-going snake who likes to sit back (or, rather, stand up) and observe the world around him. He’s a voracious eater and has never missed a meal or a strike! His favorite thing to do is stretch out in his tank in the evenings and watch what’s going on in the living room. 


The Brazilian rainbow boa, about two years old. Named after the Greek personification of the sun. He’s quite a long little noodle, even at 2 year old! I haven’t been able to measure him, but at 435 grams, he’s about four times as big as Hades. The rainbow effect comes from the way his scales form a prism and reflect light. He’s a very good eater so far (he’s a new addition!) and he lives to burrow into his substrate and hide. 


Named after the ferryman of the river styx, this rosy boa is my smallest snek. The care sheets about rosy boas say they’re very slow moving snakes. LIES! This dude is inquisitive as all get out, and can’t hold still to save his life once he’s out of his tank. Once in his tank he likes to burrow into the substrate completely hiding his body, except his little nose poking out. 

Imagine #4 Erik Lehnsherr, Charles Xavier

Imagine… Being an old acquaintance of Erik’s and meeting him at Xavier’s school, where him and Charles both show an interest in you.

Not my gif

Words: 1495

Warnings: fem!reader, typos

Part 2  Part 3

“Uhm, excuse me?”, you asked a young girl passing by you while juggling a bunch of pears without touching them. It amazed you how openly those kids used their powers, as if they weren’t peculiar in any way. Well, they weren’t at this school, you reminded yourself. The girl stopped and eyed you curiously. “Would you mind telling me where I can find Professor Xavier’s office?”, you asked and smiled.

“It’s down the hall, to the left.”, she responded and turned around to pick up a pear she had dropped.

“Thanks.” Your heels loudly hit the floor as you walked past doors behind which you could feel the presence of students and teachers, children and adults. You were neither, you thought, and still, you were here. Right now you were just looking for someone to tell you how to use your abilities. You were hoping the Professor could maybe provide you with some information.

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One Thousand Words

Summary: All the Sam kisses

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 1051

Warnings: Just all the fluff

A/N: Thanking my grammar nazi and Sam expert @idreamofhazel. You can also thank her for keeping me from killing him


One thousand words. A kiss speaks a thousand words. When Sam kisses you, he melts away all your problems, it’s just you and him. When he kisses you, the world is never ending, Dean’s not about to go to hell, the looming threat of Lucifer isn’t even a thought. When Sam kisses you, you hear the thousands of words his lips are speaking. Sam’s kisses consume you; you become one.

Your first kiss was one you’ll never forget. Dean was annoyed with the endless flirting that turned into pouting the next morning because no one would make a move. Dean knew you were in love with Sam and he knew Sam was in love with you. One night, Dean took matters into his own hands and locked you both in the bathroom of the motel. He broke off the door handle, knowing that you and Sam could pick the lock. He yelled through the door to talk about your feelings. You and Sam finally shared a knowing look, a look of Oh my god. Do you feel the same way I do? Sam took three steps and he was right in front of you, his large hands cupping your face as he pressed his lips to yours. The kiss was curious and sweet, but also cautious. It turned into relief when the shock wore off, and you started to kiss him back. You explored each other’s mouths when Dean yelled finally through the door. Then he tried to open it. The next thing you heard from Dean was oh shit, the door’s actually stuck guys. I’ll go get some tools. Sam gave you a wink and moved in front of the door. Using his body, he broke the door open and held out his hand for you. Then he told Dean to get his own room for the night.

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