as part of your degree you have to go and live in a country that speaks your target language so that you can speak it every single day.

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while living in this other country you will have to do all your taxes and pay bills and wash your own clothes and make your own food. 

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50 Things I missed out on while on exchange

1. journaling

2. taking pictures of some random things

3. trying some weird food

4. buying a book in my host countries language

5. going to a disco

6. traveling with my organisation

7. a lot of small souvenirs

8. trying a bit harder to learn the language

9. making more friends in my host country

10. celebrating the shit out off holidays

11. having fun on my birthday

12. buying a flag of my host country

13. going to a sports event in my host country

14. doing something fun with my host family

15. take a trip with a friend

16. trying a new sports

17. eating as if I were going to die tomorrow

18. taking videos

19. seriously trying to ace a test

20. trying to regularly watch a TV series that’s an original in my host country

21. do something I’m scared of

22. Look at every single church

23. take a picture of all the food

24. random selfies

25. sending my friends/family at home pictures

26. sending my friends a long message in my host countries language just to brag

27. spend way too much money

28. try somthing that’s totally not from your host country but you don’t have in your country

29. take pictures of the airport

30. take pictures when I arrived

31. take pictures when I left

32. told that boy that I like him

33. dressed a little slutty

34. trying weird products

35. buying presents for my friends back home

36. writing on my tumblr

37. getting excited about little things

38. take pretty pictures of myself

39. take pretty pictures of landscapes

40. trying not to talk to my friends at home at all for at least a month

41. writing a letter to myself before going on exchange

42. spending more time outside

43. not worrying about school

44. crushing on boys but not caring too much

45. hanging out with people I normally wouldn’t hang out with

46. becoming a fan of a regional sports club

47. going to every into meeting

48. trying to teach someone my language

49. cry less

50. laugh more

Why be an exchange student ?

Many people here in Germany ask me why I wanted to do an exchange, and i always tell them this: because by experiencing new places and culture that are completely alien to my own, I gain respect and a total new perspective for the world that we live in.

Small language learning victories

I’ve been in spain for 3 weeks & today a woman approached me on the street asking for directions to a particular nightclub and I understood everything she said and was able to explain to her that I haven’t been here long and don’t know many of the club’s around here.

Also I ordered lunch by myself in a café and the waiter understood everything I said.

Just now I heard some girls discussing a grammar point on an essay they have to write in english and I asked them if they needed any help with it.