year 12

// 10:16am - having a very productive morning 💪🏼 been to the doctor + went for a run + finished today’s duolingo sessions for French/Spanish/Swedish ☺️ ~ now hitting up a whole heap of study = TEST IN JUST OVER 24 HOURS! // do your best in every moment, and the future will provide results 💛

Tips for year 12 students

Over the past few days I’ve received some awesome advice on surviving year 12, so anyone doing their final year of school, or anyone at all tbh, here are some really great tips to stay happy and healthy this year

  • Sip water every twenty minutes. Stay hydrated. The brain is 80% water, so you need to keep it healthy!
  • Exercise before studying. Physical and mental health go hand in hand, so go for a walk before sitting down to revise for that test/SAC/exam
  • Eat blueberries, yogurt and avocado
  • Take fish oil tablets routinely!
  • Have a set sleeping pattern and DO NOT let weekends ruin this. Teenagers need 8-9 hours of sleep a night - make sure you get this! Nothing is more important. Go to sleep and wake up approximately the same time EVERY day
  • Don’t study for extensive periods of time. Research shows that we should study for 50 minutes, then take a fifteen minute break. More than 50 minutes creates too much strain on your brain and means you lose focus.
  • Eat a decent breakfast every morning! No matter what!
  • Your teachers want to help you. Respect them, even if you don’t like them. You only have to survive them for a year.
  • Avoid marijuana (sorry). It’s so bad for your memory, which is what you really need this year. Drink less alcohol, too!
  • Study at a desk, not on the floor or in your bed.  Keep your bed for sleeping, as much as possible. Train your body to understand that bed means sleep, not studying. This will help you fall asleep easier.

some misc things i’ve learnt from my first year of sixth form (a levels) and hopefully i won’t make the same mistakes come sept (!!!!!) 

for context subjects wise, i took AS level bio, chem, maths and geography although some tips will apply to all subjects i suppose! 

  • hit the ground running come sept dude, the year passes quicker than u thought (esp after mocks oops) 
  • keep reviewing content throughout the year 
  • incremental progress : even 5 mins rereading notes a day will help immensely in the long run! so ! do it ah dammit
  • don’t file things and forget they exist till exams ! 
  • set aside time to ‘procrastinate’ / relax then buckle down to work 
  • it’s like ripping off a plaster. just /get it over with/ and then u can relax without the guilt 
  • ask questions. sort out any issues there and then. 
  • read. your. textbooks. r e a d    t h e m 
  • have a copy of the spec handy with ur notes so u can check off topics as u go!!! 
  • have one to do list at a time. add to it rather than having multiple copies. 
  • chuck old to do lists 
  • chuck anything you don’t need and you know you’ll never use again. pls. just. stop hoarding urgh.  a tidy study space is v important
  • return library books if you don’t plan to read them in the near future so you have a less cluttered bookshelf 
  • don’t take class notes in pencil. pencil equals messy and it’s not like you got round to actually neatening up your notes like you planned to…
  • have one planner. use it. 
  • write in your journal you need to get those thoughts out 
  • practice your music god dammit x5 a week at least 
  • learn to prioritise your feelings?? like don’t get so emotionally invested in everything and anything. say no. be apathetic from time to time. it’s fine. (on that note, learn to say no. not maybe. no) 
  • do ur maths homework. even if you know they won’t check it… FOR YOUR OWN GOOD *cough* remember revision time is not the time you want to start doing questions…
  • it always feels like each exam ur starting from a clean slate again??? review old exams constantly, review content. keep up to speed okay. keep moving forwards. 
  • if you don’t need ur laptop, shut it down. put it in its case. leave it somewhere else in the house / your bag. YOU KNOW for a FACT that you’re more productive when confronted with blank paper. 
  • utilise your free periods!!! you can get a lot more done than you think :) 
  • get that homework done @ school ! ! 
  • don’t lag, don’t continuously migrate tasks and to dos. tick off your to do list as quickly as possible. can you do it now? then do it. 
  • taking a tumblr hiatus was v useful. do it again come exam time. remember that studying comes first before studyblr.
  • talk to your teachers!!! they are nice! it’s fine! 
  • do extra reading around the subject / in your chosen uni course area throughout the yr so it doesn’t all pile up to the summer hols *cough* 
  • set aside time for extracurriculars! they will keep u sane! but also don’t overwhelm urself with them. all abt the happy balance :) 
  • organise volunteering / w/ex for hols as early as u can next time so it’s less stressful!

does this count as a masterpost? nah ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ but tagging it as such for my organisation hehe (hopefully this was useful for someone else too!! oh and gd luck to all upcoming yr 12 peeps!) 

3 Ways to Annotate Your English Text:

1. Between the Lines:
Writing between the lines doesn’t work well for everyone but if it does its good to write definitions and meanings or words or phrases here. This is good for when you read it the second time.

2. In the Margins:
This is good for short notes about a sentence or section. Underline (with a ruler) the sentence you are refencing and write in the margins next to it. Or use [brackets] for longer sections. This is good for short connections, meanings, symbolism, what theme it relates to etc. It should not exceed 2 sentences or your pages will be too messy.

3. On a Separate Sheet.
This can be a cue card or sticky notes or a whole other page. This is good for significant quotes that you have a lot to write about. Or a thought inspired by a sentence that you want to nut out. This can be as long as necessary. It’s helpful to add a little symbol like an * to mark which quote you are refencing and then putting the * and the page number on the page you are writing on. Even if its a sticky note… it may fall out and its best to know.

Best of luck annotating!

Jan 23, 11 am

got up on time today! it’s another warm, sunny day so i’m going to try and get as much work done as i can before i go out and enjoy the weather.

study goals: write my english text response, brainstorm my context response. should take 2 or 3 sessions.
complete the physics set questions that i’ve been putting off - 1 session.
if i have the energy (which i probably won’t but hey) i’m going to start on my australian history definitions.  

self care goals: yoga! and continue sticking up my motivational/body positive/self care pictures. lots more to do!

take care of yourselves today :)